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The Palmetto State is, fittingly, home to the Carolina Palmetto. A Palmetto palm, the Carolina Palmetto invokes images of the Bahamas, subtropical Gulf Coast, and Turks and Caicos Islands, but it is also native to the southeastern United States. The salt tolerant Carolina Palmetto can grow up to 65 feet tall, and extends lengthy palm fronds outward, sometimes measuring 5 to 6.5 feet in length. The Carolina Palmetto produces yellow-white flowers and a small black fruit which contains a single see. The Carolina Palmetto is noted as cold-hardy, though reports vary on the low temperatures it can withstand. Regardless, the Carolina Palmetto could be a good choice for a backyard paradise; however, the South Carolinian planter is not limited to just one tree. There are hundreds of tree varieties to choose from when planting in South Carolina.

Due to its large size, severe weather, and varied temperatures, the smart South Carolinian grower will need to consider the following:

– Climate
– Soil Type
– Average Precipitation
– Irrigation
– Growing Zones
– Weather Damage

Best Trees for South Carolina

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

#2. October Glory Maple – Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

#3. Arbequina Olive Tree – Ideal as potted plants, these trees are adaptable and edible.

#4. Muskogee Crape – Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in South Carolina

The state of South Carolina is renowned throughout the United States as a comfortable, healthy, and safe state in which to abide. It is no wonder that South Carolinian residents may notice new homes being built nearby, new developments and shopping centers popping up, and highways carrying loud cars laid in bulk near their home. Planting trees along yard perimeters will add both privacy and beauty to the South Carolinian yard.

Although there are many options from which to choose, in South Carolina, a planter cannot be mistook by the American Holly. Growing throughout the United States, American Holly is adaptable, fast-growing, and colorful. Reaching at least 15 feet in height, the American Holly forms dense evergreen walls reminiscent of hedge mazes. In addition, South Carolinian residents can also choose from the Leyland Cypress or Nellie Stevens Holly to form the perfect private paradise.


South Carolina experiences a humid subtropical climate, with characteristically hot, humid summers and mild to cold winters, slightly tempered by its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean. Summers are hot, and daytime temperatures range between 86°F and 93°F while evening temperatures are still humid, but cooler, lying between 70°F and 75°F. Winters are variable, with coastal regions experiencing temperatures between 30°F and 60°. Moving inland, temperature cool; the average overnight low temperature is 32°F. The highest temperature was recorded in 2012 at 113°F and the lowest temperature was recorded in 1985 at -19°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Lynchburg soils arise on level marine flats on the Atlantic Coastal Plain, and are deep, poorly draining soils. Covering more than 865,000 acres of South Carolinian land, Lynchburg soils are well-suited to cultivated crops and pastureland. Regardless of the property’s location in The Palmetto State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The Squeeze test is aptly named because it requires only a small handful of dirt from just beneath the ground’s surface, and your hands. The soil should be moist, but not drenched. The tester simply squeezes the soil and observes one of the three following events.

1. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.
2. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will collapse. You have LOAM.
3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Precipitation is plentiful throughout South Carolina, with coastal regions having slightly wetter summers and inland regions having slightly wetter springs. Thunderstorms bring much of the annual precipitation, dropping, on average, 60 inches of rain. The rainfall is variable across the state; regions inland may receive between 40 and 50 inches of rain, while Piedmont may receive between 70 and 80 inches of rainfall. Snowfall is less common, with coastal regions receiving less than an inch of snow on average. Inland, snow can be slightly more significant; although, even the snowiest region only receives 12 inches on average annually.


With variable rainfall systems, such as those that affect South Carolina, irrigation systems can be an effective water management tool, both increasing water dispersal efficiency and increasing successful plant growth. Newly planted trees require consistent and controlled water access, and a drip or sprinkler irrigation system can be one effective tool for ensuring strong post-transplantation growth.

