Indiana Trees For Sale

Indiana, resting at the foot of the Great Lakes, enjoys a diverse economy and rich agricultural industry. The Hoosier State, as its residents are fondly called ‘Hoosiers’, elected the Tulip Poplar to be its state tree in 1931. The Tulip Poplar is a shade producing tree, standing as the tallest eastern hardwood at 165 feet. It is a highly valued lumber tree, with its initial branches starting at 80 feet. Although the fast-growing Tulip Poplar is a favorite among Hoosiers, there are many other trees to choose from when planting in Indiana.

Due to its large size, severe tornadoes, and varied temperatures, the smart Hoosier grower will have to consider the following items; climate, irrigation, average precipitation, soil type, growing zones and weather damage.

Best Trees for Indiana

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Muskogee Crape – Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.

#2. Bloodgood Japanese Maple – Ideal for adding color, ornamental beauty, and no-hassle maintenance.

#3. Cold Hardy Avocado – Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

#4. Tulip Poplar – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Indiana

As property in Indiana continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Indiana, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Leyland Cypress and American Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Indiana sits comfortably in the humid continental climate, with small regions of the south balancing on the threshold with a humid subtropical climate. Indiana is large in area, and as such, temperatures do vary across the state. Indiana has cold winters, dropping to as low as -36°F with moderate to severe snow. Summers are warm and wet, and do not typically rise above 100°F. Summer temperatures vary less, with most of the state lingering in the high 80s and low 90s.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. The state soil of Indiana is Miami soil, which is rich with nutrient matter and contains moderate amounts of water. It covers most of the state. Soybeans, corn, and wheat grow well in the soil, which is a deep fine-loam. Regardless of the property’s location in The Hoosier State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

In order to determine the type of soil in your yard, try this test to give you a basis for finding the best matched trees. For this test, you will need a healthy handful of soil from the layer beneath the topmost piece of soil. The soil should be a little damp, but not recently watered or wet. Simply squeeze the soil sample and one of the following events will occur.

1. You have CLAY if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it does not fall apart.

2. You have LOAM if, after opening your hands, the soil maintains its shape, forming a ball. If you touch the sample, it falls apart.

3. You have SAND if, after opening your hands, the soil immediately collapses.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Droughts do affect the state at times, though Indiana typically receives enough moisture to withstand the weather. Precipitation in the form of rain falls on average 40 inches annually, with slightly more rain falling in the south near the Ohio River. Snow can hit heavily, with areas near Lake Michigan in the northwest receiving 80 inches of snowfall and areas in the south only hit in the low teens. Proximity to the Great Lakes influences the weather greatly, often increasing snowfall by increasing both moisture and temperature in what is called the lake effect.


It is not uncommon for areas in urban and suburban Indiana to suffer from low quality water. Runoff in urban areas can be dangerous to overall environmental health, but planting trees can actually dampen this affect, since trees will store the water and use some of the pollutants to grow. Irrigation can help to manage the water flow, and in cases, decrease the toxicity of soil that is too rich in salt or chemicals. Installing a drip or sprinkler system is useful for newly planted trees, which require consistent and constant access to water to ensure successful plant growth.

Growing Zones

The 38th largest state in the nation, Indiana only has four unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. Unlike many of its closely related relatives in size, which can have upwards of ten zones, Indiana is relatively level in elevation across the state. Plants in in the northwest portion of the state can expect temperatures to get low in Zone 5a, where the thermometer can dip below -20°F. In the farthest regions of the north near Lake Michigan and the farthest parts of the south temperatures do not often drop below -5°F.

