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The Volunteer State sits in the southeastern central region of the United States, sharing a border with eight other states, including Kentucky, Missouri, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, North Carolina, and Virginia. In this region, the Tulip Poplar grows well, and it is partially for this reason Tennessee has adopted the Tulip Tree as its state tree. Tulip Poplars are popular due to their fast-growing capabilities, pleasant shade, and minimal care. Reaching between 40 and 190 feet, the Tulip Poplar is valuable for its strong wood, a rarity in trees that display fast growth. Sometimes growing 8 feet a year, the Tulip Poplar has a conical shape and limbs beginning above 25 feet. Tulip Poplars, occasionally called Hybrid Poplars, are an easy tree to grow for the beginning tree-grower; however, Tennessee planters can choose from hundreds of other tree varieties when planting.

Due to its inland location, proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean, and varied temperatures, the smart Tennessean grower will need to consider the following:

– Climate
– Soil Type
– Average Precipitation
– Irrigation
– Growing Zones
– Weather Damage

Best Trees for Tennessee

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

#2. Muskogee Crape – Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.

#3. Cold Hardy Avocado – Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

#4. Tulip Poplar – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Tennessee

New developments throughout the United States mean more infrastructure, more people, and more invasion of privacy. The residents of Tennessee have the option to plant and tend trees that produce privacy, turning away prying eyes and loud noises and instead enjoying the quiet and peace of private property.

The Leyland Cypress is the perfect privacy tree for Tennessean inhabitants. The Leyland Cypress grows quickly, adds distinct charm, and produces thick barriers between a private abode and unwanted chatter. Growing between 3 and 5 feet a year, the Leyland Cypress will give the Tennessean yard the fast-growing privacy for which they have been searching. Alternatively, the Thuja Green Giant and American Holly will bring privacy, color, and solitude to the savvy planter’s yard.


Tennessee lies in a humid subtropical climate, with areas in Appalachia sometimes experiencing mountain temperate climates or humid continental climates depending on elevation. Summers in Tennessee are hot and humid, regardless of location. Most of the state will see daily average high temperatures at or above 90°F, though areas in the Appalachian Mountains do see a slight reprieve. Humidity is heavy, and Tennessee sees high average rainfall. Winters are mild to cool, with average daily temperatures ranging from low to high 40s. The highest temperature recorded in Tennessee was in 1930, when temperatures rose to 113°F, while the lowest temperature was recorded in Mountain City in 1917, and temperatures dropped to -32°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Dickson is the state soil of Tennessee, and it covers over 400,000 acres of the state’s land. The soil can be slightly brittle, but still relatively fertile and well-draining. The primary crops grown in Dickson soils are corn and soybeans. Regardless of the property’s location in The Volunteer State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.

1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Rainfall is heavy in Tennessee, which sees upwards of 50 inches, on average, annually. The Gulf of Mexico is a large factor in the heavy precipitation, which is carried via warm, moist winds from the water body. The Atlantic Ocean, though a state away, also impacts the region, causing cooling of the air and the heavy rainfall. Tennessee experiences on average 50 thunderstorms a year, well above the national average. Thunderstorms can be dangerous, bringing heavy winds and large hail. Snow usually occurs once a year. Most of the state will rarely see more than 5 inches, while higher elevations in the western mountain ranges may see as much as 16 inches of snow a year.


Rainfall may be plentiful in Tennessee, but water control is still exceptionally important for new trees. Newly planted trees have recently undergone significant stress, which comes from transplantation. The root ball has likely lost several taproots and capillary roots, which can be detrimental for further growth. One way to combat this stress is with proper watering. Irrigation can be an effective means for providing controlled and well-maintained water dispersal to these new trees. Investigate your property for irrigations systems, and consider investing in a drip or sprinkler irrigation system if none exist.

Growing Zones

Tennessee is home to four unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the  USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. The zones in Tennessee generally move in horizontal bands across the state. In the far south, temperatures are warmer, rarely dropping below 0°F for extended times. In the far southwest corner of Tennessee near Memphis, temperatures will rarely dip below 10°F to 5°F for extended lengths of time. Temperatures cool moving north, with areas southwest of Nashville, within the Daniel Boone National Forest, and the far east of Knoxville occasionally experiencing extended lengths of temperatures ranging from -5°F to -10°F.

