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Illinois, also called the Land of Lincoln or The Prairie State, has a long history as representing the microcosm of the United States. The White Oak, one of the dominant hardwoods of North America, is, therefore, fittingly its representative. The White Oak reaches to 450 years old, grows up to 85 feet tall, and spreads its leaves and branches outward in dramatic shapes. The White Oak does not produce its acorns for the first 50 years of growth. Afterwards, the acorns will drop in October, beginning the cycle of American longevity again. Soon-to-be planters in Illinois are free to choose from a variety of trees, as the land is rich for planting.

Due to its large area, diverse temperatures, and multiple climates, the smart Illinois grower will need to consider the following issues; soil type and condition, climate, irrigation, average precipitation, weather damage and growing zones.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Illinois

As property in Illinois continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Illinois, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Leyland Cypress and Nellie Stevens Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Due to its large size, Illinois is typically divided into three sub-regions. First, Chicago and its suburbs make up the northern half of the state. The middle section of the state is the prairie, for which Illinois is known. Finally, the lowest southern portion of Illinois contains the historical sites of Little Egypt and the original state capital, Kaskaskia. Illinois covers two distinct climate zones, a humid continental climate in the north and a humid subtropical climate in the south. Most of Illinois features humid, hot summers and cold winters. In the southernmost portions of the state, residents experience even hotter summers with milder winters. Temperatures often rise above 100°F, with the record standing at 117°F. Winters often drop below freezing, with the record at -37°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Illinois features rich agricultural land covered with Drummer soil. Deep, dark, and rich with organic matter, Drummer soil covers more than 1,500,000 acres of Illinois farmland. Regardless of the property’s location in The Prairie State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil.

1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY.
2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. You have LOAM.
3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Precipitation varies across Illinois, primarily due to its large area. Areas in the south receive 48 inches and areas in the north only receive 35 inches. Snowfall is common, but again varied. Chicago and its suburbs can expect about 35 inches of snow a year, whereas only 14 inches of snow should be anticipated in the south. Attracting severe weather, such as summer thunderstorms and tornadoes, Illinois often sees heavy wind and rain.


In a state with such varying amounts of precipitation, it is essential to have strong irrigation systems. Water is essential to newly planted trees, as the stress of transplantation can make rooting and growth difficult. By providing controlled and consistent water access to your tree, you can ensure future success. Water the new tree at its base, two to three times a week. If installing irrigation, such as drip systems or sprinklers, be sure to set them up at least three feet from the tree’s base, as overwatering can rot roots and cause plant stress.

Growing Zones

Illinois only contains seven unique growing zones, which is surprising given its large area. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive.  The reason Illinois only covers seven zones, and not 11 or 13 like some of its size competitors, is because it is mostly level, residing near the Great Plains. In north-central Illinois, the temperature in higher elevation foothills has receded as low as -30°F, but this is certainly atypical. Most of Illinois only experiences temperatures as low as -20°F, with some areas of the south never dipping below 0°F.

