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Despite its hot, humid summers, the feathery and coniferous Longleaf Pine has remained the Alabama state tree since 1997. Only one other long-needled pine grows in the Heart of Dixie, making the Longleaf easy to identify with its long, twisted needles bunched into groups of three. Contrary to popular belief, Alabama’s forests are still dominated by pines. Alabaman homeowners, though, are not limited to this pine; indeed, they are gifted with a wide-selection of planting options for trees.

Due to its hot summers, diverse elevations, copious precipitation, and lengthy storm season, the smart Alabaman grower will need to consider the following; climate, soil type, average precipitation, irrigation, growing zones and weather damage.

Best Trees For Alabama

Read about the specifics for your state below. If you’re looking for some quick hints, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Weeping Willow – Ideal for providing shade, sweeping beauty, and growth without minimal effort.

#2. American Red Maple – Ideal for providing classic American aesthetic, stunning fall colors, and shade.

#3. Red Haven Peach Tree – Ideal for bearing fruit, adding color, and edible profits.

#4. Willow Hybrid – Ideal for providing privacy, fast-growing properties, and easy care

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Alabama

As property in Alabama continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Alabama, which will quickly grow after initial planting to afford your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Leyland Cypress and American Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Alabama’s location, adjacent to the Gulf of Mexico and the tip of the Appalachian Trail, has an enormous impact on its overall climate. Averaging 64°F throughout the year, Alabama is classified as humid subtropical. The southern parts of the state are warmer and present a much larger growing season to planters, reaching up to 300 days in length. To the south Alabaman homeowner, this equates with a large variety of trees for planting, such as the Tulip Poplar, the Royal Empress, and Red Haven Pear. In the north, Alabama’s climate is driven by the cooling Appalachian Mountains. This confluence of climates means an informed Alabaman grower will need to identify their location within their state, and the climate requirements of their specific area, prior to choosing the best-suited trees.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. In central and western Alabaman, homeowners will likely find bama soil. Bama is the state soil of Alabama, and it has excellent drainage properties and rich marine and mineral deposits. Regardless of the property’s location in the Heart of Dixie, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type:

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.

1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Due to its proximity to the Gulf of Mexico, Alabama is one of the most profitable rain receivers in the United States. Averaging 56 inches of rain a year, Alabama growers will avoid most droughts and instead should worry about flooding. The rain from southern storms will travel upward and reach northern areas of the state as well, forcing all state inhabitants to plan accordingly.


One way to deal with flooding is to irrigate and divert water run-off to needy areas. Since Alabama is split into multiple regions, water needs will vary dramatically from the north to the south. As such, it is important to consider the precipitation you receive in your area and how to best use the resource. Regardless of the tree you plant, newly planted trees require consistent and frequent access to water. Examine your planting location to determine whether a working irrigation system is already in place (natural or man-made), or if you will need to create an above or below ground irrigation system to keep your plants healthy and strong.

Growing Zones

Since Alabama sits between two large natural barriers, the Appalachian Mountains and the Gulf of Mexico, it carries five diverse growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. Zones 6b to 8b cover divergent temperature ranges. In small regions of the north, plants can survive slightly colder weather hardiness, surviving temperatures down to -5°F. In southern regions, plants are less hardy, only surviving to about 15°F.

Weather Damage

One of the largest considerations to take into account before planting in Alabama are weather concerns. Alabama reports the most per annum tornado fatalities of any state in the nation. Additionally, thunderstorms, hailstorms, tropical storms, and even hurricanes are frequent visitors to the region. As such, the Alabaman homeowner should consider possible property damage from trees before purchasing those that soar in height. Consult with your horticulturist for safe distances from your home at which to plant the tree. Also, consider trees with sturdy limbs and hearty roots.

List Of Nurseries and Garden Centers in Alabama

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Alabama nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Alabama we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.

