Wisconsin Trees For Sale

The Badger State, or America’s Dairyland,lies east of Minnesota and Iowa, at the base of Lake Superior and to the west of Lake Michigan. Wisconsin identified the Sugar Maple as its state tree. Native to the hardwood northeastern forests of North America, the range extends west through Wisconsin to Minnesota. The Sugar Maple offers both ample attractive fall foliage and its valuable syrup. Sugar Maples reach between 80 and 115 feet tall, though exceptional specimens have reached 148 feet in height. The leaves of the Sugar Maple are large. The seeds are also unique, and they are connected to a thin wing. Once autumn comes, the trees drop these “pinwheel” seeds to the ground, and as the seeds fall, they spiral. Although the Sugar Maple is a timeless and popular tree to plant, Wisconsin residents have many trees to choose from when planting.

Due to its proximity to the Great Lakes, upper mid-west geography, and varied temperatures, the smart Wisconsin grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for Wisconsin

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Muskogee Crape

Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.

  1. October Glory Maple

Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

  1. Cold Hardy Avocado

Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

  1. Tulip Poplar

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Wisconsin

The state of Wisconsin is renowned throughout the United States as a comfortable, healthy, and safe state in which to abide. It is no wonder that Wisconsin residents may notice new homes being built nearby, new developments and shopping centers popping up, and highways carrying loud cars laid in bulk near their home. Planting trees along yard perimeters will add both privacy and beauty to the Wisconsin yard.

Although there are many options from which to choose, in Wisconsin, a planter cannot be mistook by the American Holly. Growing throughout the United States, American Holly is adaptable, fast-growing, and colorful. Reaching at least 15 feet in height, the American Holly forms dense evergreen walls reminiscent of hedge mazes. In addition, Wisconsin residents can also choose from the Leyland Cypress or Nellie Stevens Holly to form the perfect private paradise.


It is best to divide Wisconsin into thirds. The southern one-third of the state is classified as a hot summer humid continental climate, while the northern two-thirds are considered a warm summer humid continental climate. This is primarily due to the northern portion of the state’s proximity to Lake Superior. Summers are hot and winters are cold in Wisconsin. Summer daily high temperatures linger in the high70s and low80s, and the record temperature was recorded in 1936 at 114°F. Winters are cold with heavy snow; although, it can become too cold for the air to carry moisture as well. Typical daily high temperatures in January range between 19°F and 26°, while daily low temperature fall between -18°F and 0°F. The record cold temperature was recorded in 1996 at -55°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Antigo soils cover over 300,000 of Wisconsin’s acres. Rich, productive, and moderately well-draining, Antigo soils are used for corn, small grain, and potatoes. Regardless of the property’s location in The Badger State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.

1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Rainfall is plentiful but unevenly distributed in Wisconsin. The most rain falls in the southern regions of the state, which see upwards of 34 inches of precipitation annually on average. Some small regions of the state may see as much as 39 inches. Rainfall totals lessen moving north, with driest areas along the Michigan border. Residents in these regions may see less than 30 inches of rain annually. Snowfall does not follow the same pattern, with the heaviest snow falling along the northern mountains, totaling 167.5 inches. Southern regions of the state may see as little as 32 inches of snowfall.


Uneven precipitation occurs throughout the state, and as such, irrigation can be an important tool for appropriate water dispersal. Newly planted trees need frequent and sufficient water access, preferably distributed in regular intervals during drier periods. Drip or sprinkler irrigation systems are effective at providing this function, without compromising water costs. Consider an irrigation system, as new plants will benefit from the sufficient dispersal of water.

Growing Zones

Wisconsin is home to six growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. The zones generally move from the far southeast corner of Wisconsin, north. Temperature low ranges are highest in the south, along Wisconsin’s border with Lake Michigan, where temperatures rarely drop below -15°F. Moving in bands across the state northwards, low temperature ranges drop significantly. In regions of and west of the Chequarnegon National Forest, temperatures may linger as low as -40°F for extended lengths of time.

