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The Great Lakes State sits along the northern border of the United States with Canada. Surrounded by the lakes from which it takes its name, it is not surprising Michigan has adopted the Eastern White Pine to represent the state. Native to regions in Canada, the Great Lakes, and the Appalachia, the Eastern White Pine is a large conifer, sometimes reaching heights well over 200 feet. Eastern White Pines are frequently aged at 250 years, but can easily live to well over 400.

Due to its large aquatic environment, cold temperatures, and heavy snow, the smart Michigan grower will need to consider the following:

– Climate
– Soil Type
– Average Precipitation
– Irrigation
– Growing Zones
– Weather Damage

Best Trees for Michigan

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

#2. October Glory Maple – Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

#3. Eastern Redbud – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and adaptable qualities.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Michigan

As property in Michigan continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Michgian, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout Michgian, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Leyland Cypress and American Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Michigan has two peninsulas: the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula. The Lower Peninsula is has typically milder seasons, with hot summers and cold winters. The northern portion of the Lower Peninsula and the Upper Peninsula have more extreme weather, typified by heave snow, freezing temperatures, and shorter summers. These cold winters often linger below zero for days, with the record set at -51°F. Although the summers are usually in the mid-80s, temperatures in the southern regions of the Lower Peninsula can get quite hot, with the record high set at 112°F in 1936.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Michigan is characterized by Kalkaska soil, first described in 1927. The soil covers over 750,000 acres of Michigan land, and is sandy in nature, best used for growing timber, potatoes, and strawberries. Regardless of the property’s location in The Great Lakes State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil.

1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY

2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. Congratulations, you have LOAM.

3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Michigan only receives about 35 inches of rainfall annually on average, though this is usually plenty for the crops and livestock raised in the area. What Michigan receives in annual rainfall is by far outdone in snowfall, with the state receiving, on average, 160 inches of snow a year. Snow falls for a longer time and with a greater quantity in the northern regions of the Upper Peninsula, though areas in the southernmost regions of the Lower Peninsula will receive plenty as well. Michigan averages approximately 30 thunderstorms a year, slightly below the national average.


Michigan receives sporadic rainfall, with most of the state’s annual 35 inches falling in the spring and summer. Irrigation can be an effective way to ensure adequate water is available to trees and plants all year long. Installing a simple sprinkler or drip irrigation system can mean the difference to a newly planted tree, which will require consistent and controlled access to water to ensure successful rooting and growth. Certain varieties of trees will also fare better with a reliable watering system.

Growing Zones

Michigan’s unique geography deeply impact the variety of growing zones in the state. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. Michigan has eight distinct growing zones, some of which cover only a few acres of land in the state. The growing zones move in bands inland, with the coldest temperatures at the center of each peninsula.

On the Lower Peninsula, temperatures can drop as low as -35°F in the north central areas of the peninsula, near Gaylord. On the outskirts of the Lower Peninsula, both northwards toward the coast and southwards toward Indiana and Ohio, temperatures will only drop to -10°F in places; although, most of the region experiences temperatures down as low as -15° to -20°F in zones 5b and 5a. The Upper Peninsula is similarly banded, though the coldest region is southwest of the Ottawa National Forest, where temperatures can drop as low as -40°F.

Weather Damage

Michigan does receive severe weather, such as thunderstorms, heavy snowfall, and tornadoes. Heavy snow affects most of the state, with the lake-effect causing most snow to fall in regions surrounding the Great Lakes. Although the number of thunderstorms is below the national average, they can be quite severe in the south, often accompanied by flash floods. The southern parts of the state also see severe tornadoes. In some regions of the south, tornadoes are frequent. Planting trees near powerlines or buildings can increase the risk, so be sure to plant them far away. Trees can also assist in protection from erosion, so if flooding is a risk, plant trees with strong roots on banks of rivers or streams.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Michigan nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Michigan we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.