Albertville Convey Rise Nursery 3863 Nixon Chapel Road 256-891-2263
Alexander City Bette’s Garden Center 1217 Tallapoosa Street 256-234-4652
Alexander City Lake Martin Garden Shop 6732 Highway 63 S 256-329-1112
Alexander City Lake Martin Mini Mall 7995 Kowaliga Road 334-857-3987
Andalusia Blue Goose Garden Shop Inc 1304 River Falls Street 334-881-0736
Andalusia Howell’s Garden Center & Landscaping 24375 US Highway 29 334-222-3682
Anniston Anniston Garden Center 1000 S QuintaRoad Avenue 256-237-2665
Anniston Golden Springs Nursery 531 Golden Springs Road 256-237-2907
Anniston Ivy Elephant Garden Shoppe 3300 Coleman Road #A 256-237-8458
Anniston Rou-Rou’s Plants 5514 Saks Road 256-820-5069
Arab Arab Nursery CO 909 N Brindlee Mountain Pkwy 256-586-3113
Arab Empire Wholesale Nursery 831 Vines Street SE 256-586-8391
Arab Flower Exchange 31 N Main Street 256-586-5455
Arab Scant City Nursery 2662 Shoal Creek Road 256-753-2002
Ashland Botany Bay Garden Center 85394 Highway 9 256-354-4928
Ashland T & T Landscape Service & Nursery 1920 Taylor Road 256-354-5846
Athens Garden Spot Nursery 17654 US Highway 72 256-232-9250
Athens Garden Spot Nursery 22841 US Highway 72 256-232-9250
Athens Jimmy’s Greenhouse Garden Center E LimeStreetone Road 256-233-0247
Athens Page’s Sod Farm 23443 Huntsville Brownsferry 256-771-2999
Athens Petal Pushers 22055 US Highway 72 256-230-0750
Athens Strain & Sons Nursery Inc 404 Streetrain Road 256-232-4820
Athens Trent Nurseries 16955 US Highway 72 256-232-3389
Auburn Blooming Colors 1192 S Donahue Drive 334-821-7929
Autaugaville Autauga Nursery CO 2965 Miller Nursery Road 334-361-9491
Baileyton Eudy Nursery 578 County Road 1763 256-796-6880
Baileyton Gill Nursery 100 County Road 1595 256-796-5618
Baileyton S & W Wholesale Nursery 3767 County Road 1570 256-796-6277
Berry Green Thumb Nursery 285 Mf Cannon Street 205-689-8874
Bessemer Lavonia’s Flower Shop 1629 4th Avenue N 205-425-1170
Bessemer Segars Garden Center 1111 19th Street N 205-425-1677
Birmingham Anything Grows Home & Garden 4678 Valleydale Road 205-991-0660
Birmingham Classic Gardens & Landscap 1855 Carson Road 205-854-4005
Birmingham Garden Shop of Homewood 920 Oxmoor Road 205-445-1010
Birmingham John’s Nursery & Landscape Service 780 Dogwood Cir 205-991-5169
Birmingham Oak Street Garden Shop 115 Oak Street 205-870-7542
Birmingham Odyssey-Plants 2912 6th Avenue S 205-324-0566
Birmingham Overton Road Nursery 5145 Overton Road 205-951-6510
Birmingham Plant Odyssey Nursery 2900 4th Avenue S 205-324-5854
Birmingham Ruffner Garden Center 2178 Ruffner Road 205-956-9726
Birmingham Sister’s Garden 447 Carson Road N 205-854-2777
Birmingham Southern Gardens 370 Summit Blvd 205-967-3232
Birmingham Veterans Landscaping & Garden 3801 Mary Taylor Road 205-326-6219
Birmingham Wynn’s Garden Center 317 22nd Avenue W 205-251-1604
Birmingham Yum Yum Tree 3618 24th Street N 205-324-6325
Blountsville Blountsville Nursery 1670 Smith Road 205-429-4447
