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The Garden State sits along the Atlantic Ocean, beneath New York and besides Pennsylvania. New Jersey is the third smallest state and home to the Northern Red Oak, its state tree. The Northern Red Oak often reaches heights of 90 feet, occasionally growing as tall as 140 feet. Tolerant of varied soil properties and growing environments, the Northern Red Oak prefers the well-draining soil near streams. The dark-reddish bark is offset by 90 degree limbs, which sprout long oak leaves that turn a brilliant red in autumn. Though the Northern Red Oak is an option for New Jersey planters, there are many varieties of trees to choose from when planting in New Jersey.

Due to its small size, proximity to the ocean, distinct dual-climates, the smart New Jersey grower will need to consider the following:

  • Climate
  • Soil Type
  • Average Precipitation
  • Irrigation
  • Growing Zones
  • Weather Damage

Best Trees for New Jersey

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Royal Empress Trees

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

  1. October Glory Maple

Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

  1. Meyer Lemon Tree

Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

  1. Willow Hybrid

Ideal for providing privacy, fast-growing properties, and easy care

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in New Jersey

As property in New Jersey continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in New Jersey, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout New Jersey, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Leyland Cypress and American Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Despite being the third smallest state in the United States, New Jersey is home to two distinct climates. The Northwest, which borders both New York and Pennsylvania, diverges from the rest of the state. In this region, a humid continental climate prevails, bringing cooler temperatures due to both an increase in elevation and microthermal changes based on distance from geographical barriers. The rest of the state experiences a humid mesothermal climate, which is typically warmer. Summers are hot and humid, with the statewide average high at 85°F and the record at 114°F. Winters are cold, with average highs at 34°F and average lows at 16°F. The Northwestern portion of the state is much colder, with sub-0°F temperatures a common occurrence. The record low is -34°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. The woodland Downer soil typifies New Jersey; a dark, loamy soil, the Downer series occurs naturally with mixed oaks, hickories, and pines. In cultivation, the Downer soil usually requires additional nutrients for high value vegetables and fruits. Irrigation is usually needed to support these crops in the Downer soil Regardless of the property’s location in The Garden State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil.

1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY.
2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. Congratulations, you have LOAM.
3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

New Jersey receives between 43 to 51 inches of rainfall annually, and it is evenly distributed throughout the course of the year. Between 3 and 5 inches of precipitation falls each month, the winter months bringing snow. Snowfall amounts vary both year-to-year and regionally throughout the state. 10 to 15 inches of snow falls along the coast and in the southern portions of the state. In the northeast and central regions, between 15 and 30 inches of snow can be expected. In the northwest, which experiences a different climate than the rest of the state, more annual snowfall is expected. This region usually receives between 40 and 50 inches of snowfall annually, though this can often change year-to-year.


New Jersey’s Downer soils, which cover almost 300,000 acres of land, require additional irrigation to ensure successful crop growth. So do newly planted trees, which require consistent and controlled access to water. After transplantation, the root balls and new growth will be stressed, and this may hinder growth. Inconsistent access to water will make this worse, and any new trees will recoil from growing. Irrigation enables the planter to provide environmental and conservative access to water so as to ensure successful plant growth.

Growing Zones

Despite its small size, New Jersey is home to five unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. The zones in New Jersey are centered around the coast and the higher elevations of the Northwest. Along the coast, temperatures do not extend below 5°F for long periods of time, and throughout most of the central and northeastern regions of the state temperatures do not leave zones 7a or 6b, meaning temperatures do not drop below 0°F to -5°F for extended periods. In the Northwest, though, temperatures will drop to as low as -15°F for extended lengths of time.