Best Trees for Michigan | Guide to Buying Trees in Michigan
AdrianBarrett’s1033 W Beecher Street517-263-2660
AdrianKnollwood Nursery and Tree Farm10388 Rome Road517-467-4373
AdrianShaffer Nursery3048 Sharp Road517-263-3038
AlbionBalash Gardens26595 H Drive N517-629-5997
AlbionBeauty Plant Growers27691 F Drive S517-629-9171
AlbionBlake’s Tree Digging28012 F Drive S517-629-3901
AlbionJolly Green Junction28069 C Drive N517-629-6546
AlbionMacqueen and Sons Landscape Service202 N Superior Street517-629-8733
AldenEast Torch Lake Nursery8481 SE Torch Lake Drive231-377-7250
AlleganArmintrout’s Nursery1156 Lincoln Road269-673-6627
AlleganGranny’s Gardens2256 30th Street269-673-6408
AllendaleBosch’s Country View Nursery10785 84th Avenue616-892-4090
AlmontAmerican Tree Inc3903 Van Dyke Road810-798-2525
AlmontBig White Barn5639 Van Dyke Road810-798-3858
AlmontSkyline Tree Moving4711 Shoemaker Road810-798-7060
AlpenaJ and J Garden Center929 W Washington Avenue989-356-1621
Ann ArborAbbott’s Landscape Nursery2781 Scio Church Road734-665-8733
Ann ArborDowntown Home and Garden210 S Ashley Street734-662-8122
Ann ArborFrank’s Nursery and Crafts155 N Maple Road734-663-5255
Ann ArborFrank’s Nursery and Crafts3590 Washtenaw Avenue734-971-2040
Ann ArborLodi Farms Retail Nursery2880 S Wagner Road734-665-5651
Ann ArborNative Plant Nursery3052 Nordman Road734-677-3260
Ann ArborYoung Hearts Gardens3412 Gettysburg Road734-761-4967
AtticaT J’s Nursery3378 Sickles Drive810-667-2987
Au GresRoger’s Nursery2288 E Huron Road989-876-7113
Auburn HillsDrake’s Landscaping and Nursery3915 Auburn Road248-852-4151
Auburn HillsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts3271 South Boulevard248-852-0122
BaldwinWilderness Gardens and Gifts4088 S M 37231-745-3633
BancroftGrand Oak Herb Farm2877 Miller Road989-634-5331
BarodaHartline’s Greenery and Garden Center8627 Cleveland Avenue269-422-2313
BarodaSunshine Perennial Garden and Nursery1241 Hinchman Road269-422-2126
BarodaZilke Brothers Nursery8924 Cleveland Avenue269-422-2666
Battle CreekChapman’s Nursery and Landscape15200 Beadle Lake Road269-965-6570
Battle CreekGood Nature Co12137 3 1/2 Mile Road269-979-1151
Battle CreekSouthern Exposure11269 N Drive N269-962-1255
Battle CreekWilson’s Tannenbaum Farm13771 Gorsline Road269-781-2433
Bay CityBegick Nursery and Garden Center5993 Westside Saginaw Road989-684-4210
Bay CityPlantation3365 Parkway Drive989-686-5899
BeavertonFreeman Nursery4997 M 18989-435-7953
BellaireCyman Gardens2197 S M 88 Highway231-533-8960
BellevilleBelleville Greenhouse and Nursery18045 Lohr Road734-461-9850
BellevilleGardner’s Choice7580 Belleville Road734-697-1820
BellevilleMichigan Miniature Roses45951 Hull Road734-699-5814
BellevilleVena’s Nursery21111 Clark Road734-753-9543
the “East Side”Tollgate Gardens and Nursery20803 Junction Road269-781-5887
Benton HarborPiedt and Son DO It Yourself2400 M 139269-925-0220
Benton HarborTwixwood Nursery6945 E Napier Avenue269-944-4871
BenzoniaStones Farm Market3130 Benzie Highway231-882-4438
Birch RunTouch of Nature Inc10630 Gera Road989-624-9509
Bloomfield HillsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts2050 S Telegraph Road248-332-2430
BoonLuft’s Nursery5631 S 23 Road231-775-0057
BridgmanKrieger’s Wholesale Nursery9555 Gast Road269-465-5522
BridgmanL J Rambo Wholesale Nursery10495 Baldwin Road269-465-6771
BrightonBordine Nursery6347 Grand River Road517-552-9300
BrightonCowbell Lawn and Garden850 N Old US Highway 23810-632-5841
BrightonLeppek Nursery and Garden Center7341 Grand River Road810-227-2566
BrightonMeier Flowerland and Greenhouse8087 Grand River Road810-229-9430
BrightonNor-Mar Tree Farms12732 Silver Lake Road248-437-5855
BrooklynArend Tree Farms12870 M 50517-592-2006
BrooklynPine View Farms10998 Hardcastle Road517-592-3892
BruceOke Nursery76801 Mckay Road586-752-2571
BuchananPhillips Tree Farm1522 E Wagner Road269-695-1273
BurtonJames Lawn and Garden Center4274 Davison Road810-743-5030
Byron CenterK-Gardens2938 72nd Street SW616-583-9069
CadillacDanielle’s Garden8854 S 49 Road231-779-5929
CadillacHarris Milling Co109 W Chapin Street231-775-4781
CantonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts43473 Ford Road734-981-3193
CarletonEd LA Vigne and Son Nursery1555 Toben Road734-242-0498
CaroGrice’s Tree Farm and Nursery2560 Mertz Road989-672-8733
Carson CityHarvey’s Lawn and Garden Center708 W Main Street989-584-3641