Boaz Hillside Greenhouse 160 Carver Road 256-593-2621
Boaz Pack’s Nursery Sales Outlet 606 Pack Road 256-878-5146
Boaz Snowflake Nursery 1695 Church Street 256-593-7869
Brent Shrub & Tree Landscaping & Nusery 11 Circlewood Drive 205-926-7660
Brownsboro Windmill Gardens 3647 Highway 72 E 256-859-4769
Centre S & S Nurseries 121 Piedmont Road 256-927-3817
Chatom Whispering Pines HC 62 Box 810 251-847-6205
Chunchula Huggins Nursery 15800 Sandy Ridge Road 251-866-7563
Clanton Blackwell Nursery & Landscape 21212 al Highway 22 205-755-9610
Cleveland Creekside Garden Center 15050 Streetate Highway 160 205-559-8360
Cleveland M & M Nursery 13191 Streetate Highway 160 205-559-8280
Coaling Freedom Acres Inc 14444 Highway 11 N 205-553-7695
Crossville Crossville Nurseries 15429 al Highway 68 256-528-7177
Crossville Tidmore’s Nursery 695 County Road 190 256-659-4521
Cullman Big Cedars Nursery 2105 Main Avenue SW 256-734-4769
Cullman Cal Mac Nursery 160 Ryan Road 256-739-3100
Cullman Old Grove Nursery 2870 US Highway 278 E 256-734-6602
Dadeville Millstone Japanese Maple Nursery 11265 Highway 50 256-896-0105
Danville Valley Nursery CO 789 N Johnson Chapel Road 256-773-2661
Decatur Decatur Nursery & Florist 809 Carridale Street SW 256-353-7252
Decatur Greenleaf Inc 2400 Beltline Road SW 256-355-1300
Decatur Smarty Plants 2602 GoRoadon Terry Pkwy 256-351-2255
Demopolis Green Leaf 602 S Cedar Avenue 334-289-4496
Dothan Bud’s ‘N Blossoms Nursery 5881 US Highway 431 N 334-793-0616
Dothan D & J Nursery & Outlet 7947 S US Highway 231 334-677-3866
Dothan Dothan Nurserie 1300 Montgomery Hwy 334-794-6774
Dothan P C’s Nursery & Landscaping 2528 County Road 112 334-983-4350
Eclectic Ann’s Garden Highway 9 334-541-5022
Eclectic Ray’s 15800 Central Plank Road 334-541-4038
Elba Fay’s Nursery & Landscaping RR 3 Box 299 334-897-2078
Elberta Biophilia Nature Center & Nursery 12695 County Road 95 251-987-1200
Elberta Cottage Garden Plants 11008 County Road 95 251-987-5903
Elberta Garden Center 25735 Kleinschmidt Road 251-955-5266
Elberta Greenscape 31912 US Highway 98 251-962-2905
Elberta Molpus Timberlands 29650 ComStreetock Road 251-986-5210
Elberta P & K Nurseries 18680 County Road 87 251-986-3376
Equality Seman Growers PO Box 97 334-541-2964
Fairhope Downtown Gardner 5 N Church Street 251-928-1998
Fairhope Exquisite Plants & Aquatic 17750 S Greeno Road 251-990-0901
Fairhope Friendship Garden Nursery 20650 Blueberry Ln 251-928-1787
Fairhope Gardens At Green Nurseries 415 N Greeno Road 251-928-9270
Fairhope Green Gates Market 801 N Section Street 251-928-2525
Fairhope Lyrene’s Flower Farm 11689 Streetate Highway 104 251-990-8877
Fairhope Old Tyme Feed & Garden Supply 19580 S Greeno Road 251-928-1156
Fairhope Patio 18601 County Road 27 251-928-7268
Fairhope Taylor’s Roses 8450 Gayfer Road Ext 251-928-5008
Fairhope Thomas Garden Center 12265 Mary Ann Beach Road 251-928-6725
Fairhope Wilsey Nursery 13477 County Road 27 251-928-8780