Weather Damage

Tennessee is not directly along the coast, and this protects from a direct hit from a hurricane; regardless, weakened tropical cyclones frequently affect the region, dumping heavy rainfall and strong winds in the region. Tornadoes are the other concern in the region, with Tennessee receiving on average 15 tornadoes a year. Tennessee has the highest national percentage rate of fatalities per tornado, suggesting these tornadoes can be uniquely severe and dangerous. Plant trees away from powerlines and buildings. Remember, trees can be a great defense against erosion from heavy rains, so plant along roads and streams.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Tennessee nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Tennessee we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Tennessee Trees For Sale | The Tree Center™
AdamsvilleFlower Friends Garden Center249 Mount Sharon Road731-632-2033
AltamontHigh Country NurseryHC 77 Box 64931-692-3122
AndersonvilleSunlight Gardens Inc174 Golden Lane865-494-8237
ArlingtonDigger O’Dell Nurseries11034 Highway 64901-867-3511
ArlingtonStockyard Horticultural Supply10028 Highway 70901-867-8733
AthensSunshine Hollo198 County Road 52423-745-4289
BaxterDaylight Springs Nursery3539 Austin Bottom Road931-858-6864
BaxterPlants By Gantt507 Main Street931-823-4444
Beersheba SpgsTennessee Scenic MountainStonedoor Road931-692-4161
Bell BuckleWilliams Nursery8768 Shelbyville Pike615-233-5444
BellsBonnie Plant Farms175 Sullivan Dr731-663-9755
BelvidereLantenn Farms Inc8605 David Crockett Highway931-967-1911
BelvidereOak Grove Nursery1366 Maxwell Road931-469-7466
BolivarJack’s Lawn Service and Nursery740 Blue Bonnett Lane731-658-7243
BrentwoodMark Bates Landscaping and Garden1608 Franklin Road615-370-9222
BrentwoodMother Nature9709 Concord Road #B615-776-2030
BristolRogers Gardens2800 Volunteer Parkway423-968-2000
BuchananHomestead Garden and Gifts11536 Highway 79 N731-642-1020
Bulls GapBrown’s Custom Fencing Decking486 Robertson Creek Road423-235-7400
CamdenH and R Statuary2316 Highway 70 W731-584-1773
CamdenRalph’s Green Thumb Nursery815 Highway 641 S731-584-1981
CamdenWardlaw’s Nursery and Landscaping330 Highway 641 N731-584-4050
CarthageGarden Accents888 Upper Ferry Road615-735-3335
Chapel HillChristman’s Nursery5331 Nashville Highway931-364-2391
Chapel HillWalker Plants5383 Simpson Lane931-364-7872
CharlestonHenegar House Gardens428 Market Street NE423-780-9070
ChattanoogaAustin’s Garden Center241 Signal Mountain Road423-267-6515
ChattanoogaBarn Nursery2410 S Hickory Street423-698-2276
ChattanoogaBlooming Landscapes-Gardening3206 Mountain View Dr423-822-3100
ChattanoogaGarden House202 Tremont Street423-267-4200
ChattanoogaLittle Green House1405 Cowart Street423-267-1967
ChattanoogaSun and Shade Garden Center2921 Cummings Highway423-821-4245
ChristianaSandra D’s Greenary8134 Lowe Christiana Road615-849-4077
Church HillSilver Lake Garden Center320 Riverview Dr423-357-4582
ClarksvilleMary’s Gardens2809 Trough Springs Road931-358-3000
ClarksvilleRose Garden512 Madison Street931-906-1000
ClarksvilleWofford’s Nursery and Landscape2205 Wilma Rudolph Boulevard931-648-9779
ClevelandBryant’s Garden Center2725 Westside Dr NW423-479-9999
ClintonErin’s Meadow Herb Farm132 England Lane865-435-1452
CoalmontGlenn Basham NurseryHighway 56 & Industrial Dr931-692-3218
ColliervilleBrussell’s Bonsai Nursery8365 Center Hill Road901-521-8187
ColliervilleOelke’s Nursery901 Barbara Lynn Dr901-853-0700
ColliervilleRussell’s Farm Supply Co136 S Center Street901-853-2170
ColumbiaBear Creek Gardens200 Bear Creek Pike931-840-0030
ColumbiaColumbia Garden Center and Landscaping704 Lion Parkway931-381-8733
ColumbiaFernwood Garden Center1075 S James Campbell Boulevard931-388-3421
ColumbiaKen’s Lawn and Garden Center709 Lion Parkway931-381-5530
