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The Tar Heel State, whose residents are fondly and unofficially called Tar Heelers, sits along the Atlantic Ocean between Virginia and South Carolina. It is here the Longleaf Pine dominates pine forests, reaching upwards of 100 feet. The thick, scaly reddish bark is easy to identify, as is the narrow trunk of 28 inches. The Longleaf Pine displays dark-green needles twisted into bundles of three. The Longleaf Pine can grow to be quite old, often remaining immature for the first 125 years and living for 500 years. Although the Longleaf Pine can be a strong addition to the Tar Heeler yard, North Carolinian planters have hundreds of varieties of trees to choose from when planting.

Due to its large size, proximity to the Atlantic Ocean, and southern climate, the smart North Carolinian grower will need to consider the following:

– Climate
– Soil Type
– Average Precipitation
– Irrigation
– Growing Zones
– Weather Damage

Best Trees for North Carolina

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

#2. October Glory Maple – Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

#3. Cold Hardy Avocado – Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

#4. Red Rocket Crape Myrtle – Ideal for providing year-round beauty, fast-growing growth, and drought resistance.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in North Carolina

A state that without doubt deserves its millions of residents, North Carolina is continuing to attract new inhabitants from other parts of the United States. Although a boon for the local economy, new infrastructure can be invasive and annoying. Solutions exist for prying eyes and sound-producing highways. Trees that are cultivated to form protective barriers, better known as ‘privacy trees’ can be planted to afford the Tar Heeler yard the solitude and peace it deserves.

Although there are many privacy trees the North Carolinian planter may grow, none is as fitting as the Willow Hybrid. The Willow Hybrid grow quickly, at upwards of 6 feet a year, and provides fast-growing privacy. Unlike many privacy tree species, the Willow Hybrid is not an evergreen but a subset of the willow, providing a unique barrier against intrusions of every kind. The Willow Hybrid is not the only option to choose from in North Carolina. Alternatively, consider the Thuja Green Giant or Juniper ‘Witchita Blue’.


North Carolina’s climate varies laterally along the state, with the eastern portions primarily influenced by proximity to the Atlantic Ocean and western portions affected by the Appalachian Mountains, which display a subtropical highland climate. Most of the state lies in a humid subtropical climate, with hot, humid summers and mild to cold winters. The average daily temperatures throughout most of the state in summer are at 90°F and in winter are at 50°F. In 1985, the record low was recorded at -34°F. In 1983, the record high was recorded at 110°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Cecil soils cover over a million and a half of North Carolina’s acreage, encouraging growth of small grains, corn, cotton, and tobacco. The well-draining, nutrient rich loam is ideal for growing trees, too. Regardless of the property’s location in The Tar Heel State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The Squeeze test is aptly named because it requires only a small handful of dirt from just beneath the ground’s surface, and your hands. The soil should be moist, but not drenched. The tester simply squeezes the soil and observes one of the three following events.

1. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.

2. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will collapse. You have LOAM.

3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

North Carolina receives on average 45 inches of rain annually. Precipitation can be unbalanced, with most falling in July. Tropical cyclones traveling along the east coast account for as much as 15% of the precipitation. Although rare across the state, snowfall is not uncommon in the mountain regions, with the western-facing mountains receiving upwards of 80 inches of annual snowfall.


Irrigation is essential in North Carolina, where the valuable quantity of rainfall is not evenly distributed throughout the year by natural forces. Irrigation can assist in water storage and dispersal, ensuring sufficient water for plants. Newly planted trees require consistent and controlled access to water, and irrigation is an effective means of providing this. Ensure sufficient irrigation systems, such as drip or sprinkler systems, are in place so your newly planted tree can grow strong.

Growing Zones

For a medium-sized state with both mountains and coast, North Carolina has relatively few growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. North Carolina is home to five unique growing zones. Most of the state, including Raleigh, Charlotte, Greensboro, and the northern coastline is in zone 7b, which experiences cold ranges between 5°F to 10°F.

Along the southern coast, temperatures are warmer, and do not linger below 10°F to 15°F. The rest of the state, including a central dip that stretches in between Raleigh and Greensboro, can be colder, with temperatures ranging between 0°F and 5°F. This continues west until Asheville, where a vertical band of zone 6b, with temperature ranges as low as -5°F to 0°F are not uncommon. There are also two regions in the Smoky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains where temperatures dip to -10°, near Boone and Cherokee.

