Massachusetts Trees For Sale

The Bay State is home to the American Elm, which before the infection of Dutch Elm Disease, sometimes grew to well over 100 feet tall. A deciduous hermaphroditic tree, the American Elm has withstood the effects of the disease, partially because Dutch Elem Disease resistant trees do occur and because the tree is naturally hardy, often suffering temperatures as low as -44°F. The canopy arches outward and is insensitive to changing sunlight hours, shedding leaves only once the first frost has arrived. Native throughout Eastern North American, The American Elm grows as far north as Nova Scotia, as far west as Montana, and as far south as Florida. Although the American Elm would make a strong addition to any yard, the Massachusetts planter has many options to choose from when planting a new tree.

Due to its small size, diverse topography, and seasonal temperature variations, the smart Massachusetts grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for Massachusetts

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Royal Empress Trees

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

  1. October Glory Maple

Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

  1. Sweetheart Blueberry

Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and perimeter planting.

  1. Autumn Purple Ash

Ideal for providing unique fall colors, shade, climate tolerance.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Massachusetts

A state that without doubt deserves its millions of residents, Massachusetts is continuing to attract new inhabitants from other parts of the United States. Although a boon for the local economy, new infrastructure can be invasive and annoying. Solutions exist for prying eyes and sound-producing highways. Trees that are cultivated to form protective barriers, better known as ‘privacy trees’ can be planted to afford the Massachusetts yard the solitude and peace it deserves.

Although there are many privacy trees the Massachusetts planter may plant, none is as fitting as the Willow Hybrid. The Willow Hybrid grow quickly, at upwards of 6 feet a year, and provides fast-growing privacy. Unlike many privacy tree species, the Willow Hybrid is not an evergreen but a subset of the willow, providing a unique barrier against intrusions of every kind. The Willow Hybrid is not the only option to choose from in Massachusetts. Alternatively, consider the Thuja Green Giant or Juniper ‘Witchita Blue’.


Massachusetts’ climate is characterized as humid continental. Hot summers and cold winters typify this state, with distinct spring and fall seasons as well. As such, temperatures range widely. The summer average high is 82°F and the average low is 16°F, but extremes exist on both ends. The record high was set in 1911 at 104°F and the record low was set in 1934 at -18°F. Temperatures vary across the state, too. The Atlantic Ocean and Bay area have a mitigating effect on extreme temperatures, meaning milder winters and cooler summers. In the west, the Berkshire Mountains often cool both seasons significantly. Central Massachusetts, centering around Worcester, tends to have extremes on both ends.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Paxton soil covers the state of Massachusetts. The dense, deep soil is outstanding in use as a fertilizer, and it has a large capacity for water. Regardless of the property’s location in The Bay State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.

1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Massachusetts receives even amounts of rain throughout the year, with slightly more falling in the winter. The Bay State receives, on average, 50 inches of rain annually. Rain falls more in the east along the coastline, especially on the Cape. This is due to storms from Atlantic Ocean.


Newly planted trees require consistent and controlled access to water. The use of irrigation can be beneficial in this sense, as it both takes on the manual task and makes the task itself more efficient. When planting new trees in Massachusetts, consider drip or sprinkler systems that can be helpful for ensuring successful growth of your tree. Although Massachusetts receives 50 inches of rain annually, summers can have several dry days in a row, with temperatures over 90°F.

Growing Zones

Massachusetts’ growing zones move in lateral bands across the state. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. In the far southeast of the state, along Cape Cod and the Islands, Massachusetts’ residents can expect temperatures to reach only 0°F. On the other hand, temperatures can drop well below zero, sometimes as low as -25°F, in the Berkshire Mountains to the west. Most of central Massachusetts should expect temperatures to drop only down to -15°F for extended lengths of time.