Weather Damage

New Jersey sits along the Atlantic Ocean, and as such, it can be affected by hurricanes and tropical storms. Most recently, New Jersey was severely damaged during the onslaught of Hurricane Sandy. Winter Nor’easters are more common, and these can cause blizzards or flooding in the region. Tornadoes and earthquakes are rare, but they have been recorded infrequently.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local New Jersey nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in New Jersey we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Trees For Sale In New Jersey | Buy Trees In New Jersey
AllendaleRohsler’s Allendale Nursery100 Franklin Turnpike201-327-3156
AllentownKeris Christmas Tree FarmState Highway 524609-259-0720
AllentownPleasant Run NurseryEllisdale Road609-259-8585
AllentownRappleyea’s Nursery523 Arneytown Chesterfield Road609-298-2450
AllentownWindy Ridge Tree Farm12 Hutchinson Road609-758-3707
AlpineAlpine Gardens970 Closter Dock Road201-768-8130
AndoverAndover Garden Center248 Main Street973-786-6090
AndoverCahill’s Farm311 Pequest Road973-786-5429
AndoverCountryside Farm Stand710 US Highway 206973-786-0505
AnnandaleMendham Garden Center1306 State Route 31 N908-730-9008
AtcoEdco Floral Greenhouse and Nursery595 Jackson Road856-719-1010
Atlantic HghlndsWindmill Acres Farms1 Whipporwill Valley Road732-291-0011
AugustaIdeal Farms Standardbred Nursery578 County Road 565973-875-4100
BarnegatAnything Grows127 S Main Street609-698-1060
BarnegatBay Avenue Plant Co and Lndscpng583 E Bay Avenue609-597-2468
BarnegatEvergreen Farm and Nursery49 Collinstown Road609-698-5281
BarnegatHammett’s Garden Center Inc425 N Main Street609-971-0840
BarnegatLiving Landscapes Garden Center229 S Main Street609-698-1199
Basking RidgeLeaping Lizards Garden Center3055 Valley Road908-542-9797
BayonneMoosie’s Garden Center309 Broadway201-823-9570
BayvilleApplegate Gardens351 US Highway 9 #B732-269-9515
BayvilleCedar Gardens600 US Highway 9732-606-1010
BellevilleAlpine Nursery and Garden Center291 Main Street973-450-9140
BellevilleJo-Lee Nursery and Garden Center133 Passaic Avenue973-759-9190
BelvidereStephen’s Nursery204 Sarepta Road908-475-1663
BelvidereStoney Meadow NurseryRR 1 Box 461908-475-2776
BergenfieldTreeland93 New Bridge Road201-321-3089
Berkeley HeightsHall’s Garden Center700 Springfield Avenue908-665-0331
Berkeley HeightsTruesdale Nursery and Garden Center295 Snyder Avenue908-508-0130
BerlinBlue Ribbon Nursery184 New Freedom Road856-767-4061
BerlinCircle Garden CenterRoute 73856-753-1094
BerlinFreida and Fred’s Garden Center294 S White Horse Pike856-767-4033
BerlinNature Green Garden Center599 Route 73856-767-3335
BerlinNocella’s Nursery194 Clementon Road856-767-9476
BernardsvilleDubrow’s79 Bernards Avenue908-696-0331
BernardsvilleFar Hills Landscape Supply Co540 US Highway 202908-221-9202
BernardsvilleWalter’s Garden Center58 Morristown Road908-766-4797
BeverlyEdgewater Stone and Garden Supl1655 Mount Holly Road609-877-4300
BlackwoodHilltop Garden Center1339 N Black Horse Pike856-232-8844
BlairstownBlairstown Nursery and Garden66 Cedar Lake Road908-362-9670
BlairstownCerami Plantation70 Locust Lake Road908-459-4475
BlairstownRockledge Nursery and Landscape33 Kerrs Corner Road908-362-6571
BloomfieldBrookside Garden Center551 Broad Street973-748-0655
BloomingdaleGlenwild Garden Center and Nursery104 Glenwild Avenue973-838-0174
BloomsburyEast Coast Log50 County Road 639908-995-2902
BloomsburyNorth Eastern Nurseries138 Hawks Schoolhouse Road908-479-1320
Bound BrookB and B Nurseries2020 US Highway 22732-356-8844
Bound BrookGarden Oaks Garden Center1921 US Highway 22732-356-7333
BranchburgMoss Nursery and Produce Center1024 US Highway 202 S908-685-2036
BranchburgShemin Nurseries Inc100 Meister Avenue908-707-8222
BranchvilleCarriage House Tree Farm39 Newton Avenue973-948-7717
BranchvillePochuk Valley Farms of Augusta150 US Highway 206973-948-6511
BrickBerry Fresh Farms151 Brick Boulevard732-477-0606
BrickFrank’s Nursery and Crafts116 Brick Boulevard732-920-3630
BrickGarden Shoppe At Brick2190 State Highway 88732-295-4311
BrickJ’s Garden Spot Inc2039 State Highway 88732-899-5056
BridgetonBell’s Nursery129 Old Burlington Road856-453-2777
BridgetonBlew Valley Farm40 Back Neck Road856-451-3906
BridgetonBlue Sterling Nursery372 Seeley Cohansey Road856-451-2259
BridgetonBrock Farm Sinc110 Deerfield Pike856-453-5253