Weather Damage

Tornadoes, tropical storms, and thunderstorms cause the most damage in North Carolina. North Carolina averages 31 tornadoes a year, with storms occurring most frequently March through May. Tropical storms and hurricanes, traveling along the east coast, have also caused significant damage to North Carolina. Summer thunderstorms, which bring flooding and hail, can be the most damaging. These occur annually affecting limited areas; however, these are usually highly populated and cost the United States $5 million annually.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local North Carolina nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in North Carolina we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Trees for Sale in North Carolina | Guide to Best Trees in North Carolina
AberdeenAberdeen Florist and Garden Center500 US Highway 1 S910-944-7826
AdvanceGreen Acres Nursery5100 US Highway 158336-998-8256
AdvanceJones Nursery889 Underpass Road336-998-4174
AdvanceRiver Bend Nursery3737 NC Highway 801 S336-940-2248
AlbemarleEfird’s Nursery and Farm Inc20766 Saint Martin Road #C704-982-3196
AlbemarleHilltop Farm33805 Shaver Road704-982-9754
AlbemarlePlant Farm and Nursery1613 Ross Drive704-983-3027
AlbemarleRocknoll GardensCity Lake Road704-982-8530
AlbemarleSpring Lake Gardens33463 Old Salisbury Road704-982-2511
AndrewsHillside Nursery and Garden Center357 Bristol Avenue828-321-4377
AndrewsSeven Springs Nursery2396 Business 19828-321-2234
AngierBroadwell’s Nursery7110 Old Streetage Road919-639-2952
AngierHinnant’s Nursery Landscaping1825 Massengill Pond Road919-639-9761
AngierJohnston’s County Nurserymen’s1825 Massengill Pond Road919-639-7212
AngierMc Lamb Nursery640 Greenleaf Road919-894-3709
AngierWatkins Plant FarmsBenson Road919-639-6465
ApexApex Nurseries Inc2925 NC Highway 751919-362-8315
ApexMich Gardens At Jordan Lake86 Beaver Creek Road919-387-0402
ArchdaleCovered Bridge Lawn and Garden10902 N Main Street336-431-6552
ArchdaleDirt Wirks Inc3705 Archdale Road336-431-3478
ArchdaleScott’s Sunsport7143 Turnpike Road336-434-3452
ArdenFeed Seed Supply Garden Center21 Long Shoals Road828-684-0986
ArdenH and M Greenhouses2610 Hendersonville Road828-684-2437
ArdenMills River Garden Center5520 Old Haywood Road828-891-4046
AshWaccamaw Nursery6815 Myrtle Head Road NW910-287-4419
AshWaccamaw River Farm and Nursery6351 Kingtown Road NW910-287-3713
AsheboroAsheboro Farm and Garden1204 Shamrock Road336-629-1402
AsheboroFoster Garden Center202 Mcknight Street336-495-4128
AsheboroFoster Garden Center278 Caudie Road336-495-4128
AsheboroHickory Hill Nursery812 Neely Road336-625-6660
AsheboroJbt Nursery5780 High Pine Church Road336-381-3841
AshevilleB B Barns Inc831 Fairview Road828-274-7301
AshevilleCosta Nursery Farms Inc297 Mount Carmel Road828-254-3376
AshevilleCountry Fields Greenhouse154 Lower Grassy Branch Road828-296-8839
AshevilleHaw Creek Forge2000 Riverside Drive828-285-9785
AshevilleHidden Garden21 Sweeten Creek Road828-274-7225
AshevilleJesse Israel and Sons Garden Center570 Brevard Road #16828-254-2671
AulanderPleasant Grove Gardens250 Brick Mill Road252-345-6563
BahamaArchitectural Trees6404 Amed Road919-620-0779
BahamaSandspurs7621 Cassam Road919-620-0234
BaileyBailey Lawn and Garden Center6421 Deans Street252-235-3907
BaileyDew Farm’s Nursery12687 Sanford Street252-235-0106
Banner ElkAldridge Tree Farm10216 NC Highway 105 S828-963-8282
Banner ElkCharlotte’s Greenhouse269 Charlottes Green House Road828-963-5974
Banner ElkGrandfather Mountain Nursery11466 NC Highway 105 S828-963-7931
Banner ElkMountainer Garden Center Florist1735 Tynecastle Highway828-898-5289
Banner ElkWren’s Nest158 Broadstone Road828-963-8864
BelmontLow Meadow Garden Center505 Belmont Mount Holly Road704-827-0446
BensonSmith Nursery443 Sanders Road919-934-1700
Bessemer CityKiser’s Nursery1963 Tryon Courthouse Road704-629-3354
Bessemer CityWeaver Garden Center502 Weaver Dairy Road704-629-3589
BeulavilleM and M Foliage589 N Blizzard Town Road910-298-3046
Black MountainMason’s Lawn and Garden Center304 W State Street828-669-5727
Blowing RockMustard Seed Market5589 US Highway 321 S828-295-4585
BooneLast Straw1180 Blowing Rock Road828-265-9445
BooneStewart I6599 NC Highway 194 N828-264-4502
BosticPiney Ridge Nursery240 Kermit CT828-245-6156
BrevardHardin’s Gardens and Greenhouses2850 Old Rosman Highway828-862-3292
BrevardHenderson’s Greenhouse3940 Old Rosman Highway828-883-3003
BrevardPaxton Oil Concrete and Truck2601 Hannah Ford Road828-884-4330
BrevardSnow Creek Nursery Inc2 Laurel Drive828-966-4053
BroadwayHorn’s Greenhouse5880 Mcarthur Road910-893-5512
Browns SummitA and A Plants5392 E NC Highway 150336-656-7881
Bryson CityCochran Nursery997 Jenkins Branch Road N828-488-1454
BunnlevelBloomers Greenhouses355 Loop Road910-893-4947
BurgawNorth American Nursery Inc543 Andalusian Trl910-259-8807
BurlingtonNorthfield Farms and Development913 W Old Glencoe Road336-228-7000
BurnsvilleCottage Gate Flower Shop202 E Main Street828-678-9209
BurnsvilleMT Mitchell Nursery and Landscaping873 White Oak Creek Road828-675-0480
ButnerButner Garden Center209 W C Street919-575-4787
CantonRiverview Farm and Garden23 Penland Street828-648-2164
Carolina BeachAtlantic Turf and Plams205 Georgia Avenue910-458-3267
CarthageBuggy Town Garden Center701 Monroe Street910-947-7000
CaryCary Garden Center930 W Chatham Street919-467-4354
CaryFriendship Gardens Design9410 Chapel Hill Road919-465-4415
CaryGarden Supply Co1421 Old Apex Road919-460-7747
Castle HayneA Country Garden3926 Northeast Avenue910-602-6222