Growing Zones

South Carolina is home to four unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. In southern and coastal regions, low temperature ranges are warm, rarely dropping below 15°F or 20°F. Moving northwest across the state, temperatures cool slightly. In the farthest northwest corner of South Carolina, plants may have to endure temperatures as low as 0°F for an extended length of time. Most of the state, however, falls into two central zones: 7b and 8a. Most plants in South Carolina should be able to withstand low temperature ranges between 5°F and 15°F.

Weather Damage

South Carolina is no stranger to devastating weather systems; tropical cyclones, hurricanes, tornadoes, and thunderstorms all affect the region, which sees storms traveling along the east coast. South Carolina extends its coastline out horizontally, pulling storms towards its coast. From June to November, the state is at risk for serious tropical cyclones and hurricanes. Of record are two hurricanes that struck in 1954 and 1989, recorded as Category 4 hurricanes. Thunderstorms, averaging 64 a year, are a common occurrence, as are tornadoes. Both occur primarily in summer. Plant new trees away from powerlines and buildings, and plant near roads and stream banks to protect against erosion.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local South Carolina nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in South Carolina we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Best Trees for South Carolina | Buy Trees in South Carolina
AbbevilleHighway 28 Farm and Garden1319 Highway 28 Byp864-459-9522
AikenBig G Nursery1874 Gray Mare Hollow Road803-652-2974
AikenCold Creek Nurseries398 Hitchcock Pkwy803-648-3592
AikenMill Race Farm1451 Cooks Bridge Road803-641-4081
AikenPalmetto Nursery and Florist770 E Pine Log Road803-648-1322
AikenR G Korey Nursery2846 Columbia Highway N803-641-1040
AikenUnexpected Treasures925 Park Ave SE803-648-4761
AikenWeeks Garden and Dog Food Center1718 Richland Ave E803-649-9683
AikenWoodlanders Inc1128 Colleton Ave SE803-648-7522
AlcoluBrunson Nursery3000 Plowden Mill Road803-495-2391
AndersonCity Seed Store214 Tribble Street864-225-7511
AndersonGro Systems109 Concord Road864-964-9219
AndersonO’Neal Seed Co1409 Whitehall Road864-224-8764
AndersonPlant-It Nursery1433 Pearman Dairy Road864-231-0910
AndersonS K Busby Nursery and Garden Center4219 Liberty Highway864-225-1421
AndersonWhitten’s Nursery and Garden Center1804 Whitehall Road864-224-7325
AndrewsBallard Farms Nursery and Grdn25 Bednego Road843-221-4518
AwendawLowcountry Nursery Co4461 Highway 17 N843-849-6064
AynorRay’s Garden Spot2939 Dawsey Road843-358-6633
BarnwellKinard’s Nursery168 Wren Street803-259-5281
BathBlackmon’s Nursery720 Pine Log Road803-593-9886
BeaufortEastern Alternatives2410 Waverly Way843-524-8087
BeaufortFor the Birds and Gardens902 Boundary Street843-322-0277
BeaufortGarden Gate-Nursery2513 Boundary Street843-521-1959
BeaufortLow Country Classic Gardens390 Parris Island Gtwy843-522-3507
BeaufortPalm Trees Unlimited11 Wateree CT843-521-4377
BeaufortPalms on the Parkway189 Sea Island Pkwy843-522-9979
BeltonBannister’s Nursery4511 Highway 29 N864-226-6852