BridgetonBrock’s Farm Inc50 Polk Lane856-455-7880
BridgetonBush’s Christmas Tree Nursery839 Barretts Run Road856-453-0125
BridgetonCarl Mehaffey’s Nursery266 Pecks Corner Cohansey Road856-455-6513
BridgetonCarl’s NurseryCenterton Road856-455-3655
BridgetonCasper’s Nurseries189 Polk Lane856-451-7788
BridgetonCedrus Nursery49 Sewall Road856-455-4342
BridgetonCohansey Nursery310 Old Cohansey Road856-453-4900
BridgetonCounty Line Nurseries Inc462 Parvins Mill Road856-453-1773
BridgetonHopewell Nursery Inc54 Harmony Road856-451-3516
BridgetonL G Hoffman Nurseries276 Marlboro Road856-455-7495
BridgetonMayhew Greenhouses and Nursery813 Columbia Highway856-455-4855
BridgetonMiles Nursery521 Jericho Road856-455-4490
BridgetonRiggins Nursery525 Roadstown Greenwich Road856-455-2459
BridgetonSheilds Nursery275 Harmony Road856-451-1881
BridgetonSouth Jersey Seedlings528 Greenwich Road856-455-4048
BridgetonSuley Acres Nursery40 Seeley Road856-451-9551
BridgewaterFrank’s Nursery and Crafts794 US Highway 202908-218-1930
BridgewaterLinda’s Farm Stand831 US Highway 202/206908-725-1555
BridgewaterRichard Roberts Ltd400 Commons Way908-722-1240
Browns MillsV G Nursery88 Eldridge Street609-735-2081
Budd LakeTree Scape Corp476 US Highway 46908-850-0555
BurlingtonAgway Inc600 US Highway 130 N609-386-0500
BurlingtonM B Nursery206 Sunset Road609-386-4162
CaldwellMatarazzo’s Farm216 Mountain Avenue973-226-3289
Cape MayChurch’s Garden Center and Farms522 Seashore Road609-884-3927
Cape MayWillow Creek Farm Nursery168 Stevens Street609-884-8101
Cape May CT HseBack Yard Gardens250 W Shell Bay Avenue609-463-6868
Cape May CT HseCountry Greenery1518 N Shore Road609-465-2694
Cape May CT HseGarden Green House and Nursery1919 N Route 9609-624-1350
Cedar GroveCedar Grove Garden Center1201 Pompton Avenue973-256-1950
Cedar KnollsProgressive Gardens NJ18 Ridgedale Avenue973-540-0099
CedarvilleJ G Akerboom Nurseries Inc700 Main Street856-447-3346
Cherry HillWhitcraft Farms202 Kresson Road856-427-9603
ChesterAgb Nursery Inc16 Sugar Maple Row908-879-0002
ChesterCountry Nursery290 State Route 24908-879-5471
ChesterMendham Garden Center162 US Highway 206 N908-879-5020
ChesterPlant Detectives Inc45 US Highway 206908-879-6577
CinnaminsonDare’s Plants1900 Union Landing Road856-786-1633
ClarkMiele Greenhouses982 Lake Avenue732-388-5778
ClaytonFour Seasons Nursery1114 N. Delsea Drive609-381-6043
ClementonCookie’s Garden Mart111 White Horse Pike856-783-7802
CliftonClifton’s Richfield Farms1139 Van Houten Avenue973-777-7535
CliftonClifton’s Richfield Farms1187 Van Houten Avenue973-777-7535
ClosterLupardi’s Nursery Inc75 Blanch Avenue201-768-0017
Colts NeckBrock Farm and Garden Center35 State Route 34 N732-462-0900
Colts NeckCasola Produce StandLaird Road & State Highway 34732-946-8588
Colts NeckHidden Pines Nursery170 Heyers Mill Road732-431-8741
Colts NeckL P Statile Inc Asla2 Phalanx Road732-294-1991
Colts NeckPine Tree Landscape Systems5 Forrest Way732-431-8440
Colts NeckTriple Brook Nursery459 State Route 34 N732-946-2027
Colts NeckWhispering Pines Farms89 Heyers Mill Road732-431-0471
ColumbusAsh’s Flower Farm2919 Route 206609-518-9200
ColumbusPinelands Nursery323 Island Road609-291-9486
Corbin CitySurran’s Nursery605 Route 50609-628-3199
Cream RidgeB and J Nursery49 Holmes Mill Road609-758-2017
Cream RidgeBaier Lustgarten Farms and Nrsrs107 Jonathan Holmes Road609-758-7600
Cream RidgeBlack Pine Nursery53 Emleys Hill Road609-758-3672
Cream RidgeCabbagetown Construction3 Main Street609-758-5988
CresskillWillow Run1 County Road201-568-2400
Deerfield StreetBehnke, JohnCohansey Road856-455-6498
DelranFrank’s Nursery and Crafts4037 Route 130856-461-9055
DelranJim’s Lawn and Garden Center Inc75 River Drive856-461-2666
DelranMc Carter-Dallman Farm Market83 Saint Mihiel Drive856-764-0468
DeptfordFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1729 Deptford Center Road856-853-1921
DumontD’Angelo Farms546 Washington Avenue201-385-7788
East BrunswickConover Nurseries Inc44 Fern Road732-254-9348
East BrunswickFerris Farms Garden Center690 Cranbury Road732-254-8019
East BrunswickWeigelia Gardens660 Cranbury Road732-254-3474
EatontownGod’s Little Acre36 Rutland Pl732-544-0252
EatontownGrawtown Greenhouse45 State Route 35732-542-7000
EdisonBarton Nursery949 New Durham Road732-287-5222
EdisonBocchieri Farm and Garden Center226 US Highway 1732-985-3646
Egg Harbor CityGalloway Nursery1121 W Aloe Street609-965-2071