Castle HayneSwart Gardens2812 Swartsville Road910-675-1055
Cedar PointRedfearn’s Nursery Inc1018 Cedar Point Boulevard252-393-8243
Cerro GordoWilson Farm Nursery3490 Cherry Grove Road910-654-4350
ChadbournRoxanne’s Nursery4243 Rough and Ready Road910-642-8388
Chapel HillCamellia Forest Nursery9701 Carrie Road919-968-0504
Chapel HillDickinson Garden Center1510 E Franklin Street919-942-4458
Chapel HillGreener Visions Nursery4074 Jones Ferry Road919-942-6957
Chapel HillNiche Gardens1111 Dawson Road919-967-0078
Chapel HillPiedmont Feed and Garden Center4805 NC Highway 54 W919-942-7848
Chapel HillPotted Plant3016 Ginger Road919-489-3893
CharlotteBanner Nursery and Landscaping4400 Monroe Road704-333-0355
CharlotteBonsai Learning Center4416 Beatties Ford Road704-392-9244
CharlotteBud’s Plants10200 Rozzelles Ferry Road704-391-0569
CharlotteCarolina Shade and Tree14221 Nancy Ruth Lane704-814-7423
CharlotteColchester Place Gardens10605 Park Road704-341-2200
CharlotteCroom’s Nursery and Landscaping7631 Pence Road704-537-7092
CharlotteFrazier’s Garden Center14328 Lawyers Road704-545-7665
CharlotteGrowers Outlet4601 South Boulevard704-527-3225
CharlotteLet’s Go Outside10110 University City Boulevard704-548-3558
CharlotteMartin’s Produce and Nursery7750 Matthews Mint Hill Road704-545-1018
CharlotteNorwood Plants and Garden Center8837 Albemarle Road704-536-4848
CharlotteNursery Co8636 Hankins Road704-596-7343
CharlotteNU-Vations Inc2910 Horseshoe Lane704-359-8005
CharlotteOakdale Greenhouses5626 Statesville Road704-596-4052
CharlotteRountree Plantation Garden Center517 Roundtree Road704-523-6362
CharlotteRoyal Gardens1733 E 7th Street704-334-3764
CharlotteUSA Tree and Shrub5521 Larchmont Avenue704-537-4242
CharlotteWing Haven Nursery Shop248 Ridgewood Avenue704-347-0607
CherryvilleEaker Nurseries and Tree Farm6548 Flay Road704-435-9656
China GroveCultivated Colours2475 Highway 152 E704-855-4899
ClarktonGarden Cart9606 Mercer Mill Road910-647-1681
ClaytonEarthworks Nursery250 Allen Road919-989-9008
ClaytonFowler’s Nursery6118 US Highway 70 W919-989-9000
ClaytonSwift Creek Nursery6090 Cleveland Road919-934-7764
ClaytonTarheel Native Trees4339 Peele Road919-553-5927
ClaytonWilson’s Farm Market and Greenhouse5494 Wilsons Mills Road919-934-6918
ClintonSharpe and Davis Garden Center1200 Lisbon Street910-592-0513
ColfaxA B Seed and Co2914 Sandy Ridge Road336-393-0214
ColumbusThompson and Daughter Nursery474 Katydid Lane828-894-8174
ConcordBrafford’s Greenhouses217 Old Airport Road704-782-1349
ConcordChristy’s Nursery Inc2400 Concord Pkwy S704-782-4637
ConcordJoe H Safrit’s Nursery1617 Saint Johns Church Road704-436-6173
ConcordSouth Eastern Nursery8755 Poplar Tent Road704-721-6200
ConcordStough Jr, Glenn F4862 Streetough Road704-784-9355
ConoverGreenwood Nursery Inc1604 N NC Highway 16828-465-1920
ConoverHefner’s Nursery4135 Springs Road828-256-5271
CorneliusCoulter Farms18200 Old Statesville Road704-892-3226
CouncilWestbrook Farm NurseryRR 1 Box 238910-669-2007
CreedmoorS and D Teague Inc1588 NC Highway 56919-529-1611
CrestonCountry Gardens2077 Big Laurel Road336-385-9500
DanburyLittle Snow Creek Nursery1603 Snow Hill Church Road336-593-8802
DavidsonTurtle Creek Nursery12037 Mooresville Road704-663-3154
DelcoE T Toad27200 Andrew Jackson Highway E910-655-8400
DentonSniders Green Houses1679 Garner Road336-859-3404
DentonTom’s Creek Farm and Nursery6454 Old NC Highway 49336-857-2131
DenverBlack’s Produce636 N Highway 16704-489-0078
DenverParadise Gardens Garden Center1612 N Highway 16704-489-0622
DoverPinecone Perennials3550 Dover Fort Barnwell Road252-523-7262
DunnBaskets and Flowers Greenhouse5275 Harnett Dunn Highway910-594-0812
DunnDogwood Gardens Nursery and Gift71 Happy Trails Lane910-892-2500
DunnJernigan’s Nursery194 Lee Road910-892-8592
DurhamBarnes Supply Co774 9th Street919-286-7331
DurhamBenson Nursery3666 Guess Road919-479-1122
DurhamDurham Garden Center4536 Hillsborough Road919-384-7526
DurhamGoodwin’s Greenhouse4104 S Alston Avenue919-544-3443
DurhamGreenhouse4406 N Roxboro Street919-477-8425
DurhamGuess Road Plant Shop3007 Guess Road919-477-3735
DurhamGunter’s Greenhouse4618 Angier Avenue919-596-3592
DurhamKiefer Landscaping and Nursery2450 S Alston Avenue919-676-3180
East BendFarmstead Nursery1608 Baltimore Road336-961-7246
East BendSmitherman’s Nursery4524 Siloam Road336-699-3607
EdenAmerikan104 Morgan Road336-623-6980
EdentonCoastal Plain Conservation812 Driveummond Point Road252-482-5707
EdentonLeary Plant Farm and Nursery2336 Rocky Hock Road252-221-4671
Elizabeth CityCentral Garden Center and Nursery1325 N Road Street252-335-1101
Elizabeth CityKenyon Bailey Supply Inc407 N Mcarthur Drive252-335-5882
Elizabeth CityLuther Greenhouses2450 Peartree Road252-338-3751
Elizabeth CityPlant Park407 Selden Street252-338-2773
ElizabethtownAdcox Nursery1694 US Highway 701 N910-862-3213
ElizabethtownBaldwin Branch Nursery Inc1393 Baldwin Branch Church Road910-645-6231
EllerbeBynum Farm and Nursery179 Gallimore Road910-652-2204
Elm CitySharpe Nursery and Garden Center6301 US Highway 301 N252-236-3898
Elon CollegeDanieley Nursery1405 Shallowford Church Road336-584-7210
FairviewCreekside Nursery827 Charlotte Highway828-299-7172
FaisonCottle Farms Inc192 Ned Cottle Lane910-267-4531
FaisonCottle’s Strawberry2488 W NC Highway 403910-267-0156
FaisonCottle’s Strawberry Nursery192 Ned Cottle Lane910-267-1836
FayettevilleCape Fear Nursery2105 Angelia M Street910-829-4886
FayettevilleClick’s Nursery and Greenhouse8142 Stoney Point Road910-423-0404