Flomaton Garden Spot 26039 Highway 31 251-296-0703
Florence Chandler Nursery 6388 Highway 43 256-757-3368
Florence Garden Spot 1001 Koonce Street 256-767-6800
Florence Garden Spot 3510 Florence Blvd 256-767-1988
Florence Ideal Plants 1615 Florence Blvd 256-757-2117
Foley Dellwood Pecan Tree Nursery 14149 County Road 55 251-943-8693
Foley Tom’s Produce & Plants 8025 Streetate Highway 59 251-955-5277
Fort Mitchell Warrior Flat Tree Farm 135 Mclendon Road 334-855-3900
Fort Payne Bent Tree Farms Inc Baugh Road 256-845-0170
Fort Payne Petal Pushers 3815 Alabama Avenue NW 256-997-9511
Gadsden Hobby Greenhouse & Nursery 302 Eubanks Drive 256-494-0037
Gadsden J & E Growers 1743 Rainbow Drive 256-547-1173
Geneva Depot Landscaping & Nursery 606 E Magnolia Avenue 334-684-8036
Geneva Welk Florist & Nursery 204 S Commerce Street 334-684-6557
Grand Bay Garden Creations 5960 Dawes Road 251-865-1040
Greenville C & E Nursery 323 Greenville Byp 334-382-0392
Guntersville Scant City Plant House 7525 al Highway 69 256-753-2002
Haleyville My Place Nursery 709 Highway 13 205-486-7335
Hamilton Hamilton Nursery & Flowers 395 Bexar Avenue W 205-921-4927
Hanceville Mann’s Garden Shop 204 Blountsville Street NE 256-352-9110
Hanceville Warren Supply CO 204 Blountsville Street NE 256-352-9110
Hartselle Everything Under the Sun 801 Main Street W 256-773-3999
Hartselle Rockyford Farm 1213 Iron Man Road 256-773-1500
Hayden Triple J Nursery 11080 Streetate Highway 160 205-647-2552
Heflin Chef’s Garden 8419 Highway 431 256-253-3523
Helena Helena’s Landscape Supply 82 Coalmont Road 205-621-5255
Henagar Smith’s Nursery 2037 County Road 664 256-657-3960
Hollins Williams Nursery PO Box 267 256-245-5903
Homewood Sweet Peas Garden Shop 2829 Linden Avenue 205-879-3839
Hueytown Segars Garden Center 2860 Brooklane Drive 205-491-9397
Huntsville Bennett Nurseries 7002 Memorial Pkwy NW 256-852-6211
Huntsville Beulah’s 2009 Rangewood Cir SE 256-883-4151
Huntsville Brooks & Collier Inc 813 Meridian Street N 256-536-0734
Huntsville C T Garvin Seed & Feed Inc 2215 Holmes Avenue NW 256-534-5637
Huntsville Chase Gardens 4904 Moores Mill Road 256-851-9975
Huntsville Earth Touch 8515 Whitesburg Drive S #B 256-880-3808
Huntsville High Grove Garden Furnishings 2358 Whitesburg Drive S 256-551-1061
Huntsville Hunterville Nursey 3252 Leeman Ferry Road SW 256-885-1663
Huntsville Kelly’s Garden Center 7095 University Drive NW 256-722-4900
Irvington Lady Bugs Home & Garden 8871 Highway 188 251-824-3555
Jackson Greenhouse 7960 Highway 43 251-246-7501
Jacksonville Bloomin’ Miracles 651 Whites Gap Road 256-435-2717
Jacksonville Blue Bird Nursery 150 Merrellton Road 256-435-5751
Jacksonville Flower Bed 5110 al Highway 204 256-435-9949
Jacksonville One With Nature 29 Summit CreStreet Drive 256-782-2030
Jasper 4 Seasons Garden Center 2223 N Airport Road 205-221-4494
Jemison Petals From the Past 16034 County Road 29 205-646-0069
Joppa North Alabama Nursery PO Box 67 256-586-5676