Weather Damage

Tornadoes and thunderstorms are the most prevalent severe weather systems to affect Wisconsin, though winter storms and related effects can be damaging as well. In 2013, Wisconsin experienced 16 tornadoes, which caused 2 deaths. The number of tornadoes varies widely. In 2005, 62 tornadoes hit the state. Tornadoes have caused many more deaths back in Wisconsin’s history; the worst tornado hit the state in June 1899, and it caused the deaths of 117 people. Thunderstorms are common and often quite severe, causing flooding. Consider trees as preventative measures against erosion caused by flooding.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Wisconsin nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Wisconsin we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Best Trees For Wisconsin | Trees For Sale In Wisconsin
AbbotsfordHackel’s Nursery and Landscaping408 Highway 13 S715-223-2687
AbramsWilliamson Nursery Inc4252 Deprey Road920-826-7377
AmeryDragonfly Gardens491 State Road 46715-268-7660
AntigoDuffek Landscape Material715 10th Avenue715-627-1961
AppletonHauert’s Pet and Garden Store1545 N Mccarthy Road #2920-734-9922
AppletonSchmalz Country GardensW2484 County Road Kk920-733-8223
AppletonShade Today Nursery IncW2851 E Evergreen Dr920-687-3100
AppletonStein Garden and Gifts4860 W Wisconsin Avenue920-735-7777
ArpinCarl’s Landscape Svc7797 County Road A715-676-3776
ArpinTriangle Nursery7930 Oak Road715-652-6131
Baileys HarborNita’s Garden Gate8081 State Highway 57920-839-9090
BaldwinBlue Cloud Farms1187 220th Street715-684-2613
BarabooGarden Relish203 Linn Street608-355-9540
BarabooToddle-In NurseryS2556 US Highway 12608-356-8196
Beaver DamBrehm’s Wonder Creek NurseryN6050 S Crystal Lake Road920-885-4300
BeloitBlooming of Beloit2220 W Creedy Road608-368-0772
BeloitGoverts Coon Creek Tree Farm9702 W State Road 81608-362-2188
Boulder JunctionNorthern Exposure GreenhouseCounty Highway M715-385-2852
BowlerWillowood GardensW13982 State Highway 29715-787-4181
BrillionSchroth Garden Center and Nursery119 S Main Street920-756-2921
BrodheadSass and Sons Tree Svc804 2nd Street608-897-3612
BrookfieldSimon’s Gardens14780 W Greenfield Avenue262-796-1248
BrookfieldStein Garden and Gifts14845 W Capitol Dr262-783-2323
BryantGress Evergreen Nursery IncW7035 State Highway 64715-623-6167
BurlingtonBurlington Garden Center5205 Mormon Road262-763-2153
BurlingtonNorthwind Perennial Farm7047 Hospital Road262-248-8229
CadottPaint Creek Nursery and Tree Farm2858 N 140th Avenue715-723-2072
CampbellsportWoodland Gardens1602 W Woodland Dr920-533-3310
Cedar GroveWindmill Gardens Floral236 N Commerce Street920-668-6668
CedarburgPleasant Valley Nursery2105 Washington Avenue262-377-0940
CedarburgPrairie Stone Garden Center8504 Highway 60262-377-2500
CedarburgPrimitive Trees1013 Keup Road262-377-6520
CedarburgStumpf’s Trees Inc340 Horns Corners Road262-375-6351
ChetekNorthern Light Tree Farm869 Hogsback715-924-2561
ChiltonMortimer GardensN4464 County Road Bb920-849-9222
Chippewa FallsBresina’s Nursery9885 County Highway Q715-723-2330
Chippewa FallsCircle M Nursery3942 103rd Street715-723-4247
