Oregon Trees For Sale

The Beaver State, located in the American Northwest, is home to the impressive Douglas fir, also known as the Oregon Pine. The Douglas fir can grow to be quite tall, towering somewhere between 70 and 390 feet tall, with the tallest specimens named Coast-Douglas firs for their proximity to the Pacific Ocean. The leaves are needlelike and occur individually, often distinguishing the fir from other coniferous pine species, which tend to bunch needles into groups of two to five. The Douglas fir’s cones are also distinctive, with three-pronged bracts pointing out from the otherwise typical scaled-cone. Although the Douglas fir is a sturdy choice for the Oregon yard, Oregon planters have several options when considering tree specimens.

Due to its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, diverse elevations, and varied temperatures, the smart Oregonian grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for Oregon

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Muskogee Crape

Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.

  1. Autumn Purple Ash

Ideal for providing unique fall colors, shade, climate tolerance.

  1. Everbearing Strawberry

Ideal for bearing fruit, providing color, and delicious, edible profits.

  1. Tulip Poplar

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Oregon

A state that without doubt deserves its millions of residents, Oregon is continuing to attract new inhabitants from other parts of the United States. Although a boon for the local economy, new infrastructure can be invasive and annoying. Solutions exist for prying eyes and sound-producing highways. Trees that are cultivated to form protective barriers, better known as ‘privacy trees’ can be planted to afford the Oregon yard the solitude and peace it deserves.

Although there are many privacy trees the Oregon planter may plant, none is as fitting as the Willow Hybrid. The Willow Hybrid grow quickly, at upwards of 6 feet a year, and provides fast-growing privacy. Unlike many privacy tree species, the Willow Hybrid is not an evergreen but a subset of the willow, providing a unique barrier against intrusions of every kind. The Willow Hybrid is not the only option to choose from in Oregon. Alternatively, consider the Thuja Green Giant or Juniper ‘Witchita Blue’.


Much of Oregon is affected by its proximity to the Pacific Ocean, producing milder winters than comparable latitudes’ geographical locations. The state is also home to several different climates, with western coast settling into an Oceanic climate and the eastern region experiencing a semi-arid climate. The Cascade Mountains diminish moisture-laden air pressure systems from traveling too far inland. Due to the differing climates, Oregon experiences a wide range of temperatures. The record high is 119°F and the record low -54F, though temperatures are generally milder. The desert regions in the east are hot and dry, and temperatures can linger in the 90s. Most of the state’s population lives in the wetter, milder west, along the coast. Here temperatures rarely rise above 80°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Jory soil covers more than 300,000 of Oregon’s acres, distributed throughout the Willamette Valley. Rich, well-draining soil, Jory soils are best for trees, berries, hazelnuts, corn, and grass seeds. Regardless of the property’s location in The Beaver State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The Squeeze test is aptly named because it requires only a small handful of dirt from just beneath the ground’s surface, and your hands. The soil should be moist, but not drenched. The tester simply squeezes the soil and observes one of the three following events.

1. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Rainfall is plentiful, but inconsistent in Oregon. This is due in large part to the varying effects of the Pacific Ocean and Cascade Mountains. Average annual precipitation totals 35.98 inches, though most of this falls in the highly populated western regions. Winter and fall are the most heavily precipitating seasons, totaling between 3 and 5 inches a month. In the summer, rain is scarcer, with average monthly totals often less than 1 inch in both July and August. Snow is common in the eastern regions of Oregon, and infrequent in the populated western regions, where mild temperatures often cause the snow to fall as rain even in January and February. On average, the state receives 4 inches of snow a year.


With moderate rainfall totals and dense eastern populations, irrigation is an essential tool for managing diverse water needs across the state. If considering a new tree, planters should also consider irrigation systems. Newly planted trees have a strong need for consistent and controlled water access. Drip or sprinkler irrigation systems can be essential to supporting gardens and tree plantings. Investigate the property for either natural or manmade systems, and if none exist, install one to ensure successful plant growth.

Growing Zones

With such a large area and diverse climate systems, it is unsurprising Oregon is home to twelve unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. The western coastal region of the state is warmer, and west of the Cascade Mountains, temperatures do not drop below 10°F for extended periods. Some coastal regions along the south will never see extended periods below 25°F or 30°F. The zones drop temperatures quickly moving eastward, with higher elevations experiencing cooler zone ranges. In the highest elevations, temperatures may drop below -30°F for extended periods, those most of the mountains experience regular low temperatures between -10°F and -20°F.