Egg Harbor CityHerb and Botanical Alliance5916 Duerer Street609-965-0337
Egg Harbor CityPonderosa Tree Farm131 S Mannheim Avenue609-965-4646
Egg Harbor TwpBob’s Garden Center and Christmas6610 Black Horse Pike609-641-6306
Egg Harbor TwpLyn’s Garden Market1175 Ocean Heights Avenue609-646-5888
ElmerEdgar Joyce Nursery111 Coleman Road856-358-3324
ElmerGarden Road Greenhouse402 Garden Road856-358-3032
ElmerIndian Mills NurseryTice Lane856-358-3490
ElmerJohnson Farms1633 Highway 77856-358-1123
ElmerVisconti Nursery1459 Centerton Road856-358-6644
EnglishtownFour Seasons Nursery Co29 Millhurst Road732-780-7022
EnglishtownWaters’ Nursery37 Baird Road732-446-6138
Estell ManorHerbert’s Nursery167 7th Avenue W609-628-2882
Fair LawnAmerican Nursery5-16 Saddle River Road201-794-0550
FarmingdaleDaisy Garden Center219 Squankum Road732-938-7900
FarmingdaleDeer Run Nursery and Greenhouses182 Peskin Road732-938-5721
FarmingdaleT and R EnterprisesState Highway 33732-938-3075
FlandersBlue Atlas Nursery155 Flanders Netcong Road973-347-9292
FlandersDubrow’s Nurseries Inc42 Bartley Road973-252-4400
FlemingtonGarden Gate101 State Route 31908-788-4255
FlemingtonHidden Acres Nursery16 Cozy Lane908-782-3209
FlemingtonUbel’s Farm Stand305 State Route 12908-782-3545
Forked RiverHometown Hardware-Garden Center455 US Highway 9609-698-3336
FranklinScenic Farms Nursery233 Davis Road973-827-9633
Franklin LakesTwinbrook Nurseries Inc706 Franklin Avenue201-891-1606
FreeholdAlvarado Nursery29 Stillwells Corner Road732-462-1364
FreeholdBrock Farm and Garden Center4189 US Highway 9732-462-2700
FreeholdBulk’s Garden Center89 Woodville Road732-462-9171
FreeholdBulk’s Nurseries Inc89 Woodville Road732-462-5500
FreeholdCrawford Bros Farms149 Georgia Road732-625-9233
FreeholdEdlo Nursery250 Jackson Mills Road732-462-7373
FreeholdLandex Evergreen Nursery12 Howell Road732-462-8523
FreeholdLawerence J Lapide400 Broadway732-683-1495
FreeholdShop Rite Garden CenterUS Highway 9 & South732-780-0460
FrenchtownToadshade Wildflower Farm53 Everittstown Hill Road908-996-7500
GilletteGreat Swamp Greenhouses553 New Vernon Road908-647-3725
GlassboroMc Closkey’s Nursery419 E Route 322856-307-9652
GlassboroTimber Hill Nursery and Garden1214 Ellis Mill Road856-881-3336
Glen RockHerold’s Farm and Garden Center909 Prospect Street201-445-0069
Green BrookRose’s Evergreen319 US Highway 22732-968-1218
Green CreekRabbit Run Lawn Ornaments338 State Highway 47 S609-886-5080
Green VillageGreen Village Garden Center401 Green Village Road973-377-8703
HackensackEvergreen Landscaping/Nursery17 Marion Street201-488-4121
HackettstownDonaldson Greenhouses and Nursry178 Airport Road908-852-7314
HackettstownStone Hedge Farm and Garden Center15 East Avenue908-852-8700
HamburgB and M Aquatic Gardens and Koi3408 State Rt 94973-209-1185
HammontonFlower Shoppe At Mary’s3750 S White Horse Pike609-561-1818
HammontonJoe Ingemi’s Farm and Garden Center669 Grape Street609-567-4515
HammontonJoe’s Market750 N Chew Road609-561-6147
HammontonMister Green Jeans210 S Route 73609-567-5786
HammontonRed Barn Home and GardenState Highway 206 & Myrtle Avenue609-567-1111
HammontonRosedale Nursery733 N Egg Harbor Road609-561-9500
HawthorneDell Garden Center975 Goffle Road973-238-0101
HazletFrank’s Nursery and Crafts2931 State Route 35732-739-3032
HewittBattinelli Farms and Garden Center1611 Greenwood Lake Turnpike973-728-1200
HightstownFrank’s Nursery and Crafts392 US Highway 130609-443-9771
HightstownGlobal Ag Assoc Inc633 Route 33 W609-448-1470
HillsboroughAsh’s Flower Farms135 US Highway 206908-218-7844
HillsboroughB W Nursery229 Zion Road908-369-8689
HolmdelBayshore Greenhouse and Farm696 N Beers Street732-739-4243
HolmdelDearborn Garden Center Inc2170 State Route 35732-264-8601
HolmdelF and F Nurseries Inc23 Roberts Road732-946-4500
HolmdelHolmdel Nurseries110 Main Street732-946-4271
HolmdelT Z Greens Garden Center2147 State Route 35732-264-4454
HowellBear Creek Herbary494 Lakewood Farmingdale Road732-938-2327
HowellEast Creek Greenhouses Inc578 Oak Glen Road732-364-1884
HowellFrank’s Nursery and Crafts4250 US Highway 9732-905-1818
HowellJmj Nursery2900 Lakewood Allenwood Road732-785-0442
HowellTwin Pond Farm Garden Center1459 US Highway 9732-863-0755
ImlaystownHighridge Farms-Trees Now172 Davis Streetation Road609-259-9204
JacksonCassville Garden Center81 Cassville Road732-928-7954
JacksonOcean Wholesale Nurseries705 Wright Debow Road732-833-7000