FayettevilleDreamscape Garden Center131 Linwood Road910-423-4551
FayettevilleDunn’s Nursery and Garden Shop1990 Skibo Road910-867-0001
FayettevilleEastover Garden Center3465 Murphy Road910-321-6044
FayettevilleFayetteville Outdoor Outlet2300 Village Drive910-486-6125
FayettevilleMagnolia Nursery576 E Mountain Drive910-483-7710
FayettevilleRaleigh Road Nursery2600 Ramsey Street910-488-4311
FayettevilleSease and Assoc2639 Dumbarton Road910-426-9211
FayettevilleTaylor and Son Lawn Care500 Hope Mills Road910-423-4763
Fearrington VlgDovecote2000 Fearrington Village Center919-542-1145
FleetwoodBig Gate Landscaping and Garden12119 US Highway 221 S336-877-1151
Forest CityBroadway Salvage Co440 S Broadway Street828-245-6238
Forest CityHorn’s Home and Garden184 Trade Street828-245-7505
Four OaksBarefoot’s Tlc Nursery3139 US Highway 701 S919-934-2966
Four OaksNeuse Plant and Bark Co2508 Devils Racetrack Road919-934-0428
FranklinFranklin Seed Store and Garden175 Jim Mann Road828-524-2817
FranklinPerry’s Water Garden45 Gibson Aquantic Farms Road828-524-3264
FranklinSpring Valley Nursery57 Saunders Road828-369-9778
FranklinSuncatcher By Carolina Fbrglss6794 Sylva Road828-369-6660
FranklintonFranklin Landscape Plants28 Trails End Lane919-494-1310
FranklinvilleWhitaker Farms and Greenhouses4745 US Highway 64 E336-824-4339
Fuquay VarinaAdcock’s Nursery Inc6141 Sunset Lake Road919-552-8286
Fuquay VarinaBailey’s Garden Center12202 NC Highway 42919-567-1155
Fuquay VarinaGarden Hut1508 N Main Street919-552-0590
Fuquay VarinaThomas Olde Store1924 Bass Lake Road919-552-8883
GarnerWall’s Creek Nursery Inc4525 Benson Road919-779-2438
GastoniaBaker Landscaping609 Woodcrest Drive704-865-2004
GastoniaCapp’s Nursery414 Neal Hawkins Road704-865-6717
GastoniaCarolina Turf and Equipment2709 Union Road704-865-3476
GastoniaCountry Haven4401 Chapel Grove Road704-864-8000
GastoniaNew Hope Greenhouses2703 Beaty Road704-824-1799
GastoniaQuality Landscape Materials1250 Bessemer City Road704-862-0770
GastoniaStowe Nursery1349 Union New Hope Road704-825-9570
GibsonvilleBlooming Valley Nursery3501 Huffine Mill Road336-621-0453
GibsonvilleMiles Landscaping and Nursery2108 Bell Road336-449-6919
GibsonvilleWagoner’s Wholesale Nursery6818 Frieden Church Road336-449-5532
Glendale SpringsBlue Ridge Greenhouse-Nursery622 Old Wilkes Road336-982-3444
GodwinSampson Nursery Inc350 Alvin Road910-567-2937
GoldsboroCasey Garden Center2360 US Highway 70 W919-734-2371
GoldsboroGrady’s Feed and Garden Center3535 US Highway 13 S919-689-2958
GoldsboroLong’s Plant Farm252 Longs Plant Farm Road #B919-778-2880
GoldsboroWaltham Gardens1587 NC Highway 111 N919-734-7622
GrahamSouthern States of Graham107 E Shannon Drive336-570-9611
GrahamSpring Meadow Greenhouses4777 NC Highway 54336-376-8416
GrandyBennet’s Creek Wholesale Nursery6280 Caratoke Highway252-453-4620
Grassy CreekGrouse Ridge Christmas Tree14911 Old NC Highway 16336-384-9094
Grassy CreekHudlers Carolina Tree Farm754 Charles Spencer Road336-384-3279
GreensboroBerry Patch5344 Groometown Road336-299-8468
GreensboroCarolina Gardens4027 Randleman Road336-275-6826
GreensboroCarolina Planters and Nursery2501 Nelson Farm Road336-697-8111
GreensboroCountry Meadows Nursery4600 Old Battleground Road336-288-8720
GreensboroGethsemane Garden and Landscape3707 NC Highway 150 E336-656-3096
GreensboroGreensboro Shrub Nursery4514 Old Burlington Road336-621-6579
GreensboroGuilford Garden Center701 Milner Drive336-299-1535
GreensboroMy Secret Garden414 State Street336-275-5866
GreensboroNew Garden Landscaping and Nursery3811 Lawndale Drive336-288-8893
GreensboroNew Garden Landscaping and Nursery5888 Old Oak Ridge Road336-665-0291
GreenvilleCarolina Seasons Nursery549 Highway 903 N252-758-1280
GreenvilleLittle’s Nursery4830 US 13 S252-756-3626
GreenvilleNew Garden of Eden3811 E 10th Streetreet Ext252-830-2009
GriftonFlower Time143 W Hanrahan Road252-746-8444
GriftonSmith’s Green House and Nursery5742 Highway 11 N252-524-4552
GriftonYoder’s Farm and Garden4100 NC Highway 118252-244-2992
HampsteadCrooked Pine Nurseries Ltd1605 NC Highway 210 W910-270-3364
HampsteadCypress Pond Nursery Inc18463 US Highway 17 N910-270-0470
HampsteadPender Pines Garden Center20949 US Highway 17 N910-270-2706
HavelockEarth Works Landscaping and Center109 US Highway 70 W252-444-1550
HayesvilleLewis Nursery889 Low Gap Road828-389-8282
HayesvilleMountain Willow Nursery3122 NC 69828-389-3874
HendersonFranklin Brothers Nursery Inc3193 Vicksboro Road252-492-6166
HendersonvilleA Growing Concern1707 Spartanburg Highway828-697-2772
HendersonvilleAzaleas To Zinnias Garden Shop341 Hillview Boulevard828-694-1411
HendersonvilleBaynes NurseryGreenville Highway828-693-0039
HendersonvilleClassic Garden Inc622 Kanuga Road828-698-8350
HendersonvilleHendersonville Farmers Market140 White Street828-693-3757
HendersonvilleHendersonville Nursery Garden1338 Asheville Highway828-692-2409
HendersonvilleLaurel Springs Nursery401 Regal Street828-891-1264
HendersonvilleRaymond’s Lawn Home and Garden1320 Kanuga Road828-696-8000
HendersonvilleThompson’s Nursery and Tree Farm18 Highlander Lane828-693-8200
HenricoWildwood Nursery and Garden Center13 Gasburg Road #A252-586-3685
HickoryCarolina Sunshine Greenhouse1604 N Center Street828-322-7595
High PointGossett’s Landscape Nursery7801 Clinard Farms Road336-454-2548
High PointNewton’s Lawn and Garden Center1528 S Main Street336-841-2334
High PointPrice Nursery Inc130 Westchester Drive336-889-3588
High PointShoffner’s Lawn and Garden Center7200 E Fork Road336-812-9182
High PointSoviero’s Tri-County Garden3818 N Main Street336-885-3800