ColumbiaThree Oaks Market and Garden Center931 Baker Road931-380-0442
CookevilleCherry Creek Nursery3600 Valley View Road931-526-7682
CookevilleTriple Bee Nursery1200 S Jefferson Avenue931-520-8641
CordovaGarden Center374 S Germantown Parkway901-309-5657
CordovaTaylor Leighs Garden Gallery1565 N Germantown Parkway901-759-0330
CordovaWild Birds Unlimited1787 N Germantown Parkway901-751-1814
CorrytonOakes Daylilies7821 Corryton Luttrell Road865-687-3770
CowanTumbleweed Garden Center503 Cumberland Street W931-962-4658
CrossvilleCaboose Cottage Gardens5567 Highway 127 N931-484-6633
CrossvilleCrossville Garden Center1760 West Avenue931-484-9242
CrossvilleCumberland Plateau Nursery11978 Highway 127 N931-484-7613
CrossvilleHaston’s Jungle Garden Center721 West Avenue931-484-2038
DaytonPlant Place11061 Rhea County Highway423-775-2363
DecherdViburnums By George190 Lakeview Trl931-967-5983
Dickson96 Lawn and Garden Center1410 Highway 70 E615-740-9998
DicksonPlant Ranch912 Highway 70 W615-446-2725
DunlapEarth Shoppe15 Main Street S423-949-8186
DunlapMc Dowell’s NurseryHC 65 Box 302423-949-2218
DunlapMountain Valley Nursery637 Old Highway 8423-949-2110
DyersburgGardening Angel Nursery1984 Saint John Avenue731-288-0084
DyersburgVirgin’s Nursery Inc1937 Upper Finley Road731-285-8708
EadsDan West Garden Center Inc12061 Highway 64901-867-2283
ElizabethtonCarter-Johnson Nursery412 Jim Elliott Road423-542-3607
ElizabethtonLoveless Nurseries1311 Ledford Street423-543-4000
ElizabethtonRiver Gardens2041 W Elk Avenue423-543-2147
ErwinIndian Creek Nursery109 Indian Creek Road423-743-6807
Estill SpringsJSC NurseryP.O. Box 723931 967 6535
FairviewIris City Gardens7675 Younger Creek Road615-799-2179
FayettevilleJean’s Lawn Care and Landscaping2668 Huntsville Highway931-433-8897
FranklinJohn Deere Landscapes1109 Hillsboro Road615-794-4144
FriendsvilleLane Garden Center2731 W Lamar Alexander Parkway865-995-9430
GallatinLong Hollow Nursery2064 Long Hollow Pike615-451-2666
GallatinOutdoor Creations405 Brookview Dr615-859-3217
GallatinTwelve Corners Nursery335 Nichols Lane615-451-2874
GermantownRichard Stringer’s Nursery6993 Poplar Avenue901-754-0512
GermantownStringer’s Garden Center9195 Poplar Avenue901-754-5700
GermantownTrip’s Nursery7040 Poplar Avenue901-753-8747
GleasonGleason Nursery635 E Grove Road731-648-5009
GoodlettsvilleNashville Lawn and Garden Show5387 Lickton Pike615-876-7680
GrayPanarama Landscape and Design201 Emerald Chase Cir423-282-6226
GraySuncrest Garden Center951 Suncrest Dr423-477-9216
GreenbackGreenback Plant Co6802 Highway 411 S865-856-4310
GreenbrierTah Landscaping and Nursery2275 Highway 41 S615-859-0373
GreenevilleWolf Branch Nurseries and Supply3865 107 Cutoff423-636-1101
HamptonOaks Nursery and Garden Center4950 Highway 19 E423-725-2251
HarrimanLadd’s Feed and Seed208 Emory Dr865-882-9284
HartsvilleG and L Garden Center113 W Mcmurry Boulevard615-374-2331
HartsvilleRiverview Nursery50 Riverfront Estates Lane615-374-3050
HendersonvilleHendersonville Garden Center1009 W Main Street615-822-3089
HendersonvilleRogers Garden Center1196 W Main Street615-824-5101
HixsonGreen Thumb Nursery5431 Hixson Pike423-842-3892
HixsonH and L Nursery6114 Dayton Boulevard423-843-3344
HixsonHolcomb Garden Center5513 Highway 153423-877-8782
HixsonMiddle Valley Lawn and Garden6809 Middle Valley Road423-842-0832
HixsonNorth River Nursery/Home Show4527 Hixson Pike423-877-6409
HumboldtDutch Garden Center63 N Madison Dr731-784-9442
HuntingdonNature Scapes20620 E Main Street731-986-8543
JacksboroRainbow Gardens and Nursery2715 Jacksboro Pike423-562-4905
JacksonDutch Garden Center63 N Madison731-423-1323
JacksonMorris Nursery and Landscape Co2108 Hollywood Dr731-664-4455
JacksonPotter’s Garden603 Vann Dr731-660-9990
JacksonRandolph’s Greenhouses1690 Airways Boulevard731-422-2768
