Virginia Trees For Sale

Old Dominion, as the state is sometimes called, is also called the Mother of Presidents. It is here in the hills of Virginia the Flowering Dogwood displays its unique white to yellow flowers. A small to medium sized three, the Flowering Dogwood does not usually extend beyond 30 feet tall. It extends limbs out almost the same distance, offering its large white petals, or bracts, to deer. Flowering Dogwoods prefer moist to wet soil, best if slightly acidic. Water is essential for Flowering Dogwoods, whose leaves will wither without enough. Although the Flowering Dogwood is a popular ornamental tree and easy to plant, the Virginian planter may choose one of several other hundred varieties when planting a new tree.

Due to its large size, proximity to both the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, and varied temperatures, the smart Virginian grower will need to consider the following:

Best Trees for Virginia

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

  1. Royal Empress Trees

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

  1. Red Rocket Crape Myrtle

Ideal for providing year-round beauty, fast-growing growth, and drought resistance.

  1. Rabbiteye Blueberry

Ideal for bearing fruit, disease and drought resistance, and temperature adaptability.

  1. Tulip Poplar

Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Virginia

New developments throughout the United States mean more infrastructure, more people, and more invasion of privacy. The residents of Virginia have the option to plant and tend trees that produce privacy, turning away prying eyes and loud noises and instead enjoying the quiet and peace of private property.

The Leyland Cypress is the perfect privacy tree for Virginian inhabitants. The Leyland Cypress grows quickly, adds distinct charm, and produces thick barriers between a private abode and unwanted chatter. Growing between 3 and 5 feet a year, the Leyland Cypress will give the Virginian yard the fast-growing privacy for which they have been searching. Alternatively, the Thuja Green Giant and American Holly will bring privacy, color, and solitude to the savvy planter’s yard.


Virginia’s climate is variable, primarily due to significant changes in elevation. From the top of Mount Rogers (5,729 feet) to the Chesapeake Bay (see level), Virginia sees expansive climatic characteristics. Typically, weather is hot and humid further southeast. The average daily high in summer across the state is 83°F, though temperatures in the 90s are not uncommon. The record was set in 1954 at 110°F. Winters are mild to cool, with moderating temperatures from the Atlantic Ocean minimize extended cold spells. The average daily temperatures in January usually are in the mid40s across the state. The record low was set in 1985 at -30°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Covering over 500,000 acres of Kentucky is Crider soil, a deep, well-draining soil used primarily for crops and pasture land. Regardless of the property’s location in The Bluegrass State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.

1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Rainfall is abundant in Virginia, which sees, on average, 42.7 inches of rainfall annually. Thunderstorms occur in the state 40 days out of the year, on average, which is higher than the national average. Despite plentiful rainfall, floods are infrequent. Cold air from the Appalachian Mountains can bring snow, heavy at times. Several blizzards occurred recently, such as those of 1996, 2009, and 2010. Even with moderate snowfall, though, most of Virginians in the south will only see a few inches at most annually.


Although rainfall is significant in Virginia, irrigation systems can be an effective way to moderate water dispersal. Newly planted trees require sufficient and constant access to water. Drip or sprinkler irrigation systems can be an effective way to ensure new trees get the water needed. The stress of transplantation can have a negative effect on trees, which may have lost roots and limbs in the process. Ensuring proper water and care for a new tree can help it reach successful growth.

Growing Zones

Virginia is home to five unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. The zones in Virginia move in a northwest direction, cooling as they cross the state. In the far southeast, near Norfolk and along the Chesapeake Bay, temperatures are warmest, rarely dropping below 5°F. Inland, Richmond and Roanoke both fall into zone 7a, and temperatures here may drop to 0°F. Further west and north, low temperature ranges drop further still. In three separate zones low temperatures may drop to -15°F for extended lengths of time. These regions are an area west of Bland, an area northwest of Blacksburg, and a sliver north of the small town, McDowell.