Weather Damage

Illinois is a largely populated state, and this is in part why it has seen some of the most devastating severe weather in the U.S. Tornado Alley sends on average 35 tornadoes to the state annually, with some of the worst causing the death of hundreds of residents. Beyond tornadoes, thunderstorms hit the state on average 51 days a year, which is slightly above average. Before planting, consider nearby infrastructure that may be damaged by a tall tree coming down.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Illinois nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Illinois we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


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AddisonDown To Earth Inc22W020 Army Trail Road630-351-8844
AddisonSchwarz Nursery and Garden Center21W020 Army Trail Road630-627-6261
AddisonShemin Nurseries Inc4N755 Lombard Road630-773-8090
AltonWild Flower Farm723 Euclid Pl618-786-3447
AntiochBen Ley Farms18293 W State Line Road847-395-6360
AntiochGilbert Zurich Nurseries Inc43240 N Crawford Road847-395-3090
AntiochHorvat Nurseries, Inc.40812 N. Deep Lake Road847-395-2000
AntiochRenwick Nursery42974 N Crawford Road847-395-6336
AntiochS and S Landscaping and Nursery1031 W IL Route 173847-395-8823
AntiochS and S Nursery605 W IL Route 173847-395-8823
ArgentaRainey Nursery CO152 E Elm217-795-4431
Arlington HtsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts250 W Rand Road847-398-8490
AuroraGriswold Feed and Seed Store132 Prairie Street630-892-0111
AuroraGrowing Place Nursery and Flower2000 Montgomery Road630-820-8088
BannockburnBeeson’s Nursery1300 Half Day Road847-945-0520
BarringtonPasquesi Home and Gardens990 W Northwest Highway847-381-5511
BataviaOrnamental Growers Assn4 E Wilson Street #A630-879-0520
BataviaPoplar Farms Nursery39W100 Main Street630-879-7202
BataviaPossibility Place Nursery18 S Washington Avenue630-761-9350
Beach ParkPavlik’s Evergreen Nurseries37280 N Sheridan Road847-623-1422
BellevilleDintelmann’s Nursery and Garden1710 Centreville Avenue618-233-4638
BellevilleEffinger’s Garden Center720 S 11th Street618-234-4600
BelvidereGrowers Outlet CO5095 Chrysler Drive815-544-4233
BelvidereNatures Garden1887 Business Route 20815-544-0061
BensenvilleKroschel’s Nursery1120 W Irving Park Road630-766-1661
BerwynCapek’s Garden and Lndscpng7032 Pershing Road708-788-6098
BerwynClovers Garden Center7065 Cermak Road708-788-0243
Big RockE L Fasel and Sons Greenhouses7S882 Camp Dean Road630-556-3811
BloomingdaleFrank’s Nursery and Crafts328 W Army Trail Road630-307-0090
BloomingdalePlatt Hill Nursery222 W Lake Street630-529-9394
BloomingtonA B Hatchery and Garden Center916 E Grove Street309-828-2722
BloomingtonC Wendell Niepagen Greenhouses2001 Cabintown Road309-828-4580
BloomingtonCasey’s Garden Shop1505 N Main Street309-828-1424
BloomingtonGrowing Grounds Showplace Home1610 S Main Street309-827-4343
BloomingtonHelsel Tree Farm403 N Veterans Parkway309-664-7304
BloomingtonHouse of Wesley1700 Morrissey Drive309-663-9551
BloomingtonOwen Nursery and Florist1613 Clearwater Avenue309-662-3511
BloomingtonOwen Nursery and Florist1700 Morrissey Drive309-662-3511
BloomingtonSunburst Companies Inc2407 S Main Street309-663-5513
Blue MoundDunlap EnterprisesRR 1 Box 167217-692-2915
BolingbrookHome Landscape Materials Inc751 N Bolingbrook Drive630-759-1205
BolingbrookJohansen Farms Inc680 N Bolingbrook Drive630-739-7587
BolingbrookSid’s Home and Garden Showplace550 S Naper-Plainfield Road630-904-1007
