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Zones 6-9
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Zones 6-9

Purely Purple Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia hybrid '18LI' (PP #28086)

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Purely Purple Black Diamond Crape Myrtle

Lagerstroemia hybrid '18LI' (PP #28086)

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Botanical Name

Lagerstroemia hybrid '18LI' (PP #28086)

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun



The Purely Purple™ Black Diamond® Crape Myrtle is a brand-new addition to the expanding range of stunning crape myrtles with persistent deep-red foliage and vibrant flowers. The bright purple flowers are produced from mid-June to mid-October, and they stand out against the dark, deep-red foliage, which has a silvery sheen, especially in spring. This vibrant and exciting color combination makes this shrub a great addition to your garden, and it is a plant that brings color and interest month after month. It grows into a large shrub up to 12 feet tall, but with pruning in late winter it can be kept to as low as 4 feet. It is root-hardy in zone 6, so it grows and blooms well even there, and in colder zones it can be grown as a pot-plant and kept over winter in any cool, frost-proof place.

  • Stunning bright purple flowers from June to October
  • Dark, red-black foliage keeps it color all summer long
  • Perfect large shrub for hot, sunny places
  • Drought resistant and easy to grow
  • Disease resistant and grows well even in harsh urban conditions

The Purely Purple™ Black Diamond® Crape Myrtle should be planted in full sun for maximum blooming and foliage color. It grows well in any well-drained soil, and thrives even in sands, gravels and poor, rocky soil. It has been specially bred to be resistant to powdery mildew and other disfiguring diseases common on older varieties, so it always looks good, no matter how hot and humid the summer is. However you grow this easy shrub, you will love it, and be delighted by its fabulous colors, season after season.