Weather Damage

Virginia’s location along the Atlantic Ocean, where severe Gulf Stream currents carry severe tropical storms, makes it an easy target for hurricanes. Virginia is north enough along the coast that storms are typically weakened; still, three hurricanes in the last ten years have wrought havoc in the region, usually bringing severe wind and rains. Tornadoes are uncommon in the state, which averages only 7 annually; however, in 2004, Virginia has 85 tornadoes. Plant trees away from powerlines and buildings on which the tree could fall. Trees can also be beneficial if heavy rains affect the area, as the roots assist in keeping soil together during even minimal flooding.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Virginia nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Virginia we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Trees For Sale In Virginia | Buy Trees In Virginia
AbingdonFour Seasons Garden Center15984 Porterfield Highway276-619-4524
AftonPlants Unlimited92 Bull Pine Road540-456-6554
AldieWindy Hill Plant Farm40413 John Mosby Highway703-327-4211
AlexandriaApplehouse and Garden Center1715 W Braddock Road703-998-9077
AlexandriaEdmonds Nursery and Produce8351 Richmond Highway #A703-360-6745
AltavistaLaurelton Gardens504 Pittsylvania Avenue434-369-7242
Amelia Court HouseWatkins Nurseries11540 Grub Hill Church Road804-561-3586
AmherstPatch and Co1277 Old Streetage Road434-946-5483
AnnandaleAnnandale Garden Center6673 Little River Turnpike703-256-9050
AnnandaleMeadows Farms Nursery4808 Backlick Road703-941-5656
AnnandalePinecrest Nursery6673 Little River Turnpike703-256-3246
AraratLady Di Tree Farm1965 Unity Church Road276-251-8733
ArlingtonHill’s Nursery and Camellia1722 N Glebe Road703-527-3472
AshburnBlue Mount Nursery19413 Smith Cir703-729-6600
AshlandAshwood Gardens and Nursery11374 Ashcake Road804-798-2280
AustinvilleJenning’s Christmas Trees2768 Stone Ridge Road276-728-9983
BarboursvilleLazy Ss Farm and Nursery2360 Spotswood Triangle540-832-2334
BaskervilleMidway Nursery996 Baskerville Road434-689-3128
BassettCrouch’s Nursery6211 Virginia Avenue276-629-1820
BeaverdamPondscapes16489 Beaver Dam Road804-883-6111
BedfordDuis Nursery1231 Merriman Road540-586-0693
BedfordGarden Path2607 W Lynchburg Salem Turnpike540-586-1544
BedfordOld Mill Gardens1048 Kelso Mill Road540-587-5990
BedfordWipledale Farm Greenhouse7730 Big Island Highway540-587-5300
Belle HavenCharnock’s Nursery36083 Indian Lane757-442-6544
BentonvilleSkyline Evergreen FarmBrowntown Road540-635-4366
BerryvilleAnderson’s Nursery and Garden10574 Harry Byrd Highway540-955-1255
BlackstoneClay’s Garden Center1301 S Main Street434-292-5603
Boones MillHouse of Water Gardens5748 Alean Road540-334-3006
BristolEvergreen3323 Lee Highway276-669-0650
BristolPlanters and Designers296 Blevins Boulevard276-669-7747
BristolTemplin Flower Garden230 Vance Street276-669-4349
BrooknealRidgeway Farm LlcHighway 678434-376-2244
BurkeBurke Nursery and Garden Center9401 Burke Road703-323-1188