Weather Damage

Tornadoes, drought, and floods plague Indiana. Rated 8th in the country for risk of tornadoes, Indiana is strangely not part of Tornado Alley, where most tornadoes wreak havoc. Droughts occur occasionally, though precipitation falls evenly throughout the state. Heavy rains can cause Indiana’s many rivers and lakes to overflow, and low plains mean floods are frequent. However, they are rarely too damaging and often minimal in size. Trees offer great protection from floods, as the roots will cling to the soil preventing erosion. Furthermore, trees will take in excess water to a point, providing natural air and water control.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Indiana nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Indiana we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Best Trees In Indiana | Buy & Ship Trees In Indiana
ActonDaulton and Sons Nursery7954 E Southport Road317-862-3232
AlexandriaOusley’s Harvest Gardens115 S Park Avenue765-724-4306
AndersonGina’s Garden Center1907 S Scatterfield Road765-622-1731
AndersonGustin’s Market and Garden Center3841 Pendleton Avenue765-642-2530
AndersonPrairie Creek Nursery and Garden3830 Pendleton Avenue765-643-8800
AngolaJulian Landscaping and Excvtn2487 N State Road 827260-665-1306
AuburnAuburn Nursery6128 County Road 427260-925-5472
AuroraKimberly Lake Nursery18720 Willougby Road812-926-4411
AvonAvon Perennial Gardens6259 E County Road 91 N317-272-6264
Batesville5 Oaks Lawn and Garden279 State Road 129 S812-934-3625
BenningtonSunset Ridge Gardens and Nursery2202 Highway 56 W812-534-9233
BloomfieldBeech Creek Tree FarmRR 4812-825-6725
BloomingtonBloomington Valley Nursery5230 S Old State Road 37812-824-8813
BloomingtonBurnham Woods Nursery6775 N Hudoff Road812-339-0616
BloomingtonCedar Bluff Gardens4388 W State Road 46812-876-1412
BloomingtonMeadowhead Nursery4960 E Earl Young Road812-330-9051
BloomingtonShade Tree Garden7940 W Howard Road812-876-1462
BlufftonJanet’s Garden Center1225 S Scott Street260-824-2695
BordenEndris Nursery17204 Persimmon Run Road812-967-6224
BordenStarlight Daylily Gardens2515 Scottsville Road812-923-3735
BrazilWildwood Garden Center2340 W State Road 340812-442-8100
BristolA J’s Tree Farm1011 Trout Creek Road574-848-1541
BristolHilbish Nursery50763 County Road 25574-848-4147
BristolKruse Farm Supply19904 County Road 6574-848-4151
BrownsburgBrownsburg Landscape CO10875 N County Road 900 E317-852-8440
BrownsburgCountry Harmony of Brownsburg809 N Green Street317-852-8661
BrownsburgHidden River Farms3895 N County Road 575 E317-858-3333
BrownsburgTah Inc3760 N State Road 267317-852-6808
CarmelFrank’s Nursery and Crafts14641 N Meridian Street317-844-9897
CarmelHabig Garden Shop15311 N Meridian Street317-896-2828
CarmelSalsbery Brothers Landscaping4317 E 146th Street317-843-0100
CarmelSundown Gardens13400 Old Meridian Street317-846-0620
Cedar LakeCrystal Palace Perennials12029 Wicker Avenue219-374-9419
Cedar LakeLeo’s Feed and Garden Center13406 Wicker Avenue219-374-6757
ChestertonChesterton Feed and Garden Center400 Locust Street219-926-2790
CiceroL and M Gardens27 Forest Bay Lane317-877-6148
ClintonZimmerman Farm Nursery9668 S 100 E765-665-3625
Columbia CityBlue River Nursery4484 E Hartman Road260-244-7420
Columbia CitySaxton Group Inc7195 E State Road 14260-749-1012
Columbia CityWoodland Water Gardens and Nursery1950 S 500 E260-244-0050
ColumbusFrank’s Nursery and Crafts3075 Middle Drive812-379-4116