Weather Damage

Massachusetts, like most of the east coast, is prone to Nor’easters and Hurricanes. Typically, the Cape and the Islands receive the brunt of the storm, which has often mellowed by the time it reaches inland areas. Nor’easters hit in the winter, and they often dump feet of snow on the state, sometimes leaving over 30 inches in one storm. Hurricanes hit as well, coming up from the Gulf along the east coast. These are often weaker and cause minor flooding and property damage, though Category 5 hurricanes have hit in the past. Additionally, tornadoes can touch down in the area, too, despite its hilly topography. Although rare, tornadoes are infrequent visitors primarily to central Massachusetts.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Massachusetts nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Massachusetts we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Best Trees For Massachusetts | Trees To Buy In Massachusetts
AbingtonGarden Gate1200 Bedford Street781-878-2875
ActonKennedy and Co362 Main Street978-263-9503
ActonLenox Nursery and Garden Center1 Keefe Road978-287-5777
AcushnetKeith’s Farm1149 Main Street508-763-2622
AcushnetKeith’s Farm429 Main Street508-995-8643
AcushnetRoseland Nursery and Florist247 Main Street508-995-4212
AdamsTrimarchi Nurseries70 Notch Road413-743-2614
AmesburyDelahunty Farms19 Haverhill Road978-388-5406
AmherstAnnie’s Garden and Gift Store515 Sunderland Road413-549-6359
AmherstNew England Wetland Plants Inc800 West Street413-256-1752
AshbyNew England Cut Evergreen2409 W State Road978-386-7552
Ashland14 Carrot Garden Center151 W Union Street508-881-3744
AshlandColorscapes166 Pond Street508-881-5484
AshlandScansaroli Brothers Nursery42 Pond Street508-620-0346
Ashley FallsCarlson Berkshire Nursery1435 Ashley Falls Road413-229-3209
AttleboroForbidden Acre463 Washington Street508-761-7541
AuburnBell’s Lawn and Garden Center201 Southbridge Street #A508-832-6643
AvonNessralla’s Greenhouses and Garden719 W Main Street508-587-4229
BedfordNew England Nurseries Inc216 Concord Road781-275-2525
BellinghamNew England Bonsai Gardens914 S Main Street508-883-2842
BellinghamSchafer Nursery Inc745 S Main Street508-883-1898
BerkleyBerkley Nursery and Tree Farm554 Berkley Street508-823-3727
BerlinGarden Concepts240 Central Street978-838-2838
BernardstonOld Huckle Hill Farm388 Huckle Hill Road413-648-0228
BeverlyBox Garden Billy Inc641 Hale Street978-921-4394
BeverlyCenterville Farm441 Essex Street978-922-2242
BillericaFlower Outlet505 Boston Road978-670-2948
BillericaSalt Box562 Boston Road978-663-4348
BlackstoneBrookview Farm216 Blackstone Street508-883-7510
BoltonGreat Brook Farms Inc356 Main Street978-779-6680
BostonCasanova Design322 Summer Street413-637-4480
BostonEarthbound667 Tremont Street617-424-1881
BoxfordKing’s Tree Farm and Nursery44 Belvidere Road978-352-6359
BraintreeQuincy Adams Garden Center II652 West Street781-356-5851
BrookfieldLamoureux Greenhouses10 School House Cross Road508-867-2218
Buzzards BaySpencer’s Garden171 Clay Pond Road508-759-7070
ByfieldNewbury Perennial Gardens65 Orchard Street978-462-1144
CambridgeBonny’s Garden Center41 Bay State Road617-547-1585
CambridgeMahoney’s Garden Center889 Memorial Drive617-354-4145
CambridgePemberton Farms and Garden Center2225 Massachusetts Avenue617-491-2244