BurkevilleFarmers Daughters406 N Agnew Street #B434-767-9967
Cape CharlesAppleseed Nurseries Inc18395 Lankford Highway757-678-5600
Cape CharlesSunnyside Garden Center20498 Lankford Highway757-331-1126
CatharpinPremier Garden Center5003 Sudley Road703-753-3454
CatharpinWhite Oak Nurseries Inc4641 Sudley Road703-754-2222
CentrevilleFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5057 Westfields Boulevard703-378-0085
ChantillyDebaggio Herbs43494 Mountain View Drive703-327-6976
ChantillyGreenworks Garden Shop42660 John Mosby Highway703-327-2344
Charles CityGreen Hill Growers7400 John Tyler Memorial Highway804-829-6313
Charles CityWeyanoke Greenhouses Inc110 Sandy Hills Road804-829-6201
CharlottesvilleGarden Spot515 Rio Road W434-973-9700
CharlottesvilleIvy Nursery Inc570 Broomley Road434-295-1183
CharlottesvilleOld Field NurseryRR 20434-293-3921
CharlottesvilleSnow’s Garden Center1875 Avon Street Ext434-295-2159
CharlottesvilleSouthern States Co-OP Inc2381 Leake Sq434-974-6147
CharlottesvilleSouthern States Co-OP Inc810 Harris Street434-296-6191
ChathamChatham Garden Center13384 US Highway 29434-432-4773
ChesapeakeBlue Ridge Nursery1505 Blue Ridge Road757-482-7330
ChesapeakeCarter’s Country Corner840 Old Butts Station Road757-547-0646
ChesapeakeEast Coast Home and Garden1507 Battlefield Boulevard S757-421-7780
ChesapeakeEvergreen Garden Center232 Centerville Turnpike N757-547-5599
ChesapeakeGreenbrier Farms Inc225 Sign Pine Road757-421-2141
ChesapeakeLilley Farms and Nurseries2800 Tyre Neck Road757-484-3448
ChesapeakeMc Donald Garden Center3925 Portsmouth Boulevard757-465-1110
ChesapeakeTimberlake Nursery and Greenhouse1228 Kempsville Road757-547-9781
ChesapeakeWhite’s Old Mill Garden Center3133 Old Mill Road757-487-2300
ChristiansburgAccent Landscaping75 Nursery Lane540-382-3600
ChristiansburgHigo Garden Bonsai1360 N Fork Road540-381-4255
ChristiansburgLacie’s Garden Center750 Den Hill Road540-382-8797
ClarksvillePine Knot Farm681 Rock Church Road434-252-1990
CourtlandGrayson and Emma’s Garden Spot28412 Southampton Pkwy757-653-9652
DanvilleGinger Bread House Garden Center209 Trade Street434-799-6894
DanvilleGro Rite Greenhouses430 Airport Drive434-792-0456
DanvilleHarris Nursery and Greenhouse10156 Martinsville Highway434-685-7580
DanvilleHaymore Landscaping and Garden2720 Franklin Turnpike434-836-1722
DanvilleRaywood Landscape Center165 James Road434-822-1400
DanvilleS and S Nursery3905 U S Highway 29434-836-9200
DaytonWonderland Nursery6303 W Drivey River Road540-879-9157
DillwynMarshall Place BoxwoodsRR 4 Box 1210434-983-3364
DisputantaPretty Maids Plants5555 County Drive804-733-1763
DumfriesDumfries Nursery and Garden Center17715 Washington Street703-441-6870
DumfriesLittle Trees Bonasi Nursery15215 Holleyside Drive703-590-5431
EarlysvillePanorama Paydirt300 Panorama Road434-978-4566
EarlysvilleSunnyboy Gardens3314 Earlysville Road434-974-7350
EastvilleWescoat Nurseries Inc17508 Seaside Road757-678-5226
ElktonOutdoor Effects5319 E Point Road540-298-2476
EllistonYagle Nursery9660 Roanoke Road540-268-2352
