Minnesota Trees For Sale

Minnesota, officially The North Star State, though it is often known as The State of 10,000 Lakes, sits in the north-central Midwest along the United States’ border with Canada. It is here the Red Pine flourishes, a tall coniferous evergreen sometimes reaching upwards of 110 feet. The Red Pine grows well in full sun and even self-prunes, dropping dying branches to the ground. This makes the Red Pine excellent for lumber, since older trees trunks are often limbless for a desired length. The Minnesotan planter is not restricted to this commercially valuable lumber tree, though; there are hundreds of trees that grow well in Minnesota’s diverse climate.

Due to its large size, varying temperatures, and diverse precipitation factors, the smart Minnesotan grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for Minnesota

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Autumn Purple Ash

Ideal for providing unique fall colors, shade, climate tolerance.

  1. October Glory Maple

Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

  1. Everbearing Strawberry

Ideal for bearing fruit, providing color, and delicious, edible profits.

  1. Willow Hybrid

Ideal for providing privacy, fast-growing properties, and easy care

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Minnesota

New developments throughout the United States mean more infrastructure, more people, and more invasion of privacy. The residents of Minnesota have the option to plant and tend trees that produce privacy, turning away prying eyes and loud noises and instead enjoying the quiet and peace of private property.

The Leyland Cypress is the perfect privacy tree for Minnesotan inhabitants. The Leyland Cypress grows quickly, adds distinct charm, and produces thick barriers between a private abode and unwanted chatter. Growing between 3 and 5 feet a year, the Leyland Cypress will give the Minnesotan yard the fast-growing privacy for which they have been searching. Alternatively, the Thuja Green Giant and American Holly will bring privacy, color, and solitude to the savvy planter’s yard.


Minnesota typifies a continental climate, showing hot summers and cold winters. The Upper Midwest often displays some of the most variable seasons, and Minnesota is no exception. Winter is cold, and temperatures are often below freezing. The record low temperature is -60°F, though temperatures often linger in the -20s for days. Summer is humid and hot in the southern parts of the state, with temperatures rising to as much as 114°F. Usually, temperatures are in the mid70s in the north and mid80s in the south. Unlike the rest of the state, the areas surrounding Lake Superior do experience milder weather, both in winter and summer.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Minnesota is covered with Lester soil, which covers over 600,000 acres of the state. Corn and soybeans grow well in the soil, which was once covered by pines and hardwoods. These soils are well-draining and loamy, adding much to the Minnesotan agricultural economy. Regardless of the property’s location in The North Star State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

In order to determine the type of soil in your yard, try this test to give you a basis for finding the best matched trees. For this test, you will need a healthy handful of soil from the layer beneath the topmost piece of soil. The soil should be a little damp, but not recently watered or wet. Simply squeeze the soil sample and one of the following events will occur.

1. You have CLAY if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it does not fall apart.
2. You have LOAM if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it falls apart.
3. You have SAND if, after opening your hands, the soil immediately collapses.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Average annual rainfall precipitation is low, averaging 35 inches in the southeast and 20 inches in the northwest. Most of the state’s precipitation falls in the winter, with sometimes as much 160 inches of snow hitting the region. Albeit extreme, the variation is enormous. In some years, only 10 inches of snow fall. Surprisingly, the patterns of precipitation felt in Minnesota are connected to the Gulf of Mexico. Gulf stream air currents travel north, leaving most of the warm moisture in the areas in closest proximity. The currents carry the moisture north, and, as it cools, drop it on Minnesota. Sleet, freezing rain, and hail often accompany most Minnesotan winters.


With precipitation highly variable, irrigation can be an essential tool in ensuring successful tree growth. Newly planted trees are delicate, their roots and leaves still enduring stress from transplantation. These trees require consistent and constant access to water to ensure successful growth. Using a drip irrigation system can help to provide adequate and reliable water access to Minnesotan plants.

Growing Zones

Minnesota is home to five unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. In the southern portion of the state, temperatures drop to -25°F at times. Temperatures cool as the zones move northward. In most of the north, temperatures can drop to as low as -40°F, with small pockets in the Red Lake Indian Reservation and the region north of Britt dropping to as low as -45°F. Again, regions near Lake Superior are often slightly warmer, and the direct coastline does not usually drop below -25°F.