Kellyton Haven Place Nursery 370 HAvenuen Pl 256-839-1201
Kimberly J & K Nursery 9677 Bill Jones Road 205-647-6561
Lanett Mike & Judy’s Nursery 4560 46th Street SW 334-576-1350
Leesburg Shawyer Nursery Inc 5735 County Road 7 256-526-7342
Linden Bloomers Nursery & Gifts 420 S Main Street 334-295-1559
Linden Green Leaf 23384 al Highway 28 W 334-295-9666
Loxley Good Scents Herbs & Flowers 26175 Streetate Highway 59 251-964-5661
Loxley Green House 14328 US Highway 90 251-964-5644
Loxley Plant Development Service 17325 County Road 68 251-964-6778
Madison Catbird Seat Garden Center 8027 Madison Blvd 256-461-7900
Madison Enchanted Forest 4015 Lawson Ridge Drive 256-722-9443
Madison Reseda Nursery 29877 US Highway 72 256-232-4887
Malvern Malvern Bay Garden CO PO Box 65 334-677-7077
Maplesville Dixie Plant Farm 15801 County Road 16 334-366-1296
Maplesville Paradise Nursery & Landscaping 8155 al Highway 22 334-366-5600
Mathews Brownfield Plant Farms RR 1 Box 2710 334-288-2514
Mc Calla Hub 5940 Old Tuscaloosa Hwy 205-477-7740
Mentone Blackburn Nursery PO Box 173 256-634-4675
Millbrook Flower Basket 3227 Main Street 334-285-7011
Mobile American Wholesale Nursery Inc 10900 Mcleod Road #A 251-660-2733
Mobile C & M Nursery 10253 Tanner Williams Road 251-649-1302
Mobile Flowerwood Nursery Inc 6470 Dauphin Island Pkwy 251-443-6540
Mobile Garrett’s Nursery 7179 Cottage Hill Road 251-633-4925
Mobile Georgetown Tree Farm 78 Byrnes Blvd 251-344-1917
Mobile Glenda’s Ferns & Greenhouse 7550 Howells Ferry Road 251-342-8265
Mobile Green Leaves Garden Center 2929 Government Blvd 251-471-3330
Mobile Laura Kay’s Nursery 5600 Cottage Hill Road 251-666-4443
Mobile Lee’s Nursery Inc 961 Grand Bay Wilmer Road S 251-649-2969
Mobile Mobile Seed & Supply Co 607 Holcombe Avenue 251-478-9597
Mobile Morrison’s Nursery & Garden 142 WeStreet Drive 251-342-2061
Mobile Overlook Nurseries 7465 Howells Ferry Road 251-344-1222
Mobile Palms Unlimited 9070 Scott Dairy Loop Road S 251-633-3400
Mobile Port City Garden Center 8740 Zeigler Blvd 251-607-9160
Mobile Southern Farms Nursery Inc 1356 Repoll Road #A 251-633-8775
Mobile Zimlich’s Patio & Garden Center 2650 Dauphin Street 251-478-1484
Monroeville Carriage House 84 Pickens Street 251-575-3357
Monroeville Southern Lawn & Garden 4074 S Alabama Avenue 251-743-3186
Montevallo Green Valley Farms Inc 12975 Highway 17 205-665-1355
Montevallo Mother Nature’s Gardens Inc 7953 Highway 119 205-664-9061
Montevallo Sarris Orchids & Nursery 7998 Highway 119 205-663-7698
Montgomery Green Thumb Nursery 4211 Troy Hwy 334-288-1410
Montgomery Green Thumb Nursery 7025 Atlanta Hwy 334-244-6988
Montgomery Hickory Grove Nursery 4350 Wares Ferry Road 334-272-5416
Montgomery Lily Pad 1940 Mulberry Street #A 334-265-5035
Montgomery Little Mountain Growers 3396 Atlanta Hwy 334-279-9799
Montgomery Little Mountain Growers 3072 Mcgehee Road 334-613-9798
Montgomery Pretty in Pots 1801 W 4th Street 334-262-7687
Montgomery Shamrock Nursery 2922 Birmingham Hwy 334-269-1111