EmporiaHarvey’s Landscaping and Garden1226 S Main Street434-634-9977
ExmoreBelle Haven Azalea Farm2288 Azalea Farm Road757-422-3564
ExmoreDavid’s Nursery3340 Mount Hope Road757-442-7000
FairfaxBetty’s Azalea Ranch12507 Lee Highway703-830-8687
FairfaxByron’s Landscaping4202 Odie CT703-352-9313
FairfaxFrank’s Nursery and Crafts10930 Lee Highway703-591-6851
FairfaxGarden World of Virginia Inc11343 Lee Highway703-591-6619
FairfaxMerrifield Garden Center12101 Lee Highway703-968-9600
FairfaxPioneer Garden Center10653 Braddock Road703-591-0610
FairfaxWayne’s Wholesale Nursery11405 Lee Highway703-591-1254
FairfieldWild Rose Gardens1519 Streeterrett Road540-348-3119
Falls ChurchGreenscape Design Studio2427 Center Street703-752-3002
Falls ChurchMeadows Farms Nurseries6461 Arlington Boulevard703-538-3100
Falls ChurchMerrifield Garden Center8132 Lee Highway703-560-6222
Falls ChurchSam’s Farm7125 Leesburg Pike703-534-5292
Falls ChurchSun and Shade Nursery and Landscaping3215 Annandale Road703-237-6716
FarmvilleB and M Greenhouse Inc1822 Greenhouse Road434-392-6993
FarmvilleUnderground Greenhouse506 Pleasant Valley Road434-392-8782
FarnhamKemper Nursery6044 Historyland Highway804-394-3361
FishersvilleHickory Hill Pines138 Hickory Hill Drive540-942-3871
FloydCedarhenge Tree Farm Inc972 Spring Dale Road SW540-745-3394
FloydClark’s Hilltop Nursery2867 Webbs Mill Road N540-763-8733
FloydHowell’s Evergreen Nursery Inc869 Beaver Creek Road NW540-763-3525
FloydSlaughter’s Tree FarmsRR 3 Box 39540-745-4933
ForestGary’s Garden Center5169 Waterlick Road434-525-7404
ForestRainfrost Nursery2452 Bethel Church Road434-525-3107
ForestStrock Nursery and Garden Center17645 Forest Road434-385-8894
FranklinFranklin Garden Center111 Commerce Park757-562-0186
FranktownHermitage Farms Nursery7483 Mason Farm Road757-442-3548
FredericksburgCountryside Nursery and Garden6161 Plank Road540-786-1719
FredericksburgFrance Farms Nursery792 Jefferson Davis Highway540-899-3657
FredericksburgFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1257 Jefferson Davis Highway540-371-3232
FredericksburgMeadows Farms Inc5043 Plank Road540-786-8171
FredericksburgOlde Towne Home and Lawn Service1026 Warrenton Road540-752-2241
FredericksburgPine Hollow Nursery8904 Jefferson Davis Highway540-898-0346
FredericksburgRobin’s Nest Nursery1911 Dixon Street540-371-7443
FredericksburgRoxbury Mill Farm and Garden Center601 Lafayette Boulevard540-373-9124
FredericksburgTumbleweed Gardens637 Kings Highway540-899-9004
GalaxAndrews Farming Co226 Autumn Leaf Lane276-236-7101
Glen AllenCarwile’s Innesbrook Nursery11423 Scotland Lane804-270-3751
GloucesterTidewater Tropicals9730 John Clayton Memorial Highway804-693-0443
GoldveinSouth Wind Orchids14041 Blackwells Mill Road540-752-5555
GordonsvilleMeadows Farm Inc1008 James Madison Highway540-825-4888
GraftonKen Matthews Landscape Nursery4921 George Washington Mem Highway757-898-7799
HagueLittle Nancy’s Garden Center11073 Cople Highway804-472-2222
HallwoodSpears Nursery28377 Groton Town Road757-854-1357