Weather Damage

Tornadoes, thunderstorms, and snowstorms are the most common severe weather occurrences in Minnesota. The peak tornado month is June, with Minnesota averaging 27 tornadoes a year. Thunderstorms drop rain in spring and summer, and winter brings its severe winter storms, often burying parts of the state in over 100 inches of snow.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Minnesota nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Minnesota we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Minnesota Trees For Sale | Best Trees In Minnesota
AftonSquire House Gardens3390 Saint Croix Triangle S651-436-8080
AitkinGreat River Garden Center43507 US Highway 169218-927-3207
AlbertaAnderson Acres55706 280th Street320-324-7375
AlexandriaNature’s Calling2311 S Broadway Street320-759-3066
AndoverBeberg Landscape Nursery13535 Grouse Street NW763-754-9491
AndoverNorthwoods Nursery and Lawn16222 Urbank Street NE763-434-0792
AndoverSloth Brothers Nursery13624 Gladiola Street NW763-755-3792
AngusTabor Prairie NurseryRR 3 Box 48218-745-5100
AnnandaleGardendale Inc9706 105th Street NW320-274-5455
AnokaGreen-Way Turf Nursery522 River Lane763-427-4210
AnokaMac Kenzie Farms Inc19654 Nowthen Boulevard NW763-441-5285
AnokaPlants and Things Inc13745 Sunfish Lake Boulevard NW763-427-4103
AnokaRum River Tree Farm and Nursery21050 Lake George Boulevard763-753-4595
Apple ValleyFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7530 153rd Street W952-953-4400
AustinMilo Mach’s Garden Central401 1st Ave SW507-437-4214
AustinStivers Nursery and Landscaping1701 12th Street SW507-433-3503
BarnesvilleThompson Greenery602 13th Street NE218-493-4535
Battle LakeLake Country Gardens-Ottertail28325 County Highway 145218-495-2850
BlaineFrank’s Nursery and Crafts255 89th Ave NE763-784-9169
BlaineNoble Garden and Landscape Center8659 Central Ave NE763-784-5975
BlaineRice Creek Gardens Nursery Inc11506 Central Ave NE763-754-8090
BloomingtonCal’s Market and Garden Center2100 W Old Shakopee Rd952-884-7889
BloomingtonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7940 Penn Ave S952-888-9291
Blue EarthCounty Line Nursery Inc1015 310th Ave507-464-3443
BrahamAloha Minnesota Garden and Nrsry720 Central Drive W320-396-2211
BrainerdMoonlite Nursery15497 State Highway 371218-829-6419
BrandonChippewa Farms Greenhouse10295 Nursery Lane NW320-834-5111
BricelynBrush Creek Btq and Garden Center205 N Main Street507-653-4483
BuffaloBuffalo Hills Tree Farm3663 10th Street NE763-682-5952
BuffaloDickinson Spring Garden Center3536 Highway 55 E763-684-0246
BuffaloTatanka Gardens1410 Highway 55 E763-682-4171
BurnsvilleFrank’s Nursery and Crafts14308 Burnhaven Drive952-435-2633
ByronGarten Marketplatz Perennial5225 County Road 15 SW507-281-1023
CambridgeWolcyn Tree Farms and Nursery4542 Highway 95 NW763-689-3346
CentervilleGoetz Garden Center2030 Main Street651-426-2136
ChaskaAmbergate Gardens8015 Krey Ave952-443-2248
ChaskaChaska Farm and Garden112 W 6th Street952-448-2511
ChaskaHalla Nursery Inc10000 Great Plains Boulevard952-445-6555
Chisago CityMack Landscaping10425 Wyoming Ave651-257-4817
Circle PinesMinnesota Groundcovers7855 Lake Drive651-786-9455
