Missouri Trees For Sale

The Show-Me State is home to the Flowering Dogwood, now endangered in many northern regions such as Ontario. Missouri has a healthy population of the Flowering Dogwood, a flowering deciduous tree which makes up for height in width. Reaching only 30 feet tall, the Flowering Dogwood stretches out, displaying moderate sized ovate leaves which appear flat on the edge but are actually finely toothed. The flowers on the Flowering Dogwood are small, less than an inch in diameter. Flowering in April, the Flowering Dogwood can be a great addition to the Missouri landscape; however, the Missouri planter has many options from which to choose if adding a new tree to the yard.

Due to its extreme severe variations, temperature changes, and interior United States geography, the smart Missouri grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for Missouri

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Royal Empress Trees

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

  1. Juniper ‘Wichita Blue’

Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and fast-growing properties.

  1. Sweetheart Blueberry

Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and perimeter planting.

  1. Willow Hybrid

Ideal for providing privacy, fast-growing properties, and easy care

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Missouri

A state that without doubt deserves its millions of residents, Missouri is continuing to attract new inhabitants from other parts of the United States. Although a boon for the local economy, new infrastructure can be invasive and annoying. Solutions exist for prying eyes and sound-producing highways. Trees that are cultivated to form protective barriers, better known as ‘privacy trees’ can be planted to afford the Missouri yard the solitude and peace it deserves.

Although there are many privacy trees the Missouri planter may plant, none is as fitting as the Willow Hybrid. The Willow Hybrid grow quickly, at upwards of 6 feet a year, and provides fast-growing privacy. Unlike many privacy tree species, the Willow Hybrid is not an evergreen but a subset of the willow, providing a unique barrier against intrusions of every kind. The Willow Hybrid is not the only option to choose from in Missouri. Alternatively, consider the Thuja Green Giant or Juniper ‘Witchita Blue’.


Missouri sits in the interior of the United States, between Illinois and Kansas, though it borders eight states in total. Complete with a humid continental climate, Missouri displays humid, hot summers and cold winters. With no mitigating geographical factors, such as distinct elevation changes or large bodies of water, Missouri’s climate is largely determined by air from the Arctic and the Gulf of Mexico. Average temperatures are meaningless in Missouri, where 30 to 40 degree fluctuations in the course of a day are not uncommon. Summers can have extended days above 100°F, with the average only lingering at 73°F. Winters can average about 26°F, but drop frequently below 0° with a record -40°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Missouri is known for its agricultural growth in corn, soybean, and specialty crop industries. This is in large part due to its Menfro soil, a rich, deep, and dark silt-based loam. Regardless of the property’s location in The Show-Me State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.
1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Where temperature varies dramatically, so does precipitation. Missouri’s northwest corner may only see 34 inches of rain while the southeast may garner as much as 50 inches. The northwest precipitation totals are more intertwined with continental influences, with January precipitation five times smaller than June. The southeast, on the other hand, is more affected by the air masses from the Arctic and Gulf, allowing for more even precipitation totals. Snow can be quite heavy, falling primarily in December through February. Northern Missouri averages between 18 and 24 inches of snow a winter, while the southern regions should only expect between 8 and 12 inches.


With inconsistent rainfall, newly planted trees risk poor initial growth and rooting. Irrigation is one effective method to ensure successful growth of your new tree. Drip or sprinkler systems are especially effective, allowing for maximum control and consistency in water management. As this is essential to newly planted trees, investigating your property for a preexisting natural or man-made irrigation system can be beneficial. If none exists, consider installation. Controlled water management can help ensure successful tree growth.

Growing Zones

Missouri is home to six distinct growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. These zones move in bands horizontally across the state, from north to south. Most of the north can expect temperatures to drop to -20°F, with small regions north of Moberly, southwest of St. Joseph, and north of Maryville experiencing slightly lower temperatures reaching -25°F. In contrast, regions south of Cape Girardeau and the West Plains will not experience extended temperatures below 0°F.