HamiltonEllmore’s Garden Center86 N Reid Street540-338-7760
HamiltonGarden Spot405 W Colonial Highway540-338-3830
HamiltonIvandale Farms16960 Ivandale Road.571-344-2278
HamptonCountryside Gardens220 E Mercury Boulevard757-722-9909
HamptonMc Donald Garden Center1139 W Pembroke Avenue757-722-7463
HamptonMercury Mulch and Garden Center220 E Mercury Boulevard757-722-8816
HaymarketBroad Run Nursery and Greenhouse16015 John Marshall Highway703-753-1647
HaymarketSilver Lake Campground3595 Ingram Drive703-754-7565
HeathsvilleWhite Oak Nursery174 Coan Drive804-580-7887
HumeEcho Hills Nursery11367 Hume Road540-364-3258
HurtBurkhardt’s Nursery95 Laurel Lane434-656-6724
IndependenceRobert’s Evergreens263 Roping Lane276-744-2793
JonesvilleKitten’s Green ThumbRR 2 Box 2329276-346-3398
KenbridgeKembridge Produce and Nursery319 Main Street434-676-6300
KenbridgeLogan Garden Center111 Logan Lane434-676-3281
King GeorgeGreen Acres Nursery9309 Windsor Drive540-775-8383
LA CrosseBarner’s Nursery Co4293 Nellie Jones Road434-636-5474
LancasterGreenpoint Nursery Inc481 Lonesome Pine Triangle804-435-0531
LeesburgCatoctin Gardens10 Catoctin Cir SE #B703-669-1020
LeesburgMeadows Farms Nurseries1360 E Market Street703-777-1900
LouisaHenri Limited Nursery1587 Bybee Road434-589-2139
LouisaHottinger Greenhouses18351 Louisa Road540-967-0929
LovettsvilleButterfly Hill Plants12771 Milltown Road540-822-9132
LovettsvilleWater Ways Nursery13015 Milltown Road540-822-5994
LurayBlue Mountain Accents2211 US Highway Bsn 340540-743-7437
LurayGarden of EarthRoute 615540-743-7446
LurayVaughn Landscaping and Nursery18 Hites Spring Road540-743-4160
LynchburgGreenview Nursery794 Leesville Road434-239-5282
LynchburgGuthrie Nursery Inc1621 Crews Shop Road434-993-2978
LynchburgVirginia Garden Supply4614 Boonsboro Road434-384-2441
Madison HeightsRidgeview Nursery and Landscaping103 Ridgeview Lane434-384-2560
ManassasEnglish Country Gardens14195 Dumfries Road703-791-5363
ManassasMeadows Farms Nurseries11210 Dumfries Road703-361-4769
ManassasNature’s Tree Inc10105 Residency Road703-369-2500
ManassasPlant Land8548 Sudley Road703-369-1821
ManassasShemin Nurseries Inc8309 Quarry Road703-631-8133
ManassasWest Winds Nursery5710 Featherbed Lane703-631-0983
ManquinPrestley Farm Nursery661 Richmond Tappahannock Highway804-769-4150
MarionWilliams Lawn Service Inc253 Good Pasture Hollow Road276-783-8705
MarshallCobbler View NurseryMain Street540-364-2836
MarshallColesville Nursery4415 Scotts Road540-364-9094
MartinsvilleYeatts Nursery6620 al Philpott Highway276-632-6316
Mc LeanFour Seasons of Mclean Inc1715 Birch Road703-408-2660
Mc LeanMaison Et Jardin9023 Old Dominion Drive703-759-2825
Mc LeanMc Lean Nurseries1821 Kirby Road703-356-7707
MeadowviewIndoor Farm Greenhouses28356 Hawthorne Drive276-944-3665
MechanicsvilleRural Plains Nursery7273 Streetudley Road804-746-5971
MechanicsvilleSandys Plants8011 Bell Creek Road804-746-7092
MechanicsvilleWest Nursery and Garden Center4032 Mechanicsville Turnpike804-779-3714
MelfaBobtown Nursery16212 Country Club Road757-787-8484