BeltonThree Oaks Nursery940 Highway 413864-338-7343
BennettsvilleBunch’s Garden Shop and Nursery874 15-401 Byp W843-479-4058
BishopvilleCity Nursery Farm Inc326 E Church Street803-484-5407
BlackvilleBlackville Farm and Garden Store19328 Solomon Blatt Ave N803-284-2412
BlufftonPalm Trees and Garden Center36 Cecil Reynolds Road843-705-5575
BlythewoodBlythewood Nursery812 Sandfield Road803-754-0617
CamdenSpitzer’s Nursery12 E Dekalb Street803-425-4992
CameronLow Falls Wholesale Nursery28 Boxwood Trl803-826-6464
CampobelloMotlow Creek Gardens14095 Highway 11864-468-4848
CampobelloThompson and Daughter Nursery360 Old Asheville Highway864-468-5203
ChapinNative Plants Garden Center2421 Dutch Fork Road803-732-1782
ChapinTimbergrove Farms409 Little Key CT803-932-4111
CharlestonA C Thompson’s Garden Center828 Savannah Highway843-852-0870
CharlestonAngel Oak Nursery2484 Ashley River Road843-763-6970
CharlestonBuffer Zone1094 Clements Ferry Road843-856-7800
CharlestonCourtyard Garden153 King Street843-720-8810
CharlestonDream Gardens3353 Rivers Ave843-744-7040
CharlestonDutch Barn1622 Highland Ave843-406-7600
CharlestonMiddle Earth Nursery223 Goose Creek Boulevard843-572-4361
ChesneeChristmas Hill150 Riverside Road864-592-2764
ChesneeGilbert’s Nursery Inc4675 Peachtree Road864-592-1734
ClintonGreen’s Farm and Garden Center130 Spring Street864-833-7766
ColumbiaCooper’s Nursery8244 Parklane Road803-788-5562
ColumbiaEd’s Plants1001 Bluff Road803-252-0007
ColumbiaFlower Pot Co2608 Alpine Road803-788-1535
ColumbiaGeorge’s Farm and Garden SupplyHighway 321 N803-786-6546
ColumbiaLower Richland Nursery1001 Bluff Road803-771-0100
ColumbiaPlants N’ Whatnots3404 Two Notch Road803-754-5969
ColumbiaRebekah’s Garden1001 Bluff Road803-799-0660
ColumbiaSterling Gardens320 Senate Street803-252-7333
ColumbiaWoodley’s Garden Center10015 Two Notch Road803-788-1487
ConwayCrabtree Nursery2212 Main Street843-488-1488
ConwayDaylily Fields6773 Highway 981843-397-5573
ConwayRivertown Nursery2703 4th Ave843-488-1997
ConwaySkinner Nursuries6531 Highway 90843-399-5990
ConwaySouthland Nursery4296 Highway 905843-365-1800
CowardFleetwood Nursery2522 N Old Georgetown Road843-389-4847
DalzellTree House Nursery3750 Thomas Sumter Highway803-499-7601
DarlingtonBen Williamson Farm and NurseryRR 3843-393-7306
DarlingtonCarolina Gardeners Supply Inc1785 Harry Byrd Highway843-393-9929
DillonOutback Nursery2071 Highway 9 E843-774-6706
EasleyEasley Nursery Inc121 Bracken Lane864-269-4081
EasleyEllenburg Nursery Garden Center109 N Pendleton Street864-855-2565
EasleyHappy Plants Inc4215 Calhoun Memorial Highway864-269-5231
EasleyJohnson Daylily Gardens725 Saluda Dam Road864-859-4980
EasleyKa Bloom319 Gentry Memorial Highway864-442-1101
EasleyMc Call Plant Co4304 Pelzer Highway864-306-0080
EasleyPlant N’ Pot Shop424 Gentry Memorial Highway864-855-3464
EasleyTrishia’s Garden and Ceramic Shp126 Cumberland Ave864-859-9309
EastoverCrowsnest Nursery and Landscaping208 Stansill Road803-469-5173
EastoverWavering Place Gardens and Nrsry427 Adams Hayne Road803-783-1682
EffinghamMc Millan Tree and Shrub Nursery2380 Nickers Road843-662-7821
ElginWoodcreek Farms Nursery1113 Old National Highway803-788-7817
FlorenceHarrell’s Nursery4044 Willow Creek Road843-665-0116