CarlisleBlanchette Gardens223 Rutland Street978-369-2962
CarlisleSeawright Gardens201 Bedford Road978-369-1900
CarverBerriault, Alan DBeaver Dam Road508-866-4642
CentervilleForget me Not Gardens1000 W Main Street508-790-2130
CentervilleSeashell Garden195 Pine Street508-398-9600
CharltonBigelow Nurseries Inc7 Number 6 Schoolhouse Road #A508-248-0975
CharltonCharlton Landscape Supply259 Worcester Road508-248-9003
CharltonLaurel Hill Nursery88 Southbridge Road508-248-7988
ChathamGreensleeves Inc1005 Main Street508-945-1555
ChelmsfordStott’s Nursery Inc70 Warren Avenue978-256-7951
ChesterChester Nurseries91 Prospect Street413-354-7853
ChicopeeMrs Bunyan’s Bloomers Inc500 Fuller Road413-592-7800
ChicopeeTarnow788 Sheridan Street413-594-2172
ChicopeeVillage Grain and Hardware1296 Montgomery Street413-532-0494
CohassetS F Esposito’s Nursery585 Chief Justice Cushing Highway781-383-1022
CohassetVillage Greenery805 Chief Justice Cushing Highway781-383-2333
ConcordColonial Gardens and Florists442 Fitchburg Tpke978-369-2554
DanversAgway Inc9 Wenham Street978-774-1069
DanversAnn and Hope Garden Outlet20 Archmeadow Drive978-739-2358
DeerfieldChapley Gardens397 Greenfield Road413-774-7663
DeerfieldOld Deerfield Landscaping477 Greenfield Road413-773-5186
DeerfieldPioneer Gardens198 Mill Village Road413-773-5360
DennisTobey Farm352 Main Street508-385-2930
Dennis PortHart Farm Nursery and Garden21 Upper County Road508-394-2693
DouglasDouglas Flowers and More75 Manchaug Street508-476-0100
DouglasPerennial Peddler156 Perry Street508-476-3647
DracutAlmo’s Flower and Garden Center313 Willard Street978-453-2121
DracutBroken Wheel Farm702 Broadway Road978-454-2508
East BridgewaterBeaver Brook Garden Center25 Belmont Street508-580-0476
East BridgewaterElegance Garden Center1968 Plymouth Street508-697-0260
East FalmouthAcapesket Garden Center111 E Falmouth Highway508-548-6598
East FalmouthMahoney’s Garden Center958 E Falmouth Highway508-420-4428
East FalmouthMahoney’s Garden Center958 Main Street508-548-4842
East LongmeadowA W Brown Pet and Garden144 Shaker Road413-525-2115
East LongmeadowCommunity Feed Stores64 Maple Street413-525-3328
East LongmeadowGraziano Gardens280 Elm Street413-525-6137
East LongmeadowMeadow Gardens604 N Main Street413-747-9191
East LongmeadowPlant and Flower Shed58 Maple Street413-525-3031
East LongmeadowSquire Farm583 Somers Road413-525-3000
East WarehamOlson’s Garden Center3177 Cranberry Highway508-759-1471
East WeymouthThat Bloomin’ Place1110 Washington Street781-337-1086
EasthamptonCialek Landscape Supply155 Northampton Street413-527-6089
EssexMarkham Tree Service127 Western Avenue978-768-3232
EssexRway Farm69 Choate Street978-768-3838
FairhavenOutdoor Connection117 Alden Road508-997-4400
FairhavenRoxann’s Garden Center189 Alden Road508-961-1624
Fall RiverHillside Landscaping and Garden Center3671 N Main Street508-672-7919
Feeding HillsA P Boglisch and Sons180 S West Street413-789-4307
Feeding HillsOak Ridge Nursery683 S West Street413-789-3203
FitchburgWinter Hill Farm1020 Ashby West Road978-342-0238
FraminghamLarry’s Home and Garden Center12 Waverly Street508-620-1725
FranklinFranklin Agway157 Cottage Street508-528-1333
FranklinHillside Nurseries and Florist823 Washington Street508-528-0038
GeorgetownNunan the Florist269 Central Street978-352-8179