Clarks GroveSonshine Gardens200 1st Ave SW507-256-4188
Clear LakeBriggs Lake Nursery3928 105th Ave320-743-4421
CokatoCokato Nursery Landscaping4303 County Road 4 SW320-286-5231
CokatoGreen Leaf Nursery15790 10th Street SW320-286-2762
Coon RapidsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts3707 Coon Rapids Boulevard NW763-421-3045
Cottage GroveArbor Hill Tree Farm6520 Keats Ave S651-459-5026
Cottage GroveWhispering Gardens11180 70th Street S651-459-8080
Cottage GroveZywiec Berryland Farms10900 E Point Douglas Rd S651-459-1359
DanversBlooming Fields1185 80th Ave SW320-793-6689
DasselHummingbird Habitat Nursery71068 US Highway 12320-275-3208
DelanoBauman’s Trees8316 Calder Ave SE763-972-2904
DennisonGreen Side Up Svc4877 Sogn Valley Triangle507-263-0827
Detroit LakesBecker Pet and Garden1008 Washington Ave218-847-8265
DuluthGarden Creek3935 Solway Rd218-729-5549
DuluthWaxwing419 N 18th Ave E218-724-1472
East Grand ForksPioneer Peat Inc1503 11th Ave NE701-746-4300
Eden PrairieFrank’s Nursery and Crafts8040 Glen Lane952-942-5821
EdinaSavory’s Gardens Inc5300 Whiting Ave952-941-8755
EskoHammarlund Nursery-Greenhouse159 N Cloquet Rd E218-879-3600
ExcelsiorShorewood Nursery23505 Smithtown Rd952-474-2637
FaribaultFaribault Garden Center1715 Lyndale Ave N507-334-9016
FaribaultFarmer Seed and Nursery818 4th Street NW507-334-1625
FarmingtonFarmington Greenhouse519 Willow Street651-463-7215
FarmingtonP H Feely and Son Inc420 2nd Street651-463-8611
Fergus FallsNatures Garden World1335 Highway 210 E218-739-9641
FertileLee Nursery Inc11880 360th Street SW218-574-2237
FinlandMaxwell’s Woodland Nursery6185 Lax Lake Rd218-353-7726
Forest LakeAnderson Iris Gardens22179 Keather Ave N651-433-5268
Forest LakeApplewood Farm Nursery7775 Lake Boulevard651-462-5554
FosstonLakeland GreenhouseRR 1 Box 124218-435-6401
FrazeeField Stone Gardens305 W Main Ave218-334-6890
GarvinGarvin Nursery2876 160th Street507-629-4921
GaylordGuarding Gate640 Main Ave E507-237-2288
GlencoeGlencoe Garden Center720 Morningside Drive320-864-4047
Grand MeadowTenacity Nursery72108 280th Street507-754-5461
Granite FallsArborgate Nursery and Gifts Inc186 Highway 212 E320-564-4965
HackensackMerv’s Greenhouse3912 N Pleasant Lake Drive NW218-675-6179
Ham LakeBmk Bonsai2406 169th Ave NE763-783-8654
Ham LakeMickman Brothers Inc14630 Highway 65 NE763-413-3000
HamptonWellman’s Nursery21725 Inga Ave651-437-8645
HancockMorning Sky Greenery24774 450th Ave320-392-5282
HastingsHastings Gift Garden and Floral1419 Vermillion Street651-437-8544
HastingsKlaus Nurseries17759 Kirby Ave S651-437-5017
HastingsNative Out Back Nursery15280 110th Street S651-438-2771
HastingsSam Kedem Nursery and Garden12414 191st Street E651-437-7516
HastingsTree House Inc12369 Point Douglas Drive S651-437-7625
HectorBabe’s Blossoms86890 State Highway 4320-848-6566
HitterdalUpper-Tier Bonsai10506 Highway 32 N218-962-3202
HoffmanStarner Farm’s Site 216478 140th Ave320-986-2390
HoustonAlpine Nursery7155 State 76507-896-3715
Howard LakeCattail Corner520 6th Street320-543-3511
HugoWagner Greenhouses4860 Frenchman Rd651-653-8863
Internatl FallsNicholson’s Garden CenterRR 7218-283-7168
Internatl FallsSjoblom Landscape and Nursery3173 County Road 20218-286-5365