Jefferson CityAlan’s Nursery1199 E Highway 11 E865-475-3438
Johnson CityMize Farm and Garden251 Old Gray Streetation Road423-467-2300
Johnson CityMize Farm and Garden Supply Inc929 W Watauga Avenue423-434-1800
JonesboroughRiverband Nursery143 Bradford Loop423-753-6467
KingsportIndian Springs Lawn and Garden5376 Memorial Boulevard423-323-7939
KingsportStone Drive Garden Center1401 E Streetone Dr423-247-6300
KingsportTeresa Ann’s Greenhouse3858 Fort Henry Dr423-239-9488
KingsportWard’s Feed Store Inc230 Revere Street423-247-2921
Kingston SpringsAngel Garden Center2143 Highway 70615-952-4661
KnoxvilleBeaver Creek Nursery7526 Pelleaux Road865-922-3961
KnoxvilleBent-Tree Farms2535 Callahan Dr865-947-4306
KnoxvilleCreekside Nursery8718 S Northshore Dr865-692-0052
KnoxvilleEmory Road Garden Center1405 E Emory Road865-938-5777
KnoxvilleFlower Market4520 Old Kingston Pike865-584-1679
KnoxvilleGarden Cottage Inc116 Carr Street865-584-0840
KnoxvilleHalls Nursery6604 Maynardville Pike865-688-5788
KnoxvilleHeadrick Landscape Service1304 Morrell Road865-691-0760
KnoxvilleImpromptu Home and Garden Access5901 Chapman Highway #C865-577-8428
KnoxvilleKellems Wholesale Mulch Yard2501 Ailor Avenue865-523-1185
KnoxvilleMayo Garden Center4718 Kingston Pike865-588-1351
KnoxvilleMayo Garden Center Inc9629 Kingston Pike865-691-1230
KnoxvilleNantuckette Farms Nursery7941 Oak Ridge Highway865-693-6696
KnoxvilleNewman Greenhouse305 S Northshore Dr865-558-0009
KnoxvillePleasant Hill Nursery5030 Mountaincrest Dr865-687-0241
KnoxvilleSaplings Garden Center10802 Kingston Pike865-966-7883
KnoxvilleWolf Glen Industries408 E Kings Gate Road865-966-8896
KodakMulch and More310 Douglas Dam Road865-932-7550
LA FolletteValley Nursery1909 General Carl W Streetiner Highway423-562-3600
LafayetteC and L Garden Center916 Brattontown Cir615-666-8047
LascassasValley Growers Garden Center4710 Lascassas Pike615-893-2120
LawrenceburgWeakley Creek Nursery Inc553 Weakley Creek Road931-762-6500
LebanonGreenhouse Gallery Inc1415 1/2 W Main Street615-443-7756
LebanonJason’s Roadside Market408 S Cumberland Street615-444-7933
LebanonWest Main Garden Center2515 Lebanon Road615-444-8733
Lenoir CityDixie Lee Nursery and Garden Center19770 Highway 11 E865-986-6225
Lenoir CityMeadow View Greenhouses and Garden9885 Highway 11 E865-986-7229
LewisburgClifford’s Perennial and Vine3830 Nashville Highway931-364-7071
LewisburgLewisburg Garden Center980 5th Avenue N931-270-0086
LewisburgRose’s Landscapes133 Moriah Avenue.931-703-6747
LexingtonGreen Thumb Nursery Florist862 S Broad Street731-968-9273
LexingtonMichael’s Garden Center425 E Church Street731-968-4547
LivingstonSouthern Seasons Garden Gifts118 Rickman Road931-823-6050
LobelvilleCane Creek NurseryRR 1 Box 512931-593-2267
LorettoBlueberry Ridge Greenhouse424 Riddle Lane931-853-4944
LorettoLoretto Lawn and Garden109 S Military Street #B931-853-7470
LouisvilleGreen Acres Nursery and Landscaping4406 Airport Highway865-681-3458
LouisvilleLake View Nursery2913 Louisville Road865-982-1016
LouisvilleLashbrooke Nursery3498 Rankin Ferry Loop865-982-8529
ManchesterTaylor Nursery6004 Mcminnville Highway931-728-9548
MansfieldHomesley Nursery Co8430 Highway 77731-642-6860
MartinZimm’s Nursery643 Haygood Road731-587-2440
MaryvilleFoothills Garden Center3711 E Lamar Alexander Parkway865-977-8311
MaryvillePlant City1812 W Lamar Alexander Parkway865-984-4003
MaryvillePope’s Garden Center3308 Old Knoxville Highway865-982-9217
MaryvilleRosenburgh Garden1700 Old Niles Ferry Road865-981-1024
Mc DonaldSwafford Nursery Inc1138 Harris Creek Road423-479-3362
Mc MinnvilleA-1 Tree Farms6302 Nashville Highway931-939-2047
Mc MinnvilleAlley’s Nursery2480 Bethany Road931-939-2393
Mc MinnvilleB and B Nursery and Greenhouse6201 Beersheba Highway931-668-8623
Mc MinnvilleBeaty’s Nursery1933 Mike Muncey Road931-934-2364