CassopolisEnchanted Gardens59633 Decatur Road269-445-3932
Cedar SpringsGreat Lakes Landscape Supply15200 Cedar Springs Avenue616-696-5665
Cedar SpringsHorizon Gardens and Nature Center12771 Northland Drive616-696-1000
Cedar SpringsV and V Nursery13101 Northland Drive616-696-2993
Central LakePorcupine Hollow Farm8593 W State Street231-544-6769
CharlevoixMarvin’s Gardens Center PetSupplies6625 M 66 N231-547-5553
CharlevoixNorthern Botanical6918 Old Norwood Road231-237-0200
CharlevoixVidosh Landscape Center11500 US Highway 31 N231-237-5500
CheboyganBoucard Garden Center9872 N Streetraits Highway231-627-7971
CheboyganPlant Man Greenhouse and Nursery10385 N Streetraits Highway231-627-1111
CheboyganSno-Kist Tree Co2690 Riggsville Road231-627-9744
CheboyganSpray’s Landscape Service Inc1420 Court Street231-627-3813
CheboyganTryban Tree Farm3556 Birchwood Road231-627-4512
ChelseaBoucher Glass and Greenery9780 Scio Church Road734-662-7319
ChesaningWeigold’s Nursery Inc12007 Brady Road989-845-3259
ClareDeer-Resistant Landscape Nursery3200 Sunstone CT989-386-4955
ClarklakeBlooming Tyme Garden Center3113 Jefferson Road517-529-2900
ClarkstonBordine Nursery8600 Dixie Highway248-625-9100
ClarkstonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7151 Dixie Highway248-620-0290
ClarksvilleLudema and Boyink Sod Farm6312 Clarksville Road616-693-2287
ClawsonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts44 S Batchewana Avenue248-435-0636
Clinton TwpEagle Stone33548 Kelly Road586-293-7920
Clinton TwpEnglish Gardens44850 Garfield Road586-286-6100
Clinton TwpEvergreen Home and Garden Center36000 Groesbeck Highway586-791-2277
Clinton TwpFranks Nursery15300 Hall Road586-263-0303
Clinton TwpWright’s Tree Farm38450 Cheldon Street586-286-0168
ClioGarden Party9063 N Clio Road810-687-7742
ClioTree On’ A Truck4293 W Frances Road810-687-6789
ColdwaterPine Knoll Nursery and Landscaping396 Branch Road517-278-2618
ColdwaterTrans-Tree Transplanting238 S Willowbrook Road517-279-7168
ColomaDE Groot Inc5530 N Coloma Road269-468-6714
ColomaLimberlost Nursery5625 Riverside Road269-468-8594
Comstock ParkFlowerland3801 Alpine Avenue NW616-784-0542
ConcordLothlorien Nursery and Garden6325 Cross Road517-524-6230
CopemishE L Milarch and Son Nursery Inc17645 Nesson City Road231-378-2172
CopemishG M Milarch Nursery Inc19830 Faylor Road231-378-2275
CopemishShade Tree UnlimitedRR 1 Box 14231-378-2268
Crystal FallsJami’s Country Living Inc411 Mcclaren Road906-875-3541
CurranWhispering Leaf3126 N M 65989-848-5451
DavisonWojo’s7360 E Court Street810-658-9221
Dearborn HeightsEnglish Gardens22650 Ford Road313-278-4433
Dearborn HeightsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts25488 Michigan Avenue313-274-2727
Dearborn HeightsWorldwide Products Inc1554 S Gulley Road313-565-0144
DetroitAlcoy Garden Supplies13246 E 7 Mile Road313-372-1454
DetroitAllemon’s Landscape Center17727 Mack Avenue313-882-9085
DetroitHall’s and Sons Nursery8045 Livernois Avenue313-834-6131
DetroitJamie’s11190 Gratiot Avenue313-372-9000
DetroitPaycheck Nursery7761 Greenfield Road313-581-8078
DetroitSusan’s Nursery2004 Tuxedo Street313-865-8901
DewittMonrovia Nursery Co605 E Geneva Drive517-669-4221
DexterBella Gardens1885 Baker Road734-426-3770
DouglasAntique and Garden Gallery2918 Blue Streetar Highway269-857-3737
DowagiacDaisy Farms28355 M 152269-782-6321
DowagiacSunny Acre Greenhouses29750 M 152269-424-3476
DrydenDryden Oaks Nursery3814 Driveyden Road810-796-3045
East LansingMid-Michigan Evergreen15621 Chandler Road517-641-6089
East LansingSuperior Growers Supply Inc4870 Dawn Avenue517-332-2663
EastpointeEnglish Gardens22501 Kelly Road586-771-4200
EastpointeSemrau Garden Center23751 Gratiot Avenue586-775-3770
EdwardsburgClay Pot21120 US Highway 12269-699-5002
EmmettHeavenly Acres Greenhouses12489 Imlay City Road810-384-6435
EmmettRose Hill Nursery Co3225 Breen Road810-395-4101
EmmettWhite Picket Fence Nursery10705 Brennan Road810-384-6436
EmpireNorth Coast Nursery13720 S Coleman Road231-228-6977
ErieDE Jong Nursery and Greenhouse12150 Streetrasburg Road734-269-2321
ErieKen’s Nursery3907 Grodi Road734-848-3411
EvartShore Nursery724 W 7th Street231-734-2472
FarmingtonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts31590 Grand River Avenue248-476-0210
Farmington HillsArbor Green Landscaping33505 State Street #220248-482-1100