ColumbusHelton Garden Center and Nursery2655 25th Street812-379-2442
ColumbusWischmeier Nursery Inc240 Jonesville Road812-372-4662
CrawfordsvilleEvergreen Nursery and Landscp3754 S US Highway 231765-362-6300
CrawfordsvilleSugar Creek Nursery Inc500 Lafayette Avenue765-362-3048
Crown PointArtful Garden611 N Indiana Avenue219-662-0900
Crown PointLeo’s Feed and Garden Center11702 Randolph Street219-661-8937
Crown PointRal Landscaping and Garden Center6616 W Lincoln Highway219-865-6439
CumberlandFrady’s Lawn and Landscape7053 W US Highway 40317-894-8446
DanvilleButler Landscaping5 Manor Drive317-745-3243
DecaturGrainery CO217 N 1st Street260-724-3709
DecaturHeller Nursery Inc4800 N 400 W260-547-4131
DecaturTrindy’s Nursery6735 N 500 E260-728-2906
DemotteEenigenburg Produce and Garden334 N Halleck Street219-987-5704
DemotteEvers Farm13340 N 700 W219-987-2120
DemotteKingma Greenhouses1308 N Halleck Street219-987-3010
DillsboroEvergreen Garden and Floral Center1632 S State Road 101812-432-5793
EdinburghCrackaway Farm11905 N 200 W812-526-2576
ElkhartJim’s Nursery Inc2232 Toledo Road574-293-0525
ElkhartLinton’s Landscaping and Garden54360 County Road 17574-293-9699
ElkhartMartin Seed and Supply61329 County Road 9574-875-5273
ElkhartMohawk Tree Farm58542 County Road 3574-679-4532
ElkhartRoy’s Boy’s Tree Service51686 Lakeland Road574-266-5105
ElkhartTacy’s Tree Service23316 Montrose Park Drive S574-293-1876
ElkhartWindmill Acres30803 Old US 33574-674-9800
EvansvilleColonial Home and Garden Center40 N 1st Avenue812-962-2011
EvansvilleColonial Home and Garden Center735 S Green River Road812-477-5564
EvansvilleCommercial Landscaping Service12100 N Saint Joseph Avenue812-477-4488
EvansvilleCountryside Garden and Gifts10931 Highway 66812-985-2533
EvansvilleHillside Gardens12100 N Saint Joseph Avenue812-963-3257
EvansvilleHolly Hills Inc1216 E Hillsdale Road812-867-3367
EvansvilleKraft Nursery and Landscaping14930 Bender Road812-963-5011
EvansvilleZeidlers Plant Center and Greenhouse2011 N Fulton Avenue812-421-5967
FerdinandJeff Weyer Tree Farm8619 S Club Road812-367-1097
FishersAllisonville Nursery11405 Allisonville Road317-849-4490
FishersGeist Nursery9890 Mollenkopf Road317-842-7481
Fort WayneDewald Gardens12700 Lima Road260-637-1700
Fort WayneFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1133 N Coliseum Blvd260-426-5308
Fort Trees and Tree Moving9609 Leesburg Road260-484-3525
Fort WayneHilger’s Topsoil Mulch Plants13210 US Highway 30 W260-625-3030
Fort WayneNeuhouser Garden and Gifts4605 W Jefferson Blvd260-436-8538
Fort WayneNeuhouser Nursery8046 Streetellhorn Road260-486-4161
Fort WaynePlant Center Inc9431 US Highway 24 W260-432-7370
Fort WaynePlant-Ation Supply CO932 W Dupont Road260-489-4396
Fort WayneSouthwest Imports8260 S 800 E-92260-625-4852
FortvilleFortville Lawn and Garden Center603 W Garden Street317-485-6620
FrankfortBittersweet Nursery3087 W Farmers Gravel Road765-659-1805
GarrettFlower Pot Garden Center5432 State Road 327260-357-0052
GaryMathews Nursery Inc3870 Chase Street219-980-3228
GeorgetownLincoln Springs Tree Farms9305 State Road 64812-951-3056
GoshenMc Intosh Greenhouse and Garden65856 US Highway 33574-642-3234
GoshenPrairie Trail Farm Secret Grdn16206 County Road 40574-642-3555
GreencastleSnowy Pines Nursery and Tree Frm1375 N US Highway 231765-653-5304
GreenfieldPersimmon Corner3793 W US Highway 40317-462-3535