MidlothianGarden Place13551 Midlothian Turnpike804-378-8076
MidlothianSanctuaries Unique Garden Center16300 Midlothian Turnpike804-897-0688
MineralBarefoot Missies7828 Kentucky Springs Road540-894-0109
MineralLake Anna Nursery71 Oak Grove Drive540-894-9488
MineralSunshine Plant Farm10440 Jefferson Highway540-872-3407
MonetaGrapevine14116 Booker T Washington Highway540-721-4169
MonetaWestlake Nursery13708 Booker T Washington Highway540-721-1855
MonroeCedar Gate Nursery1159 Cedar Gate Road434-929-2501
MontrossRed Oak Nursery22111 Kings Highway804-493-8282
MoseleyHudgins Farm and Garden Center16831 Hull Street Road804-739-5100
MT SidneyBelle Hill Farm Compost554 Todd Road540-248-1099
NellysfordRockfish Valley Garden Center2461 Rockfish Valley Highway434-361-1555
New CastleMountainside NurseryRR 1 Box 1357540-864-5166
New ChurchDennis Garden Center33050 Chincoteague Road757-824-6333
New ChurchThomas Gardens6374 Lankford Highway757-824-3610
Newport NewsAnderson’s Home and Garden11250 Jefferson Avenue757-599-3510
Newport NewsMayo’s Garden Supply10602 Warwick Boulevard757-596-4158
Newport NewsPlant Mart11973 Jefferson Avenue757-249-1370
Newport NewsTom’s Thumb13901 Jefferson Avenue757-887-1415
NorfolkBoobala’s Gardens2612 Granby Street757-627-2776
NorfolkDaniel’s Lawn and Garden4900 Colley Avenue757-423-7332
NorfolkGarden Gate4117 Granby Street757-625-8101
NorfolkGarden Gazebo5595 Raby Road #8757-461-0337
NorfolkGardens in A Flowerpot941 W Little Creek Road757-489-8972
NorfolkGhent Gardens1722 Granby Street757-627-8873
NorfolkMeadowbrook Hardware1215 W Little Creek Road #D757-489-7293
NorfolkTanner’s Creek Garden Center249 LA Valette Avenue757-625-3670
NorfolkWedgwood Garden Center Inc1806 E Little Creek Road757-587-4481
Oak GroveIngleside Plantation Nurseries5870 Leedstown Road804-224-7111
OrangeGarden Patch180 Caroline Street540-672-1449
OrangeWoodland Nursery258 Berry Hill Road540-672-0802
Paeonian SpringsGardens of Delight40602 Charles Town Pike540-882-9113
PalmyraGround Effects Garden and LandscapingRR 7 Box 7329434-589-1256
ParisAshby Gap Produce and Nursery119 John Mosby Highway540-837-9001
ParksleyGodwin’s Plants and Produce18347 Lankford Highway757-665-4762
PartlowFinnegan’s Forest Nursery5701 Partlow Road540-582-5668
PenhookWillow Tree Nursery Inc300 Old Mountain Road540-576-3031
PetersburgPrince George Nursery Inc2863 County Drive804-733-7887
PoquosonDreamscapes Garden Center550 Wythe Creek Road757-868-5555
PortsmouthBowman’s Garden Center Llc315 Green Street757-393-2070
PortsmouthColeman Nursery Gardentown4934 High Street W757-484-3426
PortsmouthNorfolk County Feed and Seed1110 Airline Boulevard757-397-2373
PowhatanWatkins Nurseries Inc4216 Worsham Road804-598-6800
PurcellvilleFields of Flowers37879 Allder School Road540-338-7231
RadfordWillow Springs Tree Farms Inc3000 Peppers Ferry Road540-731-3300
RhoadesvilleDouble ‘B’ Farm Market28200 Constitution Highway540-854-4277
RichmondAzalea Mall Garden Center4800 Brook Road804-266-3119
RichmondCentral VA Nursery and Landscape111 Deer Keep804-784-0859