Inver Grove HtsGerten’s5500 Blaine Ave651-450-1501
Inver Grove HtsGerten’s Farm Market2900 65th Street E651-450-0001
Inver Grove HtsNature View Gift and Garden7011 Concord Boulevard651-455-0141
IsantiGreen Barn Garden Center26501 Highway 65 NE763-444-5725
JasperHarmony Gardens114 US Highway 75507-348-4900
LA CrescentBauer’s Market and Nursery221 N 2nd Street507-895-4583
Lake CityJim Whiting Nursery and Garden907 N Lakeshore Drive651-345-4907
Lake ElmoMeehan Brothers Nursery2038 Inwood Ave N651-777-4321
LakevilleTerra Greenhouse of Lakeville20230 Kenrick Ave952-469-3506
Little FallsCountry Nursery and Garden Center11178 150th Ave320-632-4774
Little FallsEnvironmental Care Nursery17748 Heron Rd320-632-1986
Long LakeKelley and Kelley Nursery2325 Watertown Rd952-473-7337
MabelAwesome Gardens324 E Prairie Ave507-493-5673
MadeliaKober and Sons NurseryRR 2 Box 148507-642-8380
MadeliaKobers NurseryRR 2 Box 148507-625-3673
MadisonEarthrise FarmsRR 2 Box 94A320-752-4700
MankatoDrummers’ Garden Center281 Saint Andrews Drive507-388-4877
MankatoEdenvale Nursery19244 State Highway 22507-387-6761
MankatoGreen Thumb Garden Center619 Hope Street507-388-5884
MankatoGroh Nursery59021 Madison Ave507-625-4616
MankatoJohnston’s Tree Farm835 Neubert CT507-625-8909
Maple GroveMalmborg’s Garden Center20045 County Road 81763-428-2061
Maple GroveViking Nursery Inc7001 Lawndale Lane N763-420-3593
Maple PlainSutherland’s Nursery and Tree4865 Main Street E763-479-1701
MaplewoodDege Garden Center831 Century Ave N651-739-5296
MaplewoodFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1845 County Road D E651-770-7881
Marine St CroixGarden Gate At Crabtrees19713 Quinnell Ave N651-433-3806
Marine St CroixNorth Star Gardens19060 Manning Triangle N651-433-5850
Mc GregorGarden CenterMaddy Street218-768-3032
MelroseSpaeth Sodding and Landscaping37228 County Road 13320-256-4634
MilacaBloomingfields Nursery11628 65th Ave320-983-5447
MilacaHayland Woods6549 Keystone Rd320-983-6354
Minneapolis44th St Nursery and Flower Shop4355 Nicollet Ave612-823-6888
MinneapolisBloomsbury Market Inc403 Cedar Lake Rd S612-377-7636
MinneapolisBrookview Home and Garden5412 Brookview Ave952-927-0603
MinneapolisDundee Nursery and Floral16800 Highway 55763-559-4016
MinneapolisGardenthyme3602 Beard Ave N763-521-8911
MinneapolisJefferson Tree Farm10608 Jefferson Highway763-493-9219
MinneapolisKlier’s Nursery and Garden Center5901 Nicollet Ave612-866-8771
MinneapolisMalmborg’s Garden Center5120 Lilac Drive N763-535-4695
MinneapolisMinnehaha Falls Nursery4461 Minnehaha Ave612-724-5453
MinneapolisMother Earth Gardens3738 42nd Ave S612-724-2296
MinneapolisSunnyside Gardens Inc3723 W 44th Street612-926-2654
MinneapolisTamblyn’s Nursery Inc12730 Lever Street NE763-795-9366
MinneapolisTwin Cities Tropicals7133 18th Ave S612-861-0018
MinneapolisUncommon Gardens5750 Lyndale Ave S612-866-3033
MinnetonkaCountryside Farm16209 Highway 7952-933-6281
MinnetonkaFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5016 County Road 101952-474-5461
MontevideoErickson’s Nursery and LandscapeRR 3320-269-8969
MontevideoHemstad’s Garden Center1420 Benson Rd320-269-8639