Mc MinnvilleBernie P Hillis Nursery8936 Beersheba Highway931-668-8177
Mc MinnvilleBlues Hill Nursery693 Short Mountain Road931-668-7678
Mc MinnvilleBottoms Brothers Nursery213 Fairview Road931-668-5849
Mc MinnvilleBottoms Brothers Nursery83 Mcgee Road931-668-9158
Mc MinnvilleBouldin Nursery and Greenhouse5679 Lucky Road931-668-9339
Mc MinnvilleBoyd and Boyd Nursery7960 Smithville Highway931-934-2613
Mc MinnvilleBratcher’s Nursery4282 Nashville Highway931-668-3510
Mc MinnvilleBush Garden Nursery686 Abe Curtis Road931-939-3760
Mc MinnvilleButcher’s Nursery and Landscaping80 Circle Hill Dr931-668-3634
Mc MinnvilleCedarwood Nursery6794 Nashville Highway931-939-3960
Mc MinnvilleCenter Hill Nursery3157 Nashville Highway931-815-1888
Mc MinnvilleCherry Springs Nursery215 Lorance Lane931-939-5062
Mc MinnvilleCircle J Tree Farm74 Magness Road931-934-3177
Mc MinnvilleClendenon Nursery57 Slaughter Bend Road931-668-2946
Mc MinnvilleColeman Nursery2440 W Green Hill Road931-939-3377
Mc MinnvilleDonnie Barnes Nursery256 Byars Road931-668-7297
Mc MinnvilleDry Shave Mountain Nursery92 Wannamaker Lane931-692-3117
Mc MinnvilleDykes and Son Nursery825 Maude Etter Road931-668-8833
Mc MinnvilleDykes Greenhouse825 Maude Etter Road931-668-7358
Mc MinnvilleEagle Creek Nursery8796 Lucky Road931-934-2807
Mc MinnvilleF and E Products and Nursery702 Sparta Street931-474-1400
Mc MinnvilleFairview Nursery Inc4265 Beersheba Highway931-668-8482
Mc MinnvilleFaron Green Nursery5588 Nashville Highway931-668-2509
Mc MinnvilleFields Nursery382 Locke Bend Road931-668-9816
Mc MinnvilleFoothills Nursery Co2770 Lawson Mill Road931-668-3797
Mc MinnvilleForest Nursery Co Inc2362 Beersheba Highway931-473-4740
Mc MinnvilleFour M Greenhouses7187 Smithville Highway931-934-2124
Mc MinnvilleGreen Tree Nursery4450 Sparta Highway931-815-3275
Mc MinnvilleGreenwood Nursery636 Myers Cove Road931-668-3041
Mc MinnvilleGuthrie Nursery Inc1843 Mike Muncey Road931-934-2401
Mc MinnvilleH and H Nursery4393 Sparta Highway931-668-9074
Mc MinnvilleHale and Hines Nursery Inc569 Hale Lane931-934-2285
Mc MinnvilleHeartwood Nursery9484 Lucky Road931-934-2953
Mc MinnvilleHildreth Nursery12301 W Green Hill Road931-934-2344
Mc MinnvilleHillis Farms5527 Sparta Highway931-668-0312
Mc MinnvilleHoward Brothers Nursery4805 Crisp Springs Road931-939-2901
Mc MinnvilleIdeal Nursery and Orchard Co869 Underwood Road931-473-6513
Mc MinnvilleJ and W Nursery7187 Nashville Highway931-939-3450
Mc MinnvilleJ C Newby Nursery237 Newby Cir931-668-8601
Mc MinnvilleJerry Eller AssocGolf Club Road931-939-2222
Mc MinnvilleJessie Lee Mc Bride Nursery4150 Viola Road931-668-8575
Mc MinnvilleJimmy Boyd Nursery186 Boyd Road931-668-3159
Mc MinnvilleJimmy L Milstead Nursery137 Bugger Ridge Road931-815-8815
Mc MinnvilleJohn A Basham Nursery2477 Pigeon Hill Road931-939-3279
Mc MinnvilleJohn L Cartwright Nursery973 Turners Bend Road931-668-4576
Mc MinnvilleJoyce’s Ground Covers49 Kingwood Dr931-473-3263
Mc MinnvilleKaye Nursery652 Leesburg Road931-668-2558
Mc MinnvilleKennedy Drive Nursery733 Wash Roberts Road931-668-1748
Mc MinnvilleLarry Walker Nursery8158 Shellsford Road931-668-9557
Mc MinnvilleLawson Wholesale Nursery Inc6144 Beersheba Highway931-668-9514
Mc MinnvilleLeonard Melton Nursery7515 Smithville Highway931-934-3334
Mc MinnvilleLittle Rest Nursery1419 Meiser Lane931-668-8699
Mc MinnvilleLittle River Nursery Co4037 Beersheba Highway931-668-8000
Mc MinnvilleLove Farm and Nursery3295 Old Smithville Road931-668-7244
Mc MinnvilleM and M Tree Farm175 Melton Lane931-668-4214
Mc MinnvilleMagness Nursery604 Ricky Magness Lane931-668-8477
Mc MinnvilleMartin Brothers Nursery3510 Bybee Branch Road931-939-4614
Mc MinnvilleMc Minnville Lawn and Garden129 Keel Dr931-815-5296
Mc MinnvilleMc Minnville Online110 N Spring Street #12931-506-8920
Mc MinnvilleMingle and Mc Cormick Nursery488 Mcquade Cir931-939-3423
