Louisiana Trees For Sale

Although Louisiana goes by many nicknames, including the Bayou State, Child of Mississippi, and the Sugar State, it is officially referred to as The Pelican State. It is the unique Bald Cypress that represents Louisiana. A deciduous conifer, the Bald Cypress grows submerged in water to heights of 100 feet or more. Distinct cypress knees identify the trunks, which thicken and occasionally split prior to entering the water line. Since the Bald Cypress grows best in swampy regions, not every landowner will choose this tree. There are hundreds of other tree varieties that will grow well in The Pelican State.

Due to its geographical land features, severe weather, and varied temperatures, the smart Louisianan grower will need to consider the region’s climate, type of soil, irrigation needs, average precipitation, specific growing zone and weather damage.

Best Trees for Louisiana

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Royal Empress Trees

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

  1. Weeping Willow

Ideal for providing shade, sweeping beauty, and growth with minimal effort.

  1. Meyer Lemon Tree

Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

  1. Bloodgood Japanese Maple

Ideal for adding color, providing ornamental beauty, and no-hassle maintenance.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Louisiana 

As property in Louisiana continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Louisiana, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout Louisiana, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Leyland Cypress and American Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Louisiana sits along the Mississippi River in the southern United States, along the Gulf of Mexico. Louisiana rests soundly in the humid subtropical climate, more so than most of its neighbors. Summers are hot, humid, and lengthy while winter is brief and mild. The proximity of the Gulf of Mexico, no more than 200 miles away at the farthest point, is a large mitigating factor in this climate. Summers last from June to September, with hotter temperatures in the northern parts of the state furthest from the Gulf. While temperatures do get quite high in southern Louisiana, reaching into the high 90s and low 100s, northern Louisiana frequently sees days with temperatures over 105°F. Milder winters bring temperatures down to around 42°F throughout the state. The record low was set in 1899 at -16°F, but this is clearly rare.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Louisiana has 733,714 acres of Ruston soil, which is best used for growing small forests, cattle grazing, and crops. Ruston soil is a well-draining soil, rich with mineral and marine deposits. Still, they are low in fertility. Regardless of the property’s location in The Pelican State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil.
1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY
2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. Congratulations, you have LOAM.
3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Rainfall is plentiful in Louisiana, with annual precipitation levels throughout the state reaching up to 60 inches. Rain falls easily throughout the year, with the wettest months falling in the summer and the driest in the autumn. Snow occurs at least once a year, but typically no more than three times in a given season. During the winter, southern Louisiana receives extensive rainfall. Cold fronts also occur, occasionally dropping the temperature down below 20°F.


Effective irrigation throughout Louisiana is essential to the tree planter. Although water is abundant in Louisiana, irrigation is effective at controlling the water access to new plants. Too little water and the plant withers, too much and your new tree could rot or fail to carry enough necessary nutrients. Using a drip or sprinkler irrigation system can effectively manage the dispersal of water to newly planted trees, ensuring successful rooting and growth.

Growing Zones

Louisiana’s climate and growing zones are directly impacted by its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. The northern half of the boot falls in Zone 8a, with temperatures reaching as far as 10°F. Most regions south and slightly northwest of Alexandria will find temperatures do not drop below 15°F. In small regions of the south, surrounding the Mississippi delta and south of Lake Charles, temperatures may only reach as low as 20°F.