RichmondDale Nursery5417 Omo Road804-275-1340
RichmondGarden Club1 N Morris Street804-254-5665
RichmondGardener Nursery12685 Broad Street Road804-360-2097
RichmondGlen Allen Nursery and Garden Inc9107 Old Streetaples Mill Road804-377-1977
RichmondGreat Big Greenhouse and Nursery2051 Huguenot Road804-320-1317
RichmondGrowers Exchange3501 W Cary Street804-359-9649
RichmondInside-Out Landscape and Flower7701 Brook Road804-262-5152
RichmondSneed’s Nursery and Garden Center8756 W Huguenot Road804-320-7798
RichmondStrange’s Garden Center12111 W Broad Street804-360-2800
RoanokeCreekside6288 Bent Mountain Road540-774-1200
RoanokeGreenbrier Nurseries5881 Streetarkey Road540-989-2122
RoanokeHelms Stone Yard315 24th Street NW #B540-344-9130
RoanokeMulch N’ More4529 Plantation Road NE540-265-0532
RoanokeObenchain’s Garden Center3634 Shenandoah Avenue NW540-342-3089
RoanokeTownside Gardens3614 Franklin Road SW540-344-7025
Rocky GapBilly Jeans FlowersRR 1 Box 1477276-928-1340
Rose HillDavis Brothers Nursery IncRR 2 Box 270276-445-4230
Rural RetreatJones Nursery285 Citizens Road276-686-5286
Ruther GlenGardens Unlimited Bonsai Nursery17322 Countyline Church Road804-448-4499
SalemPine Ridge Nursery and Land922 W Main Street540-389-7971
SalemRiverside Nursery Inc2306 W Riverside Drive540-387-4020
SandstonMarie’s Produce305 W Williamsburg Road804-737-5274
ScottsvilleKingland’s GreenhouseRR 3 Box 489434-286-3743
South BostonMelvin Rogers Nursery and Landscaping3060 Bill Tuck Highway434-572-4558
South BostonReaves Lawn and Garden Center1 Broad Street434-575-0649
South BostonRicky M Rogers Landscaping1419 Fenton Street434-572-9283
South BostonS and S Nursery2016 Bill Tuck Highway434-572-3021
South HillBuckhorn Creek Nursery Inc624 Meherrin Road434-447-4355
SpotsylvaniaBelmont Christmas Tree Farm7533 Belmont Road540-854-6757
SpotsylvaniaMother Earth6337 Hickory Ridge Road540-582-3847
Spout SpringShadow Wood GreenhouseRR 1 Box 2386434-993-3526
StaffordCorner Garden Center508 Garrisonville Road540-720-2067
StaffordMeadows Farms Nursery Inc597 Garrisonville Road540-659-0606
StaffordSunnyside Nursery and Garden Center3357 Jefferson Davis Highway540-659-9994
StauntonDriver Brothers Garden Center414 Parkersburg Turnpike540-885-5798
StauntonWeird Dude’s Plant Zoo1164 Frog Pond Road540-886-6364
StrasburgCrownsville Nursery257 Sadlick Road540-631-9411
StuartKeesee Tree Farm and Nursery23882 Jeb Streetuart Highway276-694-4260
StuartMom’s Gardens15479 Jeb Streetuart Highway276-694-4044
Stuarts DraftMilmont Greenhouses48 Milmont Drive540-943-8408
SuffolkG M Epps Farm Supply Co162 S Main Street757-539-4381
SuffolkKnotts Creek Wholesale Nursery6120 Knotts Neck Road757-483-6383
SuffolkLancaster Farms Inc5800 Knotts Neck Road757-484-4421
SuffolkRio Grande Traders3057 Kings Highway757-538-3512
SuffolkRountree Farms2420 Joshua Lane757-925-4264
SuffolkSmithfield Gardens Inc1869 Bridge Road757-238-2511
SurryFarmer Joe’s Greenhouse and Garden12099 Rolfe Highway757-294-3151
The PlainsBittersweet Garden6472 Main Street540-253-5700
