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Zones 4-8
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Zones 4-8

Ann Magnolia

Magnolia hybrid 'Ann'

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Ann Magnolia

Magnolia hybrid 'Ann'

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Botanical Name

Magnolia hybrid 'Ann'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun, Partial Sun



The Ann Magnolia is a wonderful spring-flowering tree guaranteed to turn heads and win hearts. Its rich purple-pink blooms are much bigger than anything you would expect from a cold-hardy tree, and they smother the bare branches before other flowers are awake. They turn your garden into a magical place for a precious few weeks, and form a sturdy, attractive rounded small tree for the rest of the year. This variety is one of the ‘Girl Series’, a special group of trees developed right here in the USA to resist the late frosts that make so many other varieties of magnolia trees hard to grow in colder areas. This tree will grow only to around 10 feet tall, with a low crown almost the same width. It has attractive oval leaves about 6 inches long, which turn yellow in fall. Grow it as a lawn specimen, among other large shrubs, or beneath deciduous trees.

  • Large upright blossoms of a rich purple-pink
  • Spring-blooming small tree with amazing blooms
  • Blooms later, so protected from spring frost
  • Hardy even to minus 30
  • Grows well in sun or shade

A sunny or partially-shaded site is best for your Ann Magnolia. Grow it in soil that has been enriched with organic material, and add organic mulch over the root-zone each year. Water once or twice a week during the first season, and after that do not let it become completely dry. A mature tree will have moderate drought-resistance. This tree has no significant pests and diseases, and needs no pruning to become a treasure in your garden. This variety is ideal for northern gardeners, since it is hardy to zone 4, and blooms later, so avoiding late spring-frosts.

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