Chippewa FallsGordy’s Greenhouse111 W Columbia Street715-726-2510
Chippewa FallsGordy’s Greenhouse17168 County Highway J715-726-2515
Chippewa FallsHalfen Garden Center19130 72nd Avenue715-723-3414
Chippewa FallsShrubs’n Stuff Nursery13941 98th Avenue715-723-4978
ClintonWirkus Nurseries Inc7031 S County Road J608-676-2295
ColgateAbc Lawn and Tree Svc4040 County Line Road #Q262-251-1545
ColgateMonches Farm5890 Monches Road262-966-2787
CrandonRain Barrel Garden CenterUS Highway 8 E715-478-3398
Cross PlainsDoctor Evergreens7835 Martinsville Road608-798-4450
DE SotoBluff View Greenhouse9903 State Highway 35608-648-2331
DE SotoBluff View GreenhouseS6710 Washington Road #A608-648-3495
Deer ParkMickelson’s Tree Farm1773 County Road H715-248-3781
DelavanArbor Vista Nursery4348 Dam Road262-740-0393
DelavanArbor Vista Nursery IncN4348 Dam Road262-728-6050
DelavanJ and B Garden CenterW7449 County Road X262-728-6066
DodgevilleKeast Tree Farm6634 State Road 191608-967-9335
DousmanJill’s Perennial Flower FarmS44W36104 County Road C262-965-5445
DownsvillePasque Nursery and Garden DesignE4606 County Road C715-664-8365
Eagle RiverHorant’s Garden Center422 W Pine Street715-479-8716
Eagle RiverShady Gardens3627 Deerskin Road715-479-9300
Eau ClaireArnie’s Ski Garden and Floral1804 Rudolph Road715-834-1017
Eau ClaireGrinde’s Garden Center and Nursery2903 Preston Road715-833-2292
ElchoFour SeasonsN11787 W Shore Dr715-275-3359
ElevaLowes Creek Tree FarmE1615 Balsam Road715-878-4166
ElkhornFlora FavoursRR 4 Box 370262-742-3342
EttrickChase Farms and NurseryN20388 County Road D608-525-3400
EvansvilleEnchanted Valley Gardens9123 N Territorial Road608-882-4200
FitchburgJung Garden Center6192 Nesbitt Road608-271-8900
Fond Du LacBerry Patch Nursery and GardenN7141 Winnebago Dr920-921-8423
Fond Du LacMidpark Nurseries IncW5757 Lost Arrow Road920-921-1514
Fond Du LacSilica Gardens Inc1255 Menard Dr920-922-8050
Fond Du LacWholesale PlantsN4193 Highway 175920-922-7888
Fort AtkinsonBlodgett Garden Center1222 Janesville Avenue920-563-7361
Fort AtkinsonLight Shine Garden CenterN1895 US Highway 12920-563-5128
FranklinLoomis Road Nursery Inc9661 W Loomis Road414-425-5100
FranklinLuxembourg Gardens8429 W Forest Hill Avenue414-425-5696
FranklinNature’s Nook Garden and Floral9801 S 27th Street414-761-8300
FredericJones Nursery and Greenhouse3416 115th Street715-653-2375
FremontOberstadt Landscapes and NurseryN352 County Road W920-667-4757
FriendshipTwin Creeks Nursery1884 County Road N608-339-7341
GermantownMiller NurseryW219N11588 Appleton Avenue262-628-9588
GermantownStein Garden and GiftW184N9676 Appleton Avenue262-253-1147
GermantownW and E RadtkeW168N12276 Century Ln262-253-1412
GermantownWendland NurseryW172N10415 Division Road262-251-9678
GleasonGreat Lakes Nursery CoW2390 County Road J715-873-3400
GordonDdb of Wisconsin Lp14610 S Whitefish Lake Road715-376-4574
Green BayGreen Bay Nursery Inc1577 Langlade Avenue920-494-2531
Green BayIvy Trails Garden Center3200 Main Street920-406-1645
Green BayLandscape Supply Inc2448 Century Road920-497-3226
Green BaySenic View Landscapes and Garden2320 Elmwood Road920-434-7535
Green BayStein Garden and Gifts980 Waube Ln920-339-2200