Weather Damage

Thunderstorms and tornadoes are the most common severe weather systems to affect Missouri. As recently as 2011, residents of Joplin were affected by a tornado that caused approximately $2 billion in damage and took the lives of 158 people. Thunderstorms usually hit the state in the spring and the summer, and can bring flash-flooding to low-lying areas. Trees can be effective at maintaining loose soil, which can prevent some erosion. Carefully plant trees in loose banks away from powerlines and buildings to ensure safety for all.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Missouri nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Missouri we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Missouri Trees For Sale | Guide to Buying Trees In Missouri
AndersonCountry Garden Depot101 Beaver Street417-845-6575
ArnoldMiller’s Ground Covers and Center3595 Tenbrook Road636-464-5928
AshlandCrazy Dick’s Lawn and Garden503 Douglas Drive573-657-0322
BallwinFrank’s Nursery and Crafts15031 Manchester Road636-256-8777
BallwinGreenscape Gardens2832 Barrett Station Road314-821-2440
BallwinKirkwood Material Gardens2701 Barrett Station Road314-966-4840
BallwinSherwood’s Forest-Nursery Center2651 Barrett Station Road314-966-0028
BallwinZick’s Great Outdoors Co16498 Clayton Road636-458-1445
BarnettMorgan County Seeds18761 Kelsay Road573-378-2655
BeltonHolmes Rd Nurseries1145 E 187th Street816-331-6755
BeltonRosehill Gardens Inc15600 S Prospect Ave816-331-4450
Blue SpringsColonial Nursery Corp27610 E Wyatt Road816-229-1277
BolivarLee Farms Nursery and Garden Center2520 S Springfield Ave417-326-3715
Bonne TerreCountry Way Nursery7175 Raider Road573-358-3632
BransonTerrace Gardens and Gifts1461 E State Highway 76417-337-8103
BridgetonHilltop Nursery Inc12050 Saint Charles Rock Road314-739-7531
BronaughCheyenne Gardens853 N 43 Highway417-843-3439
BuffaloBuffalo Prairie Nursery302 W Benton Street417-345-4240
Cape GirardeauC M Foeste Nursery1020 N Clark Street573-335-6247
Cape GirardeauGarden Gallery833 Broadway Street573-332-7123
Cape GirardeauSander Nursery5026 State Highway 25573-243-4992
Cape GirardeauSunny Hill Gardens and Florist206 N Kingshighway Street573-335-5785
CaruthersvilleRiggs Nursery1400 Ward Ave573-333-1303
CassvilleFor the Birds Nature and GardenHC 81 Box 9560417-847-2920
CentertownLongfellow’s Garden Center12007 Highway 50 W573-584-9611
ChaffeeMid America Sod Farm845 County Road 250573-887-3103
CharlestonSimmons Home Town Nursery314 Danforth Street573-683-3062
ChesterfieldRiver Valley Nursery170 River Valley Drive314-628-1700
ChesterfieldSuburbia Gardens Nursery Inc14550 S Outer 40636-532-4551
ClarksvilleBowood Farms29319 Pike 235573-242-3840
ClintonPat’s Lawn and Garden101 E Green Street660-885-3441
ClintonWizard Lawn and Landscaping113 N Washington Street660-885-7600
ColumbiaE C Piotter and Sons Nursery5065 N Clearview Road573-874-2628
ColumbiaLakewood Lawn and Garden1313 Vandiver Drive573-449-8119
ColumbiaSuperior Garden Center3100 Old 63 S573-442-9499
ColumbiaTotal Environments Garden Center804 Old 63 N573-874-8690
ColumbiaWilson’s Garden Center and Gift Shp909 Clinkscales Road573-445-2853
Creve CoeurCreve Coeur Botanicals10977 Olive Boulevard314-872-8400
DE SotoDrummond Nursery3435 Long Road636-586-5376
DefianceBluff View Nursery3135 S Highway 94636-798-2565
DefianceTennant Farms Nursery2920 S Highway 94636-798-3900
DefianceWine Country Gardens2711 S Highway 94636-798-2288
DexterJeff Lesley’s Tree and Shrub11931 County Road 725573-624-6590
