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Plants on Sale at The Tree Center

The Tree Center regularly offers a number of different products available at even lower prices than usual. All of these products are just as healthy as the rest of our inventory, but we happen to have an excess of these plants, and make them available to our customers at a discounted price.

Product Categories on Sale

There are no specific product categories that are on sale. You may find several roses available one day and a number of privacy trees available the next.

Generally speaking, the items that are discounted are among our annual top sellers. It is unlikely that you will find many New Arrivals listed at a reduced rate in the sale section, though exceptions do occur.

As always, we encourage all customers to ensure that a plant for sale is also suitable for both your zone and specific planting conditions. While you will find a number of tremendous details in this area of The Tree Center, we still want to make sure that they are the right fit for your conditions.

Quantities Available

Since the products available at a discount in the sale section are a result of higher than usual inventory numbers, we cannot guarantee that a large quantity will be available. All of the products explicitly listed in the “On Sale” section are available on a first come, first serve basis only.

In order to see how many of any given product are available at the posted, discounted price, simply add your desired quantity to your cart. If the cart updates with your total qty, then you will know that your order can be fulfilled in its entirety.

Pricing of Sale Products

Please note that pricing for products on the “On Sale” page are very time sensitive. Products are frequently added and removed from this portion of our catalog. If you are considering purchasing a plant or tree that is on sale, keep in mind that it may not be listed at the same price, or available at all, within a day.

As a result of the ever changing products listed at a discount, we cannot honor future orders at the temporary pricing found on this page. We encourage all visitors to act quickly when browsing items that are being offered at a reduced price at The Tree Center.

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