Mc MinnvilleMountain Creek Nursery Co941 Scenic Hills Dr931-934-2192
Mc MinnvilleMT Leo Nursery and Garden Center709 Beersheba Highway931-473-7833
Mc MinnvilleMyers Cove Nursery Inc3876 Myers Cove Road931-668-3155
Mc MinnvilleOakview Liners190 Oakview Lane931-686-3530
Mc MinnvilleO’Neal Nursery277 Cojohodo Lane931-668-7814
Mc MinnvilleO’Neal Nursery4420 Harrison Ferry Road931-668-7749
Mc MinnvillePack Nursery Co5394 Nashville Highway931-668-8568
Mc MinnvillePalmer Nursery389 Palmer Lane931-668-9145
Mc MinnvillePlants Inc10264 Smithville Highway931-934-2277
Mc MinnvillePokie’s Nursery7162 Smithville Highway931-934-2820
Mc MinnvillePoor Farm Nursery3269 Bybee Branch Road931-668-3591
Mc MinnvillePorter Farms291 Hobbs Road931-815-2009
Mc MinnvillePowell Nursery121 Powell Nursery Dr931-668-9477
Mc MinnvillePro-Gro Nursery6303 Smithville Highway931-934-2942
Mc MinnvillePyramid Nursery153 Nola Lane931-668-2233
Mc MinnvilleRickey A Hildreth Farms10462 Lucky Road931-934-2141
Mc MinnvilleRiver Farm Nursery973 Turners Bend Road931-668-4813
Mc MinnvilleRonnie Adcock Nursery555 S Chancery Street931-473-7019
Mc MinnvilleRubley’s Nursery9689 Beersheba Highway931-668-1750
Mc MinnvilleSavage Nursery Center6255 Beersheba Highway931-668-8902
Mc MinnvilleScenic Hills Nursery1437 Scenic Hills Dr931-934-2540
Mc MinnvilleSmartts Nursery and Greenhouse675 Grizzell Road931-668-9475
Mc MinnvilleSoutheasternnursery.com110 N Spring Street931-506-8920
Mc MinnvilleSpring Valley Nursery Inc570 Parkhurst Road931-934-2417
Mc MinnvilleSteve Dykes Nursery121 Fairview Road931-668-5072
Mc MinnvilleSteve Myers and Sons Nursery211 Peers Street931-939-3303
Mc MinnvilleSticks and Stones Nursery4528 Hills Creek Road931-668-0382
Mc MinnvilleStoner Nursery11982 W Green Hill Road931-934-2169
Mc MinnvilleSummer View Nursery183 Summer View Lane931-668-4431
Mc MinnvilleSunrise Nursery Liners282 Airport Dr931-668-3898
Mc MinnvilleTate NurseryRR 2 Box 411931-692-3720
Mc MinnvilleTennessee Bush Farm Inc11343 Beersheba Highway931-692-3624
Mc MinnvilleTennessee Trees10321 Nashville Highway931-939-3239
Mc MinnvilleTennessee Valley Nursery2981 S Chancery Street931-668-2097
Mc MinnvilleTerry’s Nursery6519 Ht Pelham Memorial Parkway931-668-7335
Mc MinnvilleTriple K NurseryRR 2931-692-3867
Mc MinnvilleTriple T Nursery347 Bald Knob Road931-934-9066
Mc MinnvilleTrivett’s Nursery817 S Chancery Street931-473-3230
Mc MinnvilleTroy Jenkins Nursery96 Holly Road931-668-2154
Mc MinnvilleTurner and Son Nursery13233 W Green Hill Road931-934-2355
Mc MinnvilleTurners Bend Nursery3133 Turners Bend Road931-668-4543
Mc MinnvilleTwin Acres Nursery/Greenhouse843 Knight Road931-668-4969
Mc MinnvilleVaughn Nursery8678 Smithville Highway931-934-2715
Mc MinnvilleVernon Barnes and Son Nursery273 Kesey Ford Road931-668-8576
Mc MinnvilleVinewood Nursery442 Tobitt Road931-939-3949
Mc MinnvilleWalker Nursery Co3809 Manchester Highway931-668-4622
Mc MinnvilleWanamaker Nursery Inc12695 Beersheba Highway931-692-3763
Mc MinnvilleWare’s Nursery45 Chapel Hill Dr931-668-9360
Mc MinnvilleWarren County Nursery Inc6492 Beersheba Highway931-668-8941
Mc MinnvilleWayside Nursery201 Sherwood Vale Cir931-668-9141
MemphisCountry Gardens7777 Walnut Grove Road901-753-5887
MemphisDabney Wholesale-Nursery5576 Hacks Cross Road901-755-4037
MemphisDan West Garden Center Inc4763 Poplar Avenue901-767-6743
MemphisGiaroli’s Nursery and Landscaping6000 Summer Avenue901-382-5402
MemphisGolden Nursery and Landscaping4661 E Holmes Road901-363-9066
MemphisPlant the Place7799 US Highway 70901-386-8442
MemphisTrees By Touliatos2020 E Brooks Road901-346-8065
MemphisTrip’s Nursery3109 Poplar Avenue901-321-9989
MemphisUrban Gardener742 Mount Moriah Road901-374-9964
MichieWildwood Farms Inc4950 New Hope Road731-239-2410
MillingtonPlantation Garden and Florists8800 US Highway 51 N901-872-4036