HighlandsGate’s Nursery49 Cherokee Drive828-526-3387
HighlandsHighlands Lawn and Garden2460 Cashiers Road828-526-2395
HillsboroughBailey’s Landscaping3224 Old NC 86919-644-6372
HillsboroughOrange Garden Center1218 US Highway 70 E919-732-6393
HillsboroughReba and Roses112 Baldwin Road919-644-2677
Hope MillsLadybug Greenhouse3531 Legion Road910-425-2032
Horse ShoePlants Direct4076 Haywood Road828-890-8333
HubertS and H Feed and Garden Supply4043 Freedom Way910-326-5690
HuntersvilleExterior Accents9931 Rose Commons Drive704-948-6500
HuntersvilleShepherds Landscape Supply9725 Mount Holly Hntrsvlle Road704-399-1226
Indian TrailCarolina Gardens13690 Highway 74704-821-4490
Indian TrailRoots To Go6218 Indian Trail Fairview Road704-882-3483
Indian TrailSmith’s Nursery and Irrigation4332 Pioneer Lane704-821-8077
JacksonvilleBlue Creek Mobile Home Park1371 Burgaw Highway910-346-3039
JacksonvilleGrant’s Creek Nursery763 Grants Creek Road910-353-0326
JacksonvilleOnslow Nursery566 Rhodestown Road910-324-1828
JacksonvillePumpkin Center Lawn and Garden1103 Wolf Swamp Road910-347-1646
JamestownSedgefield Lawn and Garden Center5111 Mackay Road336-292-6800
Jonas RidgeAldridge and Carpenter Nursery9754 NC Highway 181828-733-2179
JulianGilmore Plant and Bulb Co9154 Old 421 Road336-685-4451
KannapolisKarriker Daylily Gardens7897 Karriker Road704-933-3065
KellyMike’s Pine Needles538 Outback Drive910-669-2212
KenansvilleK’s Plants and Flowers415 Routledge Street910-296-1078
KernersvilleFulp’s Tree Farm and Landscaping1515 Brookford Road336-993-2303
KernersvilleMabe’s Garden Center4801 High Point Road336-769-2291
KernersvilleSedge Garden Nursery Inc4550 Kernersville Road336-788-6862
KernersvilleSpivey’s Nursery1998 Beeson Road336-992-2530
KingMitchell’s Nursery1088 W Dalton Road336-983-4107
Kings MountainScoggins Nursery134 Phifer Cir704-739-6491
KinstonIvey’s Garden Center2418 Dobbs Farm Road252-527-4839
Kitty HawkCentral Garden Center and Nursery6285 N Croatan Highway252-261-7195
LansingBig Springs Nursery421 W Calhoun Road336-384-8733
LansingCole’s Phoenix Mountain Greenery4881 Old NC Highway 16336-982-2626
Laurel HillPine Products15603 Silver Hill Road910-276-6582
Laurel SpringsLil’ Grandfather Xmas Tree Frm291 Ponderosa Lane336-359-2537
Laurel SpringsMiller and Miller Tree Farm1397 S Laurel Fork Road336-982-9119
Laurel SpringsViers Nursery539 Laurel Fork Road336-982-5009
LawndaleBridges Roses2734 Toney Road704-538-9412
LawndaleGinger’s Gardens5164 Fallston Road704-538-1908
LelandCoastal Oasis Greenhouse3154 Mount Misery Road NE910-383-2002
LelandLanvale Nursery7883 Ocean Highway E910-253-5114
LelandPhillip’s Nursery1075 Town Creek Road NE910-253-6692
LenoirThyme and Thyme Again Gardens3143 Morningside Lane828-754-7975
LewisvilleJoe’s Landscaping and Nursery Co705 Lasley Road336-766-6513
LexingtonArcadia Nursery and Garden Center8660 N NC Highway 150336-764-2758
LexingtonC and R Landscape Nursery4650 W Center Streetreet Ext336-787-4888
LexingtonCross Creek Garden Center3428 NC Highway 8336-357-3079
LexingtonHighrock Nursery844 Jm Penninger Road336-357-3352
LexingtonLexington Farm and Garden Service2000 S Main Street336-248-5333
LibertySmith-Clanton Greenhouses5624 Foster Streetore Road336-565-9100
LincolntonTimberlake Nursery2708 Maiden Highway704-732-6173
LindenC’s Nursery10686 Ramsey Street910-980-2105
LindenStewart’s Greenhouses6078 Elliott Bridge Road910-497-7637
LittletonLake Gaston NurseryRR 5 Box 80252-586-4478
LittletonLassiter’s Plant FarmRR 1252-586-7448
LouisburgAll Year Nursery21 All Year Nursery Drive919-496-4231
LouisburgCedar Creek Nursery1281 Julie Pearce Road919-496-3576
LowgapFoothills Evergreen Inc141 Mountain Evergreen Trl336-352-4379
LowgapMc Cann’s Evergreen205 Martha Lowe Road336-352-3395
LowgapWoodruff’s Greens8935 W Pine Street336-352-4895
LucamaNewsom’s Mill Nursery7602 Upper Black Creek Chur Road252-239-0486
Lumber BridgeTrees and Such166 Alan Harris Road910-848-0629
LumbertonHis and Hers Greenhouse2278 Powersville Road910-739-2235
LumbertonMary’s Flower House500 Liberty Hill Road910-739-6789
LumbertonMeadow Road Nursery4363 Meadow Road910-738-2186
LumbertonSanta’s Forest2643 W Carthage Road910-739-7005
LumbertonTaylor’s Lawn and Garden Supply4530 Highway 211 E910-738-7392
MadisonPriddy’s Garden Center101 W Hunter Street336-427-7737
MaidenDiddley Dadburn Tree PlnttnRR 1 Box 487828-428-4353
MarionMarion Ag and Garden Center Inc1280 N Main Street828-655-1270
MarionMc Corkle Nurseries590 Mar Ter Dan Roadg828-724-9005
MarionSpencer’s Hardware Farm Supply1612 Rutherford Road828-652-3958
MarionWe-Du Nurseries2055 Polly Spout Road828-738-8300
Mars HillJenkins Nursery14310 US 23 Highway828-689-2860
MarshvilleArbor Fields5820 Lawyers Road E704-283-2345
MarshvilleEvergreen Landscaping5226 Leonard Morgan Road704-624-4018
MatthewsColchester1111 W John Street704-841-2562
MatthewsKing’s Greenhouse524 Stallings Road704-821-7507
MatthewsPaul Banner Landscaping11136 Monroe Road704-841-2700
MaysvilleDeppe Gardens5743 New Bern Highway910-346-9916
Mc LeansvilleMonterey Nursery1985 Mount Hope Church Road336-697-9042
MebanePleasant Woods Plants and Shrubs5511 Pleasant Woods Drive919-563-2952
Merry HillMary’s Garden Gate1529 US Highway 17 N252-482-0242
MiddlesexBonnie’s Craft and Garden Center849 Whitley Road919-284-6059
MiddlesexTwinpine Nursery and Irrigation11070 Baldy Hill Road252-235-2451
MidlandBeaver Dam Nursery12193 Pine Bluff Road704-888-1506
MidlandCottage Garden Center1225 Highway 24 27 W704-888-1001
Mineral SpringsMineral Springs Nursery5808 Waxhaw Highway704-843-3013