FlorenceHodges Plants2513 W Lucas Street843-679-5794
FlorenceIndigo Marsh Garden and Gift2513 W Lucas Street #6843-679-0999
FlorenceLamb’s Plants and Flowers2513 W Lucas Street843-678-9300
FlorenceLong Acre Nursery195 S Cashua Drive843-662-1959
FlorenceMarket Place Nursery2513 W Lucas Street843-629-9007
FlorenceSavanna’s Garden Treasures1701 S Irby Street843-669-5010
FlorenceTuscan Imports Inc1512 Poinsett Drive843-667-9101
Fort MillYoung’s Garden Center9567 Charlotte Highway803-548-0722
Fountain InnBloomers Plants and Mulch15 Howard Creek Drive864-409-9650
GaffneyPainter Greenhouses106 Nursery Road864-489-6417
Galivants FerryTwin Oaks Nursery4312 Joyner Swamp Road843-358-1917
GastonAlex’s Nursery and Landscaping500 Long Spires Road803-755-0172
GeorgetownBrown’s Ferry Gardens13515 Browns Ferry Road843-546-3559
GeorgetownCtc Inc4390 S Fraser Street843-527-3107
GeorgetownGeorgetown Wholesale Growers301 Sunfish Street843-520-4284
GeorgetownRoycroft Day Lily Nursery942 Whitehall Ave843-527-1533
GilbertGreat Outdoors Nursery Center Inc2805 Highway 378803-892-8080
GranitevilleRainbow Nursery581 Rainbow Falls Road803-663-7993
Gray CourtMartin Nursery1924 Bramlett Church Road864-876-3400
Great FallsThomas Nursery6391 Heritage Road803-482-4731
Green PondLaurel Springs Plantation1446 Wiggins Road843-844-8543
GreenvilleGarden Treasury136 Tanner Road864-297-6859
GreenvilleJfs Farm and Nursery18 Fenwick Lane864-246-3074
GreenvilleMartin Nursery and Garden Center198 Martin Road864-277-1818
GreenvilleSecret Garden2222 Augusta Street #3864-233-0220
GreenvilleSouth Pleasantburg Nursery1135 S Pleasantburg Drive864-299-6677
GreenvilleSuper Sod of Greenville4709 Augusta Road864-277-9507
GreenvilleTrees Inc260 Pelham Road864-235-0716
GreenvilleUnderwood Nursery and Garden Center707 Airport Road864-288-8633
GreenwoodBroadus C Davis Nursery664 S Mill Road864-229-6201
GreenwoodEmerald Lawn and Garden Center1109 Deadfall Road W864-942-7157
GreenwoodGardener’s Haven1490 Highway 72 221 E864-388-0284
GreenwoodGreenwood Nursery2422 Highway 72 W864-229-0154
GreenwoodHobby and Garden Center1710 Bypass 72 NE864-223-2109
GreerExpress Ground Effects976 Batesville Road864-213-1002
GreerGarden Kneecessities305 Devenger Road864-322-1110
GreerJohn Deere Landscapes1165 Brockman Mcclimon Road864-879-4914
GreerPoinsett West Gardenalia1013 W Poinsett Street864-848-2600
GreerUnique Boutique600 W Poinsett Street864-848-0602
HardeevilleSkinners Nursery of SCRR 1 Box 217H843-784-5600
HartsvilleAtkinson Garden Center587 W Carolina Ave843-332-2009
HartsvilleBoggy Gully Garden2536 Melwood Road843-332-9040
HartsvilleGarden Fertilizer and Farm Supplies317 Railroad Ave843-332-9601
HartsvilleHough Flowers and Produce314 Tema Road843-332-9778
HartsvilleHough Flowers and Produce816 E Carolina Ave843-332-6502
Hilton Head IsleBruno Landscape and Irrigation190 Dillon Road843-681-7022
Hilton Head IsleGumtree Nursery Inc104 Gumtree Road843-681-3636
Holly HillMother Nature Nursery1931 Camden Road803-496-5462
HollywoodFairview Nursery8382 Fairview Nursery Road843-889-2941
InmanInman Nursery11105 Asheville Highway864-472-3783
InmanLake Bowen Mulch and Garden Center2521 Highway 292864-578-8988