Farmington HillsRay’s Plants and Flowers32905 Northwestern Highway248-626-2326
Farmington HillsSteinkopf Nursery20815 Farmington Road248-474-2925
FennvilleHuntree Nursery2346 68th Street269-543-3761
FennvilleT and S Enterprises6481 130th Avenue269-857-3201
FennvilleWavecrest Nursery and Landscaping2509 Lakeshore Drive269-543-4175
FentonAuburn Oaks Nursery Wholesale8048 Allen Road810-629-7848
FentonHaddon Nursery Inc14439 Eddy Lake Road810-629-2806
FentonYard ‘N Garden603 W Silver Lake Road810-629-4539
Flat RockSupple’s Greenhouses24508 Telegraph Road734-782-9811
FlintArrowood Nursery5178 Corunna Road810-733-7001
FlintFrank’s Nursery and Crafts4202 S Dort Highway810-743-7910
FlintFrank’s Nursery and Crafts4366 W Pierson Road810-732-5353
FlintFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5054 Miller Road810-733-5621
FlintFrost Gardens6308 Torrey Road810-238-6321
FlintLeflore Garden Center4912 N Saginaw Street810-789-2602
FlintPosie Patch3360 W Pierson Road810-789-6321
FlushingChaprnka Tree Farm and Nursery10421 Coldwater Road810-659-9329
FlushingFlushing Lawn and Garden Center114 Terrace Street810-659-6241
FlushingIntimate Nursery and Landscaping6183 N Seymour Road810-659-3306
FowlervilleFlowerville Farms11909 N Nicholson Road517-468-4806
FowlervilleGascon’s Greenhouses11375 W Grand River Road517-223-3378
Free SoilCold Stream Farm2030 E Free Soil Road231-464-5809
FremontFrens Nursery5390 W 64th Street231-924-5106
FremontMellema Nursery5428 W 64th Street231-924-5106
GladwinLeatonville Gardens5485 Leatonville Road989-246-0483
GowenKorson Tree Farms13089 Lincoln Lake Road616-754-8302
Grand BlancBordine Nursery9100 Torrey Road810-655-5588
Grand BlancLeach Landscaping and Nursery5147 Irish Road810-695-6400
Grand BlancZone 5 Gardens and Nursery5470 Irish Road810-694-0500
Grand HavenCity Farmer1437 Washington Avenue616-842-0360
Grand HavenEvergreen Farm Nursery13894 168th Avenue616-842-2260
Grand HavenSpring Meadow Nursery Inc12601 120th Avenue616-846-4729
Grand HavenZelenka Nursery Inc16127 Winans Street616-842-1367
Grand RapidsA-C Christmas Tree Farms4378 Lake Michigan Drive NW616-453-1783
Grand RapidsCreekside Garden Center4015 Fruit Ridge Avenue NW616-785-1177
Grand RapidsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts2450 28th Street SE616-949-8461
Grand RapidsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts3001 28th Street SE616-532-2650
Grand RapidsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts4180 Plainfield Avenue NE616-364-9459
Grand RapidsGrowco Indoor Garden Supply423 Norwood Avenue SE616-454-6900
Grand RapidsJudy’s Flowers and Flavors6965 Division Avenue S616-455-4480
Grass LakeArend Tree Farms3512 Notten Road734-475-2922
Grass LakeDaniel’s Tree Farm5890 Norvell Road517-536-4841
Grass LakeSchweda’s Tree Farm6991 Welch Lake Road517-596-2253
GrawnSchichtel Nursery5161 S M 37231-263-5111
GraylingMilltown Feed and Lawn6674 W M 72 Highway989-348-4021
GreenvilleFairplains Nursery6104 County Farm Road616-754-5738
GreenvilleJensen’s Garden Center6162 SW Greenville Road616-754-5340
GreenvilleWayside Gardens10791 W Carson City Road616-225-9219
Grosse IleAlford, J B7625 Church Road734-676-3242
Grosse IleWestcroft Gardens21803 W River Road734-676-2444
Grosse PointeMeldrum and Smith Nursery17750 Mack Avenue313-885-5433
HadleyEarhart’s Garden Center4651 Brigham Road810-797-4595
HamiltonC and J’s Country Gardens3720 34th Street269-751-7036
HamiltonK C Trees3489 41st Street269-751-5036
Harbor SpringsRenolda Greenhouse and Garden692 E Lake Road231-526-2851
Harrison TwpHeirloom Garden Goods27900 Vandy Street586-463-3856
HarveyMeister’s Home and Garden1060 State Highway M28 E906-249-1211
HarveyTimbercrest Garden Center1460 State Highway M28 E906-249-3984
HastingsAlfresco117 S Jefferson Street269-945-5000
HighlandHighland Garden Center3680 N Hickory Ridge Road248-887-6977
HighlandHuff Tree Farm1500 W Wardlow Road248-887-4230
HighlandThornton Nursery701 N Milford Road248-887-2217
HillsdaleGarden Shop1040 S Bunn Road517-437-4006
HollandCottage Garden Center12683 Greenly Street616-399-3851
HollandCrooked Tree Nursery13644 New Holland Street616-399-9314
HollandEastside Nursery1221 E 16th Street616-396-8256
HollandFrank’s Nursery and Crafts710 Chicago Drive616-396-0883
HollandJonker’s Garden897 Lincoln Avenue616-392-7234
HollandNew Life Nursery3720 64th Street269-857-1209
HollandVeldheer Tulip Gardens12755 Quincy Street616-399-1900