MontgomerySchleis Tree and Nursery34361 191st Ave507-364-5243
MonticelloDan and Jerry’s Garden Center2498 85th Street NE763-295-5868
MonticelloOur Back Yard Landscape Center8025 State Highway 25 NE763-295-3875
MoorheadHolland’s Landscaping and Garden831 Highway 75 N218-233-6131
MoorheadOle’s Nursery and Landscaping2503 Highway 10 E218-236-8590
MoorheadPeterson Tree Moving4588 50th Street S218-233-5997
MoraAla Mora Garden Center211 Mattson Rd320-679-3550
New HopeFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5620 Winnetka Ave N763-535-4000
New HopeLyndale Garden and Hardware Center8001 Bass Lake Rd763-537-7008
New UlmGilbert Tews Nurserymen2010 S Broadway Street507-354-3496
New UlmRiver Creek Nursery1200 S Front Street507-354-6001
NewportBailey Nurseries Specialties1325 Bailey Rd651-459-9744
North BranchBranch Landscape Nursery7185 372nd Street651-674-7698
North BranchGreenworld Greenhouse36000 Evergreen Ave651-674-1749
NorthfieldStone Creek Garden and Gift107 6th Street W507-645-6372
NorthomeJungleland Greenhouse12489 Highway 71218-897-5007
Park RapidsFlying W Gardens32135 Little Mantrap Drive218-732-9782
Park RapidsForest and Floral Garden Center701 Fair Ave218-732-4415
Parkers PrairiePlants Beautiful Nursery15927 County Highway 42218-338-6267
PaynesvilleLouis Nurseries16615 Hillside CT320-243-3836
Pequot LakesArbormeister Inc34015 Peoria Rd218-543-6000
Pequot LakesLadies Landscaping and Supply CO33507 Old 371218-568-8511
Pequot LakesTreehouse29765 State Highway 371218-568-8615
PetersonLone Ridge GardensRR 1 Box 62507-864-2593
PlatoKahnke Brothers Tree Farm10603 Boone Rd.320-238-2572
PlymouthBachman’sHighway 55763-541-1188
Prior LakeBonsai Five Stone Garden15744 Dakota Ave952-440-5596
Prior LakeTimber Creek Tree Farm4391 200th Street E952-440-5889
RamseyMorton’s Nursery and Garden Center16355 Saint Francis Boulevard763-753-4172
RamseyWirz’s Nursery and Tree Farm17201 Saint Francis Boulevard763-753-5363
RandallDave’s Copper Garden21878 100th Ave320-749-2479
Red WingSargent’s Nursery Inc3352 N Service Drive651-388-3847
RiceEvergreen Nursery and Garden Center8230 10th Ave NW320-229-1600
RiceHinkemeyer Tree Farm12675 22nd Ave NE320-393-2854
RichfieldLyndale Garden and Hardware6412 Lyndale Ave S612-861-2221
RochesterChristian Trees and Transplanting3328 20th Street SE507-289-3471
RochesterGreenwood Plants6904 18th Ave NW507-282-1988
RochesterJim Whiting Nursery and Garden3430 19th Street NW507-289-3741
RochesterSargent’s Landscape Nursery7955 18th Ave NW507-289-0022
RochesterSargent’s on 2nd Garden Center1811 2nd Street SW507-289-6068
RochesterSoderberg’s Willow Creek Nursery4430 Highway 63 S507-289-9676
RochesterTreehouseRR 1 Box 85507-561-3785
RogersNorthstar Nurseries Inc13450 Willandale Rd763-428-7601
RogersRogers Garden Market12724 Main Street763-428-8042
RoseauGreenhill Greenhouse and Nursery30843 407th Ave218-463-3107
RosemountVermillion Waters4898 170th Street E651-480-1986
RosevilleFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1800 Highway 36 W651-636-8193
RosevilleLandscape Alternatives Inc1705 Saint Albans Street N651-488-3142
SabinLevi Runions Garden Center Inc6970 70th Street S218-789-7581
SandstoneMiller’s of MinnesotaRR 1 Box 293320-245-2079