Weather Damage

Louisiana is no stranger to damaging weather. In 2005, Louisiana experienced the brunt of Hurricane Katrina, one of the most devastating and destructive storms in the history of the United States.    Frequent thunderstorms, tornadoes, and tropical cyclones also affect the area, with flooding and property damage occurring in the aftermath. Trees are effective in preventing erosion, and if planted far enough from direct infrastructure, may help protect property.If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Louisiana nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Louisiana we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Buy Trees In Louisiana | Best Trees For Louisiana Climates
AbbevilleBarnyard Plant Farm10917 Sidney Gautreaux Road337-898-0197
AbbevillePommier Plants Etc18022 W LA Highway 330337-898-2023
Abita SpringsFountains and Flowers69332 Highway 59985-871-0000
AlexandriaCroom Nursery Inc1919 Memorial Drive318-447-1367
AlexandriaGreenhouse5516 Masonic Drive318-443-8477
AmiteAmite Nursery and Garden Center203 N 2nd Street985-748-4680
AmiteBracy’s Nursery64624 Dummyline Road985-748-8999
AmiteIsland Nursery Farm61287 Vining Road985-748-8937
ArcadiaGreen Acres Nursery177 Reynolds Road318-263-4838
BastropC and K Gardens10691 Crossett Road318-283-2900
BastropSammy’s Garden Center Inc1300 Highway 2318-665-0666
Baton RougeBurris’s Nursery and Greenhouses8318 Mickens Road225-356-3356
Baton RougeCapital Garden Center13475 Florida Boulevard225-272-5245
Baton RougeClegg’s Nursery274 N Donmoor Avenue225-927-1419
Baton RougeClegg’s Nursery Inc10645 Greenwell Springs Road225-275-7006
Baton RougeClegg’s Nursery Inc5696 Siegen Lane225-292-9153
Baton RougeGarden District Nursery2504 Government Street225-383-3514
Baton RougeGulf Coast Plantsmen15680 Perkins Road225-751-0395
Baton RougeHarb’s Oasis Ltd13827 Coursey Boulevard225-756-2720
Baton RougeHart’s and Tom Thumbs Nursery12655 S Harrells Ferry Road225-261-2728
Baton RougeHart’s Garden and Gifts12655 S Harrells Ferry Road225-293-4922
Baton RougeJuliette’s Gardens6983 Jefferson Highway225-923-0516
Baton RougeLouisiana Nursery12289 Florida Boulevard225-272-9795
Baton RougeLouisiana Nursery13121 Coursey Boulevard225-756-0008
Baton RougeLouisiana Nursery8680 Perkins Road225-766-0300
Baton RougeNature’s Best Organics9500 Perkins Road225-766-1446
Baton RougePlant Tech Nursery14605 Airline Highway225-753-1765
Baton RougePlant World Nursery and Hardware10131 Greenwell Springs Road225-272-7144
Baton RougeRed Onion Nursery15680 Perkins Road225-753-5448
Belle ChasseBrier Rose Herbs Inc8632 Highway 23504-392-7499
Belle ChasseMartin’s Garden Center Inc8527 Highway 23504-393-4769
Belle ChasseSouthern Gateway107 Timber Ridge Street504-393-9300
BogalusaGarden Shop21749 Highway 21 N985-732-7698
BogalusaMc Millan’s Nursery130 Cumberland Street #B985-735-7548
Bossier CityGlass Nursery and Garden Center5107 E Texas Street318-747-6400
Bossier CityT and T Lawn and Lighting4320 Benton Road318-752-3033
Breaux BridgeLula’s Living Treasures4444 Main Highway337-332-1202
Bridge CityBanting Nursery3425 River Road504-436-4343
BroussardGirouard’s Nursery and Greenhouse309 S Saint Jean Street337-837-6859
BunkieLouisiana Tree Farm148 Tanglewood Drive318-346-1822
BurasBuras Garden Shop35734 Highway 11985-657-5012
BushJudy’s Greenhouse21267 Tommy King Road985-892-9453
ChalmetteSporl’s Garden Center801 E Saint Bernard Highway504-271-3322
Church PointBob’s Nursery and Landscaping740 S Main Street337-684-5431