HollandWalters NurseryA-4645 62nd Street616-335-3282
HollandWestview FarmsA-4051 60th Street616-396-8858
HollyFreemans Garden Center15191 N Holly Road248-634-9641
HollyMarvin’s Garden13188 Frances Way810-629-1840
HonorGreystone Gardens9837 Manning Road231-326-5855
HopkinsEnglerth Gardens Perennials2461 22nd Street269-793-7196
Howard CityBarkey Tree Farm8874 Daggett Road231-937-6761
HowellSloan Farm5770 Crandall Road517-546-3094
HowellUnique Garden Additions5510 Curdy Road517-546-8058
HudsonBean Creek Garden Center645 S Meridian Road517-448-2326
HudsonvilleRoark’s Garden Center5340 Chicago Drive616-875-7148
HudsonvilleW W Greenhouses4044 Chicago Drive616-669-0134
Huntington WoodsKathlyn Rosenthal Concepts10864 Kingston Avenue248-542-7216
Imlay CityMilana Nursery and Tree Serv2341 N Van Dyke Road810-721-0616
Imlay CitySchutz’s Tree Farm7087 E Imlay City Road810-724-6647
Imlay CitySuper and Son Nursery and Landscaping7095 Newark Road810-724-0050
Imlay CitySuzanne’s Perennials6770 Lyons Road810-724-0283
Indian RiverDown To Earth Nursery Center351 N Streetraits Highway231-238-0778
Indian RiverNorth Star Nursery and Garden4104 Streeturgeon Road231-238-4151
IoniaHorrocks Nursery Farms1776 N State Road616-527-4842
IraRotarius Nursery and Greenhouse8461 Arnold Road586-725-0831
Iron MountainMike’s Outdoors Store1804 N Streetephenson Avenue906-774-4464
IthacaPorter Bros6571 E Fillmore Road989-875-5071
JacksonAmerican Backyard7215 Brooklyn Road517-536-0766
JacksonArbor Care Tree Sales and Transplanting7236 Bunkerhill Road.517 474 3100
JacksonCarcyn Growers6500 Lansing Avenue517-782-6804
JacksonHobbit Place6002 Spring Arbor Road517-750-9229
KalamazooBell’s Greenhouse and Garden5437 Comstock Avenue269-343-6857
KalamazooComstock Co Op Nursery929 Charlotte Avenue269-342-5054
KalamazooFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5474 W Main Street269-381-3002
KalamazooGlas Landscape Contractor7322 Douglas Avenue269-342-5639
KalamazooKalamazoo Indoor Gardening Center450 W Maple Street269-344-2550
KalamazooMackland Tree Farm5174 S 4th Street269-372-1823
KalamazooWedel’s Nursery Florist and Garden5020 Texas Drive269-345-1195
KawkawlinBlack Creek Tree Farm2256 Old Beaver Road989-684-6998
KentwoodAmerican Gardens5090 S Division Avenue616-249-9100
KentwoodFlowerland4321 28th Street SE616-942-5321
KewadinBarnes Nursery13149 Campbell Road231-264-8095
KindeEast Huron Enterprize3126 Schott Road989-874-6533
Lake LeelanauPotting Shed455 W Main Street231-256-7913
LakeportNorthland Gardens7269 Lakeshore Road810-385-5500
LakeviewFarnsworth Tree Farm4250 N Greenville Road989-352-6221
LambertvilleM Simmons Tree Service and Landscape7939 Adler Road734-854-3326
LansingFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5737 S Pennsylvania Avenue517-887-1707
LansingHeritage Garden Houses311 Seymour Avenue517-372-3385
LansingHickory Corners Nursery333 N Cedar Street517-267-9868
LansingLansing Gardens Inc1434 E Jolly Road517-882-3115
LansingWild Rose333 N Cedar Street517-267-9868
LapeerDouglas Tree Farm and Nursery5142 W Oregon Road810-664-5900
LapeerGardner’s Nursery5411 Davison Road810-667-4230
LapeerHunter’s Creek Gardens2555 S Lapeer Road810-667-3891
LapeerIvory Gardens4924 Streetewart Road810-797-3730
LapeerNew Beginnings Tree Farm1302 Clark Road810-245-8733
LapeerPerkins Yard and Garden1333 Liberty Street810-664-4501
LapeerRandy and Teresa’s Garden Center2341 N Lapeer Road810-667-5313
LenoxRay Wiegand’s Nursery32800 31 Mile Road586-727-3410
LewistonMy Sisters Stone Cottage4868 Salling Avenue989-786-7474
LexingtonQuick Tree Service6672 Lakeshore Road810-359-3310
Lincoln ParkJohnny’s Nursery and Florist810 Dix Highway313-386-8800
LitchfieldBenders Riverside Nursery429 Pioneer Drive517-542-3872
LivoniaFrank’s Christmas Store29589 Plymouth Road734-458-1449
LivoniaFrank’s Nursery and Crafts27650 Schoolcraft Road313-937-0391
LivoniaFrank’s Nursery and Crafts36624 5 Mile Road734-591-3930
LivoniaGlenda Market36500 7 Mile Road248-474-2230
LivoniaMeyers Merchandising32435 Schoolcraft Road734-522-5205
LivoniaMichigan School of Gardening29429 6 Mile Road734-261-4317
LivoniaSuperior Growers Supply Inc29217 7 Mile Road248-473-0450
LudingtonStanley Peterson Tree Orders2574 S Benedict Road231-843-4111
LyonsGoose Creek Tree Farm1774 Divine Highway989-855-3701
MacombWade Nursery51540 Romeo Plank Road586-781-4073
MacombWiegand’s Nursery and Garden Center47625 Romeo Plank Road586-286-3658