BonfieldBonfield Gardens4998 N 9000W Road815-932-0002
BonfieldCounty West Nursery575 S Bonfield Road815-937-1334
BourbonnaisCupola House Tree Farm4030 N 3000W Road815-932-6635
BourbonnaisTholens’ Landscape and Garden1401 N Convent Street815-939-6445
BreeseJerry’s Nursery13122 Streetolletown Road618-526-7961
BreesePlant Land12920 Old US Highway 50618-526-2281
BrimfieldCinnamon Tree Farm17223 W Brimfield Jubilee Road309-446-3221
BurbankRay’s Landscaping8618 Lorel Avenue708-424-1865
Burr RidgeHidden Gardens16W658 S Frontage Road630-655-8283
BushnellHart’s Nursery665 Front Street309-772-9517
ByronMeridian Nursery Byron226 E Blackhawk Drive815-234-7466
CairoHyway MarketRR 1618-734-1452
CarlinvilleMiller Nursery IncRR 3217-854-9049
CarpentersvillePlatt Hill Nursery2400 Randall Road847-428-6767
CarthageGavillet Nursery203 Dallas Road217-357-9009
CaryBarn Nursery and Landscape Center8109 IL Route 31847-658-3883
CaseyLittle Green Barn7 E Main Street217-932-2621
CentraliaBaird’s Garden Center600 S Locust Street618-532-3142
CentraliaBrownstone Landscaping1458 State Route 161618-532-7824
CentraliaFeed Bin and Garden Center607 N Poplar Street618-532-0112
ChathamPedigo Landscaping5781 Pedigo Lane217-529-6223
ChicagoAdvance Garden Center2933 N Central Avenue773-685-6030
ChicagoB A Florist and Nursery CO1000 W Randolph Street312-421-6326
ChicagoBelmont Heights Flowers7950 W Belmont Avenue773-625-9839
ChicagoClovers Garden Center6190 S Archer Avenue773-767-6803
ChicagoClovers Garden Center7951 S Cicero Avenue773-582-5527
ChicagoCreative Lawn and Garden5601 N Elston Avenue773-775-5553
ChicagoFarmer’s Market4110 N Elston Avenue773-539-1200
ChicagoFertile Gardens1650 W Diversey Parkway773-929-9330
ChicagoFortini and Son4387 N Elston Avenue773-283-7142
ChicagoFrank’s Nursery and Crafts6560 W Fullerton Avenue773-804-0050
ChicagoFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7456 S State Road708-458-0262
ChicagoGethsemane Garden Center5739 N Clark Street773-878-5915
ChicagoGrand Street Gardens2200 W Grand Avenue312-829-8200
ChicagoGreen Grocer Garden Shop5410 S Kedzie Avenue773-737-3300
ChicagoGrowers Outlet CO7757 S Western Avenue773-476-9279
ChicagoLong’s Garden Center Inc11226 S Halsted Street773-785-3129
ChicagoOld Town Garden Center1555 N Wells Street312-266-6300
ChicagoWilliams Hydro Plants311 E 79th Street773-651-3426
Chicago HeightsSoderborg Tree’n Landscape CO1648 E End Avenue708-756-0775
Chicago RidgeJames Saunoris and Sons Inc6000 111th Street708-422-0972
Chicago RidgeSaunoris Garden Center6000 111th Street708-422-7272
ClintonC and A Country GardensRR 2 Box 217217-935-3945
CollinsvilleCreekside Gardens721 Johnson Hill Road618-344-7054
ColumbiaHillcastle Herbs633 Hill Castle Road618-281-6008
CornellShort Point Creek Nursery7340 E 2475 North Road815-358-2627
CountrysideFrank’s Nursery and Crafts72 Countryside Plz708-579-3470
Crest HillField on Canton Farm Inc2412 Hacker Drive815-744-7841
Crest HillHil Gate Farm2352 Caton Farm Road815-744-3585
Crest HillNeumann’s Landscape Nursery2412 Hacker Drive815-744-4876
CreteAbsolutely Wild Inc25310 S Stoney Island Avenue708-672-5908
CreteCherry Creek Nursery25310 S Stoney Island Avenue708-672-5702
CretePlum Creek Gardens1225 E Bemes Road708-672-6911
Crystal LakeDalman’s Evergreens7321 W Hillside Road815-455-4844
Crystal LakeDalman’s Evergreens7417 W Hillside Road815-444-1244
Crystal LakeFrank’s Nursery and Crafts5701 Northwest Highway815-455-0855
DanvilleAbbie’s Garden Center2201 Kickapoo Drive217-446-9439
DanvilleBerry’s Garden Center Inc3714 N Vermilion Street217-446-3076