Weather Damage

Weather damage is minor in Oregon, with occasional summer wildfires occurring. Heavy snow can cover the Cascade Mountains in winter, though typically the snow is minimal in heavily populated areas. Trees provide protection from possible flooding and improve air quality, and simply be sure to plant new growth away from power lines.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Oregon nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Oregon we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Oregon Trees For Sale | The Tree Center™
AlbanyFinch Family Watergarden772 Goldfish Farm Road SE541-926-9737
AlbanyFry Road Nursery34989 Fry Road SE541-928-7038
AlbanyKorb Dahlias636 36th Avenue SE541-928-3284
AlbanySeven Mile Nursery34255 Seven Mile Ln SE541-928-1145
AlbanyStonecrop Gardens1530 Crittenden Street SW541-928-8652
AlbanyTom’s Garden Center410 Pacific Boulevard SW541-928-2521
AlbanyU and D Nursery3525 Dunlap Avenue NE541-974-7298
AlbanyVogt’s Nursery35642 Tennessee Road SE541-967-8289
AlseaThyme Garden Herb Co20546 Alsea Highway541-487-8671
AlseaYew Wood Nursery20782 Yewwood Ln541-487-7180
AshlandAshland Greenhouse605 E. Ashland Lane541-482-2866
AshlandRay’s Garden Center1679 Jackson Road541-482-1100
AshlandValley View Nursery1675 N Valley View Road541-488-1595
AstoriaBrim’s Farm and Garden34963 Highway 105503-325-1562
AuroraGrower Direct21338 Oak Ln NE503-678-3356
AuroraHiggins and Sun Nursery24051 NE Airport Road503-678-3344
AuroraNetterland Nursery15082 Ottoway Road NE503-678-6555
AuroraScott Megy Excavating19476 Butteville Road NE503-678-2150
Baker CityAce Nursery39103 Pocahontas Road541-523-6595
Bandon101 Plants and Things49842 Highway 101541-347-9398
BandonBlue Diamond Nursery50370 Highway 101541-347-3076
BanksLumberjack Farms16000 1/2 NW Sellers Road503-324-6300
BeavertonBackyard Bird Shop11429 SW Beaverton Hillsdale H503-626-0949
BeavertonBob’z Garden Center18135 SW Tualatin Valley Highway503-591-9078
BeavertonFarmington Gardens21815 SW Farmington Road503-649-4568
BeavertonKasch’s Garden Center and Nursery3250 SW Cedar Hills Boulevard503-644-1640
BeavertonOregon Miniature Roses Inc8285 SW 185th Avenue503-649-4482
BeavertonPanzer Nursery17980 SW Baseline Road503-645-1185
BeavertonWashco Lawn and Garden12725 SW Canyon Road503-646-1779
BendCascade Gardens20202 Powers Road541-389-7444
BendKnoll House Farm65880 Cline Falls Road541-389-3435
BendLandsystems Nursery21336 E Highway 20541-382-7646
BendOasis Peony and Perennial59805 Calgary Loop541-382-4069
BendVictorian Angel Garden63037 Terry Drive541-382-1372
BoardmanL P Nursery79312 Root Road541-481-3566
BoringB D Wilson Nursery Sales13200 SE 312th Avenue503-663-5930
BoringBoring Square Garden Center28150 SE Highway 212 #E503-663-9797
BoringHandy Nursery Co10702 SE Mccreary Ln503-663-2288
BoringHeavenly Acres Nursery15051 SE Amisigger Road503-663-9376
BoringIseli Nursery15241 SE Tickle Creek Road503-663-0636
BoringPleasant Valley Green Houses17337 SE Troge Road503-658-6203
BoringSunset Garden Furniture20066 SE Foster Road503-558-9120
BoringVan Meter and Son Nursery Inc9720 SE 362nd Avenue503-668-5000
BrookingsAndreason Nursery17853 Carpenterville Road541-469-2093
BrownsvilleNative Grounds Nursery37545 Sunset Ln541-466-3561