MacombWiegand’s Nursery and Garden Center47747 Romeo Plank Road586-286-3655
ManchesterCountryside Nursery and Landscaping11862 E Austin Road734-428-7777
ManchesterMc Lennan Landscape10710 MI State Road 52734-428-7005
ManisteeHopwood Shop5386 Milarch Road231-889-4207
MarionChristie’s Potting and Shed321 S Mill Street231-743-6267
MarneHigh Heatherfields Garden Dsgn3031 Leonard Street616-677-3120
MarshallK-Line Nurseries10505 18 1/2 Mile Road269-781-2572
MarshallOlie’s Tree Farm15813 16 1/2 Mile Road269-781-2581
MarshallSpruce Street Feed Lawn and Garden311 W Spruce Street269-781-4040
MasonCharlie’s Tree Farm821 Warner Avenue517-676-9852
MasonWildtype Native Plant Nursery900 N Every Road517-244-1140
MiddlevilleCreekside Growers10197 W Garbow Road269-795-7674
MidlandB and L’s Farm2372 N Waldo Road989-631-0010
MidlandCabala’s Tree Farm2577 N Jefferson Road989-835-6564
MidlandKleinhans Lawn and Landscaping5200 Isabella Street989-631-7233
MidlandMc Donald Nursery Inc701 Joe Mann Boulevard989-839-0600
MilanTri-County Nursery and Tree Farm12650 Allison Road734-439-3891
MilfordMilford Gardens1666 S Milford Road248-685-0009
MilfordScapes Supply Center4844 Old Plank Road248-684-4722
MillingtonI and J Wolverton Nursery6197 Lake Road989-871-2325
MillingtonPosies Etc Flower Farm14437 Belsay Road989-871-9729
MonroeSnow’s Nursery Inc5132 W Dunbar Road734-242-5126
MontagueTerr Escapes Bonsai7050 Wilkes Road231-893-7142
MontagueWeesies Brothers Garden Center10022 Walsh Road231-723-6414
MoranSonshine Nursery2290 W Brevort Lake Road906-643-7992
MT PleasantSwart Tree Farm6400 S Crawford Road989-772-3171
MuskegonLadybug Ladybug5933 Grand Haven Road231-798-9325
MuskegonO’Le Henry Gardens665 W Broadway Avenue231-733-1876
MuskegonWillbrandt Farms Inc700 Witham Road231-744-9090
NashvilleHamilton Black Dirt Plus5770 S Clark Road517-852-1864
New BuffaloPop’s Produce19325 US Highway 12269-469-1079
NewaygoNewaygo Soil Conservation Dist1725 E 72nd Street231-652-7493
NilesGod’s Green Earth2824 S 11th Street269-683-7432
NilesGreenworld Environmental Center2545 S 11th Street269-684-3700
NilesHunzikers Inc2344 Yankee Street269-683-9555
North BranchOldani Landscape Nurseries Inc2666 Tozer Road810-688-2363
North MuskegonBarry’s Flower Shop and Grnhse3000 Whitehall Road231-766-3031
NorthportNorthport Nursery950 N Mill Street231-386-9150
NoviAnglin Landscape Supply42750 Grand River Avenue248-349-8500
NoviBronco’s46225 Novi248-349-5480
NoviGlenda’s Garden Center40575 Grand River Avenue248-471-4794
NoviShemin Nurseries27400 Beck Road248-449-8000
NunicaBest Nursery12578 State Road616-842-6374
NunicaCountry Flower Farm and Garden17280 136th Avenue616-847-6725
Oak ParkFrank’s Nursery and Crafts23090 Coolidge Highway248-548-2400
OkemosFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1941 W Grand River Avenue517-349-3850
Old MissionHarbor View Farm and Nursery17770 Center Road231-223-4330
OmerFrederick’s Pine and Spruce Farm3799 Knight Road989-654-2585
OnekamaLittle Garden Shop8011 1st Street231-889-4172
OnondagaFloral Dreams Nursery10553 Onondaga Road517-569-8530
OnondagaLA Cross Tree Farm4950 Covert Road517-628-2307
OrtonvilleWojo’s Greenhouse2570 Oakwood Road248-627-6498
OssinekeNature’s Nook3437 Kitter Road989-471-2084
Ottawa LakeWindy Acres Nursery7539 Saint Anthony Road734-854-1175
OwossoNash Nurseries4975 W Grand River Road517-651-5278
OxfordCandy Cane Christmas Tree Farm4780 Seymour Lake Road248-628-8899
ParmaEnvironment Improvement Corp11525 Devereaux Road517-531-5110
Paw Paw2 Paws Nursery Inc49962 County Road 653269-657-4551
Paw PawDickerson’s Floral and Garden Center34026 M 43269-628-4890
Paw PawDonna’s Greenery37668 W Red Arrow Highway269-657-4557
Paw PawKobe Nurseries43624 County Road 653269-657-3094
PelkieLake Superior NurseryRR 1 Box 235C906-353-7950
PentwaterCountry Garden5064 W Lattin Road231-845-5665
PerrintonSomers Greenhaven Farm Nursery3428 W Grenlund Road989-682-4162
PerryGrinnell Nursery14495 S Morrice Road517-625-7176
PetoskeyAmeriscape Inc1870 N US Highway 31231-347-0077
PetoskeyLandscape Depot1860 N US Highway 31231-347-5757
PittsfordRiverbend Evergreen Nursery6135 S Pittsford Road517-523-3531
PlainwellPlainwell Garden Center900 E Bridge Street269-685-1223
PlymouthPlymouth Nursery Home and Garden9900 Plymouth Ann Arbor Road734-453-5500
PlymouthSuperior Nursery and Landscape10190 W Plymouth Road734-459-6500