MorrisonA J’s Tree Farm1407 Smoot Road931-939-4270
MorrisonHayes Nursery Enterprises1474 Old Wells Road931-939-7945
MorrisonHeritage Farms1462 Ivy Bluff Trl931-939-3367
MorrisonJones Nursery Co538 Billy Jones Road931-635-3205
MorrisonNation Wide Nursery264 Hickerson Lane931-815-3163
MorrisonOak Brook Farm9325 Mcminnville Highway931-728-1436
MorrisonRandall Walker Farms8240 Manchester Highway931-635-9535
MorrisonRandall Walker FarmsRR 2931-635-3177
MorrisonWitty Creek Nursery1051 Herman Lance Road931-939-3938
MorristownMaple Ridge Nurseries3845 E Andrew Johnson Highway423-587-0490
MorristownRamsey’s Farm Market309 N Cumberland Street423-586-3361
MT JulietTennessee State Iris Garden13644 Central Pike615-251-1145
MurfreesboroFarmers Co-OP221 Sanbyrn Dr615-893-9200
MurfreesboroMartin’s Greenhouse1706 Bradyville Pike615-848-5008
MurfreesboroSouthbranch Nursery Co2991 S Church Street615-893-4030
NashvilleAll Seasons Garden and Brewing3900 Hillsboro Pike #16615-385-0300
NashvilleBee Spring Garden Center4425 Murphy Road615-497-8248
NashvilleBelle Meade Landscapes4503 Harding Pike615-383-1110
NashvilleBotanical Garden Shop7734 Highway 70 S615-662-1262
NashvilleCreekside Garden Center and Landscp106 Harding Pl615-356-2201
NashvilleDickerson Road Farmers Market3521 Dickerson Pike615-865-8226
NashvilleEden Garden Store2800 Bransford Avenue615-383-0038
NashvilleFlowers’ Greenhouses4550 Eatons Creek Road615-876-8493
NashvilleGardens of Babylon1108 Woodland Street615-226-4114
NashvilleGreen Thumb Nursery and Garden4010 Hillsboro Pike615-269-6374
NashvilleGreen Thumb Nursery and Garden610 Thompson Lane615-255-4663
NashvilleJoyewood Garden Center6199 Robertson Avenue615-356-4127
NashvilleMoore and Moore West Garden Center8216 Highway 100615-662-8849
NashvilleNashville Nurseries4225 Ashland City Highway615-244-3478
NashvilleRay’s Plants904 Davidson Dr615-354-1212
NashvilleTurtle Creek Garden Spec2811 Bransford Avenue615-386-0056
NashvilleWild Birds Unlimited2813 Bransford Avenue615-385-2426
NolensvilleCurly Willow7305 Nolensville Road615-776-1279
NolensvilleJ and J Nursery7121 Nolensville Road615-776-7332
NolensvilleVictorian Gardens7121 Nolensville Road615-776-7162
Oak RidgeMolly’s Flower Pot856 Oak Ridge Tpke865-425-0604
Oak RidgeOak Ridge Feed and Garden Center100 Dresden Road865-482-3229
Oak RidgeTlc Nursery9125 Oak Ridge Highway865-927-3020
Old HickoryFerrell’s Garden Center1326 Merritt Street615-847-5679
OoltewahJohn Deer Landscapes6815 Mountain View Road423-238-7273
ParisWildwood Garden Center320 Memorial Dr731-642-2215
ParsonsParsons Nursery323 Tennessee Avenue S731-847-6916
PhiladelphiaSerenity Hill Nursery and Garden1913 Dry Fork Valley Road865-376-5440
Pigeon ForgePersonalized Plantings Inc124 E Old Wears Valley Road865-453-5640
Piney FlatsAppalachian Gardens6192 Highway 11 E423-538-4210
PortlandHulsey’s Nurseries5513 Highway 31 W615-323-0036
PortlandJ B Donoho and Son’s Nursery333 Jackson Road615-325-2427
PortlandPatton Nursery319 Jackson Road615-325-2448
PortlandTommy’s Garden Center305 N Broadway615-325-2140
PowellAll Seasons Nursery and Landscaping2209 Clinton Highway865-945-1765
PowellGreenleaf662 Mehaffey Road865-945-1107
PulaskiGarden Path10485 Campbellsville Road931-424-9577
RicevilleMouse Creek Nursery276 County Road 67423-462-2666
RipleyMills Green Thumb Nursery2950 S Washington Street731-635-0202
Roan MountainJarrett’s Tree Farm400 Highway 143423-772-4851
Rock IslandAzalea Hill Nursery135 Azalea Dr931-668-9454
Rock IslandBell and Sons Nursery4878 Great Falls Road931-686-2854
Rock IslandDay Lily Nursery471 Mud Creek Road931-686-8294
Rock IslandFive G Nursery4153 Highland Road931-686-8121
Rock IslandJim Slatten Nursery774 Hennessee Bridge Road931-686-8396
Rock IslandKeel Nursery Co2300 Hennessee Bridge Road931-686-2766
Rock IslandLarry A Gribble Nursery393 Hennessee Bridge Road931-686-8167