GreenfieldPhil Pickett Landscaping1990 N Meridian Road317-462-9682
GreenfieldWells Nursery and Greenhouses3710 W US Highway 40317-462-2228
GreensburgRaymond Cramer Nursery3979 S County Road 850 E812-663-9356
GreenvilleDuffy Tree Farm and Nursery9400 Walk Drive NE812-366-3115
GreenwoodStone’s Crossing Garden Center2807 S State Road 135317-535-7993
GriffithFrank’s Nursery and Crafts330 W Ridge Road219-923-9510
HamletHensler Nursery IncRR 1574-867-4192
HaubstadtJim Hipp NurseryRR 2 Box 109A812-867-2892
HaubstadtScotty’s Lawn and Garden Center IncRR 2 Box 110A812-867-2753
HebronWalstra Landscape and Garden18178 Clay Street219-690-1888
HighlandAllen Landscape Center2539 45th Street219-924-3938
HobartKarp’s Garden and Feed Center1365 S Lake Park Avenue219-942-2033
HobartSapper’s Market and Greenhouses1155 S Lake Park Avenue219-942-4995
HopeElsbury’s Greenhouses5073 N State Road 9812-546-4454
HoweGrandma’s Garden5580 N State Road 9260-562-2062
HuntingburgIndiana Berry and Plant CO5218 W 500S812-683-3055
HuntingtonHuntington Nursery Inc2964 W Park Drive260-356-4718
IndianapolisAbloomin’ Nursery12345 Pendleton Pike317-823-1001
IndianapolisAndrea’s Garden Center Inc5412 E 65th Street317-841-3310
IndianapolisBrehob Wholesale Nursery Inc4316 Bluff Road317-783-3233
IndianapolisBuck Creek Nursery and Lndscp CO9665 Southeastern Avenue317-862-6922
IndianapolisCountryside Lawn and Garden7618 Lafayette Road317-291-9055
IndianapolisDammann’s Lawn and Garden Center4914 Rockville Road317-381-9787
IndianapolisDammann’s Lawn and Garden Center5129 S Emerson Avenue317-786-0799
IndianapolisDammann’s Lawn and Garden Center8005 E 30th Street317-894-1867
IndianapolisFlower Mill5422 Millersville Road317-255-3665
IndianapolisFrank’s Nursery and Crafts6302 E 82nd Street317-842-1130
IndianapolisFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7222 Rockville Road317-247-4887
IndianapolisFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7235 N Keystone Avenue317-255-9520
IndianapolisFrank’s Nursery and Crafts8802 US Highway 31 S317-888-0902
IndianapolisFrank’s Nursery and Crafts9701 E Washington Street317-897-2171
IndianapolisGarden Center3205 W 71st Street317-291-1441
IndianapolisGardener’s Market7501 Westfield Blvd317-255-8288
IndianapolisHabig Garden Shop1105 N Arlington Avenue317-356-5458
IndianapolisHabig Garden Shop5201 N College Avenue317-283-5412
IndianapolisHafer Brothers Garden2856 S Meridian Street317-786-5856
IndianapolisHardy’s Family Garden Shop9205 W 10th Street317-271-1999
IndianapolisHobbs Nurseries1201 S County Road 1050 E317-837-8301
IndianapolisMc Namara’s Garden Center7002 Michigan Road317-253-3976
IndianapolisMissy’s Garden3148 Collier Street317-248-2415
IndianapolisRosie’s Nursery10402 N College Avenue317-844-6157
IndianapolisRound Hill Nursery and Garden Center5225 S Meridian Street317-781-1400
IndianapolisShemin Nurseries Inc10050 Hague Road317-915-4000
IndianapolisSkaggs Enterprises Inc4101 W Thompson Road317-856-7397
IndianapolisUrban Bloom Inc922 Massachusetts Avenue317-822-9930
IndianapolisWeaver’s Lawn and Garden Shop1316 Broad Ripple Avenue317-255-9635
JasperDave’s Green House and Nursery1010 E State Road 56812-695-2047
JasperTom’s Lawn and Garden and Appl Center719 W 6th Street812-634-1950
JeffersonvilleHidden Hill1011 Utica Charlestown Road812-280-0347
JeffersonvilleMartin’s Christmas Trees2961 E Highway 62812-283-8109
JeffersonvilleRidge Wholesale Nursery2220 Dutch Lane812-288-1578