IrmoBotanica1791 Dutch Fork Road803-407-6065
IrmoBrabham’s Nursery and Landscaping7201 Broad River Road803-781-1946
IrmoHelping Hands Nursery10616 Broad River Road803-781-2580
IrmoKoon’s Nursery and Greenhouses1513 Shady Grove Road803-238-6955
Isle of PalmsIsle of Palms Garden Shop1030 Carolina Boulevard843-886-9696
Johns IslandBeckett’s Wholesale Nursery4187 Beckett Road843-559-1448
Johns IslandBohicket Nursery2595 Bohicket Road843-559-1702
Johns IslandBrownswood Nursery Inc1290 Brownswood Road843-559-3425
Johns IslandCharleston Aquatic Nurseries3095 Canal Bridge Road843-559-3151
Johns IslandCoastal Palms and More Inc3564 Bohicket Road843-768-0316
Johns IslandLegare Farms Nursery2620 Hanscombe Point Road843-559-0788
JohnstonIverson Perennials Gardens1425 Highway 191803-275-9177
LadsonGolden Needle Pine Straw818 College Park Road843-572-8182
Lake WylieCrosby’s Greenhouses and Nursery5780 Charlotte Highway803-831-1885
LamarAlbert Amerson’s Nursery1037 Hibiscus Road843-326-5227
LaurensMc Carter’s Nursery327 Vern Cora Road864-682-3013
LaurensMorning Glory Nursery2660 Stagecoach Road864-682-4885
LaurensNature’s Gifts608 Fleming Street864-984-3772
LaurensThompson Nursery and Garden Center904 Church Street864-984-7831
LexingtonHawk’s Nest4858 Augusta Road803-957-4295
LexingtonKen Jim Nursery1311 N Lake Drive803-951-2121
LexingtonLake Murray Nursery and Landscaping296 Charter Oak Road803-996-6650
LexingtonRoof’s Nursery583 Hope Ferry Road803-356-2913
LexingtonWalton’s Greenyard Supply2041 Industrial Boulevard803-996-3161
LongsWild By Nature420 Highway 9 W843-399-9613
LorisClardy Nursery4213 Monroe Street843-756-5665
LorisLive Oak Tree Farm of DaiHighway 66843-716-0598
LugoffAlan’s Farm Outlet Nursery263 Longtown Road803-438-4064
LugoffReynold’s Nursery143 Dupont Boulevard803-438-9852
LugoffReynold’s Nursery35 Burdell Road803-408-2977
MariettaGood Earth Organics721 Gap Creek Road864-836-6226
MauldinAlexander’s Other Door Inc203 E Butler Road864-676-0175
Moncks CornerChaparrel Nursery404 N Mano Street843-761-2314
Moncks CornerTrees IncWhitesville Road843-899-4242
MooreBushy Creek Nursery6551 Reidville Road864-433-0046
MT PleasantAbide-A-While Nursery and Garden1460 N Highway 17843-884-9738
MT PleasantCedar Creek Home Garden and Farm3008 N Highway 17843-971-6699
MT PleasantGrowing Places Inc886 Whipple Road843-881-2277
MT PleasantLow Country Mulch Inc1135 Highway 41843-766-8733
MT PleasantPlantin’ Thyme1147 Bowman Road843-881-0867
MT PleasantResin Solution1177 Gregorie Ferry Road843-849-8182
MT PleasantSecret Garden At the Brick Hse1465 Stuart Engals Boulevard843-881-8911
MullinsGrowco Inc345 Todds School Road843-423-1660
Murrells InletBeth’s Daylily Nursery346 Cypress Ave843-357-1759
Murrells InletBlossom Pot Garden Center690 Carson Road843-357-0498
Murrells InletBlue Moon Nursery and Garden11157 Highway 707843-215-6826
Murrells InletSandy Hill Flower Farm1306 Limestone Street843-651-0084
Myrtle BeachCoastal Gardens and Nursery4611 Socastee Boulevard843-293-2000
Myrtle BeachEncore Decor4357 Highway 501843-903-1621
Myrtle BeachPine Lakes Garden Center5814 N Kings Highway843-449-0227
Myrtle BeachSouthland Nursery and Landscaping103 Dick Scobee Road843-236-3733