BurnsPerennial Plant Inc120 N Alder Avenue541-573-2899
BuxtonCircle B Nursery22745 NW Fisher Road503-324-9274
CanbyColony Nursery28889 S Needy Road503-651-2348
CanbyCountry Nursery13435 S Macksburg Road503-829-7117
CanbyHazel’s Country Gardens23230 S Highway 99E503-266-4071
CanbyIfa Nurseries Inc136 NE Territorial Road503-266-1940
CanbyIfa Nurseries Inc1887 N Holly Street503-266-7825
CanbyOregon Native Plant Farms2465 N Locust Street503-263-6388
CanbyPacific Peonies and Perennials11466 S Mulino Road503-263-6353
CanbyPostlewait Nursery28923 S Barlow Road503-651-2393
CanbyRoss Nursery/Ihc26851 S Barlow Road503-266-4485
CanbySecret Garden Growers29100 S Needy Road503-651-2006
CanbyThree Brothers Nursery13639 S Union Hall Road503-632-4041
CanbyTurner’s Nursery1380 S Ivy Street503-266-9680
CarltonKuon and Dale Hunt13735 NW Westside Road503-852-6356
Cave JunctionDillon’s Nursery and Garden Center1313 Rockydale Road541-592-5386
Central PointBetty’s Greenhouse4461 Hamrick Road541-664-7505
Central PointCascade Florist and Nursery6389 Blackwell Road541-664-4975
Central PointFlowerland Nursery6808 Table Rock Road541-826-3485
Central PointFour Seasons Nursery5736 Crater Lake Avenue541-779-5603
ClackamasFairway Nursery17617 SE Armstrong Cir503-658-2520
ClackamasGarden Depot.com15945 SE Whipperwill CT503-558-0722
ClackamasGeorges Garden Center16920 SE Sunnyside Road503-658-5088
ClatskanieFamily Cornerstone Nursery19585 Swedetown Road503-728-4407
ClatskanieQuincy Greenhouse79635 Quincy Mayger Road503-728-4268
ColtonCrimson Sage Nursery30920 S Wall Street503-824-4721
ColtonK’s Nursery30891 S Oswalt Road503-824-3939
Coos BayUmpqua Oak’s Nursery and Garden2610 Ocean Boulevard SE541-267-6441
CoquilleCoquille Cyclery and Garden66 W 2nd Street541-396-1766
CorneliusCrawford’s Nursery34849 SW Tongue Ln503-359-0337
CorneliusNew Leaf Greenhouse3285 NW Susbauer Road503-844-6400
CorvallisGarland Nursery5470 NE Highway 20541-753-6601
CorvallisHome Grown Gardens Inc4845 SE 3rd Street541-758-2137
CorvallisSchmidt’s Garden Center1299 NW 29th Street541-757-3214
CorvallisWalker’s Greenhouse4470 NE Highway 20541-753-8691
Cottage GroveForever Lavender78957 Thornton Road541-942-9473
Cottage GrovePitcher Lane Growers78126 Pitcher Ln541-942-7247
Cottage GroveTree Cottage79338 Sears Road541-942-9752
CreswellBlondie’s Blooms NurseryRogers Road541-895-2408
CreswellH Ingram Nursery and Display83363 Enterprise Road541-895-4901
Days CreekCommonwealth Garden20230 Tiller Trail Highway541-825-3780
DaytonKck Farms11483 SE Amity Dayton Highway503-864-9422
DaytonRed Ridge Farms5510 NE Breyman Orchards Road503-864-8502
DrainPass Creek Nursery2361 Umpqua Highway 99541-836-2699
DundeeDew Gardens9660 NE Fox Farm Road503-538-0500
DundeeVittoria Nursery23000 SE Fulquartz Lndg503-538-3637
Eagle PointDoveland Nursery5075 S Fork Little Butte Cr Road541-826-4954
Eagle PointOliveira Farm and Nursery13567 Highway 62541-826-6211
EddyvilleQualitree Inc1111 Harlan Road541-875-4192
ElmiraCountry Green24284 Warthen Road541-935-5743
EnterpriseAlder Slope Nursery64934 Alder Slope Road541-426-3317
EnterpriseEastern Oregon Nurseries103 Fish Hatchery Ln541-426-8733
EstacadaBen Franklin Nursery35674 SE Squaw Mountain Road503-630-6627