The PlainsVineyard Nursery3516 Logans Mill Road540-687-3015
ToanoPinelands Nursery8877 Richmond Road W757-566-3620
TroutdaleIndependence Tree Farm and Nursery221 Mr Casuals Lane276-677-0000
ViennaHill’s Nursery and Camellia10500 Leesburg Pike703-759-2207
ViennaWolf Trap Nursery and Greenhouse9439 Leesburg Pike703-759-4229
VintonCascade Gardens15875 Streetewartsville Road540-890-7348
Virginia BeachAtlantic Garden Center1291 Nimmo Pkwy757-427-9543
Virginia BeachAtlantic Garden Center Inc1276 N Great Neck Road757-481-1515
Virginia BeachBelvins Nursery3005 Bray Road757-340-4259
Virginia BeachCedar Creek Green House and Nursery3169 Hungarian Road757-421-7313
Virginia BeachDeer Ridge Nursery and Tree Farm1624 Boles Pl757-426-1338
Virginia BeachEnvironmental Expressions3188 Indian River Road757-721-5050
Virginia BeachFour Seasons Nursery965 S Military Highway757-420-4182
Virginia BeachHeritage Plantation1255 Princess Anne Road757-426-7000
Virginia BeachMc Donald Garden Center1144 Independence Boulevard757-464-5564
Virginia BeachMc Nicholl’s Nursery1532 Lotus Drive757-721-6886
Virginia BeachPalm Tree Mart2332 London Bridge Road757-641-3181
Virginia BeachTradewind Palms3420 Holland Road757-222-0470
Virginia BeachWedgwood Garden Center3168 Holland Road757-427-3300
WarrentonMeadows Farms Nurseries Inc5074 Lee Highway540-341-0020
WarrentonMitchell Garden Center671 Falmouth Street540-347-5613
WarrentonShow-Case Gardens4531 Lee Highway540-341-2040
WashingtonLong Mountain Nursery488 Long Mountain Road #A540-675-3707
WaynesboroWaynesboro Landscape and Garden2032 W Main Street540-942-4646
Weber CityEnterprise Nursery and Garden235 US Highway 23 S276-386-9291
White PlainsWrightwood Farms74 Wrightwood Drive434-636-8733
White PostHal-Bea Nursery1590 Fairfax Pike540-869-1723
White StoneMarianne’s Garden Inc18399 Mary Ball Road804-436-9900
WhitetopMount Rogers Xmas Tree Farm16849 Highlands Pkwy276-388-3285
WilliamsburgCookes Gardens1826 Jamestown Road757-220-0099
WilliamsburgGreener Side539 2nd Street757-253-1756
WillisHollandsworth Nursery3550 Indian Valley Road NW540-789-4018
WillisNative Evergreen Nursery4260 Indian Valley Road NW540-789-4515
WinchesterDE Haven Nursery Inc2077 Martinsburg Pike540-662-8838
WinchesterHayfield Nursery1380 N Hayfield Road540-888-3385
WinchesterHorton’s Nursery and Florist908 Cedar Creek Grade540-869-2115
WinchesterMeadows Farm IncRR 7540-722-4141
WinchesterThumper’s GardenMount Falls Rt540-877-2891
WinchesterWeber’s Florist937 Martinsburg Pike540-662-4311
WinchesterWhite Hall Barden Center3355 Apple Pie Ridge Road540-667-0843
WoodbridgeLakeridge Nursery2095 Old Bridge Road703-490-3300
WoodbridgeLakeridge Nursery3705 Old Bridge Road703-590-0178
WoodfordButterfly Field Ltd5635 Iva Lane540-582-3623
WoodfordFox Frye Nurseries14493 Countyline Church Road804-448-4246
WoodstockFort Valley Nursery Landscape909 S Main Street540-459-5151
YorktownFlower Pot6417 George Washington Mem Highway757-875-0500
ZuniZuni Tree and Alpaca Farm19362 Tomlin Hill Drive757-242-4780