Green LakeBloch’s GreenhousesW1604 State Road 23920-294-6000
GreenvilleWood an Dale Tree NurseryN2088 Bennett Cir920-757-1100
HancockFull Cycle Tree Farm832 8th Avenue608-564-7086
HartfordBlack’s Nursery629 W State Street262-673-6626
HartlandGarden Gate Nursery and Seed CoN47W30815 Hill Street262-367-5044
HartlandGarden Gate Nursery and Seed CoN48W30756 Hill Street262-367-6464
HartlandSandy Bottom Nature Center4607 Vettelson Road262-367-8887
HartlandW W Brown NurseriesN67W28835 Sussex Road262-367-2400
HaywardLoon Call Nursery10663 N Mcclaine Road715-462-9298
HixtonToddle-In NurseryN7649 Toddle Road715-963-3561
Honey CreekWindblown Tree Plantation33833 Washington Avenue262-534-2711
HortonvilleFoxglove FarmsW7255 Wege Road920-757-9868
HudsonFarrill’s Sunrise Nursery599 County Road Uu715-386-5554
HudsonHillside Nursery538 6th StreetN715-386-2493
HudsonRebecca’s Nursery680 County Road U715-377-1420
JacksonLamm Gardens2708 Sherman Road262-677-3010
JacksonPigeon Creek Products1964 Western Avenue414-403-7914
JanesvilleDon’s Lawn and Garden Care Inc5828 S County Road G608-757-0727
JanesvilleHanover Sod Farm2436 S Johnson Road608-752-4030
JanesvilleHanover Sod Farm’s Garden Center5013 W State Road 11608-752-4265
JanesvilleHoman’s Tree Farm and Nursery4222 W Hanover Road608-757-2420
JanesvilleK and W Greenery1328 E US Highway 14608-752-8917
JanesvillePrairie Plant Farm3515 S County Road G608-752-2363
JeffersonBraun’s GardensN5201 Popp Road920-674-2222
KenoshaStein Garden and Gifts6300 Green Bay Road262-605-0280
KenoshaSuburban Garden and Pet Center Inc2704 30th Avenue262-551-9021
LA CrosseCreekside LandscapingW5556 US Highway 14 61608-788-5840
LA CrosseFive Oaks Nursery300 Prospect Street608-782-5760
Lake GenevaRosemary’s Courtyard Gardens621 W Main Street262-248-4689
Lake GenevaWoodhill Farms NurseryN1445 Highway 120262-248-9876
Little ChuteVan Zeeland Nursery1715 E Main Street920-788-1051
Little SuamicoDick’s U-Dig-It Landscape1654 Fox Road920-826-7368
LodiDel-Mor NurseryW12059 State Road 113608-592-4158
LodiPleasant Valley NurseryW11281 County Road J608-592-2445
MadisonAgrecol Corp2918 Agriculture Dr608-223-3571
MadisonCapital Columns5504 University Avenue608-238-8811
MadisonJung Garden Center1313 Northport Dr608-249-8120
MadisonMonroe Street Gardens2600 Monroe Street608-238-9411
MadisonSeed Savers Garden Store1919 Monroe Street608-280-8149
ManitowocBlooms and Basil4000 Redwood Dr920-682-6800
ManitowocBrandt’s Family Tree3606 Waldo Boulevard920-683-9880
MaribelHickory Grove Nursery12321 Hickory Grove Road920-863-8415
MarinetteErik’s Garden Center IncW1932 US Highway 41715-732-2316
Mc FarlandPetal Patch5508 Cardinal Dr608-838-9864
Mc FarlandToddle-In Nursery2825 Exchange Street608-838-8972
MedfordWest Side Garden Nursery1166 W Broadway Avenue715-748-5585
MenashaFulcer IncW7257 US Highway 10 and 114920-733-4998
Menomonee FallsAvant Gardener IncW172N7388 Shady Ln414-840-2225
Menomonee FallsJohnson’s Nursery IncW180N6275 Marcy Road262-252-4988
Menomonee FallsKatzmanW185N7487 Narrow Ln262-251-3322
MenomonieGarden Store2215 Schneider Avenue SE715-232-9191
MequonHeydens Garden Center9805 N Cedarburg Road414-354-4160