GillSudbury Nurseries West Inc81 Ben Hale Road413-863-9898
GloucesterGarden Concepts210 Eastern Avenue978-283-0715
GloucesterGood Harbor Gift Shop90 Bass Avenue978-283-2806
GloucesterGoose Cove Gardens24 Gee Avenue978-281-7816
GranbyClass Grass Garden Center140 W State Street413-534-0684
Great BarringtonMonrovia12 Silver Street413-644-0010
Great BarringtonWard’s Nursery Garden Center600 Main Street413-528-0166
Great BarringtonWindy Hill Farm686 Streetockbridge Road413-298-3217
HadleyCrystal Gardens Unlimited140 Mount Warner Road413-549-9100
HadleyHadley Garden Center285 Russell Street413-584-1423
HadleyWanczyk Evergreen Nursery166 Russell Street413-584-3709
HampdenHampden Nurseries Inc16 Somers Road413-566-3242
HanoverGarden Craft2060 Washington Street781-878-4100
HanoverHeines Nursery120 Fair Acres Drive781-792-2795
HanoverOld Red Cider Mill Garden Center965 Washington Street781-826-1333
HansonMeadowbrook Garden Center750 Franklin Street781-447-9221
HansonMeadowbrook Garden Center800 Franklin Street781-447-9221
HansonWyman’s Nursery141 Spring Street781-447-5400
HarwichCape Cod Bonsai Studio1012 Route 28508-432-8400
HarwichCape Cod Lavender FarmIsland Pond Trl508-432-8397
HarwichEvergreen Wholesale Nursery77 Main Street508-430-2332
Harwich PortSmall Gardens28 Pleasant Street508-432-1964
HaverhillCottage Gardens935 Amesbury Road978-521-4624
HaverhillGreenleaf Sje Gardens298 Amesbury Road978-469-0289
HinghamReed’s Country Way Nursery387 East Street781-749-1369
HolbrookYards of Pleasure Inc720 S Franklin Street781-767-4242
HolyokeLiquid Sun2020 Northampton Street413-539-6875
HopkintonAngel’s Garden Center65 School Street508-435-4238
HopkintonHopkinton Stone and Gardens32 Lumber Street508-435-7376
HudsonShemin Nurseries570 Main Street978-562-6988
HyannisCountry Garden380 W Main Street508-775-8703
IpswichCorliss Brothers Nursery Center31 Essex Road978-356-5422
IpswichCorliss Wholesale Supply Co31 Essex Road978-356-3560
IpswichWolf Hill Garden Center48 Turnpike Road978-356-6342
KingstonFlowerland Garden Center50 Wapping Road781-585-4595
KingstonKingston Nursery and Flower Shop191 Summer Street781-585-3671
LakevilleCourtyard Garden Center170 Main Street508-947-4363
LakevilleLakeville NurseriesRR 44508-947-9013
LancasterLancaster Gardens Inc35 Lower Bolton Road978-365-2579
LanesboroChurchill Gardens1304 Churchill Street413-448-2215
LanesboroGifted Gardener and Nursery320 Summer Street413-499-4545
LawrenceBruckmann’s179 S Broadway978-686-4105
LeeBerkshire Garden Outlet50 Water Street413-243-2788
LeeClark’s Garden Center900 Pleasant Street413-243-0660
LeicesterEverlast Nursery1894 Main Street508-892-9742
LenoxTrilluim Garden Co224 Housatonic Street413-637-4480
LeominsterGardeners’ Spot66 Granite Street978-537-7191
LeverettMT Warner Nursery Sales65 Long Plain Road413-548-9476
LexingtonDoran’s Greenhouses150 East Street781-862-5127
LexingtonGold Star Wholesale Nursery Co1265 Massachusetts Avenue781-861-1111
LexingtonLexington Gardens93 Hancock Street781-862-7000
LexingtonNursery Services IncRoute 2781-861-2084
LincolnGerard’s281 Cambridge Tpke781-259-9146
LudlowDE Ponte’s Farm Inc336 Poole Street413-589-9112
LudlowDel’s and Sons Landscaping Inc279 Cady Street413-583-6522
LudlowWindmill Farm and Garden Center456 Holyoke Street413-589-9576
