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Kansas Trees For Sale

Buying Trees and Shrubs in KansasThe Sunshine State is rightly named, for Kansas is known for its hot, sunny summers. Cottonwoods adapt well to this environment, growing into 130 foot tall deciduous trees with cracked, thick bark. Native to North America, Asia, and the Greek and Macedonian regions referred to as Aigerios, Cottonwoods are so named because of their seeds, which display in a fashion similar to dandelion puffs, transported by strong winds. Though stunning emblems of Kansas, Kansans are not limited to the Cottonwoods and instead can choose from hundreds of tree varieties.

Due to its large plains, described by one as “flat as a pancake”, severe weather systems, and hot summers, the smart Kansan grower will need to consider the following:

– Climate
– Soil Type
– Average Precipitation
– Irrigation
– Growing Zones
– Weather Damage

Best Trees for Kansas

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Royal Empress Trees – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.

#2. Bloodgood Japanese Maple – Ideal for adding color, ornamental beauty, and no-hassle maintenance.

#3. Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree – Ideal for bearing fruit, providing character, and moving between inside or outside.

#4. Willow Hybrid – Ideal for providing privacy, fast-growing properties, and easy care.

Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Kansas

New developments throughout the United States mean more infrastructure, more people, and more invasion of privacy. The residents of Kansas have the option to plant and tend trees that produce privacy, turning away prying eyes and loud noises and instead enjoying the quiet and peace of private property.

The Leyland Cypress is the perfect privacy tree for Kansan inhabitants. The Leyland Cypress grows quickly, adds distinct charm, and produces thick barriers between a private abode and unwanted chatter. Growing between 3 and 5 feet a year, the Leyland Cypress will give the Kansan yard the fast-growing privacy for which they have been searching. Alternatively, the Thuja Green Giant and American Holly will bring privacy, color, and solitude to the savvy planter’s yard.


Kansas is typically split into a one-third region to the west and two-thirds in the east. A humid continental climate with cold winters and hot, humid summers characterizes the east, and a semiarid steppe climate runs west of U.S. Route 281. The most southeastern regions enjoy a humid subtropical climate with more precipitation than the rest of the state. All three climates can be found throughout the state, however. Temperatures in summer have risen as high as 121°F and in winter they have dropped to -40°F. Winter temperatures can vary greatly, and western Kansas has seen winters with temperatures as warm as 80°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. The state soil of Kansas is Harney Loam silt, which is one of the reasons westward travelers stopped and settled the region. The soil is a valuable resource to the region, and supports the primary industry of agriculture. Regardless of the property’s location in The Sunshine State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil.

1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY.

2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. You have LOAM.

3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Droughts and floods affect Kansas, and precipitation varies across the state. The southeast receives upwards of 45 inches of precipitation a year, whereas the southwest may only get about 16 inches annually. Similar patterns in snow are present, though these travel north to south. The far northwest can get 35 inches of snow in the winter, while the south may only receive 5 inches of snow.


With varying amounts of rainfall falling throughout the year, and a semiarid steppe, dry climate in the west balanced by humid continental climate in the east, the Kansan planter should consider irrigation essential prior to planting. Newly planted trees require access to consistent and controlled water resources, and the tree planter can provide this through use of a drip or sprinkler system.

Growing Zones

Despite its relatively large size, ranking in at the 15th largest state in the nation, Kansas only contains four growing zones. This is in part due to its relative flatness. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive. Once described as “flat as a pancake”, Kansas planters can expect small corners of its northwestern border with Nebraska to experience pockets of temperatures as low as -20°F. For most of the state, temperatures never drop lower than -15°F, with a small area southwest of Wichita finding temperatures remain at -5°F.

Weather Damage

Kansas is often represented in film and cultural impressions as being a state where severe weather is frequent, and this is justified. Many areas of the state are prone to strong collisions of multiple high pressure air systems, which result in tornadoes, supercell thunderstorms, and hailstorms. Kansas is behind only Texas in the number of tornadoes it sees a year. The spring and summer bring the worst, and summer thunderstorms often drop large hail. This leads to flooding and high velocity winds. Trees, once rooted, can help prevent erosion from flooding. Ensure trees are planted away from powerlines or buildings onto which they can fall.Kansas State TreeScientific Name: Populus section Aigeiros
Common Name: CottonwoodKansas State SoilHarney SoilKansas State FlagKansas State SealList Of Nurseries and Garden Centers in KansasIf you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Kansas nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Kansas we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.Alphabetical by City

Hinerville Gifts and Garden
Windmill Farms
Double Bar Pine Nursery and Tree
Lavender Landscapes Nursery
K and L Garden Center
Room To Breathe
Phelps Tree Farm
C Designs
Clearfield Farm
Vinland Valley Nursery
Huff Garden Inc
Hooterville Garden Center
Anderson’s Greenhouse
Flowers Tree Farm
Happy Plant Garden Center
Mueting Nursery and Landscaping
Nature’s Corner Greenhouse
Deerfoot Farm
Behind the Shed Garden Center
Rogers Tree Farm and Spade Service
Tree Farm
Prairie Dell Pines
Davies Nursery and Garden Center
Jim’s Tree Service
Creek Side Farm
Letts Ornamentals
Sheila’s Garden Market
Ward’s Garden Center
Willco Landscaping Inc
Pohl’s Nursery and Landscape
Hays Greenhouse
Riedel Garden Center
Ruebke Landscaping
Wolf River Nursery
Garden Center
Jarboe’s Nursery and Garden Spot
Yardmaster Lawn and Landscape
Garden Station
Independence Nursery and Garden
West Acres Nursery Inc
Jerry’s Nursery and Landscaping
Larry’s Sunflower Market
Marc’s Gift and Garden Center
Southwestern Nurseries
Clinton Parkway Nursery
Earl May Nursery and Garden Center
Water’s Edge
Lange’s Nursery
Grass Pad
Strawder and Daughters Tree Farm
Mayhan Garden Center
Lindsborg Greenhouse and Nursery
North Side Nursery
Lee Creek Gardens
Nelson Nursery
Battle Creek Nrsy and Landscpg
Zerger Tree Farm
Schroeder’s Nursery
Earl May Nursery and Garden Center
Grass Pad Warehouse
Joe’s Market and Nursery
Kat Nurseries
Loma Vista Nursery Inc
Stromgren Greenhouse and Floral
Family Tree Nursery
Longan’s Floral and Garden Center
Floral Gardens
Pratt Tree Farm
Earl May Nursery and Garden Center
Earl May Nursery and Garden Center
Family Tree Nursery
Hermes Nursery
Suburban Lawn and Garden Inc
Lambert Greenhouse and Nursery
Horticultural Services Inc
Countryside Garden Center
Lost Corner Farm
Big Trees
Celtic Bonsai
Heifner Nursery and Garden Center
Herynk’s Greenhouse and Nursery
Metzger Nursery
Montgomery Gardens
Skinner Garden Store
Bird House Garden Center
Brady Nursery
DE Ree Nursery
Hillside Nursery Inc
John Deere Landscapes
P and P Seed and Bait CO
Plant Kingdom Garden Center
Sunnyside Nursery and Landscape
Westside Garden Ctr and Nursery
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