EstacadaMc Gregor Garden Center30855 SE Ely Road503-630-2390
EstacadaSquaw Mountain Gardens36212 SE Squaw Mountain Road503-630-5458
EstacadaStrickland Springwater Nursery22055 S Spring Creek Road503-631-7350
EugeneAqua Serene Hydro Gardens2836 W 11th Avenue541-302-9073
EugeneArtistic Gardener3244 W 16th Avenue541-345-4388
EugeneBloomer’s Nursery Retail89719 Armitage Road541-687-5919
EugeneBriggs Hill Orchids Inc27936 Briggs Hill Road541-431-3886
EugeneDelta Farm3925 N Delta Highway541-485-2992
EugeneDoak Creek Native Plant Nursery83331 Marlow Road541-484-9206
EugeneDown To Earth Home Garden2498 Willamette Street541-349-0556
EugeneDown To Earth Home Garden Gift532 Olive Street541-342-6820
EugeneDuckworth’s Nursery84846 S Willamette Street541-345-5408
EugeneGarden Artscapes118 Oakway Center541-868-0330
EugeneGray’s Garden Center737 W 6th Avenue541-345-1569
EugeneHome and Garden Resurrection1992 Moss Street541-343-2802
EugeneNorthwest Garden Nursery86813 Central Road541-935-3915
EugeneSaw Mill Ballroom Lavender Frm29251 Hamm Road541-686-9999
EugeneWoodland Gardens Nursery86020 Lorane Highway541-344-6481
FlorenceHoneyman Nursery and Landscaping85089 Highway 101541-997-8522
FlorenceWoodsman’s Native Nursery4385 Highway 101541-997-2252
Forest GroveBarb’s Dutchmill Lavender6640 NW Marsh Road503-357-0924
GastonGarner Hanging Baskets9751 SW Alder Street503-985-7951
GastonWilliams Fuel44975 SW Seghers Road503-357-6730
GervaisFrench Prairie Shade Trees Inc13744 Manning Road NE503-792-4487
GervaisSt John Nursery8883 Mount Angel Gervais Road NE503-792-3148
Gold BeachTradewinds Bamboo Nursery28446 Hunter Creek Loop541-247-0835
Grants PassChet’s Garden and Pet Center229 SW H Street541-476-4424
Grants PassGreen Leaf Green House150 Union Avenue541-472-8903
Grants PassMurphy Country Nursery6775 Williams Highway541-862-2780
Grants PassRedwood Nursery1303 Redwood Avenue541-474-2642
Grants PassSandy’s Nursery1950 SW Bridge Street541-479-5753
Grants PassSouthern Oregon Botanicals7673 Williams Highway541-862-2136
GreshamBartels Countryside Nursery7416 SE Cottrell Road503-663-7726
GreshamC and J Retail Nurseries1001 NE Paloma Avenue503-665-3874
GreshamCascade Meadows Nursery19201 SE Division Street503-667-2298
GreshamDeep Creek Garden Center2330 SE Hogan Road503-492-2100
GreshamFlat Creek Garden Center30039 SE Orient Drive503-663-4101
GreshamOrient Farms29943 SE Orient Drive503-663-9420
HermistonKopacz Nursery and Florist465 W Theatre Ln541-567-3278
HermistonWestwinds Nursery29957 Noble Road541-567-7235
HillsboroEshraghi Nursery26985 SW Farmington Road503-628-8685
HillsboroEshraghi Nursery5895 SW Minter Bridge Road503-693-2990
HillsboroExtra Perennial Nursery14190 SW Patricia Avenue503-628-1492
HillsboroKasch’s Garden Center and Nursery2706 SE Tualatin Valley Highway503-640-9038
HillsboroLarson Farm Nursery31665 NW Scotch Church Road503-640-5599
HillsboroMax and Hildy’s Garden Store19350 NW Cornell Road503-645-5486
HillsboroRegula’s Little Tree Nursery5010 NW Sewell Road503-648-7904
HillsboroSecret Gardens Nursery11000 NW Jackson Quarry Road503-310-2513
HillsboroSkyline NurseryRR 3 Box 378503-621-3434
HillsboroSunset Farm and Nursery7717 NW Jackson School Road503-647-7432