JacksonRarefind Nursery957 Patterson Road732-833-0613
JamesburgBaker’s Nursery458 Spotswood Englishtown Road732-251-3377
JamesburgBryant Nursery255 Rhode Hall Road732-521-2718
JamesburgKordus Nursery1015 Cranbury South River Road732-521-8288
JamesburgKrygier’s Nursery741 Cranbury South River Road732-257-5727
JamesburgStasi Landscaping Co Inc1959 Englishtown Road732-521-1979
JobstownK and R Nursery2460 Monmouth Road609-723-2989
KenilworthKenilworth Garden Center491 Boulevard #C908-272-6659
KenvilFrank’s Nursery and Crafts840 US Highway 46973-584-3010
LafayetteIdeal Farm and Garden CenterDecker Road973-579-1443
LafayetteShades of Green28 Route 94 S973-300-0572
LakewoodCalgo Garden Center84 Cross Street732-905-6606
LakewoodDwulet’s Nursery and Farm Market1890 Lanes Mill Road732-367-9803
Lanoka HarborLanoka Farms615 US Highway 9609-693-6215
LebanonWillow Brook Farm25 Tine Road908-730-6512
Lincoln ParkMisty Meadows332 George Cobb Lane973-694-6292
Lincoln ParkNielsen-Elefante Nurseries Inc660 Pine Brook Road973-694-2786
LincroftColonial Nursery1124 W Front Street732-530-3838
LincroftGialanella Evergreens336 Everett Road732-741-7255
LinwoodLang’s Garden MarketWest Avenue & Route 9609-927-6283
Little Egg HbrSusie’s Down To Earth Garden300 Route 9 S609-296-5858
Long BranchA Bruno and Son Growers315 Brighton Avenue732-222-2632
Long BranchButterfly Blue Farms264 Branchport Avenue732-263-1200
Long ValleyMiddle Valley Landscape Nursery421 W Mill Road908-832-2810
LumbertonMedford Nursery Inc560 Eayrestown Road609-267-8100
LyndhurstFrank’s Nursery and Crafts550 New York Avenue201-939-2732
MadisonCoviello Brothers245 Main Street973-377-3055
MagnoliaMagnolia Garden Village405 White Horse Pike S856-783-4717
MahwahFieldstone Growers272 Airmont Avenue201-236-5015
MahwahHedgewick Gardens800 Wyckoff Avenue201-847-8999
MahwahShemin Nurseries Inc100 Weyerhauser Road201-529-0099
ManahawkinGreentree Garden Center1412 Route 72 W609-597-5229
ManahawkinKline Brothers Landscaping811 E Bay Avenue609-494-5838
ManahawkinReynolds Garden Shop201 E Bay Avenue609-597-6099
ManasquanHarvest Exchange1441 Lakewood Road732-528-1717
ManchesterChapman’s Manchester Gardens3858 Ridge Avenue732-657-7070
ManchesterCountry Gardens1214 Route 70732-350-1776
MarlboroTriple C Nurseries498 County Road 520732-946-8885
MarltonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts46 W Route 70856-596-2032
MarltonG Boys Garden and Christmas Center801 W Route 70856-983-3300
MarltonLaurel Oak Garden Center199 Tomlinson Mill Road856-596-7779
MarltonMorrison’s Garden Center980 Tuckerton Road856-983-3795
MarmoraVaughan’s Farm and Garden312 Roosevelt Boulevard609-390-1864
MatawanFarm At Lloyd Road571 Lloyd Road732-583-3535
MatawanMatawan World of Gardening246 County Road 516732-441-1188
Mays LandingCaterina’s Tree Svc6958 Harding Highway609-476-2174
Mays LandingGene’s Market7317 Black Horse Pike609-625-2955
MaywoodMaine Evergreen561 Spring Valley Road201-843-6808
MedfordHartford Gardens272 Hartford Road609-654-9395
MedfordMichael’s Country Nursery165 Tuckerton Road856-988-0066
MendhamMendham Garden Center11 W Main Street973-543-4178
MiddletownMiddletown Garden Center Co861 State Route 35732-671-1050
MillburnGarden Path380 Millburn Avenue973-912-0022
MilltownMike’s Country Market and Nursery200 Riva Avenue732-821-7144
Monmouth JctCarkhuff’s Patio and Garden Center3790 US Highway 1732-297-2626
Monmouth JctCrossroads Nursery981 Georges Road732-297-8110
Monroe TwpAnt Nursery1439 Perrineville Road609-448-1425
Monroe TwpCentral Masonry853 Route 33609-371-9180
Monroe TwpTom Iadevaia and Son Nursery230 Rhode Hall Road732-521-0912
Monroe TwpVinnie’s Nursery and Farm Market2072 Englishtown Road732-521-9200
MonroevilleKessel’s Nursery49 Pinyard Road856-358-4501
MontagueGardens To Grow Llc432 US Highway 206973-293-8844
MontclairPresby Iris Gardens474 Upper Mountain Avenue973-783-5974
MontclairWallwodd Gardens400 Orange Road973-509-9855
MoorestownFlagg’s Flowers and Garden Center4320 Bridgeboro Road856-461-3359
MorganvilleMarlboro Greenhouses Inc190 Tennent Road732-591-5533
MorganvilleMorganville Flower Farm406 State Route 79732-591-8920
MorganvilleMorganville Nursery136 Crine Road732-591-1463
MorristownAgway Inc Farm Home and Garden176 Ridgedale Avenue973-538-3232
MorristownCountry Mile Gardens1108 Mount Kemble Avenue973-425-0088
MT HollyCraig’s Plants and Flowers2437 Route 206609-261-0600