PontiacCanterbury Conservatories559 Orchard Lake Road248-745-6844
Port HuronFeed ‘N’ Seed Inc3658 Lapeer Road810-982-8861
Port HuronPark Place Nursery3857 Dove Road810-364-3718
PortageBedding Plants By Posthumus7639 Garden Lane269-327-3536
PortageFrank’s Nursery and Crafts325 Mall Drive269-327-1400
PortageRomence Gardens Inc9660 Shaver Road269-323-8310
PortlandSimon Specialty Wood Shop7650 Tallman Road989-587-4575
RavennaAustin’s Nursery23651 36th Avenue231-853-2715
RavennaAustin’s Nursery23751 36th Avenue231-853-6834
Redford7 Mile Garden Center26346 W 7 Mile Road313-592-0947
Reed CitySmall Beginnings23921 US Highway 10231-832-1067
RigaRisch Country Gardens Nursery12214 US Highway 223517-486-2430
RiverdaleRiverdale Nursery Farms11635 E Gates Road989-833-2256
Rochester HillsBordine Nursery1835 S Rochester Road248-651-9000
RockfordShaner Avenue Nursery11421 Shaner Avenue NE616-866-9254
RomulusRush’s Garden Center30625 Van Born Road734-721-3130
RomulusSchoedel’s Nursery20900 Merriman Road734-753-4150
RosevilleWorld Gardenland Sea World29800 Gratiot Avenue586-771-7700
RothburyFischer Trees418 W Arthur Road231-861-5322
RothburyPanzl, Bruce1718 W Clay Road231-861-4158
SaginawAbele Greenhouse and Garden Center3500 Wadsworth Road989-752-5625
SaginawCass River Nurseries4244 Williamson Road989-777-2500
SaginawKluck Nursery Inc1020 Van Wormer Road989-781-1650
SaginawMc Donald Nursery Inc1019 N Center Road989-793-0820
SaginawW A Roenicke’s Nursery andGarden2660 King Road989-777-7000
SalineNatures Garden Center6400 E Michigan Avenue734-944-8644
SanfordGreenery Nursery1349 N 7 Mile Road989-687-5171
SanfordWildwood Nursery496 W Taylor Road989-687-2793
SaugatuckVermeulen, Jack6415 Otis Road269-857-2720
Sault Ste MarieGregory Gardens3290 E 9 Mile Road906-632-1041
ShelbyPine Ridge Acres Tree Farm4827 W Pierce Road231-861-5530
Shelby TwpChris Sinacori Landscaping54001 Van Dyke Avenue586-677-6400
Shelby TwpFrank’s Nursery and Crafts47340 Van Dyke Avenue586-739-5339
Shelby TwpHessell’s Greenhouse Inc14497 23 Mile Road586-247-4675
SnoverDave Steinkopf Wholesale Nursery888 Wheeler Road810-672-9459
South BoardmanMary’s Plant Place3572 Boardman Road SW231-369-2187
South HavenMurdoch Nursery7117 107th Avenue269-637-4220
South HavenPine Lane Nursery19439 67th Street269-639-8938
South HavenTower View Nursery70912 County Road 388269-637-1279
South LyonHollow Oak Farm Nursery11900 N Rushton Road248-437-7507
South LyonRaney’s Rainbow Gardens57707 10 Mile Road248-437-2856
South LyonSouth Lyon Gardens Inc21130 Pontiac Trl248-486-3735
SouthgateFrank’s Nursery and Crafts14601 Eureka Road734-284-8912
SpartaRoark’s Garden Center8503 Sparta Line Road NW616-887-1119
Spring LakeBeechwood Nursery18340 168th Avenue616-844-7795
Spring LakeDE Lass Farm Market813 W Savidge Street616-842-1122
Spring LakeDiscovery Gardens13625 Cleveland Avenue616-847-1459
Spring LakeEvergreen Acres18858 174th Avenue616-846-6236
SpringfieldSpringfield Landscape Material700 20th Street N269-965-6748
St Clair ShoresFrank’s Nursery and Crafts30110 Harper Avenue586-294-0860
St Clair ShoresGreenhouse Growers21807 Greater Mack Avenue586-498-8594
St. JosephChanging Seasons Nursery5000 Scottdale Road.269-429-2211
StantonDecker Tree Farm and Nursery5144 W Briggs Road989-831-4953
Sterling HeightsFlower Barn Nursery14860 Hall Road586-532-0014
Sterling HeightsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts2325 18 Mile Road586-254-2550
StockbridgeGee Farms14928 Bunkerhill Road517-769-6772
SturgisIdriss Co29602 Witt Lake Road269-651-9098
SturgisZarza Outdoor Supply65281 N M 66269-659-8790
Swartz CreekMichigan Tree Farm10075 Corunna Road810-621-4244
Tawas CityZiehl’s Nursery Inc368 Wilber Road989-362-3116
TaylorAlpha-Tree Farm and Nursery27201 Van Born Road313-295-2194
TaylorD and L Garden Center and Lndscpg21980 Ecorse Road313-292-6760
TaylorGarden Center and Nursery27201 Van Born Road313-295-2194
TaylorLandscape Supply Inc24300 Brest734-946-7000
TecumsehMitchell’s Lawn Home Mntnc5720 S Occidental Road517-423-5272
TemperanceJ D Nursery9545 Douglas Road734-847-0406
TemperanceK and B Plants623 Samaria Road734-856-1044
TemperancePioneer Tree Farm10170 Secor Road734-856-3944
TemperanceStateline Nursery and Landscape6225 Lewis Avenue734-847-7963
Three OaksDeruiter Greenhouse3688 Kaiser Road269-426-3337
Three OaksHarbert Market and Garden Center13695 Red Arrow Highway269-469-3080