MequonLeaf Land Landscape Design Center13543 N Cedarburg Road262-242-5323
MequonStein Garden and Gifts10850 N Port Washington Road262-241-2121
MequonTree’s For Less Nursery11550 N Wasaukee Road262-242-7522
MequonWayside Nurseries Inc10032 N Wauwatosa Road262-242-9200
MerrillZoeliner’s GreenhouseW4509 County Road C715-536-1917
MerrillanNorthern Christmas TreeN11011 US Highway 12715-333-2661
MiddletonKnight Hollow Nursery Inc7911 Forsythia CT608-831-5570
MiltonMidwest Gardens1621 Streetorrs Lk608-868-1744
MilwaukeeBatzler’s Garden Center8762 N Granville Road414-354-9749
MilwaukeeBayside Garden Center400 E Brown Deer Road414-352-6159
MilwaukeeBluemel’s Florist and Garden Center4930 W Loomis Road414-282-4220
MilwaukeeCapitol Drive Nursery Garden9802 W Capitol Dr414-461-2867
MilwaukeeFred’s Garden Center6238 W Appleton Avenue414-875-0607
MilwaukeeFred’s Garden Center6425 W Burleigh Street414-442-4492
MilwaukeeKellner Greenhouses3258 N Humboldt Boulevard414-264-6605
MilwaukeeMinor’s Garden Center7777 N 76th Street414-354-4886
MilwaukeePlant Land6204 S Howell Avenue414-768-0126
MilwaukeeStein Garden and Gifts3725 S 108th Street414-328-5600
MilwaukeeStein Garden and Gifts5400 S 27th Street414-761-5400
MilwaukeeStein Garden and Gifts8801 W Brown Deer Road414-362-7878
MilwaukeeSweet Earth Garden Center1571 W Forest Home Avenue414-384-7995
MilwaukeeWagner’s Garden Mart6075 N Green Bay Avenue414-228-1272
MilwaukeeWeber’s Flowers4215 N Green Bay Avenue414-264-6280
Mineral PointFloral Impressions802 Ridge Street608-987-1400
MinocquaNorthern Pines Greenery8668 Hill Lake Dr715-358-6858
MinocquaStoney Creek Gardens7560 Poplar Dr715-356-7311
MononaSedgwick’s Landscape Cnslnts4805 Roigan Ter608-222-3770
MonroeGarden Spot3002 13th Street608-329-5691
MonroeSavanah Springs NurseryW4634 Greenbush Road608-328-2300
MontelloGarden Center505 Main Street608-297-7849
MosineeEco Building and Forestry1058 W Dubay Dr715-344-2817
MT HorebCrm Ecosystems9738 Overland Road608-437-5245
Mukwonago3-D GreenhousesS108W28220 Maple Avenue262-363-4367
MukwonagoBarb’s Blooms and BeyondS82W26380 National Avenue262-662-2294
MukwonagoHillview NurseryW272S8430 Hillview Dr262-363-7829
MuscodaFields of Greystone6450 Delp Road608-739-4055
MuskegoLamb’s NurseryS67W14352 Gaulke Dr414-422-1522
MuskegoSchmeling’s NurseryS76W12723 Mcshane Dr414-425-2573
NeenahKoeune’s Greenhouse and Garden2015 County Road II920-729-1012
NeenahOakridge Nursery1868 Oakridge Road920-722-6985
NeenahPansy’s Lawn and Garden Store833 E Cecil Street920-722-0574
NeillsvilleWallace-Woodstock IncN1831 State Highway 95715-743-2980
New BerlinAnything Groes Ltd16980 W National Avenue262-786-3700
New BerlinBrookhaven Garden Center19555 W Lincoln Avenue262-542-5565
New BerlinGrass Unlimited Inc16980 W National Avenue262-786-3700
New BerlinGreen Acres Nursery14300 W Howard Avenue262-782-5470
New BerlinNature’s Nook Garden and Floral16980 W National Avenue262-786-3700
New BerlinNeedles and Leaves Nursery5161 S Calhoun Road262-679-1011
New BerlinProspect Hill Garden Center19305 W National Avenue262-679-2207
New LisbonMc Kay Nursery RepresentativeW8473 County Road A608-562-5586
New LondonVans EvergreensW9845 Allcan Road920-982-4539