Hood RiverProduce Kountry1801 Markham Road541-386-4777
Hood RiverProduce Kountry991 Tucker Road541-386-4777
HubbardBadger West Sales5600 Highway 211503-634-2676
HubbardFerrier Creek Nursery11712 NE Broadacres Road503-981-9470
HubbardWillamette Tree Wholesale Inc4585 5th Street503-982-2679
IndependenceIndependence Nursery1720 Monmouth Street503-838-3522
IndependenceRocky Mountain Nursery6920 Corvallis Road503-838-4222
John DayBetter Blooms and Gardens65153 Highway 26541-820-3329
John DayRock Garden Nursery767 E Main Street541-575-0853
Junction CityDel’s Japanese Maples30050 Heather Oak Drive541-998-6753
Junction CityLinquist’s Floral and Garden Center95263 Oaklea Drive541-998-2006
Junction CityRobert’s Landscape Nursery93416 River Road541-998-3056
Junction CityVictory Gardens30344 Victory Drive541-688-9365
KeizerKeizer Nursery4570 River Road N503-393-8111
KeizerWillow Lake Nursery4925 River Road N Pmb 284503-390-3032
Klamath FallsFour Seasons Nursery3001 Lakeport Boulevard541-884-1070
Klamath FallsHorizon Landscape Nursery2155 Etna Street541-884-1177
Klamath FallsLiskey Farms Inc2700 Crosby Avenue541-885-8517
Klamath FallsLiskey Farms Inc4650 Lower Klamath Lake Road541-798-5305
Klamath FallsOregon Native Tree and Plant26557 Rocky Point Road541-356-2145
Klamath FallsPlantscapes of Oregon4301 Highway 39541-884-2283
LA GrandeGarden Place10100 S D Street541-663-1377
LA PineL and S Gardens50808 S Huntington Road541-536-2049
Lake OswegoFirst Light Nurseries1090 Mcvey Avenue503-636-4660
Lake OswegoKasch’s Garden Center and Nurseries599 A Avenue503-699-9104
LebanonCloudy Valley Nursery935 W Isabella Street541-258-7517
LebanonGreen Thumb Garden Center5795 S Santiam Highway541-451-5464
MadrasDesert Valley Garden Center365 NE Meadowlark Ln541-475-5306
MapletonRoadside Rhododendrons12216 Highway 126541-268-6821
Mc MinnvilleCgc Tree Farm Ltd13101 SW Fox Ridge Road503-472-5422
Mc MinnvilleCountry Garden Nursery6275 NW Poverty Bend Road503-472-1351
Mc MinnvilleHealing Tree Products105 NE 4th Street503-474-3872
Mc MinnvilleHedgerows Nursery20165 SW Christensen Road503-843-7522
Mc MinnvilleKraemer’s Garden and Pet3170 NE Highway 99W503-472-7729
MedfordGarden Shoppe2327 Charles Ln541-776-3849
MedfordGood Earth Nursery2420 Jacksonville Highway541-779-2289
MedfordGrange Co-OP2531 S Pacific Highway541-772-4730
MedfordJennifer’s Garden Plants3706 Griffin Creek Road541-772-5084
MedfordSouthern Oregon Nursery Inc2922 S Pacific Highway541-772-4387
MedfordValley View Nursery1321 Center Drive541-773-7972
MedfordWestern Promotions Inc1133 S Riverside Avenue #16541-772-2908
Milton FreewaterBarkwell Farm and Greenhouse53506 W Crockett Road541-938-3690
Milton FreewaterJon’s Garden Center85683 Highway 11541-938-3635
MolallaFischers Greenhouse17890 S Highway 211503-829-2714
MolallaOne Green World28696 S Cramer Road503-651-3005
MolallaQuail Ridge Nursery33689 S Ball Road503-829-3105
MolallaReynaga Nursery33768 S Wilhoit Road503-829-2280
MonmouthDancing Oaks Nursery17900 Priem Road503-838-6058
MonmouthSpring Song Gardens14620 Kings Valley Highway503-838-5113
MonroeLawrence Nursery26671 Streetarr Road541-847-5646
MT AngelKraemer Tree Farm12614 Dominic Road NE503-845-6655
MT AngelMonitor Nursery14736 Monitor Mckee Road NE503-634-2391