MocksvilleBrawley’s Landscaping and Nursery131 Danner Road336-492-5620
MocksvilleTurkey Foot Nursery783 Turkeyfoot Road336-492-5200
MonroeBentwood Nursery6002 Morgan Mill Road704-283-1661
MonroeDavid’s Nursery1505 Morgan Mill Road704-289-8796
MonroeGarden Spot and Country Store4506 Pageland Highway704-764-9393
MonroeGreene Nursery and Garden Center2476 Secrest Shortcut Road704-283-6305
MonroeLatham’s Nursery2317 E Lawyers Road704-283-5696
MonroeMedlin Farm and Garden Center511 Morgan Mill Road704-283-8124
MonroeWindy Hill Tree Farm2415 Hargette Road704-764-3765
MooresvilleBrawley Co982 N Main Street704-663-5553
MooresvilleCarrigan Farms1261 Oak Ridge Farm Highway704-664-1450
MooresvilleDavids’ Garden839 Brawley School Road704-660-5733
MooresvilleGrass Creek15404 Mooresville Road704-664-9631
MooresvilleGreen Tree Garden Center2782 Charlotte Highway704-663-1855
MooresvilleJeri’s Garden Shed842 River Highway704-662-0074
MooresvillePiedmont Nursery120 James Robert Lane704-663-2992
MooresvilleTwo Peas in A Pod335 Airpark Drive704-664-3678
Morehead CitySunshine Garden Center146 Little 9 Road252-247-2630
MorgantonClark’s Nursery of Jonas Ridge2275 Henderson Mill Road828-433-8019
MorgantonCobb’s Nursery134 Crest Hill Drive828-437-7496
MorgantonCottage Gardens and Greenhouses905 Carbon City Road828-584-0102
MorgantonKawana Nursery4251 Scott Road828-584-3090
MorgantonM J Fitzgerald Nursery Inc3890 Simpson Creek Road828-437-3447
MorgantonM J Fitzgerald Nursery IncHighway 181828-437-3107
MorgantonQuaker Meadows Nursery2310 Mcconnaughey Lane828-437-2063
MorgantonRose Creek Nursery and Landscaping3265 Rose Creek Road828-438-8911
MorgantonRoy Brewer Tree Farm4789 Nursery Road828-584-2099
MoyockMoyock Garden Center684 S Mills Road252-435-6622
MT AiryBlackburn’s Nursery142 Pipers Gap Road336-786-4414
MT AiryFoothills Nursery and Herbs317 Siloam Road336-789-7981
MT AiryHarold’s Lawn and Garden Center1666 US Highway 52 N336-786-8876
MT AiryRound Peak Tree Farm177 Blevins Streetore Road336-352-4480
MT AiryTriple H Nursery and Landscaping688 Holly Springs Road336-789-8144
MT HollySouthern Comfort Plants1539 Charles Raper Jonas Highway704-827-7976
MT OliveTaylor’s Nursery and Plant Farm1984 Garner Chapel Road919-658-5263
MT PleasantGreenhills Greenhouse8875 Bowman Barrier Road704-436-9278
MurphySunny Point Nursery1665 Sunny Point Road828-644-5835
NashvilleBass Plant Farm6256 US Highway 64A252-459-3828
NashvilleCarolina Plant Farm2373 Corinth Road252-459-8310
NashvilleMessenbrink’s Perennials6232 N NC Highway 58252-459-4568
New BernHeaths Nursery2704 NC Highway 55 W252-637-7114
New BernPinecone Perennials4136 Drive M L King Jr Boulevard252-634-3437
New BernPlant Farm440 Audrey Lane252-633-1475
NewlandAprils Flowers4699 Linville Falls Highway828-733-0774
NewlandB and R Nursery1092 Old Toe River Road828-733-2746
NewlandC and G Nursery204 White Pine Road828-733-4850
NewlandCoffey Brothers Construction3058 Old Jonas Ridge Road828-733-5316
NewlandRiverdale Nursery72 Braswell Road828-733-1229
NewlandRoy and Roy Brewer Tree Farms1604 Wes Brewer Road828-733-4226
NewportCarolina Home and Garden4778 Highway 24252-393-9004
NewportChadwick Nursery and Landscaping1505 Old Winberry Road252-727-0903
NewportCoastal Landscape Supplies1840 Highway 24252-240-2275
NewportJ and S Nursery600 E Chatham Street252-447-1096
Newton GroveCherry Grove Botanicals314 Mount Olive Drive #A910-594-1444
Newton GroveOld Mill Stream Nursery3224 Oak Grove Church Road910-567-2305
NorwoodBreezy Hill Garden Center Inc48218 NC 731 Highway704-474-3354
Oak RidgeOak Ridge Nursery and Landscaping1016 NC Highway 68 N336-662-0081
OakboroOakboro Acres Nursery Inc20154 Newsome Road704-485-2287
Ocean Isle Beach4 Mile NurseryWatts Road910-575-3246
Ocean Isle BeachCedar Lane Nursery60 Mintz Cemetery Road NW910-579-6594
Ocean Isle BeachRosewood Nursery Inc569 Seaside Road SW910-575-5001
Old FortGilliam’s Nursery3429 Bat Cave Road828-668-4085
Old FortPainters Greenhouse745 Roy Moore Road828-668-7225
OxfordFishing Creek Nursery1311 Linden Avenue919-693-1255
PantegoAmerican Peat Co2786 Hyde Park Canal252-935-5287
PantegoPungo NurseryRR 1 Box 68252-935-5058
PfafftownNature’s Magic4725 Yadkinville Road336-923-1030
Pilot MountainMain Street Gardens708 W Main Street336-368-5631
PinevilleFarmers J Nursery311 S Polk Street704-889-0011
Pink HillHarper’s Nursery Inc6241 Highway 11 S252-568-3121
Pisgah ForestFry Nursery and Landscaping Service1016 King Road828-884-6491
PittsboroFlynthill Farm2411 US Highway 64 W919-542-5308
PittsboroHickory Mountain Plant Farm148 Hadley Mill Road919-542-0360
Powells PointSouthern Scapes Garden Center7441 Caratoke Highway252-491-5707
PrincetonEvans Farms NurseryHighway 70 W919-734-5689
PrincetonWoodard Pecan Nursery5194 US Highway 70 E919-965-3561
RaefordPlantry Nursery and GreenhouseRR 2 Box 136C910-875-8629
RaefordSheets Greenhouse Inc250 Sheets Drive910-875-3805
RaleighA Proper Garden2012 Fairview Road #A919-833-4401
RaleighAtlantic Avenue Orchid and Garden5217 Atlantic Avenue919-878-8877
RaleighBuchanan’s Nursery5108 Western Boulevard919-851-3212
RaleighCampbell Road Nursery2804 Campbell Road919-851-5108
RaleighCampbell Road Nursery Retail2500 Campbell Road919-854-9892
RaleighChsi the Garden Spot8012 Fayetteville Road919-661-1011
RaleighFalls Lake Nursery11216 Creedmoor Road919-847-3720
RaleighFamily Home and Garden550 Corporate Center Drive919-859-0288
RaleighGarden Magic1930 Wake Forest Road919-821-1997
RaleighGreen Acres Plant Farm8415 Honeycutt Road919-847-0176