ClintonIn the Garden Nursery16103 Highway 10225-683-6788
CovingtonAAA Keith’s Soil Sand and Gravel1526 N Highway 190985-893-9646
CovingtonAccardo Materials Soil and Grdn843 E Boston Street985-893-9378
CovingtonBonsai Northshore Inc1695 N Collins Boulevard985-892-7808
CovingtonCovington Nursery100 Driveum Street985-893-2471
CovingtonInwood Gardens1640 N Collins Boulevard985-892-0717
CovingtonJenkin’s Soil and Landscape Supply101 W 33rd Avenue985-892-9118
CovingtonPerino’s Green House75280 Downs Avenue985-893-2671
CrowleyHarmon’s Greenhouse and Nursery1020 Jasmine Road337-788-3293
Denham SpringsClegg’s Nursery Inc31275 LA Highway 16225-791-6060
Denham SpringsGreenway Nursery24647 LA Highway 1032225-665-9925
Denham SpringsJolie Cadeaux Discount Nursery31849 Linder Road225-667-4400
Denham SpringsPirie Mill and Trucking22950 LA Highway 1032225-664-7355
Denham SpringsPlants By George384 Nesom Road225-777-4380
DeridderBonny Plants1028 E 1st Street337-462-3504
DeridderOdom’s Nursery410 Pleasant Hill Road337-463-9901
ErosC and J’s Greenhouses1099 Joe Holton Road318-249-2227
ErosShady Creek Nursery265 Cadeville Lodge Road318-249-2532
EthelHillside Nursery7080 Highway 19225-683-3727
EuniceBarbara’s Nursery3300 Highway 190337-550-0050
FarmervilleThomas Nursery and Feed9695 Highway 15318-368-2425
FerridayB and W Nursery9928 Highway 84318-757-3912
FolsomBlackwell’s Nursery83067 Highway 1080985-796-5313
FolsomC and S Foliage109 Streetonehill Road985-796-5425
FolsomD B’s Nursery11130 Eliza Lee Cemetary Road985-796-5213
FolsomFolsom Nursery14425 Highway 40985-796-3488
FolsomFolsom’s Foliage and Flowers Inc79389 Boudreaux Road985-796-5555
FolsomGreen Thumb Nursery80414 N Willie Road985-796-3010
FolsomMizell’s Farms Inc83211 Highway 25985-796-9309
FolsomNorris Nursery and Landscaping13129 Verger Road985-796-3040
FolsomPretty Tree Nursery79408 Highway 25985-796-9238
Forest HillBennie Sauseda Nurserymen259 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6932
Forest HillBlue Lake Nursery723 Blue Lake Road318-748-8913
Forest HillBobby Young Plants4202 Highway 112318-748-8895
Forest HillBwi6 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6361
Forest HillChandler’s Nursery18 Forest Drive318-748-6339
Forest HillClyde Holloway’s Nursery11528 Highway 165 S318-748-6803
Forest HillDean’s Nursery449 Highway 497318-748-6748
Forest HillEast of Eden173 Paul Cemetery Road318-748-6864
Forest HillFlo’s Nursery215 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6192
Forest HillFloyd’s Nursery401 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6917
Forest HillGarland Nichols Nursery3268 Highway 112318-748-6594
Forest HillGeorge Johnson Nursery3848 Highway 112318-748-6715
Forest HillGuillory’s Nursery282 Blue Lake Road318-748-6528
Forest HillHalbert’s Nursery4111 Highway 112318-748-6836
Forest HillHarold C Poole Nursery3915 Highway 112318-748-6959
Forest HillHawkins’ Nursery4072 Highway 112318-748-6506
Forest HillHickory Hill Nursery10 Martin Springs Road318-748-6838
Forest HillHilltop Nursery9934 Highway 165 S318-487-1321
Forest HillHurricane Creek Nursery269 Blue Lake Road318-748-6418
Forest HillLakeland Nursery64 Marshall Road318-748-6592
Forest HillLakeview Nursery437 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6002
Forest HillMaricle Nursery Liners9 Hill Drive318-748-6651
Forest HillMiller’s Ground Cover3474 Highway 112318-748-6766
Forest HillMorris and Sons Nursery305 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-7568
Forest HillMorrison Landscape Service3496 Highway 112318-748-6922