MT HollyPenn State Seed Co2545 Route 206 #A609-265-8600
MT HollyPerennial Garden1347 Monmouth Road609-267-1969
MT LaurelRamblewood Garden Center800 S Church Street856-235-7688
MT LaurelSpringville Orchard and Herbary515 Hartford Road856-235-1288
Mullica HillCedar Ridge230 Clems Run856-478-6305
Mullica HillCreamy Acres Greenhouses448 Lincoln Mill Road856-223-1669
Mullica HillFazzio Garden Center Inc541 Bridgeton Pike856-478-6298
Mullica HillGreen Planet1022 Monroeville Road856-769-8010
National ParkSupreme Landscaping823 Hessian Avenue856-845-9282
Neptune CityJoe’s Farm Market307 W Sylvania Avenue732-775-8555
Neshanic StationCountryside Gardens1346 US Highway 202908-369-4033
New EgyptBig Woods Garden Center and Nursery227 Brynmore Road609-758-8002
New MilfordPerrone Farm and Garden Center563 River Road201-261-1574
New ProvidenceTree Staple Inc139 South Street908-464-8733
NewfieldFerrucci Nurseries1745 Piney Hollow Road856-697-1950
NewfieldGorrell Brothers952 Harding Highway856-697-0731
NewfieldPiney Hollow Nursery3653 Dutch Mill Road #B856-697-4959
NewfieldSepers Nursery1003 Columbia Avenue856-691-0597
NewfoundlandJohn’s Home and Garden Center2850 State Rt 23973-208-6650
NewportGreenleaves Christmas Tree52 Newport Millville Road856-447-3814
NewtonD’Angelo’s Garden World240 Newton Sparta Road973-383-7070
NewtonOrchard View Greenhouses385 State Route 94 S973-383-7193
North ArlingtonCharlie’s Nursery and Garden Center275 River Road201-998-8206
North BrunswickDE Vries Garden Center and Landscaping2442 State Route 27732-297-1244
North BrunswickLivingston Park Nursery1036 How Lane732-246-0460
North BrunswickMaple Tree Garden Center2708 State Route 27732-297-3882
North WildwoodSeaside Gardens20th Avenue & New York Avenue N609-522-3747
NorthfieldMazza Country Farm Market815 W Mill Road609-646-1130
NorthfieldRonnie’s Garden Center1520 New Road609-641-6546
NorthvaleCleatus Farms Inc236 Livingston Street201-768-3099
NorwoodD’Ercole Farms and Garden Center518 Tappan Road201-768-0495
NutleyCentre Ridge Nursery and Garden652 Centre Street973-667-0991
NutleyNutley Garden Center145 Franklin Avenue973-667-8541
OaklandRiverside Nursery237 Ramapo Valley Road201-651-0222
OaklandSomers Garden Center30 Franklin Avenue201-337-7200
Ocean ViewSea Grove Farm Market2661 Shore Road609-624-3540
Old BridgeViolet Farm151 Texas Road732-521-9141
OrangeOrange Garden Supply Co360 Alden Street973-672-2212
Palisades ParkKaradontes Nurseries and Garden48 Grand Avenue201-943-5167
ParamusEisele’s Nursery and Garden Center232 Oradell Avenue201-262-1015
ParamusJoy’s Farmstand731 Pascack Road201-265-6811
ParamusSkie’s Garden Center417 Paramus Road201-447-6574
ParamusTownship Nursery and Garden Center587 Mazur Avenue201-652-0051
ParamusVictoria’s Garden Center578 Paramus Road201-569-8080
ParamusVictoria’s Nursery578 Paramus Road201-251-2555
ParsippanyCerbo’s Parsippnay Greenhouses440 Littleton Road973-334-2623
ParsippanyMountain Lakes Gardens3709 US Highway 46973-316-8186
ParsippanyTony’s Garden Center390 US Highway 46973-227-0980
PatersonSpinella’s Garden Center238 E Railway Avenue973-278-0756
PembertonHomestead Garden Center302 N Pemberton Road609-518-0188
PenningtonJack’s Greenhouse and Farm10 Woosamonsa Road609-737-0224
PennsaukenScott and Sons Garden Center2617 Haddonfield Road856-317-1222
PhillipsburgAgway Inc1127 S Main Street908-454-1127
PhillipsburgSnover’s Greenhouses and Florist790 Streetrykers Road908-859-3254
PhillipsburgWarren Valley Nurseries Inc571 State Route 57908-859-0515
PitmanGroff’s Mill Pond Nurseries Co1350 N Delsea Drive856-589-8397
PittstownChia Sin Farms215 Quakertown Road908-730-7123
PlainfieldD Altman’s Garden Center1375 South Avenue908-753-9533
PlainfieldFox Nurseries920 South Avenue908-756-0201
Point PleasantPoint Pleasant Garden Center3000 Route 88732-892-8855
Pompton LakesDave’s Nursery234 Willow Avenue973-839-6390
Pompton PlainsSullivans Oak Farm637 State Rt 23973-835-6766
Pompton PlainsVan Wingerden Farms208 Jacksonville Road973-696-4455
Port MurrayThree Brothers Nursery502 State Route 57908-689-4194
PrincetonMadden’s Greenhouse and Nursery4312 Route 27609-924-1555
PrincetonObal Garden Market Inc516 Alexander Road609-452-2401
PrincetonPeterson’s Nursery Garden Center3730 Lawrenceville Road609-924-5770
PrincetonPresbyterian Cooperative NurseryUS Highway 1 & Washington Road609-520-1754
PrincetonSchwarz Gardens4355 Route 27732-297-7101
Princeton JctHollyfield Nursery and Garden221 Southfield Road609-799-3978