El Dorado SpgsFrank Doty Nursery3685 E Highway 54417-876-3140
EllisvilleMansfield Nursery15977 Manchester Road636-394-6416
EllisvilleTimber Creek Nursery54 Clarkson Road636-227-0095
EoliaCanaanland Greenhouses146 S Main Street573-485-4647
EurekaEureka Nursery and Landscaping1421 W 5th Street636-938-9040
Excelsior SpringsWestview Garden Center1355 N Jesse James Road816-630-2260
FairdealingBrown’s NurseryHC 1 Box 184573-857-2426
FairdealingOzark GardensHC 1 Box 784573-996-4400
FentonMarshall’s Nursery and Garden1501 San Simeon Way636-343-4701
FestusMeert Tree Farm14516 State Road T636-931-3901
FlorissantBehlmann Nursery and Garden Center4325 N US Highway 67314-741-1893
FlorissantJamestown Nursery4012 Shackelford Road314-838-5366
FlorissantWaldbart and Sons Nursery5517 N US Highway 67314-741-3121
GlencoeGilberg Perennial Farms2906 Ossenfort Road636-458-2033
GlencoeMurphy’s Tree Service18020 Manchester Road636-458-3005
GlencoePassiglia’s Nursery and Garden1855 Highway 109636-458-9202
GlencoeTreeland Nursery615 Old State Road636-391-3909
GowerComanche Acres Iris GardensRR 1816-424-6436
Green RidgeA A Shade Tree Farm31465 Highway Aa660-527-3300
GroverBest of Nature17005 Old Manchester Road636-405-7003
GroverWells and Co16957 Manchester Road636-458-9449
HermannCreekside Nursery Inc169 State Route 100 W573-486-8849
High HillSuburbia Gardens Nursery IncCounty Road 248636-585-2626
HighlandvilleGreat View Nursery116 Great View Road417-357-6102
HighlandvilleGreenworks Wholesale Nursery2979 State Highway Ee417-443-6300
HillsboroKottemann Landscaping5980 Cedar Rock Road636-274-6003
HollisterStone Bluff Herb Farm417 State Highway Bb417-337-7073
HoltArborvillage East Farm Nursery20608 NE 189th Street816-264-2355
House SpringsSam Coffin Green Thumb Nursery4360 4 Ridge Road314-267-2635
House SpringsValley Garden and Materials4433 Gravois Road636-375-3700
ImperialBayer Garden Shops Inc5926 Old State Road636-464-2314
IndependenceShady Lane Nursery23300 E Truman Road816-650-3101
JacksonFranke’s Countryside Landscape742 County Road 303573-243-2782
JacksonGarden Hill Nursery Inc5661 Old Cape Road E573-335-0600
Jefferson CityGreen Horizons Garden Center2607 Route Cc573-636-4373
Jefferson CityMissouri Wildflowers Nursery9814 Pleasant Hill Road573-496-3492
JonesburgForest Lawn Nursery92 Highway E636-488-5928
JoplinBotany Shop Garden Center710 Minnesota Ave417-781-6431
JoplinJoplin Lawn and Garden Center1014 S Joplin Ave417-781-6336
JoplinOaks Garden Center1416 S Virginia Ave417-782-0494
Kansas CityAngelo’s Florist and Nursery701 E Bannister Road816-943-0848
Kansas CityAngelo’s Nursery436 W 85th Street816-444-7661
Kansas CityDistinguished Gardens411 Main Street816-842-0521
Kansas CityEarl May Nursery and Garden Center5225 NE Chouteau Trfy816-453-0577
Kansas CityEarl May Nursery and Garden Center801 NW Barry Road816-468-4424
Kansas CityGreenhaven Sod and Landscaping2627 NW Platte Road816-741-3551
Kansas CityHeartland Nursery10300 View High Drive816-763-7371
Kansas CityLarry’s Nursery2501 NW Platte Road816-587-4535
Kansas CityNorth Oak Garden Center7508 N Oak Trfy816-436-4224
Kansas CityShugrue, Jim5608 Locust Street816-333-5950
Kansas CitySoil Service7125 Troost Ave816-333-3232
Kansas CitySoil Service7130 Troost Ave816-444-3403
Kansas CitySweet Onion Greenhouse and Garden8105 Main Street816-333-6246
Kansas CityVerde416 Admiral Boulevard816-474-4310
KearneyMarshall Evergreen1100 N Jefferson Street816-628-4266
KirbyvilleSunny Hills Nursery5349 E State Highway 76417-339-4437
KirksvilleR and R Greenouse2704 N Baltimore Street660-665-7222