RaleighHomewood Nursery Inc10809 Honeycutt Road919-847-0117
RaleighInvalesci Inc800 Freedom Drive #A919-365-3840
RaleighJ and C Garden World1711 Lake Wheeler Road919-833-0544
RaleighJ C Greenhouse1201 Agriculture Street919-833-0122
RaleighLassiter Mill Gardens Inc3917 Lassiter Mill Road919-782-9181
RaleighLogan Trading Co707 Semart Drive919-828-5337
RaleighMaude Miller’s Gardens11125 Fix Forks Road919-848-9310
RaleighNorwood Road Garden Inc12825 Norwood Road919-848-1385
RaleighPenny’s Nursery1501 Pagan Road919-772-6888
RaleighTaylor’s Nursery Inc3705 New Bern Avenue919-231-6161
RaleighWilde Oaks Nursery9425 Ten Ten Road919-772-3451
RandlemanCampbell’s Greenhouse4989 US Highway 220 Bus N336-498-5150
Red SpringsC and C Nursery186 Mcleod Road910-843-3463
Red SpringsC and C Nursery4441 Daniel Mcleod Road910-843-2277
ReidsvilleCouturier Plant Nursery3263 NC Highway 14336-342-1998
ReidsvilleHome Nursery and Garden Center652 Narrow Gauge Road336-342-3463
RichlandsOnslow Nursery1871 Catherine Lake Road910-324-8444
Roanoke RapidsGarner Nursery and Garden Center615 Three Bridges Road252-536-3929
Roanoke RapidsRosemary Gin Co1331 Streetancell Street252-537-3423
RobbinsPossum Run Garden Center240 Old Plank Road910-948-3881
RockwellBrown’s Nursery2330 Organ Church Road704-279-3201
Rocky MountAllen’s Nursery2817 S Halifax Road252-937-2302
Rocky MountCatlett’s Flowers and ProduceE NC Highway 97252-977-7494
Rocky MountChappell’s Nursery3465 Eastern Avenue252-443-5401
Rocky MountGreen Thumb1274 Independence Drive252-977-7826
Rocky MountHarper’s Nursery2145 Oak Level Road252-459-2189
Rocky MountK and R Tree Farm3917 Sunset Avenue252-443-2515
Rocky PointLewis Nursery and Farms Inc3500 NC Highway 133910-675-2394
Rose HillDuplin Nursery and Garden Center276 Bay Road910-289-2233
RosmanBrown’s Grower Supl and Nursery830 Clinic Road828-862-3899
RougemontPlantworks Landscape Nursery5851 Kiger Road919-732-6594
RoxboroJ and B Herb and Plant Farm Inc620 Weldon Wrenn Road336-599-0381
RoxboroRolling Hills Garden Center2760 Rolling Hills Road336-599-4543
RoxboroRolling Hills Garden Center500 Old Durham Road #B336-599-0385
RoxboroRoxboro Nursery335 Vance Wrenn Road336-597-3100
Rutherford ClgNichols Garden Center590 Malcom Boulevard828-874-1225
RutherfordtonCrawford’s Meadow5066 US 64 74A Highway828-288-8733
RutherfordtonGreen Mountain Growers505 Cove Road828-288-8440
RutherfordtonPlant Masters Nursery324 Jonas Sims Road828-286-3535
SalisburyCountry Garden Nursery Inc540 Scout Road704-633-7885
SalisburyGarden Greenhouses4070 Woodleaf Road704-636-7208
SalisburyGodley’s Garden Center and Nursery2281 Statesville Boulevard704-638-0082
SalisburyRufty’s Garden Shop1335 W Innes Street704-636-4742
SalisburyVillage Grocery and Garden Shop4450 US Highway 601704-633-1918
SanfordBig Bloomers Flower Farm275 Pressly Foushee Road919-776-6597
SanfordBig Trees Inc4276 Center Church Road919-776-8733
SanfordDale’s Greenhouse2814 S Jefferson Davis Highway919-776-9013
SanfordLett’s Tree Removal Service1967 Buckhorn Road919-258-3594
SanfordStanley Lawn and Garden Center501 Wicker Street919-776-3411
SanfordTramway Supply Co2915 Tramway Road919-777-7119
SanfordWatson’s Nursery2049 Rice Road919-776-3590
SeagroveMofield’s Nursery139 Mount Zions Church Road336-879-2507
SelmaDewayne’s Country Garden1575 Industrial Park Drive919-202-8471
SelmaLadybug Landing3192 US Highway 70 E919-284-6985
SemoraEvertree Nursery4321 NC Highway 57 N336-234-0057
ShelbyBriarpatch Nursery2427 Oak Grove Road704-481-0014
ShelbyShagreen Nursery and Arboretum136 Arboretum Way704-482-2224
ShelbyShelby Nursery Inc460 Cherryville Road704-487-1717
ShelbyTwo Bees Flowers and Herbs640 N Main Street704-434-5313
Sherrills FordCrescent Resources Inc3893 Slanting Bridge Road828-478-2130
Sherrills FordMountain Creek Gardens4141 Rhynland Drive828-478-5100
Siler CityOakmont Landscaping and Nursery9985 US Highway 64 W919-663-3607
Siler CityVestal’s Lawn and Garden Center2272 Old US Highway 421 N919-742-3222
SimsZelenka Nursery Inc7437 Rock Ridge Sims Road252-243-5539
SmithfieldSmithfield Nursery2208 Yelverton Grove Road919-934-4833
SophiaBanner Place Nursery2129 Banner Whitehead Road336-861-1400
SophiaHawks Greenhouse5224 Farlowe Davis Drive336-431-3951
South BrunswickJack’s Farm and Garden Center4471 Main Street910-755-6055
South BrunswickK and C Nursery791 Brick Landing Road SW910-754-4000
SouthportBridgers Landscapes and Garden8210 River Road910-457-4644
SouthportSwayne’s Crafts and Things Inc817 N Howe Street910-457-6589
SpartaBob Andrews and CoRR 1 Box 166336-372-4013
SpindaleFarm and Garden of Spindale1027 E Main Street828-286-4789
Spring LakeSpringlake Garden Hardware1411 Lillington Highway910-497-9456
Spruce PineDellinger Wholesale Nursery31 Old River Hill Road828-765-9593
StarOakwood Farms544 Cotton Creek Road910-428-4885
StatesvilleFarm and Garden Service202 Light Street704-872-6292
StatesvilleFarm House Gardeners2142 Salisbury Highway704-873-2057
StatesvilleRaven Oak Nursery321 Sharon School Road704-838-1690
StatesvilleT and T Nursery1142 Turnersburg Highway704-876-1304
StatesvilleWest Iredell Lawn and Garden Center121 Mount Hermon Road704-873-5112
StemColey Bunch Nursery and Garden3081 Old Route 75919-528-3280
StokesdaleAcres of Diamonds Inc1011 Lemons Road336-643-7879
StokesdalePainted Daisy Nursery4250 Ellisboro Road336-548-0060
StokesdalePlymouth Nursery and Landscaping1633 Oak Level Church Road336-644-1640
StonevilleStoneville Nursery Inc5828 NC Highway 770336-623-6376
Sugar GroveWren Step Nest Landscaping1739 Old Watauga River Road828-963-6131