LunenburgCentral Mass Garden Center621 Chase Road978-582-9400
LunenburgLakeview Nurseries308 EleCenteric Avenue978-342-3770
MaldenMann’s Garden Center69 Newland Street781-324-2689
MansfieldD’Ortenzio Gardens86 Eastman Street508-339-9552
MarbleheadMarblehead Garden Center164 W Shore Drive781-631-8558
MarlboroughTrombetta’s Farm Road Gardens655 Farm Road508-485-6429
Marstons MillsBecky’s Secret Garden124 Prince Avenue508-420-4398
Marstons MillsR and H Landscaping and Nursery290 Flint Street508-428-5054
MashpeeAtrium Garden Center428 Nathan Ellis Highway508-477-4434
MedfieldLovell’s Flowers and Nursery160 Main Street508-359-4191
MedwayBackyard Gardens Inc230 Village Street508-533-7437
MedwayMy Terra Gardens133 Milford Street508-473-7310
MendonFourth Generation Nursery52 Bates Street508-634-1914
MethuenLaschi Brothers Garden Center20 Ayers Village Road978-683-0309
MiddleboroCapeway Wholesale Nursery183 Summer Street508-946-1505
MiddleboroSpillane’s Nursery and Landscape230 Bedford Street508-947-7773
MillisAnn and Hope Garden Center725 Main Street508-376-1192
MillisAnn and Hope Warehouse Store725 Main Street508-376-2800
MiltonThomas Andrew and Sons Garden1237 Randolph Avenue617-696-4500
MontagueBlue Meadow Farm184 Meadow Road413-367-2394
NantucketArrowhead Nursery13 Arrowhead Drive508-228-1961
NantucketGarden of the Sea Nursery10 Candle House Lane508-228-0714
NantucketHoldgate’s Nursery42 Old South Road508-228-4967
NantucketNantucket Wildflower Farm84 Old South Road508-228-5551
NantucketSerenity Farm8 Skyline Drive508-825-9032
NantucketSurfing Hydrangea Nursery91 Somerset Road508-228-6828
NantucketW G Valero and Sons Inc60 Old South Road508-228-2397
NatickWindy-Lo Nursery Inc309 Eliot Street508-655-0910
NeedhamHillcrest Gardens888 Great Plain Avenue781-444-0627
NeedhamNeedham Garden Center53 Chestnut Street781-444-2401
New BedfordAllen C Haskell and Son787 Shawmut Avenue508-993-9047
New BedfordP and D Fruit649 Mount Pleasant Street508-995-8058
NewburyOuld Towne Gardens157 High Road978-499-0038
NorfolkGardens To Grow186 Dedham Street508-384-0146
NorfolkNorway Farms33 Medway Street508-528-0107
North AndoverAndover Flower Farm124 Berry Street978-681-8144
North AttleboroAttleboro Farm and Garden Supply491 Hickory Road508-695-7200
North AttleboroBriggs Nursery295 Kelley Boulevard508-699-7421
North DartmouthAvant-Gardens710 High Hill Road508-998-8819
North EastonPlant Depot682 Depot Street508-230-8089
North FalmouthDaylily HeavenRoute 151508-564-9923
North GraftonPerreault Nurseries4 Carroll Road508-839-6828
North WeymouthQuincy Adams Garden Center360 Bridge Street781-331-3029
NorthboroughBigelow Nurseries Inc455 W Main Street508-845-2143
NorthboroughFiske’s Garden Center Inc318 Main Street508-393-6861
NorthboroughOak Knoll Greenery Inc411 Main Street508-393-8801
NorthboroughSkip’s Outdoor Accents185 Main Street508-351-9922
NorwellTopiary Designs Inc190 Cross Street781-659-9955
NorwellVillage Gardens Inc376 Washington Street781-659-7500
NorwoodFlower Outlet151 Providence Highway781-769-2220
OrangeNoel’s Nursery77 Tully Road978-575-0570
OrleansAgway of Orleans20 Lots Hollow Road508-255-8100
OrleansNature’s Way Nursery and Garden5 Nells Way508-240-0126
OstervilleBush Gardens192 W Barnstable Road508-428-8178
OstervilleForget-Me-Not GardensRoute 28508-420-6000