KirksvilleSugar Creek Lawn and Garden Center500 N Baltimore Street660-665-7558
KirkwoodBug Store113 W Argonne Drive314-966-2287
KirkwoodFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1135 S Kirkwood Road314-821-8866
KirkwoodO K Hatchery Feed and Garden115 E Argonne Drive314-822-0083
KirkwoodSugar Creek Gardens Inc1011 N Woodlawn Ave314-965-3070
LA RussellPinewood Nursery472 Highway 96417-246-5256
LamarLamar Greenhouse and Florist103 E 9th Street417-682-6565
LampeTablerock Gardens8956 State Highway 13417-779-4454
LawsonTimberline Garden Center and Nrsry16309 King Road816-630-6912
Lees SummitEarl May Nursery and Garden Center920 E Langsford Road816-525-1414
Lees SummitFestival of Trees3351 SW Longview Road816-767-1188
Lees SummitRandy’s Lakeview Nursery1820 NE County Park Road816-525-1111
LibertyFamily Tree Nursery830 W Liberty Drive816-781-0001
LibertyNorthstar Garden Center1100 Missouri CT816-781-9333
LickingPerennial Patch17704 Ware Road573-674-9494
LincolnSnider’s Christmas Tree FarmRR 1660-547-2730
Lone JackGreeson Greenhouses Retail Div13513 S Sam Moore Road816-697-3057
LouisianaHoneycreek Nurseries301 Sonoco Road573-754-4734
LouisianaStark Bros Nurseries20947 Highway 54573-754-5111
MarshallBlind Pony Nursery939 N Miami Ave660-886-8585
MarshfieldHampton Greenhouse and Pumpkin6817 State Highway 38417-859-4855
MarthasvilleRiver Valley Nursery908 E Main Street636-433-5040
MaryvilleEarl May Nursery and Garden Center2818 S Main Street660-582-4781
MorrisonNolte Hill’s Nursery1078 Valley View Road573-294-6235
New FlorenceBaxter Farm and Nurseries656 Tree Farm Road573-835-2929
NixaTridenn Nursery1617 W Peartree Lane417-725-4388
O FallonBaxter Gardens West2912 Highway K636-978-1661
O FallonBob and Paul’s Nursery1059 Hackmann Road636-978-1200
O FallonTlc Landscape Co Inc2080 US Highway 40/61636-561-3419
OverlandFrank’s Nursery and Crafts8901 Page Ave314-429-5155
OwensvilleHomestead Farm NurseriesRR 2 Box 31A573-437-4277
PacificLand Tech Tree Farm18593 Highway 66636-271-4747
PacificPacific Nursery and Landscaping3218 W Osage Street636-451-3116
PiedmontLewis Tree FarmRR 4 Box 4406573-223-7571
Pleasant HillBig Creek Garden Center1211 N State Route 7816-987-5447
Poplar BluffCane Creek Sod Farm2179 County Road 321573-776-1886
Poplar BluffJohn Hobbs and Son Nursery3657 Highway B573-785-4715
Poplar BluffWolf’s Nursery4192 Highway 67 N573-686-1956
RaymoreBannister Garden Center15618 Meadowbrook CT816-763-4664
RaytownBlue Ridge Nurseries5348 Blue Ridge Boulevard816-353-1320
RaytownIdeal Nursery9405 E 55th Street816-353-5610
RaytownMarvin’s Gardens6540 Raytown Road816-356-0323
RaytownRaytown Nursery and Garden Shop7911 Spring Valley Road816-353-1203
RobertsvilleGilberg Farms2172 Highway O636-451-2530
Rocky MountNorth Shore Nursery27264 Highway Y573-392-8215
SalemGarden of Eden NurseryRR 5 Box 104573-729-2869
SalemHogans Lawn and Garden IncRR 6573-729-6130
SappingtonKehrt Nursery13050 Tesson Ferry Road314-843-5189
SappingtonQuail Creek Garden Center13510 Tesson Ferry Road314-849-0177
SappingtonSappington Garden Shop Inc11530 Gravois Road314-843-4700
SappingtonSunset Plantland Nursery12852 Maurer Industrial Drive314-843-7445
SarcoxieSarcoxie Nursery Packing House1510 Joplin Street417-548-3532
SedaliaJim’s Garden Center2000 W Main Street660-826-4411
SedaliaMarcia’s Gardens25414 Bothwell Park Road660-826-7455
SedgewickvilleKlein and Son Nurseries IncRR 2 Box 2480573-866-2512
SikestonBizzell Nursery Co508 Smith Ave573-471-0141
SikestonGarden Lane Nursery804 S Main Street573-471-7875