Forest HillNichols Chauncey Nursery Inc134 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6348
Forest HillO D Chamberlain Nursery3697 Highway 112318-748-6862
Forest HillPat’s Professional Potters10 Martin Springs Road318-748-7258
Forest HillPaulk Brothers Nursery313 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6511
Forest HillPbn2177 Butter Cemetery Cutoff Road318-748-8555
Forest HillPineywoods Nursery29 Whaley Road318-748-6562
Forest HillPlant Connection17 Cecelia Drive318-748-6565
Forest HillPoole Brothers Nurseries3334 Highway 112318-748-6579
Forest HillRichard’s Nursery Inc4061 Highway 112318-748-6587
Forest HillRonnie Chamberlain’s Nursery3896 Highway 112318-748-6679
Forest HillShurbs ‘N’ Such4030 Highway 112318-748-8915
Forest HillSmithco Nursery Inc3993 Highway 112318-748-8000
Forest HillSnogbird Gardens Inc3386 Highway 112318-748-7102
Forest HillTaylor Nursery3401 Highway 112318-748-6039
Forest HillThaico Nursery358 Fish Hatchery Road318-748-6969
Forest HillThomas’ Nursery154 Willis Gunter Road318-748-6387
Forest HillThree Seasons Greenhouse Inc3568 Highway 112318-748-6256
Forest HillTigerland Nursery126 Randolph Road318-748-8126
Forest HillVargus Nursery65 Willis Gunter Road318-748-8989
Forest HillWayne’s Nursery Inc403 Blue Lake Road318-748-6245
Forest HillWildwood Nursery480 Butter Cemetery Road318-748-6341
Forest HillWilliams Nursery53 Joe Gunter Road318-748-6728
FranklinSonia’s Greenhouse1100 Weber Street337-828-2523
FranklintonCollette’s Aquatics21409 Highway 25985-795-1329
FranklintonGarden Spot of Franklinton1023 Williams Street985-839-9357
FranklintonJ and K Schilling Nursery1230 Washington Street985-795-3399
FranklintonKennedy’s Christmas Tree Farm55276 Highway 438985-848-2782
FranklintonWestfarms Nursery13529 Highway 450985-839-5713
GlenmoraEagle River Nursery2246 E River Road318-748-7906
GlenmoraMidway Plant Farm3452 Highway 112318-748-6499
GlenmoraSunrise Nursery420 Ashmore Road318-748-8738
GramercySt James Nursery1501 N Airline Avenue225-869-5254
GreensburgDogwood Hill Nursery10822 Highway 37225-222-4828
GretnaFaye’s Garden Center Inc585 Holmes Boulevard504-368-1322
GretnaOutback Growers137 Fairfield Avenue504-393-5656
HammondAirport Garden Center44530 S Airport Road985-542-6599
HammondAlvarez Nursery46188 N Morrison Boulevard985-345-4421
HammondGraham’s Nursery43270 E Pleasant Ridge Road985-345-6108
HaughtonHilltop Farm and Garden Inc860 Highway 80318-949-1126
HaughtonTiffany’s Bayou Nursery102 Jones Road318-987-0266
HinestonLive Oak Nursery57 Robinson Road #L318-659-3127
HoumaLiving Art Bonsai1154 Barrow Street985-879-2949
HoumaStarke’s Garden Center4836 Highway 311985-872-6393
JeaneretteRags Plant and Gift Shop Inc823 Main Street337-276-7990
JenningsNatural Garden and Nursery1515 Johnson Street337-824-3356
JonesboroAlpha Greenhouses and Nursery2550 Highway 4318-395-0303
JonesvilleBadge’s Nursery258 Hudson Lane318-339-8844
KeithvilleLouisiana Nursery12290 Mansfield Road318-925-0971
KentwoodKentwood Garden Center1130 3rd Street985-229-3406
LA PlaceRoussel’s Garden Express1301 W Airline Highway985-652-8380
LacombeEric’s Landscape Supply26300 Highway 190985-882-5550
LacombePottery Shop of Big Branch24594 Highway 190985-626-9229
LafayetteAbc Orchids and Tropicals3154 NE Evangeline Trwy337-237-4795
LafayetteBonsai of Lafayette124 Darteze Drive337-856-8491
LafayetteEnchanted Garden and Gift Shop425 Verot School Road337-237-8668
LafayetteGardens Nursery and Antique Market800 E Broussard Road337-981-6514