MT Hood ParkdaleParkdale Gardens5056 Woodworth Road541-352-7431
Myrtle CreekFelicity Growers15322 Old Highway 99 S541-863-5887
Myrtle CreekJeff’s Nursery4488 S Myrtle Road541-863-5173
Myrtle CreekSnyder’s Greenhouse and Nursery7160 S Myrtle Road541-863-4153
Myrtle PointMoms Creative Gardens10296 Sitkum Ln541-572-2766
Myrtle PointNatures Gifts Nursery99437 Sitkum Ln541-572-5013
NewbergGrandma’s Touch Retail Nursery28300 NE Wilsonville Road503-554-0711
NewportYaquina Nursery and Greenhouses44 SE Norman Street541-574-8734
North PlainsFar Out Flora26395 NW Bump Road503-647-5446
North PlainsLoch Loily Christmas Forest28366 NW Dorland Road503-647-2619
OaklandFlower SpeCenterum Nursery276 Union Gap Loop Road541-459-5402
OaklandOakhill Farms4314 Goodrich Highway541-459-1361
OntarioBeaver’s Nursery202 W Pioneer Road541-262-3576
Oregon CityAmber Hill Nursery11998 S Criteser Road503-657-9289
Oregon CityBabble on Gardens23945 S Beatie Road503-632-8440
Oregon CityBlooms N More20163 S Ferguson Road503-632-8203
Oregon CityHeirloom Petals Nursery155 Av Davis Road503-650-0415
Oregon CityKautz Nursery14565 S Kirk Road503-632-3846
Oregon CityRainier South Nursery12911 S Criteser Road503-655-8006
OtisBrown’s Rose Lodge Nursery5211 Salmon River Highway541-994-2953
PendletonBlueberry Hill Nursery900 SW Emigrant Avenue541-278-9360
PendletonRiverside Nursery341 NE Highway 11541-276-0252
PhilomathWee Tree Farm23642 Pearson Pl541-929-9520
Pleasant HillBaltzer’s Specialized Nursery36011 Highway 58541-747-5604
PortlandAmerican Agriculture9220 SE Streetark Street503-256-2400
PortlandBamboo Garden1507 SE Alder Street503-647-2700
PortlandBovees Nursery1737 SW Coronado Street503-244-9341
PortlandBuffalo Gardens3033 NE Alberta Street503-288-0220
PortlandCascadian Nurseries13495 NW Thompson Road503-645-3350
PortlandCistus Design Nursery22711 NW Gillihan Road503-621-2233
PortlandCornell Farm8212 SW Barnes Road503-292-9895
PortlandD and J Retail Nurseries16931 SE Foster Road503-661-5957
PortlandDennis 7 Dees Nursery Inc10455 SW Butner Road503-297-1058
PortlandDrake’s 7 Dees Garden Center16519 SE Streetark Street503-256-2223
PortlandFirst Light Nurseries6025 SE Powell Boulevard503-777-1421
PortlandFirst Light Nursery and Garden10455 SW Butner Road503-297-1058
PortlandGarden Fever3433 NE 24th Avenue503-287-3200
PortlandHappy Valley Nursery10800 SE 129th Avenue503-698-6012
PortlandHeaven and Earth Home and Garden3206 SE Hawthorne Boulevard503-230-7033
PortlandHollyhocks Garden Essentials2707 SE Belmont Street503-872-8672
PortlandJapan Bonsai10813 SW Barbur Boulevard503-245-4346
PortlandJealous Gardener7011 SE Milwaukie Avenue503-231-4500
PortlandJerry’s Garden Center17400 SE Powell Boulevard503-492-2426
PortlandKasch’s Garden Center and Nurseries2500 SE Tacoma Street503-231-7711
PortlandKasch’s Garden Center and Nurseries675 NE 181st Avenue503-661-5020
PortlandKasch’s Town Gardens5331 SW Macadam Avenue503-525-4492
PortlandMarbott’s Greenhouse and Nursery1808 NE Columbia Boulevard503-285-2106
PortlandPortland Nursery5050 SE Streetark Street503-231-5050
PortlandPortland Nursery9000 SE Division Street503-788-9000
PortlandPotting Shed6342 NE 35th Avenue503-262-7816
PortlandRavenna Gardens340 SW Morrison Street #2360503-224-4771