DanvilleDanville Gardens1307 Cleary Avenue217-442-4944
DecaturBlooming Barn1295 W South Side Drive217-428-9623
DecaturFarmers Market1805 N Main Street217-877-6356
DecaturGarden Center2510 N Route 121217-542-0152
DecaturGarden Path3838 E Lost Bridge Road217-423-7284
DecaturMaske’s All Natural Lawn Care2510 W Mound Road217-877-0740
DecaturSanford’s Garden Center2575 S Mount Zion Road217-864-5038
DeerfieldFrank’s Nursery and Crafts497 Lake Cook Road847-498-0146
DekalbBuhr’s Retail Nursery1383 Barber Greene Road815-758-2242
DekalbHgi922 N 12th Street815-748-5263
DekalbQ and Z Nursery126 Oak Street #1815-756-3307
Des PlainesLurvey’s Garden Center2550 E Dempster Street847-824-7411
Des PlainesPesche’s Garden Center170 N River Road847-299-1300
DixonAnne’s1200 N Galena Avenue #A815-288-6060
DorseyA Waldbart and Sons Nursery9110 N State Route 159618-585-3414
Downers GroveWannemaker’s Home and Garden Center1940 Ogden Avenue630-852-0700
Du BoisWisniewski Farms9463 US Route 51618-787-8100
DundeeDundee Landscape Nursery37W131 N County Line Road847-426-2305
DundeeRandy Wirkus Nurseries35W075 Crescent Drive847-426-9221
DupoBright Side Landscaping and Lawn705 Falling Springs Drive618-286-3305
EdwardsConner Nursery and Garden Center6605 N Smith Road309-673-0101
EdwardsvilleCass Bonsai Gardens6145 Quercus Grove Road618-656-9087
EdwardsvilleMarket Basket447 S Buchanan Street618-656-9055
ElburnAlbertson Trees0N530 Schneider Road630-365-3900
ElginAquatic Nursery38W135 Mcdonald Road847-741-7678
ElginKlein’s Farm and Garden Market1175 Lillian Street847-888-4610
ElginKlein’s Farm and Garden Market38W718 US Highway 20847-697-4910
ElginLittle Greenhouse39W525 Big Timber Road847-742-7017
ElizabethTimber Ridge Gardens201 S Elizabeth Scales Mound R815-858-3740
Elk Grove VlgBerthold Nursery and Garden Center434 E Devon Avenue847-439-2600
Elk Grove VlgFranks Nursery and Crafts1454 Elmhurst Road847-364-9776
ElmhurstFox Valley Orchids2N134 Addison Road630-458-0636
EurekaGetz Greenhouses1961 S Main Street309-467-2946
EvanstonAnton Greenhouses1126 Pitner Avenue847-864-1134
EvanstonFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1920 Dempster Street847-866-6988
EvanstonWindy City Garden Center2000 Green Bay Road847-733-1942
Evergreen ParkFrank’s Nursery and Crafts3720 W 95th Street708-423-5208
FairfieldElvira’s 909907 W Delaware Street618-842-2026
FairfieldWest Side Home and Garden806 W Main Street618-842-5659
Fairview HeightsFrank’s Nursery and Crafts110 Commerce Lane618-397-1251
Fairview HeightsLuja Nursery and Garden Center529 Union Hill Road618-397-2145
Fairview HeightsScott’s Garden Center and Grnhse5515 Old Collinsville Road618-624-9122
Farmer CityGarden House223 W Clinton Avenue309-928-5454
FlossmoorSunnycrest Greenhouses19725 Governors Highway708-799-9200
FrankfortAlsip Home and Nursery20601 S Lagrange Road815-469-1044
FrankfortGolden Gate Nursery and Flowers22200 S LA Grange Road815-464-6655
FrankfortSaunoris Brothers Inc19600 S Harlem Avenue815-469-3171
FreeburgBozsa Tree Farm7138 Holcomb School Road618-539-5677
FreeportAnne’s903 W Galena Avenue815-232-7920
FreeportWillowlake Greenhouse1544 W Fairview Road815-233-5075
GalesburgD A Hoerr and Sons Inc2800 W Main Street309-342-3194
Garden PrairieMariani Nursery7865 Garden Prairie Road815-597-1177
GeneseoHometown Boys Stump Removal301 N College Avenue309-944-4992
GenevaPerennial Pleasures0N790 Bartelt Road630-208-1660
GenevaSmith and Hawken116 Commons Drive630-492-4993
GlasfordGarden Gate Daylilies10810 S Glasford Road309-389-5643