Myrtle BeachSouthland Nursery and LandscapingHighway 501 W843-236-3734
NewberryGarden Spot625 Nance Street803-276-5750
NicholsPlanters Exchange6851 Highway 917843-392-4769
North AugustaNorth Augusta Feed and Seed502 Georgia Ave803-279-9497
North AugustaNurseries Caroliniana22 Stephens Est803-279-2707
North CharlestonBlooming Idot1049 E Montague Ave843-225-6292
North CharlestonForest Hills Nursery4716 Forest Hills Drive843-760-1919
North Myrtle BchCactus Sands Nursery and Garden1533 Highway 17 S843-272-5314
North Myrtle BchRoberts Nursery and Garden517 28th Ave S843-448-3056
North Myrtle BchTropical Nursery801 25th Ave S843-272-6043
OkatieGuaranteed Palms and Trees330 Okatie Highway843-384-7256
OlantaM and M Flower Barn4165 Turbeville Highway843-659-3933
OrangeburgPlant Depot745 Chestnut Street NE803-531-0950
OrangeburgShady Grove Plantation Inc3030 Charleston Highway803-534-5683
OrangeburgSuper Sod Trees Office3086 Five Chop Road803-531-4443
PagelandHunter’s Pointe Garden Center303 E Hunter Street843-675-2555
Pawleys IslandGeorge Pawley Co10744 Ocean Highway #264843-237-4886
Pawleys IslandPlantation Services9325 Ocean Highway843-237-2984
Pawleys IslandSouth Strand Nursey and Aquatic9753 Ocean Highway843-235-9830
PelionPelion Posies515 Pine Street803-894-5871
PelzerCampbells Farm and Garden Supply8341 Augusta Road864-243-4239
PelzerUpstate Greenery721 Mckelvey Road864-243-5304
PendletonGarden Shed/South East Garden904 S Mechanic Street864-646-5725
PendletonSoutheast Garden Center and Nursery2305 Old Greenville Highway864-646-7272
PickensFlower House103 Country Creek Drive864-878-6505
PickensMountainview Farm716 Sliding Rock Road864-878-0351
PickensShady Grove Nursery1780 Shady Grove Road864-868-6111
PinelandPineland Nursery736 Streetafford Road803-625-3495
Ridge SpringAndy Sanders Christmas Tree4325 Columbia Highway N803-685-5026
RidgevilleHollow Tree Nursery830 Hollowtree Circle843-688-4352
Rock HillAnderson’s Red Barn Nursery3360 Mcconnells Highway803-328-8238
Rock HillLee’s Nursery5750 Mount Gallant Road803-329-4392
Rock HillRolling Hills Nursery Inc873 Museum Road803-329-1080
Rock HillWilson’s Wholesale Nursery921 W Main Street803-327-6116
RoebuckWalnut Farms6177 Highway 221864-574-6151
RuffinAzalea Patch Nursery3364 Azalea Patch Road843-866-7275
RuffinCrosby Nursery3157 Azalea Patch Road843-866-7277
SaltersVenture Plantation5573 Seaboard Road843-387-5422
SaludaFrock’s Forestry and Farm725 Shiloh Road864-445-2347
SanteeHillard’s Nursery135 Mariah Circle803-854-2049
SanteeSantee Nursery and Landscape Inc820 Bass Drive803-854-6351
SenecaGarretts Nursery of Senceca101 Keowee School Road864-882-5536
SenecaHead-Lee Nursery Inc2365 Blue Ridge Boulevard864-882-3663
SenecaShades of Shiloh Nursery1117 Shiloh Road864-886-9008
SenecaZone 7 Nursery410 Sheep Farm Road864-882-7771
SharonSherer’s Tree Farm2480 Sunset Meadow Lane803-927-7403
SimpsonvilleCarolina Fresh Farms and Garden1008 Fairview Road864-224-4500
SimpsonvilleHillside Tree Farms105 Asheton Way864-288-3309
SimpsonvilleTlc Nursery and Landscaping300 Scuffletown Road864-234-1007
SpartanburgButterflies and Daffodils112 Mccullugh Road864-599-0066
SpartanburgCarolina Garden World Inc1020 S Pine Street864-583-3942