Rock IslandMid South Nursery788 Randall Hitchcock Road931-686-7044
Rock IslandPleasant Cove Nursery2400 Old Rock Island Road931-686-2215
Rock IslandRigsby Nursery and Landscaping1079 Dove Road931-686-2612
Rock IslandRonnie Madewell Nursery427 Dr Jennings Road931-686-2828
Rock IslandTommy Savage Nursery172 Dr Jennings Road931-686-2442
Rock IslandTriple B Nursery4100 Old Rock Island Road931-686-8995
Rock IslandTriple W Nursery917 Hennessee Bridge Road931-686-8393
Rock IslandWilcher’s Nursery227 Wilcher Lane931-668-2666
RockwoodRockwood Garden Center212 S Gateway Avenue865-354-8111
SavannahHardin County Master Gardeners6185 Poplar Springs Road731-925-6324
SeviervilleBehind the Picket Fence712 Parkway865-908-1220
SeviervilleParkway Garden Center1357 Dolly Parton Parkway865-453-1230
SeviervilleQuincy Farms Garden Center3303 Wears Valley Road865-429-8855
SeymourMc Mahan Plants10319 Chapman Highway865-579-4624
ShelbyvilleSouthside Nursery221 S Cannon Boulevard931-680-0220
Signal MountainFlowering Pot1904 Taft Highway423-886-9246
Signal MountainMountain Garden Center3104 Gray Road423-886-6280
Signal MountainSignal Mountain Nursery1100 Hubbard Road423-886-3174
SmithvilleBert Driver Nursery175 Hurricane Ridge Road615-597-9560
SmithvilleC J and Son Nursery396 Haley Road931-934-2978
SmithvilleCamarillo Nursery701 Campbell Road931-934-3050
SmithvilleCenter Hill Nursery897 S Congress Boulevard615-597-1888
SmithvilleDanny Knowles and Daughters Nursery420 S Mountain Street615-597-2621
SmithvilleDunn’s Nursery1982 Capshaw Road931-934-2875
SmithvilleFive G Nursery11551 Smithville Highway931-934-9222
SmithvilleFlatwoods Nursery4773 Mcminnville Highway615-597-7883
SmithvilleHaley Nursery Co Inc1207 Haley Road615-597-7333
SmithvilleHarney’s Nursery896 S Congress Boulevard615-597-4086
SmithvilleHerman’s Nursery1053 Old Blue Springs Road615-597-7067
SmithvilleJeff Young Plant Co4395 Mcminnville Highway615-597-9358
SmithvilleJerry C Greene Nursery2015 E Green Hill Road931-934-2222
SmithvilleKeltonburg NurseryRR 2 Box 45615-597-6253
SmithvillePine Creek Nursery647 Jefferson Road615-597-2199
SmithvilleSmithville Nursery4269 Mcminnville Highway615-597-6900
SmithvilleStewart Derwood Nursery and Farm8363 W Green Hill Road931-934-2426
SmithvilleTriple C Nursery483 Davis Road931-934-2729
SmyrnaNorth American Evergreens101 Almaville Road615-459-0475
SmyrnaWillow Tree Greenhouse Center220 Jefferson Pike615-355-9774
SpartaEngland Nursery1294 E Pin Hook Road931-761-2574
SpartaPayne Nursery4127 Coal Bank Road931-935-2041
SpartaThalia Farms Nursery651 S Bunker Hill Road931-761-3777
SpartaWhite County Nursery725 Milk Plant Road931-738-7800
Spring HillGreens Mill Garden and Landscaping4868 Port Royal Road931-486-2377
StantonvilleCountry Charm Nursery1500 Race Path Road731-645-8353
Strawberry PlnsMore Than Plants2525 W Highway 11E865-932-2482
SweetwaterOn the Sunnyside Nursery380 Sunnyside Road423-351-7415
TalbottOutdoor Decor and More6756 W Andrew Johnson Highway423-581-0177
TiptonvilleGreen Thumb Nursery121 State Rt 78 S731-253-3200
TooneClover Creek Herb Farm1465 Hill House Road731-658-7261
TownsendLily Barn1116 Carrs Creek Road865-448-9895
TownsendQuincy Farms Garden Center7622 E Lamar Alexander Parkway865-448-8161
TullahomaTyler’s Market205 Marbury Road931-461-5300
Union CityVirgin’s Nursery2317 Nailling Dr731-885-1851
WatertownG and R Greenhouse186 Opossum Hollow Road615-237-9522
WestmorelandRita’s Produce and Garden Center5126 Austin Peay Highway615-644-3366
White HouseWilkinson Plant Center3020 Highway 31 W615-672-3919
WinchesterA and A Nursery2886 Lynchburg Road931-967-9686
WinchesterCrimson Dale Nursery Inc2174 Bible Crossing Road931-967-2531
WinchesterShadow Nursery Inc254 Shadow Nursery Road931-967-6059
WinchesterTennessee Valley Nursery Inc145 Tennessee Valley Dr931-967-4541