Glen CarbonGarden Kingdom3711 S State Route 157618-288-0101
GlenwoodSun Center145 E Main Street708-757-3337
GodfreyGreenery1021 W Delmar Avenue618-466-8475
GoldenSimple Pleasure’s Country2357 E 2400th Road217-696-4200
Good HopeGood Hope Gardens445 E Main Street309-456-3400
Grant ParkPrairie Nurseries8182 N 11000E Road815-465-6961
GrayslakeMini Earth Greenhouses22525 W Peterson Road847-223-7282
GreenvilleDaniken Christmas Tree FarmRR 3 Box 209618-664-4067
GreenvilleHarnetiaux Evergreen Nursery1435 Harnetiaux Road618-326-8383
GurneeGurnee Garden Center797 Waveland Avenue847-662-7303
HampshireHighland Nursery13N179 Burlington Road847-683-0313
HampshireNature’s Garden15N341 IL Route 47847-683-3970
HampshireWhite Oak Nursery Inc45W585 Plank Road847-683-2252
HampshireWilson Nurseries IncRoute 72847-683-3700
Hanover ParkHoelterhoff Nursery5591 County Farm Road630-289-1380
HarvardAlden Nursery and Water Garden14401 IL Route 173815-648-2885
HarvardAlden Tree Farm14401 IL Route 173815-648-1315
HarvardBeeson’s Mc Henry Cnty Nursery8501 White Oaks Road815-943-8733
HarvardCline Farm Garden Center18306 Mcguire Road815-943-1050
HarvardHarvard Nursery21706 Airport Road815-943-5015
HarvardHawthorn Farms and Nursery8401 N US Highway 14815-943-2921
HarvardMc Henry County Nursery Inc8501 White Oaks Road815-943-3511
HarvardMc Henry Evergreen Plantation17208 Lincoln Road815-943-5649
HarvardRolling Hills Nursery25703 Flat Iron Road815-943-3020
HarvardRolling Hills Nursery26015 Flat Iron Road815-569-2440
HarvardS and S Garden Center Inc18709 E US Highway 14815-943-0919
HarveyHalsted Garden Center16647 Halsted Street708-596-4255
Hawthorn WoodsBarn Nursery525 Old Mchenry Road847-726-8843
HebronRed Buffalo Nursery10502 Seaman Road815-648-4838
HerrickOrnaments and Things20 S Broadway Street618-428-5551
HerrinMilani’s Nursery717 W Herrin Street618-942-3037
Hickory HillsClover’s Garden Center8845 W 87th Street708-233-6241
HighlandChipwood Acres Nursery4303 State Route 160618-675-3478
HillsideFrank’s Nursery and Crafts4500 Roosevelt Road708-449-0888
HillsideLuurs Garden and Flower Shoppe5200 Butterfield Road708-449-5208
HuntleyFox Ridge Nursery8913 N IL Route 47847-669-1369
InglesideElite Growers26821 W Molidor Road847-546-3108
JacksonvilleTurner Tree Svc130 W Walnut Street217-243-7479
JerseyvilleRussell’s Green House602 June Street618-498-7333
JolietAllied Nursery Inc3197 S Chicago Street815-722-2280
JolietDouble G Nursery and Landscaping21427 SE Frontage Road815-744-3732
JolietFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1395 N Larkin Avenue815-744-7502
JolietGreen Glenn Garden Center2413 E Laraway Road815-485-6777
JolietNeumann’s Hilltop Nursery35 Hacker Drive815-744-2004
JolietNichols Landscaping and Brick3404 Fiday Road815-436-5295
JolietVanessa’s Landscaping and Mntnc319 Lime Street815-726-4533
KankakeeSnider’s Nursery800 W Jeffery Street815-932-8483
KankakeeTholens’ Landscape and Garden31 E 2500S Road815-939-9670
KildeerArthur Weiler Nursery20237 Main Street847-438-8287
KildeerAtrium Garden Center21481 Rand Road847-438-5671
LA SalleCoon’s Grove Tree Farm359 N 35th Road815-223-9287
Lake ForestJohn Fiore and Sons Inc1220 Telegraph Road847-234-0476
Lake ForestPasquesi Home and Gardens1045 S Waukegan Road847-234-6776
Lake VillaCountry Gardens18959 E Grand Avenue847-356-2033
Lake VillaCountry GardensRoute 132 & Route 45847-356-2033
Lake ZurichAtrium Garden Center21481 N Highway 12847-438-7100
Lake ZurichCedar Hill Nursery21854 W IL Route 22 #220847-540-8474
Lake ZurichFrank’s Nursery and Crafts195 S Rand Road847-438-0381