SpartanburgDrew’s Greenhouse964 S Pine Street864-342-0244
SpartanburgEd Hines Landscape and Irrgtn4245 N Blackstock Road864-574-2090
SpartanburgFoster’s Garden and Landscape2705 E Main Street864-579-4447
SpartanburgFoster’s Garden and Landscape3275 Reidville Road864-574-0740
SpartanburgGunter’s Garden Nursery315 Caldwell Circle864-595-6900
SpartanburgHillcrest Garden Center1050 Fernwood Glendale Road864-583-4279
SpartanburgInterior Gardens956 E Main Street864-542-1997
SpartanburgJane Dempsey Studios289 Union Street864-542-9980
SpartanburgMajestic Gardens1470 Boiling Springs Road864-599-7141
SpartanburgPiedmont Farm and Garden Supl Co7043 Howard Street864-583-1443
SpartanburgPlant Outlet8780 Asheville Highway864-578-9800
SpartanburgStober Services Landscaping109 Knollwood Drive864-576-5019
SummertonTaw Caw Creek Nursery2072 Rowe Drive803-478-8698
SummervilleBaker Pond and Garden Center515 Boonehill Road843-875-6342
SummervilleBirds and Ivy1580 Old Trolley Road #1580C843-871-4916
SummervilleBombadil’s Garden and Gifts510 Miles Road843-875-3733
SummervilleCross Garden Center713 Old Trolley Road843-851-9997
SummervilleDirt Dobber Nursery319 Turtle Pond Road843-871-8071
SummervilleSimply Green Landscape Garden10546 Dorchester Road843-821-2122
SummervilleTokonoma Bonsai87 Old Trolley Road843-875-6567
SummervilleWard’s Landscaping and Garden451 W Butternut Road843-875-9670
SumterBarnhill’s Plants and Trees2040 Greenville Circle803-773-9356
SumterGarden Grove Nursery and Market220 S Pike E803-775-6436
TaylorsCountry Boy’s Garden Center2917 Wade Hampton Boulevard864-292-0260
TaylorsGrowers Outlet/Twin Bridge3702 Wade Hampton Boulevard864-292-5101
TaylorsPatio Imports3121 Wade Hampton Boulevard864-244-2110
TaylorsStaggs Nursery and Landscaping3010 Locust Hill Road864-968-2690
Travelers RestDobbins Nursery Inc1 Newport Drive864-834-5312
TrentonIverson Perennials Gardens2198 Edgefield Road803-275-4600
TrentonLayman Wholesale Nurseries73 Green House Road803-275-2211
TrentonLayman’s Nursery and Tree FarmEdgefield Road803-275-4746
TurbevilleMossy Creek Nursery1158 Mossy Creek Circle843-659-3525
UnionSanders Garden and Gift Center Inc101 Times Boulevard864-427-3367
UnionUnion Oil Mills Farm and Garden421 N Pinckney Street864-427-3330
WalhallaFair Haven Farm Nursery115 Fairfield Road864-718-0323
WalterboroAukland Farms and Nursery6467 Ritter Road843-893-2222
WalterboroEvergreen Garden Center518 Wichman Street843-542-9345
WalterboroWildwood Nurseries190 Nursery Lane843-844-2336
West ColumbiaBrabham’s Nursery and Landscaping1102 Charleston Highway803-794-6895
West ColumbiaCongaree Feed and Seed832 Main Street803-755-1320
West ColumbiaCorley’s Nursery and Garden Center626 Meeting Street803-791-0115
West ColumbiaHammonds Earth and Iron Works1811 Sunset Boulevard803-939-4745
West UnionCane Creek Farm Herbs640 Winston Way864-888-4343
WestminsterMountain Greenery Inc133 Cauley Drive864-647-5697
WinnsboroHolly’s Nursery3857 State Road843-688-6063
WoodruffGreen Pond Nursery830 Switzer Green Pond Road864-574-3750
Yonges IslandToogoodoo Christmas Tree7181 Toogoodoo Road843-889-8659
YorkBig A’s Landscaping1780 York Highway803-684-4093
YorkPenland Christmas Tree Farm6457 Campbell Road803-366-7605