SmithvilleMitchell’s Greenhouses and Nrsry13518 N US Highway 169816-532-4101
SpringfieldBotanical Tree Trail and Nursery4925 W Farm Road 128417-866-8558
SpringfieldCarson’s Nurseries3184 E State Highway D417-881-0700
SpringfieldJohn Deere Landscapes5236 S Campbell Ave417-881-6675
SpringfieldMosquito Plants Etc1025 N Hampton Ave417-865-7255
SpringfieldOutside in Garden and Gift1845 E State Highway D417-886-6360
St CharlesJupiters Garden825 N 2nd Street636-946-0200
St JamesStanley’s Garden Center14457 N Highway 68573-265-3166
St JosephDegginger’s611 Hickory Street816-279-7359
St JosephEarl May Nursery and Garden Center2424 N Belt Highway816-232-7375
St JosephMoffet Nursery and Garden Shop6451 NE State Route 6816-233-1223
St JosephOld Mill Garden Center805 S 36th Street816-279-7434
St LouisAhner’s Garden and Gifts11697 Manchester Road314-822-2180
St LouisAlternative Pond and Gardens9933 S Broadway314-544-9283
St LouisBayer Garden Shops Inc3401 Hampton Ave314-781-2314
St LouisBeckmann Brothers Nursery9141 Olive Boulevard314-993-0094
St LouisColors of Spring3298 Watson Road314-781-0765
St LouisCrabapple Cove Nursery Inc6961 Telegraph Road314-846-4021
St LouisE H Glueck and Co2800 N Broadway314-241-0222
St LouisFendler Nursery and Garden Center1803 Lemay Ferry Road314-892-1150
St LouisFlower Box4301 Holly Hills Boulevard314-752-3113
St LouisGarden Heights Nursery Inc1605 S Big Bend Boulevard314-645-7333
St LouisGifted Gardener8935 Manchester Road314-961-1985
St LouisHaegele Nursery and Garden Center6043 Lemay Ferry Road314-894-8692
St LouisHartke Nursery1030 N Warson Road314-997-6679
St LouisIris Hill Nursery and Landscaping366 Summit Ave636-326-2439
St LouisMansfield Nursery13690 Manchester Road314-822-1616
St LouisMinner Nursery Co11820 Conway Road314-576-5697
St LouisPlum Tree231 S Bemiston Ave314-854-1366
St LouisSchlegel Landscaping Co10512 German Boulevard314-993-6388
St LouisSchmittel’s Nursery3406 Creve Coeur Mill Road314-469-8900
St LouisSouthside Garden Stop Inc3201 Cherokee Street314-776-2887
St LouisSpecial Gardens Inc1005 S Big Bend Boulevard314-646-7224
St LouisTeson Farms Garden Center8419 Manchester Road314-961-5551
St LouisUnited Garden Center6430 Pernod Ave314-353-0444
St LouisWeekend Gardener8100 Watson Road314-842-0147
St LouisWorm’s Way Home Brewing Center1225 N Warson Road314-994-3900
St PetersBest of Nature Water Garden1257 Saint Peters Cottleville636-498-2500
St PetersTom Mansfield Nursery and Garden5875 Mexico Road636-447-5030
Ste GenevieveOzora Nursery16386 New Bremen Road573-543-2782
StocktonRovenstine Greenhouse701 South Street417-276-5977
StoverCrying T Ranch26840 Highway Ww573-377-4884
Sunrise BeachEarl’s Landscaping and ExcavtgRR 1 Box 126B573-374-5728
ThayerBechtel NurseryRR 3 Box 3606417-264-7824
UnionWildwood Nursery and Tree Farm2317 Denmark Road636-583-8320
VersaillesCamp’s Market Inc13157 Highway 52573-378-6769
Webster GrovesRolling Ridge Garden Center60 N Gore Ave314-962-3311
WentzvilleWentzville Nursery and Garden1110 S Service Road Highwy 70636-327-5135
West PlainsJ K Philbrick Farm Nursery1394 County Road 8530417-256-0402
West PlainsLanton Rte Nursery11202 County Road 8530417-256-5034
West PlainsPine Grove Nursery7050 County Road 8200417-256-1554
West PlainsWest Plains Greenhouses1299 County Road 8690417-256-1848
WestonPerenniall Farm22305 County Road P816-992-0127
WildwoodZick’s Great Outdoors16498 Clayton Road636-458-1445
WillardKaren’s and Nancy’s Iris9235 N State Highway 13 E417-742-0343
Willow SpringsJones Family Nursery608 E Main Street417-469-1139