SummerfieldGarden Outlet5121 US Highway 220 N336-643-0898
SunburyCountry Corner4 NC Highway 32 N252-465-2252
SupplyHolden Beach Lawn Garden-Pool2811 Holden Beach Road SW910-842-7727
SylvaCountry Road Farms Inc41 Hall Town Road828-586-5515
SylvaWebster Wholesale Nursery1462 Greens Creek Road828-586-6645
Tabor CityIron Hill Nursery64 Ken Ray Drive910-653-8621
TarboroGreenleaf Nursery CoRR 1 Box 827E252-641-6921
TaylorsvilleTaylorsville Home and Garden Center369 E Main Avenue828-632-9582
ThomasvilleIngram Nursery Lot1811 Liberty Drive336-476-5123
TimberlakeFlat River Nursery1548 Holeman Ashley Road336-364-2460
TraphillHarold’s Nursery8621 Austin Traphill Road336-957-8355
TryonDown To Earth Gardens Center958 Highway 176 S828-859-2283
ValdeseSettlemyre Nursery1466 Driveexel Road828-874-0679
ValeCanebreak Nursery6050 Bill Sain Road704-276-3021
Wake ForestBailey’s Nursery and Produce11900 Louisburg Road919-554-4939
Wake ForestCountry Herritage Nersery1500 Averette Road919-556-1515
WallaceMills Maples6542 NC Highway 41 S910-285-4986
WallaceOlive Branch Gardens4858 S NC 41 Highway910-285-4957
Walnut CoveCrown Agricultural Center4369 NC 89 Highway E336-591-8069
WarrensvilleLamtree Farm2323 Copeland Road336-385-6144
WarrentonHaliwa Saponi Nursery and LibraryRR 1252-257-9195
WarsawFaust Nursery179 Kenansville Highway910-293-6778
WarsawScott’s Herbs and Plants371 Claude Scott Road910-293-4433
WashingtonEnchanted Gardens3200 NC Highway 92 E252-923-0862
WashingtonTerrapin Track Plant Nursery424 Crepe Myrtle Lane252-927-4072
WathaJackie’s Nursery542 Shiloh Road910-285-7920
WaynesvilleGrass Root Gardens1368 Dellwood Road828-926-0925
WaynesvilleRainbow Garden Center2930 Old Balsam Road828-456-4621
WaynesvilleRed Barn Greenhouse and Garden1856 Dellwood Road828-926-1901
WaynesvilleWalnut Cove Landscaping and Nursery575 Walnut Cove Road828-452-7526
WeavervilleReems Creek Valley Nursery70 Monticello Road828-645-3937
West EndJuniper Lake Nursery and GreenhouseeRR 1 Box 166910-295-3686
West JeffersonChurch’s Tree Farm1546 Dick Phillips Road336-877-4264
West JeffersonStuart Norman Nursery120 South Avenue336-246-6286
West JeffersonSturgill Tree Farm1742 State Highway 16 S336-246-3874
WhitakersGoldrock Nursery and Greenhouse8291 Watson Seed Farm Road252-977-9410
WhitevilleFarm Store1305 S Madison Street910-642-2749
WhitevilleMc Queen Nursery and Landscaping1480 Prison Camp Road910-642-1898
WhitevilleSeven-O-One Nursery68 Mollie Road910-653-3939
WhitevilleSouthern Bloom Nursery3036 7 Creeks Highway910-640-1491
WhitevilleStephens Nursery1863 Prison Camp Road910-642-2023
WhittierParker Farms1921 US Highway 441 S828-497-2403
WilkesboroWilkes Farm and Garden Center503 James Street336-838-4443
WillardRobbins Nursery200 Raccoon Road910-285-2702
WillistonEdgewater Gardens358 Highway 70252-729-1842
Willow SpringCircle G Nursery780 Landmark Road919-639-8211
Willow SpringCurrin’s Nursery2910 Eric Street919-552-4521
Willow SpringStephenson’s Nursery12100 NC 50 Highway N919-894-2700
WilmingtonAnother Place in Thyme Inc8417 Sidbury Road910-686-0996
WilmingtonCoastal Nursery and Landscaping Center1240 Eastwood Road910-256-3800
WilmingtonEnglish Garden2317 Market Street910-772-1272
WilmingtonFarmers Supply Co2025 Oleander Drive910-763-4664
WilmingtonFive Oaks Nursery2120 Old Winter Park Road910-762-8637
WilmingtonFour Sister Garden119 S Water Street910-343-8500
WilmingtonLandscapes and Leisure6209 Carolina Beach Road910-452-5349
WilmingtonLockamy’s Greenhouses301 Hooker Road910-799-0628
WilmingtonLong Leaf Nursery and Lndscpng2829 N Kerr Avenue910-343-9696
WilmingtonMulch Master5019 Carolina Beach Road910-798-0006
WilmingtonPearsall’s Garden Center and Nursery3100 Market Street910-762-0389
WilmingtonPendercrest Farms6012 Oleander Drive910-452-1020
WilmingtonPerennial Gardener5201 Oleander Drive910-799-2057
WilmingtonPierce’s Nursery and Landscaping8062 Market Street910-686-4555
WilmingtonProgressive Gardens5725 Oleander Drive910-395-1156
WilmingtonTransplanted Garden502 S 16th Street910-763-7448
WilsonFair View Nursery Inc4265 Lattice Road252-243-3656
WilsonLandscape Source5509 Hornes Church Road252-243-0078
WilsonPlants Plus4711 Nash Street NW252-237-8440
WilsonRaleigh Road Garden Center4175 US Highway 264 W252-291-0114
WilsonSmith Evergreen Nursery4511 Wiggins Mill Road252-237-2050
WinnabowNatural Beauty Garden Spot6080 Ocean Highway E910-253-5777
WinnabowShelton Herb Farm340 Goodman Road910-253-5964
Winston SalemBill’s Lawn and Garden432 Haled Street336-722-9333
Winston SalemCat and Steve Mc Swain1834 Thompson Drive336-788-4797
Winston SalemCourtyard At Idlewild Direct2401 Maplewood Avenue336-725-0710
Winston SalemGriffith Greenhouses1843 Thompson Drive336-788-4366
Winston SalemHouse of Plants507 Harvey Street336-765-5301
Winston SalemK B Enterprises and Nursery8031 Old Lexington Road336-784-4144
Winston SalemL A Reynolds Garden Showcase4400 Styers Ferry Road336-945-3776
Winston SalemShouse Nursery Retail Outlet3621 Reynolda Road336-922-2337
Winston SalemTriad Landscape Supply470 Gumtree Road336-764-5919
WintervilleCreative Gardens Inc5036 NC Highway 11 S252-756-7788
WintervillePlant and See Nursery4064 Old Tar Road252-756-0879
WoodlandNell’s Florist Gift Shop613 W Main Street252-587-5851
YadkinvilleClarks Fern Valley Farms1624 Fern Valley Road336-463-2412
YadkinvilleYadkin Valley Nursery Co1132 Conifer Ridge Drive336-463-2181
YoungsvilleMartin House and Garden Inc894 Holden Road919-570-7340
ZionvilleShady Grove Gardens and Nursery904 Will Isaacs Road828-297-4098
ZirconiaJones Tree Farm IncRR 1 Box 133828-692-6700