OxfordRobbins Garden Center26 Sutton Avenue508-987-2897
PaxtonPleasant View Nursery242 Pleasant Street508-752-5967
PeabodyNortheast Nursery234 Newbury Street978-535-6550
PembrokeFlowerland Home and Garden408 Washington Street781-826-8204
PembrokeThat Blooming Place Too427 Washington Street781-829-0840
PembrokeTheme Gardens Inc455 Washington Street781-826-4112
PepperellNashoba Valley Garden Center51 South Road978-433-5570
PetershamLandscape Nursery232 N Main Street978-724-3421
PhillipstonDown To Earth460 Royalston Road978-249-8720
PittsfieldDr Lahey’s Garden Center/Landscaping1032 South Street413-443-7321
PlainvilleBoston Tropical Tree and Flower86 Taunton Street508-643-1200
PlymouthPlymouth Farm and Garden Supply252 Summer Street508-746-4439
PlymptonSunrise Gardens94 Center Street781-585-6035
ProvincetownGaskill’s43 Race Point Road508-487-4855
QuincyArtery Garden Center625 Southern Artery617-786-0317
RaynhamBroadway Garden and Outdoor770 Broadway508-824-0068
RehobothDa Rocha Nurseries Inc227 Plain Street508-252-6952
RehobothTranquil Lake Nursery Inc45 River Street508-252-4002
RochesterRabbit Run Nursery224 North Avenue508-763-2009
RocklandHonorable Nursery and Landscp Co200 VFW Drive781-659-2578
RocklandRockland Garden Center60 Centre Avenue781-878-7266
RocklandSunset Farms15 Centre Avenue781-982-4285
RowleyCountry Gardens157 Central Street978-948-2124
SalemHighland Gardens355 Highland Avenue978-741-7743
SalemThomson Garden Shop and Landscaping61 Jefferson Avenue978-744-0181
SalisburyBeach Plum Farms Nursery88 Elm Street978-465-3542
SandisfieldC W Nelson Landscape Design19 Dodd Road413-258-3375
SandisfieldSnow Farm21 S Beech Plain Road413-258-4929
SandwichTerrace Gardens82 Route 6A508-888-7449
SaugusArtery Garden Center855 Broadway781-233-9559
SaugusKreations By Karlene199 Essex Street781-233-2307
SaugusNoel Yard and Garden Center217 Walnut Street781-233-7555
SaugusSalt Marsh Garden Center190 Lincoln Avenue781-233-5911
ScituateKennedy’s Country Gardens85 Chief Justice Cushing Highway781-545-1266
SeekonkBelwing Turkey Farm773 Taunton Avenue508-336-9142
SeekonkBernardo’s Nursery and Landscaping18 Central Avenue508-761-4840
SeekonkEvergreen Tree and Landscape Service351 Oak Hill Avenue508-761-5505
SeekonkHidden Gardens212 County Street508-336-6057
SeekonkJ and L Landscaping Co363 Taunton Avenue508-399-8947
SeekonkLittle Tree Nurseries1441 Newman Avenue508-761-8039
SeekonkR I Nurserymen’s Assoc64 Bittersweet Drive508-761-9260
SharonAmerican Landscape Inc630 S Main Street781-784-5858
SheffieldCampo De’Fiori1815 N Main Street413-528-1857
ShrewsburyShrewsbury Nurseries957 Boston Tpke508-842-2831
SomersetHomestead Nurseries202 Slades Ferry Avenue508-730-1212
SomersetOld Buffington Farm Nursery604 Buffinton Street508-675-6124
SomervilleRicky’s Flower Market238 Washington Street617-628-7569
South ChathamPine Tree Nursery and Garden Center200 Route 137508-432-8878
South DartmouthElm Renaissance Tree Farm59 George Street508-994-6209
South DartmouthQuansett Nurseries794 Horseneck Road508-636-6931
South DeerfieldBay State Perennial Farm36 State Road413-665-3525
South DeerfieldNasami Farm136 North Street413-665-3402
South DeerfieldNourse Farms Inc41 River Road413-665-2658
South DennisEvergreen Co146 Great Western Road508-398-3340
South DennisTree Farm19 Dutchs Way508-398-3398