LafayetteMarshall’s Home and Garden3550 Ambassador Caffery Pkwy337-984-3230
LafayetteMarshall’s Nursery Inc418 Rue DE Belier337-984-3443
LafayetteMc Gregor’s Garden100 Rue Louis Xiv337-993-2029
LafayetteOrchid Gardens1007 Carmel Avenue337-234-6339
LafayetteRaintree Nursery and Landscapes1904 Moss Street337-237-3032
LafayetteTeche Nursery3326A Verot School Road337-856-5908
Lake CharlesPrien Pines Nursery2623 W Sale Road337-477-5254
Lake CharlesSouthern Gardens959 Sam Houston Jones Pkwy337-217-0135
Lake CharlesSunshine Acres Nursery5826 Lake Street337-474-0971
LecompteAustin’s Nursery Inc3029 Highway 112318-776-8008
LecompteIn the Woods Nursery61 Elwood Road318-748-7114
LecompteRobbins Tree Ranch3196 Highway 112318-776-7780
LeesvillePrairie Creek Nursery and Garden540 W Hawthorne Road337-239-3112
LeesvilleThorne’s Plant Farm17868 Lake Charles Highway337-462-2914
LettsworthResource One Nursery10395 LA Highway 1225-492-2573
LulingMartin’s Nursery and Landscape320 3rd Street985-785-6165
MandevilleAccardo Materials Soil Center2545 N Causeway Boulevard985-893-9378
MandevilleEuropean Expressions1301 N Causeway Boulevard985-727-0101
MandevilleGarden Spot of Mandeville2100 N Causeway Boulevard985-674-0252
MandevilleHarvest Time4444 Highway 22985-626-8123
MansuraL C’s Garden and Gifts8003 Highway 107318-964-5352
ManyWaters Edge Nursery and Lndscp12315 Texas Highway318-256-1222
MarksvilleGrand Garden Center212 Tunica Drive E318-240-8999
MarksvilleGreen Earth Nursery4613 Highway 1318-240-7668
MarksvilleRist Nursery and Gift Shop259 Old Moncla Road318-253-4483
MarreroPatio Gardens and Landscaping835 Avenue G504-347-7694
MarreroRose Garden and Pet Store5420 Lapalco Boulevard504-347-8773
MetairieCharvet’s Garden Center123 Metairie Road504-835-7700
MetairieCharvet’s Garden Center Inc4511 Clearview Pkwy504-888-7700
MetairieDouble M Feed Garden and Pet605 Metairie Road504-828-2004
MetairieOld Metairie Plant Station400 Airline Drive504-219-0001
MetairiePerino’s Garden Center Inc3100 Veterans Memorial Boulevard504-834-7888
MonroeLee’s Greenhouse and Nursery1190 Miller Road318-665-0664
MonroeSonny Panzico Garden Mart2108 Forsythe Avenue318-387-5930
MonroeSonny Panzico Garden Mart7980 Desiard Street318-343-4486
MontegutTheriot and Brunet Nursery639 Highway 55985-594-4110
MorrowLive Oak Gardens Ltd4398 Highway 361318-939-2347
MT HermonBamboo Gardens of Louisiana38124 Highway 440985-795-2300
MT HermonSam’s Organic’s Matter41361 Highway 438985-877-9976
New IberiaAntiques Roseville2005 Freyou Road337-367-3000
New IberiaHerbert’s Home and Garden Showplace1401 Parkview Drive337-364-8421
New IberiaIberia Gardens and Nursery4202 W Old Spanish Trl337-364-4879
New OrleansDE Battista Nursery210 Huntlee Drive504-366-2017
New OrleansGuillot Nursery Inc8301 Olive Street504-488-5526
New OrleansHarolds Indoor Outdoor Plants1135 Press Street504-947-7554
New OrleansPlant Gallery9401 Airline Highway504-488-8887
New OrleansTalen’s Nursery Inc6100 Pontchartrain Boulevard504-482-6233
New OrleansUptown Garden Center1519 S Jefferson Davis Pkwy504-866-0075
New OrleansVintage Garden and Co Farm5700 Loyola Avenue504-897-9309
OpelousasJim’s Nursery615 E Landry Street337-948-3394
OpelousasLastrapes Garden Center3934 Ih 49 N Service Road337-948-7343
OpelousasLouisiana Nursery5853 Highway 182337-948-3696
PattersonMarvin’s Gardens410 Red Cypress Road985-395-5510
PinevilleFerguson Nursery and Landscape1570 Susek Drive318-640-2258
PinevilleGrand Bend Nursery1360 Palmer Chapel Road318-767-5900
PinevilleHarmony Hill Nursery1920 Susek Drive318-473-8647