Montgomery Southern Homes & Gardens PO Box 3508 334-277-6746
Moody Wayside Farm Inc PO Box 213 205-640-5891
Moundville Walker’s Flowers 16093 Highway 69 S 205-371-6737
MT Olive Down To Earth 2865 Mount Olive Road 205-631-3525
Muscle Shoals Grassland Nursery PO Box 2707 256-383-5370
Muscle Shoals Porter Garden Center 401 WoodwaRoad Avenue 256-381-9612
New Market New Market Nursery 741 Butler Road 256-379-2330
Northport Ilex Farm Nursery 4412 Highway 43 N 205-333-8200
Northport Jacqueline’s Nursery 10701 Highway 43 N 205-333-2777
Northport Pinion Greenhouses & Garden 1907 24th Street 205-339-5080
Oneonta Triangle Marketing 303 2nd Avenue E 205-625-6010
Oneonta White’s Garden Center 408 6th Street S 205-274-2209
Opelika Flower Zone Nursery 1270 Lee Road 47 334-745-0494
Opelika Plant World Nursery 7509 Lee Road 146 334-745-0459
Opelika Secret Garden 1011 Avenuenue C 334-745-5301
Opp Southern Belle Nursery RR 1 Box 120M 334-493-6155
Ozark Pat’s Petals Nursery RR 2 Box 453 334-774-9587
Parrish Ford’s Greenhouse 8114 Old Tuscaloosa Road 205-686-2966
Pelham Burchfield Lawn & Garden Center 3240 Pelham Pkwy 205-664-0003
Pelham Myers Plants & Pottery 2935 Pelham Pkwy 205-663-6597
Phenix City Lakeside Christmas Tree Farm 40A Brown Road 334-298-1020
Phenix City Top Quality Straw 2006 Opelika Road 334-298-9200
Phenix City Valley Nursery 1303 14th Street 334-480-9020
Piedmont Steward’s Market & Garden Center 101 E Highway 278 Byp 256-447-2466
Piedmont Sunshine Nursery 18812 al Highway 9 256-447-6248
Pike Road Vaughn Road Nursery 9350 Vaughn Road 334-272-8180
Plantersville Greenleaf Wholesale Nursery 1963 County Road 8 334-366-2066
Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove Hardware PO Box 39 205-744-9791
Prattville Forever Green Nursery 520 E Main Street 334-361-6014
Reform Waysider PO Box 149 205-375-6320
Remlap Fall Branch Nursery 400 Fall Branch Road 205-681-4167
Rogersville Tree House 10370 Highway 72 256-247-5015
Russellville Triple B Nursery 15891 Highway 43 256-332-0920
Samson Copper Hill Tree Farm 886 Grady Dunn Road 334-898-2530
Samson Greens Grass Farm County Road 17 334-898-7901
Saraland House Garden Inc 807 Shelton Beach Road 251-675-3303
Scottsboro Jackson Farmers’ CO-OP 26755 John T Reid Pkwy 256-574-1688
Selma Dennis Nursery & Greenhouse 133 Dan O Bridge Road 334-872-5543
Selma Fairview Plant Farm & Nursery 3450 al Highway 22 334-872-9707
Selma Four Seasons Garden Center 611 Cahaba Road 334-875-4360
Selma International Paper Supertree 264 County Road 888 334-872-5452
Selma Plantation Tree CO 120 County Road 15 334-875-9176
Semmes Blackwell Nurseries PO Box 85 251-649-2611
Semmes Dodd & Dodd Wholesale Nursery 9585 Wulff Road S 251-645-2222
Semmes Dodd’s Tree Farm 3800 Illinois Street 251-649-1007
Semmes Ferns Unlimited PO Box 68 251-649-4129
Semmes George Dodd Nursery Supply PO Box 86 251-649-6650
Semmes Grimes Nurseries Inc 11070 Wulff Road S 251-649-8828