Three OaksValley Creek Nursery13993 Log Cabin Road269-426-3035
Three RiversSunset Pines Tree Farm52426 N US Highway 131269-273-2597
Traverse CityDan’s Market and Garden Center2415 Garfield Road N231-946-8685
Traverse CityEstes Tree Farms1023 Nakoma Drive231-929-0827
Traverse CityFlower Power2050 Boardman Plains Road E231-947-6506
Traverse CityFour Season Nursery7557 E Harrys Road231-932-7400
Traverse CityGarden Goods3510 N US Highway 31 S231-933-4769
Traverse CityIris Farm5385 E Traverse Highway231-947-9040
Traverse CityManitou Gardens12086 S West Bay Shore Drive231-947-5639
Traverse CityPine Hill Nursery-Village Gardens1111 S Garfield Avenue231-941-1808
TrentonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts25101 Allen Road734-675-5858
TroyTom’s Landscape Nursery4210 Rochester Road248-528-0660
Union PierRiviera Gardens16024 Red Arrow Highway269-469-6623
UticaUtica Farm Bureau6981 Auburn Road586-731-5880
VassarH and R Landscaping Inc6498 W Sanilac Road989-823-8244
Walled LakeExpo Inc949 Ladd Road248-669-4488
WarrenFrank’s Nursery and Crafts2295 E 10 Mile Road586-755-7041
WarrenFrank’s Nursery and Crafts27650 Van Dyke Avenue586-573-4433
WarrenGarden Center Nursery Inc14300 Toepfer Road586-779-3388
WarrenGreco’s Nursery12219 E 11 Mile Road586-759-1335
WarrenM and M Garden Center5823 E 13 Mile Road586-504-9589
WarrenYoung’s Garden Mart and Chrstms27825 Ryan Road586-573-0230
WaterfordCountry Gardens3700 Elizabeth Lake Road248-706-0366
WaterfordFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5919 Highland Road248-673-6050
WaterfordHoffman Nursery and Landscaping1255 S Hospital Road248-363-0340
WaterfordMerrittscape Inc5940 Cooley Lake Road248-681-7955
WatervlietCreekside Nursery8310 Dan Smith Road269-463-4367
WatervlietGardner’s Haven Nursery8767 Carmody Road269-463-8625
WatervlietTall Timbers Tree Farm56333 70th Street269-463-5750
WaylandGun Lake Lawn and Garden650 W Superior Street269-792-3450
WaylandNewhouse Nursery33 126th Avenue269-792-4300
WaylandPeereboom’s Garden Center3712 11th Street269-792-4160
WayneArtman’s Nursery and Landscape39115 Michigan Avenue734-727-1500
WebbervilleJ P Tree Farm4657 E Allen Road517-521-4323
WeidmanVander Sy’s Tree Farm Nursery1350 N Coldwater Road989-644-3556
West BloomfieldEnglish Gardens6370 Orchard Lake Road248-851-7506
West BloomfieldFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7300 Haggerty Road248-661-5737
West OliveBohemia Nursery11161 12th Avenue616-875-4040
West OliveGarbrecht’s Nursery15409 Croswell Street616-399-5081
West OliveJurries Nursery11187 Winans Street616-875-8994
West OliveMichigan Evergreen Nursery10845 Lake Michigan Drive616-846-4406
West OliveNorthland Evergreen Container11383 104th Avenue616-844-3303
West OliveNorthland Farms Llc11161 120th Avenue616-846-1477
West OliveOlive Branch8450 146th Avenue616-399-1150
West OliveVans Pines Nursery14731 Baldwin Street616-399-1620
West OliveWest Olive Nursery8661 146th Avenue616-399-6184
WestlandArtman’s Westland Nursery Inc32593 Cherry Hill Road734-721-6610
WestlandChimac Nursery38710 Florence Street734-326-9290
WestlandClyde Smith and Sons Greenhouses8000 N Newburgh Road734-425-1434
WestlandFlower Market Nursery28616 Warren Road734-261-4974
WestlandTerrace Gardens Inc28616 Warren Road734-421-2959
White LakeBotanical Ventures412 Woods Edge Lane248-698-0099
White LakeRasch’s Landscape Express10480 Highland Road248-698-0400
White PigeonMichiana Tree Movers71121 US Highway 131269-483-2107
WilliamsburgBarker Creek Nursery Inc7048 M 72 NW231-267-5972
WilliamstonChristians Greenhouse3750 E Grand River Road517-521-4663
WilliamstonSpruce It Up Tree Farm2160 Haslett Road517-655-2829
WixomChura and Sons Nursery1907 Charms Road248-624-3050
WolverineGlen’s Evergreen and Perennial14894 Old Streeturgeon Road231-525-8631
WyandotteParadise Nursery and Landscape4036 Biddle Street734-246-9500
WyomingFlowerland765 28th Street SW616-532-5934
YpsilantiChadwick Garden Center Greenhses3100 Ellsworth Road734-434-0466
YpsilantiEvery Day Nursery7360 Geddes Road734-480-4190
YpsilantiMantis Garden Supply Inc1145 W Michigan Avenue734-481-1002
YpsilantiRizor’s Tree Transplant4307 Bemis Road734-572-9144
YpsilantiSuburban Sprinkler System9600 Cherry Hill Road734-480-1031
ZeelandCapel Gardens6175 84th Avenue616-875-6161
ZeelandDE Bruyn Seed Co101 E Washington Avenue616-772-2316
ZeelandMichigan’s West Shore Nursery9 E Main Avenue616-772-2126