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Zones 5-9
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Zones 5-9

Orangeola Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Orangeola'

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Orangeola Japanese Maple

Acer palmatum 'Orangeola'

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Dwarf Variety
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Botanical Name

Acer palmatum 'Orangeola'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Partial Sun, Shade



The Orangeola Japanese Maple is the crème-de-la-crème of the many varieties of these coveted trees. It truly lives up to its name in fall with a stunning display of orange-red leaves, but from the orange tones of its emerging leaves, through the purplish shades of summer, the continuing orange of its new growth, right into the fall climax, this tree will always amaze you. Not only that, this is perhaps the best Japanese maple to grow in hotter areas, as it is much more heat-resistant than many other varieties. It has a beautiful cascading growth form, becoming a mound of leaves up to 5 feet tall, but as much as 8 feet across. With staking it can be grown taller if needed. It is also one of the fastest growing forms of the dissected-leaf maples, so you will not be waiting long to see the full beauty of a mature tree in your garden.

  • Superb coloring from spring to fall
  • Beautiful cascading form
  • Fastest growing small Japanese maple
  • Very heat-resistant, a perfect choice for hot states
  • Show-stopping orange fall colors

The Orangeola Japanese Maple is hardy from zone 5 to zone 9, and this special tree will grow in any garden soil that does not become too dry in summer. Place it so that it receives some sun – more in cooler states and less in hotter ones. Afternoon shade is very beneficial in hot areas. No pruning is required, it has no significant pests and diseases, and as long as it does not become too dry, this tree will be beautiful all season long – a great plant for any garden of any size and style.

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