JeffersonvilleWalnut Ridge Nursery and Garden2108 Hamburg Pike812-288-6691
KendallvilleKendallville Farm and Flower224 E Mitchell Street260-347-0975
KnoxBecich’s Perennial Farm3295 S US Highway 35574-772-4019
KnoxLedbetter’s Nursery740 N US Highway 35574-772-3211
KokomoCossell’s Creative Landscaping2720 S Washington Street765-453-5840
KokomoFoust Nursery5683 W 700 N765-963-6868
KokomoSalsbery Garden Center2262 W 400 S765-453-5531
KokomoSalsbery Garden Center2265 W Highway 26765-453-5531
LA PorteAngelo Bernacchi Greenhouses1010 Fox Street219-362-6202
LA PorteBlank’s Nursery and Garden Center448 E 500 S219-393-5414
LA PorteHeritage Valley Nrsy and Lndscpg8701 W State Road 2219-785-6229
LA PorteLA Porte County Nursery7657 W State Road 2219-785-2891
LA PorteThimbleberry and CO247 W Johnson Road219-362-2211
LaconiaGrowers Greenhouse8882 Kesindale Cir SE812-737-1877
LafayetteKoehler Brothers Landscaping3431 State Road 26 E765-447-2155
LafayetteLutterloh’s Garden Shop and Nrsy2800 US Highway 231 S765-474-1000
LawrenceburgMc Cabe’s Greenhouse and Floral1066 W Eads Pkwy812-537-4525
LawrenceburgSizemore Lawn Care and Landscaping21481 State Line Road812-537-0970
LawrenceburgTanner Creek Garden Center18475 State Route 1812-539-3303
LebanonBotanica Gardens and Gifts320 E Main Street765-483-0303
LebanonCorner of Eden Garden Center407 W State Road 47765-485-3336
LebanonStrawberry Hill Nursery1315 Lafayette Avenue765-482-4486
LewisvilleFrost Tree Farm658 W County Road 725 S765-987-7742
LibertyByrd Tree Planting Service2854 N County Road 250 W765-458-5400
LoogooteeBurch’s Lawn and Garden Center204 E Main Street812-295-2492
LowellGardens on the Prairie3242 W 169th Avenue219-690-0911
LowellWest Creek Garden and PoolHighway 2 & Highway 41219-696-6600
MadisonBeaver Creek Nursery5530 W County Road 900 S812-689-5595
MarionHarry Mc Cord Nursery6306 N 500 W765-384-7280
MarionPrice’s Garden Center1211 W 14th Street765-668-7533
Mc CordsvilleGreen Touch6256 W Pendleton Pike317-335-7075
Mc CordsvilleGreen Touch Nursery6314 W Pendleton Pike317-335-7075
Michigan CityClark’s Secret Garden504 Eastwood Road219-879-0089
Michigan CityPotted Plant9813 W 300 N219-874-6043
MishawakaGarden Center1502 Union Street574-257-4361
MishawakaMc Kinley Terrace Garden Center13333 Mckinley Highway574-255-0114
MishawakaOrnamental Grass CO61591 Bremen Highway574-259-5605
MishawakaStop-N-Grow Feed and Seed Inc4018 Lincoln Way E574-258-1830
MonticelloGarden Station702 W Broadway Street574-583-5532
MonticelloMusall and Sons Lawn and Garden406 S Beach Drive574-583-8080
MonticelloNorway Gardens Inc308 W Walleston Avenue574-583-3811
MooresvilleGreendelle Mulch and Mix749 W State Road 42317-996-2001
MooresvilleNetskys Place222 E High Street317-831-1003
MuncieBrumond Smith Nursery Inc6141 S US Highway 35765-289-3611
MuncieFrog It’s Ornimental Concrete6465 E Jackson Street765-287-1729
MuncieG and M Pet and Garden Center2014 N Walnut Street765-288-9931
MuncieSpence Landscaping2220 E Fuson Road765-286-7154
NashvilleFlower and Herb Barn Nursery5167 Upper Bean Blossom812-988-2689
NashvilleGram’s Nursery30 Hawthorne Drive812-988-2007
New AlbanyGrant Line Nursery and Garden2223 Grant Line Road812-945-5676
New CastleDenny’s Flower and Garden Shop631 S 20th Street765-529-8050
New HavenAdvanced Tree Technology12818 Edgerton Road260-749-0891
New HavenBeverly Nursery Inc1727 N Berthaud Road260-749-8212
New HavenGar Creek Nursery15501 Gar Creek Road260-749-2327