PortlandTerra Nova Nurseries4309 SW Cullen Boulevard503-977-7808
PortlandTony’s Garden10300 SE Holgate Boulevard503-760-7718
PortlandZucari2330 NW Westover Road503-525-9397
PrinevilleHigh Desert Wildwood Nursery4692 NW Lamonta Road541-447-6797
RedmondGarden Central Nursery223 NE Oneil Way541-548-4088
ReedsportGreentrees Nursery2765 Frontage Road541-271-4759
ReedsportWild By Nature2660 Frontage Road541-271-9453
Rogue RiverRogue River Garden Center501 E Main Street541-582-2286
RoseburgMignola Farms2690 Roberts Creek Road541-679-3544
RoseburgNottingham Nursery Garden Center3362 NW Broad Street541-673-0834
RoseburgRent-A-Plant Service817 NE Nash Street541-673-4783
RoseburgYoung’s Garden Gift and Pond1937 SE Stephens Street541-673-8423
Salem13th Street Nursery1298 13th Street SE503-363-4670
SalemBeckham’s Middle Grove Nursery4712 Silverton Road NE503-364-9332
SalemBoltman’s Nursery Inc8375 River Road NE503-390-2587
SalemGuentner’s Gardens5780 Commercial Street SE503-585-7133
SalemHansen, Wallace2158 Bower CT SE503-581-2638
SalemJohnathon Lee Nursery5440 State Street503-585-3736
SalemKale Farms Inc5287 Portland Road NE503-393-8857
SalemMalby’s Nursery9430 54th Avenue NE503-393-1298
SalemRobert’s Country Garden3635 River Road S503-362-1836
SalemSleepy Hollow Nursery8350 Spring Valley Road NW503-362-0234
SalemSmith’s Hillside Nursery5747 Fruitland Road NE503-363-2491
SalemTerra Gardens Nursery and Bark270 Cordon Road NE503-581-0441
SalemVillareal Nursery9230 River Road NE503-393-5894
SalemWillamette Koi and Water Lilies1710 45th Avenue NE503-363-0603
SandyAl Gunderman Nursery24849 SE Firwood Road503-668-3177
SandyB and L Nursery42340 SE Highway 26503-826-8729
SandyDowling Road Tree Farm47811 SE Dowling Road503-668-5012
SandyPorterhowse Farms41370 SE Thomas Road503-668-5834
ScappooseJoy Creek Nursery20300 NW Watson Road503-543-7474
ScappooseMeans Nursery Inc33499 Kammeyer Road503-543-7405
ScappoosePine Art Growers Inc34143 SE Elm Street503-543-2458
ScappooseRetail Garden Center27400 NW Saint Helens Road503-543-3223
ScioC and C Nursery40436 Hess Road503-394-3972
ScioElliott/Hager Tree Farm38245 Sledge Road503-394-3293
ScioSawyer Farms40598 Cole School Road503-769-3417
ScioThomas Creek Nursery38400 Robinson Drive503-394-3478
SeasideBamboo Turtle762 Avenue G503-717-0927
SeasideRaintree Garden and Gift Center84794 Highway 101503-738-6980
SheddGindhart Nursery30274 Peoria Road541-491-3708
SherwoodHidden Acres Nursery19615 SW Cappoen Road503-625-7390
SherwoodLeon Nursery19205 SW Cipole Road503-925-0805
SherwoodWindmill Nursery18800 SW Scholls Sherwood Road503-625-7351
SilvertonAbiqua Garden and Floral8017 Mount Angel Highway NE503-873-5967
SilvertonOregon Blueberry Farms-Nursery8474 Hazelgreen Road NE503-873-1200
SilvertonSchurter Nursery10833 Silverton Road NE503-873-9062
South BeachWisteria Herbs and Flowers5273 S Coast Highway541-867-3846
SpringfieldCamp Creek Nursery37369 Camp Creek Road541-741-0078
SpringfieldGossler Farms Nursery1200 Weaver Road541-746-6611
SpringfieldGray’s Garden Center4441 Main Street541-747-2301
SpringfieldLittle Red Farm Nursery1020 S 42nd Street541-744-0372
SpringfieldMckenzie River Nursery38698 Camp Creek Road541-747-2767
SpringfieldRogers Gardens1792 42nd Street541-726-5532