New RichmondAccent Landscapes1664 Highway 65715-246-9600
New RichmondBlue Ribbon Feed and Garden Center525 N Knowles Avenue715-246-2902
NewtonGroth Country Gardens13015 Pioneer Road262-377-0986
NorwalkMc Kay Nursery Representative26496 Merlin Road608-823-7908
Oak CreekMega Discount Nursery Inc1901 E Rawson Avenue414-571-6565
OconomowocPlum Creek GardensN68W33208 County Road K262-966-6000
OcontoWhispering Pines Tree Farm3694 Airport Road920-835-8733
Oconto FallsTimberline Trees4288 Elm Lawn Road920-846-8106
OjibwaWali NurseryW8869 River Road715-266-3056
OnalaskaChristen Farm NurseryN6141 County Road Sn608-526-9731
OnalaskaRockwood Gardens128 Theatre Road608-783-5839
OostburgPleasant View NurseryW1408 E Van Ess Road920-564-2834
OregonStonewall Nursery763 US Highway 14608-835-8590
OregonWinterland Nursery5655 Lincoln Road608-835-6556
OshkoshGro-Plant Inc2957 Brooks Road920-233-8186
OshkoshStein Garden Center300 S Koeller Street920-426-6300
OsseoK F EvergreensN12757 Rindahl Valley Road715-597-3355
PewaukeeMc Kay Nursery CoW228N4014 Crescent Dr262-691-1186
PhillipsRock Creek GardensN10996 Bandy Road715-339-6536
PlainfieldWindfall Nursery and Tree Farm504 S East Street715-335-6725
PlattevilleElizabeth’s Nursery1975 Old Lancaster Road608-348-9850
PlattevilleSuthers Moundview Nursery30746 E US Highway 151608-348-8991
PloverLensmire’s Village Gardens2811 Porter CT715-341-4577
PloverSprucelane Evergreens1067 Meehan Dr715-345-0378
PlymouthJandL GreenhouseN4992 Hillwind Road.920-918-3314
Port WashingtonGene Fransee and Son Nursery3670 County Road W262-284-9404
PrescottFunkie Gardens618 Pearl Street715-262-5593
PrescottOak Grove Shade TreesW11108 497th Avenue715-262-4215
PrincetonGro-Plant IncW6296 Holmes Road920-295-6183
PrincetonHuckleberry Tree FarmW3783 Huckleberry Road920-295-0106
PrincetonPrinceton Gardener524 W Water Street920-295-4661
PulaskiMauer’s Nursery8826 N Brown County Line Road920-822-5344
RacineMilaeger’s4838 Douglas Avenue262-639-2040
RacineStein Garden Center6626 Washington Avenue262-886-7900
RacineTown ‘N Country Garden Center6207 Douglas Avenue262-639-2373
ReadstownRead’s Creek NurseryS7375 US Highway 14 61608-629-5553
RhinelanderHanson’s Garden Village2660 County Road G715-365-2929
Rice LakeWeegman Landscape IncW4804 30th Avenue715-234-1424
Richland CenterPulvermacher’s Lawn and Garden250 W Court Street608-647-6331
RiponStuart’s NurseryN9025 Custer Road920-748-5881
River FallsArteka Nurseries230 State Road 65715-425-9662
River FallsCaliva, Dennis989 Quarry Road715-425-2286
River FallsKinnickinnic Natives235 State Road 65715-425-7605
RothschildClearview Nursery8711 Business Highway 51715-359-4425
RubiconGenetti’s Herbs PerennialsW1331 Harding Road920-474-4769
RubiconWillow Springs NurseryW1541 State Road262-670-0164
SalemBreezy Hill Nursery7530 288th Avenue262-843-3886
Sauk CityCrane Lake Nursery8350 County Road V608-643-4848
ScandinaviaVandaalwyk Tree FarmE103 hi Corners Road715-467-2682
SchofieldPaul’s Nursery5504 County Road J715-359-3865
SeymourKailhofer Greenhouse Nursery776 N Main Street920-833-2321
SharonBurton NurseryW9404 State Road 67262-736-4044
SharonJames NurseryN1296 County Road K262-736-1616