South EastonCountry Gardens413 Turnpike Street508-230-9039
South YarmouthGreen Spot Garden Center1085 Route 28508-398-3228
SouthamptonTriple Brook Farm37 Middle Road413-527-4626
SouthboroughCurtiss Garden Concepts205 Turnpike Road508-460-1440
SouthboroughShrubs and Trees Inc110 Turnpike Road508-481-5661
SouthbridgeCreatek833 Main Street508-764-7884
SouthwickAnson Flower Farm and Nursery591 College Highway413-569-0388
SpencerBemis Farms Nursery29 N Brookfield Road508-885-4247
SpringfieldMulak Nurseries1183 Allen Street413-783-5810
SpringfieldSixteen Acres Garden Center1359 Wilbraham Road413-783-5883
SterlingSterling Greenery44 Redemption Rock Trl978-422-0071
StoughtonFlora Pharms181 William Kelley Road781-344-4436
StoughtonPolillio Garden Center1857 Central Street781-344-2783
StoughtonRoyal Bonsai Garden Inc1297 Park Street781-344-6358
StoughtonStoughton Nursery1057 Washington Street781-344-6101
StowStow Gardens575 Great Road978-897-7498
SunderlandWholesale Shrubs and Trees5 Clark Mountain Road413-665-2200
SwanseaSouza Nursery Landscaping Co205 Streetevens Road508-672-0577
TeaticketTeaticket Gardens141 Sandwich Road508-540-2217
TewksburyMahoney’s Garden Center1609 Main Street978-851-2712
TewksburyM-T Greenhouses181 Pine Street978-851-9072
TyngsboroTyngsboro Gardens347 Middlesex Road978-649-9400
UxbridgeCountryside Farm and Garden2 W River Road508-278-3106
UxbridgeUxbridge Farm and Fairgrounds189 Mendon Street508-278-4420
UxbridgeYard605 Quaker Highway508-278-2628
Vineyard HavenDonaroma’s Garden Market162 State Road508-696-9580
WakefieldWildflowers Etc330 Salem Street781-246-3995
WalesWales NurseriesPeck Road413-267-9551
WalpoleTreen’s Evergreen Nursery Service320 High Plain Street508-668-0366
WaylandMahoney’s Garden Center115 Boston Post Road508-358-7333
WaylandMahoneys Nurseries115 Boston Post Road508-358-7333
WaylandRussell’s Garden Center397 Boston Post Road508-358-2283
WellesleyEarle B Mosher Inc711 Worcester Street781-235-0975
WellfleetConsider the Lillies2238 Route 6508-349-2739
West BoylstonJungle Jim’s Garden Center114 W Boylston Street508-835-9059
West BridgewaterWright’s Garden Center378 E Center Street508-583-2941
West TisburySeaside Daylily FarmGreat Plains Road508-693-3276
WestboroughGreen Thumb Inc187 Turnpike Road508-366-7478
WestboroughHarvey’s Farm and Garden Center120 South Street508-366-1545
WestboroughZen Gardens By Dr RhoadsNewton Sq508-898-2449
WestfieldOak Hollow Garden and Gifts820 North Road413-564-0709
WestfieldSpringhill Farm and Nursery246 Russellville Road413-572-9983
WestfordBurt Associates Bamboo3 Landmark Road978-692-3240
WestminsterBrook Bound Nursery150 State Road E978-874-1231
WestminsterBrook Bound Nursery170 State Road E978-874-1231
WestportSylvan Nursery1028 Horseneck Road508-636-4573
WestwoodOak Hill Nursery200 Providence Highway781-251-9979
WinchesterMahoney’s Garden Center242 Cambridge Street781-721-0647
WinchesterMahoney’s Rocky Ledge Florist242 Cambridge Street781-729-5900
WoburnHeimlich’s Nursery and Garden71 Burlington Street781-933-9815
WoburnLexington Street Gardens90 Lexington Street781-933-1166
WorcesterEchobrook Nursery1120 Grafton Street508-791-5939
WrenthamNorthland Farm and Garden Center922 South Street508-384-7618
WrenthamVillage Green Landscape Center840 Franklin Street508-384-1298