SpringfieldTri Willow Nursery Inc1566 Main Street541-741-3151
St HelensHappy Hollow Garden31612 Pittsburg Road503-397-3830
St PaulFerguson Fragrant Nursery21763 French Prairie Road NE503-633-4585
St PaulHeirloom Old Garden Roses24062 Riverside Drive NE503-538-1576
St PaulPerez Nursery22342 River Road NE503-633-4999
St PaulTwin City Nursery21451 River Road NE503-633-2555
SublimityBeaver Creek Nursery13207 Triumph Road SE503-769-5103
Sweet HomeTall Fir Nursery II39620 Highway 228541-367-3534
TidewaterPrindel Creek Farm95520 E Five Rivers Road541-528-3330
TigardGardener’s Choice14240 SW Pacific Highway503-684-2727
TigardKasch’s Garden Center and Nursery15300 SW Pacific Highway503-639-9841
TigardTigard Nursery10525 SW Hall Boulevard503-245-0600
TillamookHidden Acres Greenhouse6760 S Prairie Road503-842-1197
TillamookKottre Tree Farms8700 Trask River Road503-842-3109
TillamookRainforest Nursery17285 Wilson River Highway503-842-2070
TillamookRieger Nursery8460 Bewley Creek Road503-842-6872
TillamookSandy’s Nursery and Garden Center1830 Goodspeed Road N503-842-7270
TroutdaleGardeners Holiday253 E Historic Columbia River503-492-0860
TualatinGarden Corner21550 SW 108th Avenue503-885-1934
TualatinGreenleaf Nurserys Plant Store9335 SW Greenhill Ln503-692-3483
TualatinHughes Water Gardens25289 SW Stafford Road503-638-1709
TualatinRoses Northwest12155 SW Tualatin Sherwood Road503-692-3066
TurnerFrey’s Dahlias12054 Brick Road SE503-743-3910
UnionBuffalo Peak Nursey1415 S Main Street541-562-1102
VernoniaBuds and Blooms859 Bridge Street503-429-9273
VernoniaFarmwoman’s Nursery12891 Keasey Road503-429-8200
WallowaFlower Peddler Nursery71845 Dougherty Loop541-886-7474
WarrentonLittle Bear Garden Co1345 SE Flightline Drive503-861-1440
West LinnAspen Grove Nursery23225 SW Bosky Dell Ln503-638-5388
West LinnBamboo and Koi Garden2115 SW Borland Road503-638-0888
West LinnBosky Dell Natives23311 SW Bosky Dell Ln503-638-5945
West LinnFoggia and Sons Nursery26075 SW Mountain Road503-638-9277
West LinnKasch’s Garden Center and Nurseries19080 Willamette Drive503-636-7744
West LinnOregon Grape Nursery65 Dollar Street503-740-5619
West LinnRiver Shore Nursery30754 SW Peach Cove Road503-557-9185
West LinnTnt Nursery10 Rosemont Road503-638-1014
West LinnTualatin River Nursery-Coffee65 Dollar Street503-650-8511
WilliamsForest Farm Nursery990 Tetherow Road541-846-7269
WilsonvilleEdmund’s Roses6235 SW Kahle Road503-682-1476
WilsonvilleLarsen Farm Nursery25935 SW Stafford Road503-638-8600
WilsonvilleWilsonville Garden Center27755 SW Parkway Avenue503-682-9507
WinstonWildwood Nursery8374 Old Highway 99 S541-679-4006
WinstonWintergreen Nursery and Lndscpng8580 Old Highway 99 S541-679-8224
WoodburnAl’s Garden Center1220 N Pacific Highway503-981-1245
WoodburnF and B Farm and Nursery13898 Portland Road NE503-982-2748
WoodburnRiver Valley Gardens14585 Wilco Highway NE503-981-5320
WoodburnSleepy Hollow Nursery8772 Sleepy Hollow Road NE503-982-6945
WoodburnWoodburn Nursery and Azaleas Inc11796 Monitor Mckee Road NE503-634-2231
YachatsBramble and the Rose Nursery2536 Highway 101 N541-547-3848
YoncallaHelmer’s Greenhouse Inc4727 Elkhead Road541-849-2488
YoncallaWholesale Aquatics1301 Cox Road541-849-2859