New PalestineTuttle’s Nursery and Landscape7307 W 300 S317-861-8733
NewburghColonial Home and Garden Center3788 Epworth Road812-853-6622
NewburghMayes Nursery and Landscaping4900 Sharon Road812-853-6868
NoblesvilleAkin Landscape6008 E 146th Street317-848-4594
NoblesvilleMiller’s Manor Gardens12788 E 191st Street317-770-7678
NoblesvillePrice’s Trees3667 E 161st Street317-896-2537
NoblesvilleSeasons Gardens6008 E 146th Street317-846-1198
North ManchesterHomestead Shoppes and Gardens1866 E 1400 N260-982-1965
North WebsterClayton Garden Center and Greenhouse7185 N State Road 13574-834-2249
OaktownBlue Heaven Landscaping6382 E Hunley Road812-745-5580
OrlandBooth Tree Farm10530 W 400 N260-829-6225
PekinHein Tree Farm and Gift Shop11261 S State Road 335812-967-3573
PendletonUnderwood Nurseries12903 Atlantic Road317-485-7556
PiercetonShadow Gardens3384 S State Road 5-57574-834-4834
PlymouthPrice Nurseries Inc-Landscape7880 King Road574-936-4459
PrincetonDE Bord Greenhouse214 E Warnock Street812-385-5580
RamseyRamsey Feed and Seed1480 Highway 64 NW812-347-2191
RoanokeBlooming Gardens8376 N US Highway 24 E260-672-0609
RochesterBloomin’ Corner424 E 9th Street574-223-5174
RockvilleL and B Country Gardens521 N Lincoln Road765-569-6852
Rolling PrairieChadwood Farms Inc3071 E 1000 N219-778-4015
SalemStandish Gardens and Gifts Inc14 Jackson812-883-1563
ScottsburgWild Child Garden Center814 Allen Street812-752-4908
SellersburgBill Lose Wholesale Nursery5307 State Route 403812-246-4475
SeymourSchneider Nursery Inc3066 E US Highway 50812-522-4068
ShelbyvilleBackyard Gardens6810 E Union Road765-544-9132
ShelbyvilleVine Street Gardens10 N Vine Street317-392-0070
South BendFive Point Garden56555 Oak Road574-287-9232
South BendFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1910 E Ireland Road574-291-9218
South BendMitchell and Sons Nursery Center23405 Ardmore Trl574-232-6673
South BendRoseland Fruit and Garden Center125 S Dixie Way574-272-7760
South BendStoller Nursery18444 Madison Road574-291-6754
St JohnAlsip Home and Nursery10255 Wicker Avenue219-365-0882
Terre HauteApple House Home and Garden2711 S 3rd Street812-232-1495
Trail CreekWoodruff Garden Center3127 E Michigan Blvd219-874-4838
ValparaisoFour Seasons Landscaping Inc226 E US Highway 6219-464-4941
ValparaisoNature’s Garden3205 Cascade Drive219-476-0746
ValparaisoReed’s Nursery2253 S State Road 2219-462-7179
ValparaisoSamuelson’s Nursery295 N State Road 2219-462-2708
ValparaisoWindy Ridge Farms253 E 150 S219-548-7229
VeedersburgLeigh’s Bloomers2483 S US Highway 41765-798-3611
VincennesPerk-A-Lawn Gardens2470 Maranatha Lane812-882-5752
WadesvilleLutz Shady Gardens7560 Highway 66812-673-4492
WaldronCunningham Gardens Inc4246 E 500 S765-525-4201
WalkertonJf New Native Plant Nursery128 Sunset Drive574-586-2412
WalkertonLarry’s Nursery68540 Walnut Road574-586-3208
WarsawOpen Air Garden Center965 N Lake Street574-269-4661
West HarrisonRosemeyer’s Plants211 S Bowles Street812-637-3355
West LafayetteExterior View Inc2338 US Highway 52 W765-464-8883
West LafayetteGarden Connection8721 Old US Highway 52 W765-583-4340
West LafayetteRomney Red Inc500 Sagamore Pkwy W #163765-497-0060
West LebanonWeed Patch2251 S 675 W765-893-4576
WestpointDave’s Yes Serie Tree Service6727 S 950 W765-429-6287
WolcottvilleJuniper Hill Nursery6640 E 500 S260-351-3775
ZionsvilleMadeira Flower Farm6309 W 96th Street317-873-6591
ZionsvilleRancho Alegre14220 Little Eagle Creek Avenue317-733-2430