PinevilleL and M4420 Old Marksville Highway318-442-9615
PinevillePerfect Garden12809 Highway 28 E318-466-0011
PlaquemineCallais Nursery58030 Robertson Street225-687-4272
PonchatoulaGreen Thumb Nursery12188 Highway 22225-294-5089
PonchatoulaMc Lendon’s Nursery18444 Highway 22985-386-3781
PonchatoulaSmith’s Nursery and Landscaping19355 Highway 22985-386-8862
PrairievilleHarb’s Oasis38480 Highway 42225-744-4813
PrairievilleOak Haven Farms Nursery18377 Blythe Road225-622-1058
RayvilleBoeuf River Tree Farm Inc133 Buckles Road318-728-8080
RayvilleRainbow Gardens and Nursery4540 Highway 80318-728-5429
ShreveportAkin’s Nursery Inc5901 E Kings Highway318-868-2701
ShreveportClyde Gorum Nursery Landscape8509 Line Avenue318-861-7659
ShreveportFlowerbed Man and Green House9391 Youree Drive318-797-4545
ShreveportGarrisons Greenwood Gardens6905 Greenwood Road318-635-6296
ShreveportLA Lawn and Sod9200 Wallace Lake Road318-687-4302
ShreveportLex Plant Farm Wholesale9045 E Kings Highway318-797-6035
ShreveportMrs Mc Gregor’s Garden111 E Kings Highway318-865-0001
SlidellAccardo Materials Soil and Garden1002 Gause Boulevard W985-643-1029
SlidellGarden Spot Nursery Inc770 Robert Boulevard985-641-3600
SlidellSand Dollar Nursery38262 N 1st Avenue985-863-8318
SlidellSlidell Discount Nursery1605 Lawes Street985-641-8701
SlidellSlidell Feed and Seed Inc101 W Pennsylvania Avenue985-643-5592
SlidellVip’s Nursery and Garden Center1990 Gause Boulevard W985-690-8477
SpencerDavid Roach Nursery636 River Road318-726-4973
St AmantDelaune’s Garden Center12505 Highway 431225-647-3659
St BernardDonald O Heumann Green Houses200 Heumann Nursery Road504-682-0866
St FrancisvilleCoyote Creek Inc9382 Island Road225-635-6736
St FrancisvilleIns-N-Outs Nurseries5211 Legion Street225-635-6952
St FrancisvilleStillwater Farms B and B8996 U S Highway 61225-635-0007
SterlingtonHemphill Plant Farm9564 Highway 165 N318-665-2098
SterlingtonLee’s Greenhouse and Nursery200 Tony Road318-665-0664
SulphurDever Nursery750 E Houston River Road #B337-527-3456
SulphurM D Nursery7155 Choupique Road337-558-6073
SulphurPlant World1133 E Houston River Road337-527-5501
SulphurSouthern Gardens2594 Maplewood Drive337-625-7005
SunsetGarden Gate Center1534 I-49 Service Road337-662-1234
TallulahGrapevine Garden and Gifts501 Bayou Drive318-574-5727
TerrytownLouisiana Landscape Garden Center1701 Belle Chasse Highway504-391-1800
ThibodauxChackbay Nursery and Landscaping837 Highway 20985-633-9608
ThibodauxGreen Acres Nursery731 Cardinal Drive985-447-6771
ThibodauxHebert’s Nursery1500 Saint Mary Street985-446-1003
TransylvaniaClara’s Greenhouse511 Greenhouse Road318-559-1803
VidaliaAnderson’s Gardens and Gifts5064 Highway 84 W318-336-7804
VivianPlum Creek Timber COLower State Line Road903-672-4625
WalkerPineywoods Nursery31625 Courtney Cir225-664-0473
WashingtonLA Fleur’s Nursery721 Goyo Road337-826-7118
WashingtonPrairie Wholesale NurseryHC 66 Box 104A1337-363-7199
West MonroeGarden Shed1422 Natchitoches Street318-644-0039
West MonroeLopi’s Nursery150 Henry Road318-396-8668
West MonroePlant World1419 New Natchitoches Road318-387-9833
West MonroeSammy’s Garden Center Inc3212 Cypress Street318-323-2555
West MonroeSonny Panzico Garden Mart1630 Arkansas Road318-396-9702
West MonroeWorld of Topiary275 Mcgee Road318-396-2759
WinnsboroC and N Nursery8860 Highway 4318-435-6053
WinnsboroLoblolly Pines Nursery4694 Highway 15318-435-3150
WoodworthMuse Hill Nursery81 Castor Plunge Road318-448-9260
ZacharyKim’s Potted Plants4625 Main Street225-654-3969