SheboyganA and M Tree Moving and Sales7230 Sauk Trail Road920-452-3438
SheboyganSuperior Lawn and Garden Center3828 Superior Avenue920-457-2031
SheboyganWald-Heim Nurseries4422 S 12th Street920-452-4111
Sister BayBridenhagen Garden Store10038 State Road 57920-854-5654
SlingerNehm’s Greenhouse and Floral3639 State Road 175262-644-5688
SpartaK F Evergreens9629 Camp Avenue608-272-3171
SpencerEngelwood Nursery and Garden Center611 W Clark Street715-659-3851
SpoonerGreen Thumb GardensN5024 Yellow River Road715-635-3884
Stevens PointJung Garden Center5620 US Highway 10 E715-341-8939
Stone LakeRollingwood NurseryW122 State Road 70715-865-6900
StoughtonStoughton Garden Center1471 US Highway 51608-873-9602
Sturgeon BayBlooms130 N 7th Avenue920-743-6206
Sturgeon BayBonnie Brooke Gardens337 N 14th Avenue920-743-9794
Sturgeon BayBriggsville Gardens3273 Mathey Road920-743-1246
Sturgeon BayZahn’s Green Thumb5590 Gordon Road920-743-4327
SturtevantMilaeger’s Garden Mart Inc8717 Durand Avenue262-886-2117
Sun PrairieAgrecol Corp1984 Berlin Road608-825-9765
Sun PrairieJung Garden Center1123 N Bristol Street608-825-9390
Sun PrairieS R B’s Trees Inc2779 Streetar Crest Trl608-837-5349
Sun PrairieTate’s Trees7191 Elder Ln608-837-8721
SuperiorLake Superior Garden Center2704 N 21st Street715-398-5524
SuperiorRockdale Garden Center5133 S State Road 35715-399-8292
TheresaHomestead NurseryW1667 Mountain Road920-488-2831
ThiensvilleFrenz Market and Garden Center505 N Main Street262-242-1060
TomahawkRedmonds NurseryN11661 Crystal Lake Road715-453-3939
Twin LakesCiolfi Garden Center and Excavating1201 N Lake Avenue262-877-9501
Two RiversGreen Acres Lawn and Garden Center9524 State Highway 147920-755-2495
VeronaBruce Co Nursery1472 State Road 69608-845-5502
WashburnFriends of the Earth Garden123 Williamson Street715-373-5044
WaterfordTom’s Plants and Vegetables509 E Main Street262-534-3935
WatertownC W Christmas TreesW5766 County Road Cw920-261-9290
WatertownHundred Acre Wood Nursery FarmN8697 Hustisford Road920-262-1944
WaukeshaPiala’s Nursery and Garden ShopS39W27833 Genesee Road262-547-2677
WaukeshaStein Garden and Gifts2220 E Moreland Boulevard262-797-7070
WaupacaPearl’s Garden FantasyE688 State Road 54715-256-1414
WaupunRens Nursery Retail550 Wilcox Street920-324-3036
WausauWindow Box Garden Gift and Home2208 E Wausau Avenue715-845-9586
West BendMayfield Nursery Inc4785 Mayfield Road262-677-3583
West BendMuth Nursery Inc2380 Pleasant Valley Road262-677-3171
West BendParadise Gardens Nursery1848 State Road 33 E262-338-8316
West BendStein Gardens and Gifts601 County Road B262-338-5252
West SalemCottage Grove Nursery and GiftW3293 County Road B608-786-3535
West SalemWild Thyme FarmW4253 County Road B608-786-5000
WeyauwegaLittle River Iris GardensE5961 Evanswood Road920-867-2421
WeyauwegaThompson NurseryE7210 White Lake Road920-867-3910
WeyauwegaWhite Lake Green House-NurseryN3605 State Road 110920-867-4581
WinneconneB J’s Nursery6992 Lakeshore Road920-582-9773
Wisconsin RapidsB and N Tauschek Nursery140 Buffalo Street715-421-0587
Wisconsin RapidsJ C’s Christmas Trees14040 State Highway 13 S715-325-5526
WoodvilleEagle Ridge Trees733 250th Street715-698-3433