Pt Pleasant BchRailside Outdoor and Patio Center416 Washington Avenue732-899-6831
RamseyRamsey Nursery180 N Franklin Turnpike201-327-8202
RandolphAlpine Deere Nursery1021 State Route 10973-252-7500
RandolphAmato’s Garden Center1135 Sussex Turnpike973-895-2424
RandolphCenter Grove Nursery257 Center Grove Road973-366-9310
RandolphRandolph Karate Academy1243 Sussex Turnpike973-895-5335
RandolphRedwood Gardens Nursery Inc65 Morris Turnpike973-584-0778
RaritanAgway Garden Center77 Thompson Street908-725-9252
Red BankPlant Outlet15 Wikoff Pl732-530-0039
RidgefieldD and G Garden Center414 Bergen Boulevard201-945-5211
RidgefieldJohn D’Alesio and Sons Inc487 Hendricks Cswy201-945-6701
RidgefieldMatera Garden and Nursery Center514 Broad Avenue201-943-8288
RidgewoodBackyard Living206 E Ridgewood Avenue201-689-9111
RidgewoodGoffle Brook Farm and Garden Center423 Goffle Road201-652-7540
RingoesSchaffernoth Flowers1018 US Highway 202908-782-3347
RingoesSweet Valley Farms Market and Nursery1034 US Highway 202908-806-3276
RingoesWhistle Stop Nursery and Farm95 John Ringo Road908-782-5783
Rio GrandeCape May County Garden Market1118 Route 47 S609-886-3007
Rio GrandeSecluded Acres Farm and Garden1024 Route 47 S609-886-8574
RobbinsvilleA and M Farm Market1203 US Highway 130609-448-0663
RobbinsvilleCountry Gardens42 Robbinsville Edinburg Road609-259-1221
RobbinsvilleOstrich Nursery170 Pond Road609-426-9114
RobbinsvilleTimothy’s Center For Gardening1185 US Highway 130609-448-6222
RockawayRockaway Garden Center296 US Highway 46973-625-8658
RockawaySilk Trees Etc350 US Highway 46973-664-1670
Saddle RiverCapability Brown Store5 Barnstable CT201-327-0044
SalemColonial Nurseries IncSalem Woodstown Road856-935-2356
SayrevilleKuchta Garden Center380 Washington Road732-254-7637
SayrevilleSayreville Lawn and Garden Supply258 Main Street732-390-0900
Scotch PlainsAmberg Perennial Farm and Garden2100 Lamberts Mill Road908-233-0873
Scotch PlainsFertl-Soil Co514 Martin Pl908-322-6132
Scotch PlainsHoliday Creations By Parker1325 Terrill Road908-322-5552
SeabrookH Uhland Nurseries153 Cook Lane856-455-3525
SewellBloomers Home and Garden Center344 Hurffville Crosskeys Road856-589-0200
SewellCousins Garden Center355 Center Street856-468-8241
SewellExley’s Landscape Svc Inc1535 Tanyard Road856-468-5949
SewellHillcrest Farm and Nursery123 Thies Road856-589-5696
SewellOlde Farm Gardens22 Pitman Richwood Road856-256-0700
SewellPrickett NurseryMantua Boulevard856-468-0654
SewellScott Farm Nurseries1554 Tanyard Road856-464-0530
ShamongNeighborhood Pride Garden Center211 Tuckerton Road609-268-8843
ShamongOak Shade Nursery and Garden Center434 Oakshade Road609-268-1502
ShamongSpringer’s Brook Nursery1051 Route 206609-268-1667
SicklervilleApplecreek Garden Center520 Sicklerville Road856-728-6696
SicklervilleDanny Jr’s Landscaping-Nursery664 Cross Keys Road856-629-0016
Somers PointWild Flowers98 Mays Landing Road609-926-5531
SomersetAtlock Flower Farm545 Weston Canal Road732-356-3373
SomersetNorthern Nurseries Inc487 Elizabeth Avenue732-560-5060
SomervilleParkside Gardens51 US Highway 206 S908-725-4595
South PlainfieldCoppola Farms Road Stand1600 New Durham Road732-985-2166
South PlainfieldMoore’s Stone and Garden430 Hamilton Boulevard908-757-4646
SouthamptonBriand’s Garden Center1826 Route 206609-859-3879
SouthamptonDE Santis Garden Center Inc1685 Route 70609-859-2002
SouthamptonPiney John’s Feed and Garden118 Route 72609-726-1885
SouthamptonRed Run Nursery1759 Church Road609-801-0600
SouthamptonWarfield Brothers Turf Farm262 Red Lion Road609-859-2224
SpartaMohawk Gardens Inc163 Woodport Road973-729-9400
Spring LakeAllaire Gardner1308 Allaire Road732-449-7420
SpringfieldCardinal Lawn and Garden Center272 Milltown Road973-376-0440
SpringfieldL P Statile Inc490 Mountain Avenue973-379-5811
SpringfieldMaplewood Nurseries and Stone160 Springfield Avenue973-376-7698
StanhopeLockwood Farms Garden and Gifts35 US Highway 206973-347-3010
StewartsvilleGarden Depot Enterprises250 Beattys Road908-479-6466
SuccasunnaDering’s Garden Supply131 State Route 10 E973-584-4488
SummitGarden Shop At the Reeves165 Hobart Avenue908-277-1190
SummitWayside Gardens54 Morris Turnpike908-273-7022
SussexFair Acres Farm1343 State Rt 23973-875-6613
SussexHaggerty Garden Center86 Lusscroft Road973-875-5003
SussexKattermann FarmsState Rt 23 S973-875-8171
SussexKuperus Farmside Gardens19 Loomis Avenue973-875-3160