Sauk RapidsRaetz Scenic Nursery1325 Scenic Drive NW320-252-8316
SavageCal’s Market6403 Egan Drive952-447-5215
ShakopeeBob’s Country Garden Center13166 Johnson Memorial Drive952-496-0207
ShakopeeEast Union Nursery CO13162 Johnson Memorial Drive952-496-0871
ShakopeeMinnesota Valley Garden Center3232 150th Street W952-445-9160
ShevlinHanson’s Greenhouse EvergreenRR 1 Box 2218-785-2141
SpicerTom’s South Spicer Nursery143 Access Way320-796-5944
St BonifaciusSt Boni Nursery4100 Streeteiner Street952-446-8100
St CloudLund’s Farmer Seed and Nursery2211 W Division Street320-252-5234
St JosephThomsens Greenhouse and Garden29756 156th Ave320-363-7375
St MichaelSchulte’s Greenhouse and Nursery2960 Labeaux Ave NE763-497-3747
St PaulArden Hills Nursery4350 Hamline Ave N651-636-4151
St PaulBachman’s2600 White Bear Ave N651-770-0531
St PaulFrank’s Nursery and Crafts448 Lexington Pkwy N651-647-1417
St PaulGarceaus Garden Center3429 Centerville Rd651-481-7115
St PaulGardenworld Inc788 Hampden Ave651-646-0881
St PaulGrove Nursery Center8400 60th Street N651-251-0462
St PaulJean’s Garden Delights4565 Lenore Lane651-452-2279
St PaulJordan Seed CO6400 Upper Afton Rd651-738-3422
St PaulLarson’s Garden Center405 Maryland Ave W651-489-9611
St PaulLeitner’s Garden Center945 Randolph Ave651-291-2655
St PaulLinder’s Greenhouse and Garden270 Larpenteur Ave W651-488-1927
St PaulSimplot Partners2001 County Road C2 W651-633-6251
St PaulSquire House Gardens1129 Grand Ave651-665-0142
St PaulSt Paul Farmers Market290 5th Street E651-227-8101
St PeterTraverse Des Sioux Garden Center1702 N Highway 169507-931-6683
StacyJensen’s Nursery and Greenhouse9535 Fawn Lake Drive NE651-462-4115
StanchfieldJohn’s Small Engine EmporiumHighway 65 & County Road 3320-396-2626
StillwaterAbrahamson Nurseries2100 Tower Drive W651-439-2140
StillwaterBergmann’s Bloom’n Plant Prdt12239 62nd Street N651-439-9577
Sturgeon LakeSturgeon Lake NurseryRR 2 Box 560218-372-4182
Taylors FallsVillage Gardener527 Bench Street651-465-5145
Thief River FlsNorthland Produce Yard and Pet416 Atlantic Ave218-681-2420
VictoriaGray Gardens Landscape Nursery2095 Arboretum Boulevard952-443-2058
VictoriaNatures Bounty1400 Arboretum Boulevard952-443-3888
WabashaPerennial DesignRR 2 Box 110651-565-2112
WaconiaWaconia Tree Farms8240 Paul Ave952-442-2616
West St PaulFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1970 Robert Street S651-455-9611
West St PaulLilydale Garden Center941 Sibley Memorial Highway651-457-6040
West St PaulSouthview Garden Center50 Crusader Ave E651-455-6669
White Bear LakeGarden6909 132nd Street N651-653-5765
White Bear LakeShady Lady Gardens5262 E County Line N651-426-1199
White Bear LakeTwin City Nursery-White Bear4941 Long Ave651-429-0144
WinonaBronk’s Garden744 E Sarnia Street507-452-8952
WinonaSherwood Garden Center1258 Sugar Loaf Rd507-454-4172
WinonaValley Greenhouses3855 W 6th Street507-454-3094
WoodburyFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1475 Queens Drive651-730-9785
WoodburyHolm and Olson/Bever Brothers4796 Cottage Grove Drive651-426-4040
WorthingtonLori’s Country Gardens26455 270th Street507-478-4103
ZimmermanNelson Nursery Inc25834 Main Street763-856-2441