Semmes John Durant Nursery 10244 Howells Ferry Road 251-649-4002
Semmes Martin’s Nursery 2700 Snow Road N 251-649-0104
Semmes Pace Nursery Brokerage PO Box 944 251-645-0260
Semmes Rushing Nursery Inc 3220 RedStreetone Drive S 251-649-5795
Semmes Stokley Nursery PO Box 821 251-649-2174
Semmes Sunnyland Growers 9864 Moffett Road 251-649-2199
Semmes T & T Nurseries Inc PO Box 25 251-649-2573
Semmes Tate’s Greenhouses PO Box 162 251-649-1321
Semmes Tom Dodd Nurseries Inc PO Box 45 251-649-1960
Semmes Van Der Giessen Nursery Inc PO Box 230 251-649-9477
Silverhill Silverhill Nursery PO Box 282 251-945-5184
Slocomb New Life Nursery & Gifts County Road 28 334-677-8561
Stapleton Grimes Nursery PO Box 272 251-937-5993
Sterrett Shelby County Nursery 5038 Bear Creek Road 205-678-6363
Summerdale Davis Nursery 20272 Streetate Highway 59 251-947-2366
Summerdale Magnolia Landscape Supply Inc 117 Streetate Highway 59 S 251-989-7171
Sylacauga Southern Belles Gift & Garden 1011 N Broadway Avenue 256-249-3983
Sylacauga Sunshine Flower & Garden Center 40734 US Highway 280 256-249-4042
Talladega Earth Works 53 Lake Whitland Drive 256-362-4646
Tallahassee 3am Growers P.O. Box 780476 800-892-43AM
Tallassee B & J’s Garden Center 1890 Gilmer Avenue 334-252-1995
Tanner Athens Wholesale Nursery PO Box 548 256-232-4464
Tanner Lindsay Brothers Nursery 17215 Lindsay Road 256-233-4458
Theodore Flowerwood Nursery Inc 9451 Old Pascagoula Road 251-443-2013
Theodore Greenhouse Nursery & Supplies 8991 Bellingrath Road 251-653-8731
Theodore O’Bryants Nursery 5680 Highway 90 251-654-0707
Thorsby Collins’ Nursery & Stand 22424 US Highway 31 205-646-2880
Troy Plantation Nursery & Garden 3178 Highway 231 S 334-566-7070
Trussville Cedar Street Garden Shop 105 Cedar Street 205-661-0912
Trussville Keith Landscaping CO 6750 Trussville Clay Road 205-681-8787
Trussville Williams Orchard & Nursery PO Box 487 205-467-6459
Tuscaloosa Brown Greenhouses 335 Crescent Ridge Road NE 205-556-7535
Tuscaloosa Countryside Nursery 4020 Old Greensboro Road 205-758-7939
Tuscaloosa Dunn Nursery & Greenhouses 522 Rice Valley Road N 205-758-6064
Tuscaloosa Murphy Christmas Tree Farm 101 Bear Creek Road E 205-752-0120
Union Springs Bonnie Plant Farm 2993 Fred Paulk Road 334-738-4591
Union Springs Bonnie Plant Farm 2993 County Road 22 1-800-345-3384
Verbena White City Nursery Llc 707 County Road 20 W 334-365-2488
Vernon Southern Garden Nursery 39934 Highway 17 205-695-6880
Vestavia Hills Andy’s Creekside Nursery 3351 Morgan Drive 205-824-0233
Vestavia Hills Growing Places Gardens Inc 2030 Columbiana Road 205-822-6686
Vinemont Buds & Blooms Greenhouses 2547 County Road 1339 256-775-6909
Waverly D & K Growers 8585 Lee Road 188 334-826-7650
Webb Webb Nurseries 1568 Jimbo Road 334-794-0876
Wedowee Knight’s Nursery 656 County Road 691 256-357-2308
Wetumpka Cindy’s A Home & Garden Shoppe 8731 Central Plank Road 334-514-0630
Winfield Four Seasons Garden Center 1695 US Highway 43 205-487-8434