SussexTwin Fields Farm25 Card Road973-875-1845
SwedesboroOld Swedes Garden Center2003 Kings Highway856-241-3800
SwedesboroStecher’s Country Store1024 Township Line Road856-467-2208
TabernacleCoger Farm’s and Nursery288 Carranza Road609-268-7127
TabernacleCO-OP Growers Assn Inc1360 Route 206609-268-1018
TabernacleGreenwood Nursery128 Sooy Place Road609-859-2004
TeaneckLimone Horticultural Inc892 Palisade Avenue201-836-6692
TeaneckTeaneck GreenhouseLindberg Boulevard201-833-2242
ThorofareMantua Creek Nursery1089 Kings Highway856-845-9294
Three BridgesTorsilieri IncSouth Street908-788-3880
Tinton FallsConrad Smith Nursery560 Tinton Avenue732-542-1420
TitusvilleBrymer Nursery1600 River Road609-737-9584
Toms RiverA Shanty House350 Atlantic City Boulevard #B732-244-4640
Toms RiverDel’s Farm Market2408 Route 37 E732-270-3703
Toms RiverNature Fair1841 Hooper Avenue732-255-3044
Toms RiverPhoenix Landscape Supply530 Fischer Boulevard732-929-8162
Toms RiverSantos Garden and Landscaping2030 US Highway 9732-341-2444
TrentonAsh’s Flower Farm1536 Lower Ferry Road609-771-9496
TrentonChesterfield Gardens615 Chesterfield Jacobstown Road609-298-2726
TrentonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts645 US Highway 130609-585-1221
TrentonMazur Nursery265 Bakers Basin Road609-587-9150
TrentonQuakerbridge Gardens1181 Hughes Drive609-890-7126
TrentonTree King Plant Mart1975 Klockner Road609-587-7294
TuckertonBuy-Rite Shrubs364 Kingfisher Road609-294-0024
Upper Saddle RvrCreative Gardens409 E Saddle River Road201-327-5224
VeronaHillcrest Farms and Greenhouse377 Bloomfield Avenue973-239-0809
VinelandAsh’s Flower Farm5019 Landis Avenue856-696-9955
VinelandBellone’s Nursery491 Harding Highway856-697-4351
VoorheesGreen Lea Florist204 Route 73856-767-4413
WaldwickJames Parker and Son114 Crescent Avenue201-652-6068
WaldwickWeeping Pine Nursery Inc207 Wyckoff Avenue201-670-7641
WallHolly Brook Farms and Garden Center2023 State Route 35732-449-1316
WallLanza’s Nursery1823 New Bedford Road732-449-0098
WarrenPlant Bazaar32 Mountain Boulevard908-753-9177
WarrenRoman Gardens Plant and Garden51 Stirling Road908-226-1400
WashingtonDutch Valley Tree Farm166 Changewater Road908-689-0793
WashingtonPlant Farm Gardens and Nursery2306 State Route 57 W908-689-0430
Washington TwpStone Mill Gadren Nursery769 Ridgewood Road201-263-1410
Waterford WorksInternational Bonsai Imports12 Mauriello Drive856-768-2885
WayneBirch Hill Nursery221 Newark Pompton Turnpike973-686-5955
WayneCanete Garden Center825 Black Oak Ridge Road973-616-5602
WayneCedar Hill Nurseries262 Valley Road973-686-0577
WayneGlenn Pond Nursery600 Berdan Avenue973-696-2497
WayneRock Ledge Garden Center Inc1621 Hamburg Turnpike973-694-8117
WayneStrawberry Blossom Home and Gardens1364 State Route 23973-694-7500
West CaldwellCaldwell Nursery246 Passaic Avenue973-226-1480
West CaldwellCarter Garden Center and Nursery551 Passaic Avenue973-227-1919
West CaldwellHillside Gardens Inc70 Grandview Avenue973-226-1220
West Long BranchFrank’s Nursery and Crafts210 Monmouth Road732-229-2587
West MilfordGreen Mothers Garden196 Lincoln Avenue973-728-7835
West MilfordIndian Ridge Farm368 Ridge Road973-728-9502
West OrangePleasantdale Nurseries Inc240 Pleasant Valley Way973-731-0830
WestfieldFerrara Garden Center380 Springfield Avenue908-232-9932
WestfieldWilliams Nursery524 Springfield Avenue908-232-4076
WhippanyBushes Landscaping and Garden55 State Route 10973-887-6800
Whitehouse StaBaber’s Pinetree Farm and Nursery25 Springtown Road908-236-2105
WhitingSloan Boys Market408 Manchester Boulevard732-350-0464
WilliamstownHarvey Jones Nursery4223 S Black Horse Pike856-629-7160
WilliamstownHogbin’s Nursery4566 S Black Horse Pike856-629-2810
WilliamstownHogbin’s Nursery and Landscape4415 S Black Horse Pike856-629-1185
WilliamstownJohn A Bononcini Nursery4268 S Black Horse Pike856-629-7721
WilliamstownPotted Paradise2494 S Black Horse Pike856-875-0500
WillingboroWoolman Brothers Nursery4228 Route 130609-877-3442
WoodbineBarber’s Fresh Meadow Nursery142 Powell Road609-861-5050
WoodbineFlora For FaunaFriedriechstadt Avenue609-861-5102
WoodburyS Jersey Koi and Aquatic Plant85 Walker Avenue856-848-6157
Woodcliff LakeBel Fiore Greenhouses295 Glen Road201-391-7626
Woodcliff LakeGalaxy Gardens223 Woodcliff Avenue201-573-1515
Woodcliff LakeMayberry’s Nursery and Garden98 Broadway201-391-2280
WyckoffEdwards Nursery150 Ravine Avenue201-445-4872