Lake ZurichHawthorn Gardens24481 N Old Mchenry Road847-726-0627
Lake ZurichHook’s Nursery20440 W IL Route 22847-438-7190
Lake ZurichMark Cook’s Garden Center Inc101 E Main Street847-438-2120
Lake ZurichNorthwest Garden Center20820 N Rand Road847-438-6800
Lake ZurichParksite Landscaping and Garden30798 N US Highway 12847-438-9030
LebanonEarthtones Nursery and Landscaping10000 US Highway 50618-537-9596
LelandPizzo and Assoc Ltd10729 Pine Road815-498-9988
LelandThayer Farm Nursery2521 N 4425th Road815-498-3009
LenaHidden Springs Garden Center7114 US Highway 20 W815-235-7711
LenzburgShirwin FarmsState Route 13618-475-2900
LexingtonPlants AgainRR 1 Box 87309-365-8865
LibertyvilleJamaican Gardens North14595 W Rockland Road847-367-5570
LincolnMichelle’s Home and Garden Shop1014 N Kickapoo Street217-732-1649
LincolnwoodUrhausen Greenhouses6973 N East Prairie Road847-675-1573
LoamiRicks Plant PlaceRR 1217-624-2037
LockportReliable Nurseries16464 W 143rd Street815-838-4141
LockportSiegel’s Cottonwood Garden Center17250 Weber Road815-741-2693
LombardFrank’s Nursery and Crafts700 E Roosevelt Road630-629-1226
LombardHacker’s Glenbard Gardens640 N State Route 53630-495-4220
LowpointGreen View Nursery2047 State Route 26309-246-8079
Lynn CenterRichland Grove Tree Farm3358 Meadow Gate Road309-521-8229
LynwoodClarkes Garden Center2061 E Lincoln Highway708-758-8500
LynwoodVan Kalker Farms and Greenhouses1808 E Joe Orr Road708-758-1732
MacombSavanna View Nursery Inc14540 N 1050th Road309-833-5167
MarengoFox Valley Nursery10014 S Grant Highway815-923-2660
MarionBack-Achers Nursery7005 Route 37618-997-5768
MarionHolly Park Nursery707 S Spillertown Road618-997-9121
MaryvilleMeadow Sweet Gardens6525 State Route 162618-288-9448
MascoutahPotted Plant217 E Main Street618-566-8147
MattoonParadise Plants10727 E County Road 900N217-345-0500
MazonSpring Grove Nursery1255 W Spring Road815-448-2097
Mc HenryAcorn Ridge Nursery30540 N Darrell Road815-385-8829
Mc HenryHarms Farm4727 W Crystal Lake Road815-385-5385
MendotaEkana Nurseries417 E US Highway 34815-538-4800
MetropolisMassac Nursery CO2328 Streetrawberry Road618-564-2728
MetropolisMetropolis Lawn and Garden815 Johnson Street618-524-2608
MilanVillage Decor and Garden Shop222 4th Avenue W309-787-0150
MinookaPrairie Wood Nursery2135 Holt Road815-467-7977
MinookaTri County Trees402 W Mondamin Street815-467-7700
MomenceSiwicki Evergreen Nursery12998 E 4000N Road815-472-4154
MoneePossibility Place Nursery7548 Monee Manhattan Road708-534-3988
MoneeSchmidt Garden Center24222 S Cicero Avenue708-534-0112
MontgomeryYard Works Mfg Outlet1200 S Lake Street630-892-9297
MorrisFritz Nursery1955 W Charles Road815-942-2008
MorrisFritz Nursery926 Douglas Street815-942-2008
MorrisPrairie Garden Supplies6800 W Route 6815-942-8048
MorrisRick’s Garden Center480 Briscoe Drive815-942-2672
MorrisThat Perennial Place1565 W. US Route 6815-942-2235
Morton GroveJamaican Gardens8509 Frontage Road847-967-9360
Morton GroveYasukunai Bonsai Garden6061 Dempster Street847-966-5142
MT VernonAnchor Garden and Rental Center1701 Perkins Avenue618-244-0884
MT VernonJim Morgan’s Nursery7713 N IL Highway 37618-244-2099
MT VernonR L Hawkins Nursery605 S 42nd Street618-242-5150
MundeleinCountry Bumpkin Garden Center27691 N Gilmer Road847-566-2176
MurphysboroMurphysboro Lawn and Garden902 N 14th Street618-687-4313
NapervilleFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1520 Aurora Avenue630-983-7277
NapervilleGrowing Place Nursery25W471 Plank Road630-355-4000
NapervilleKaknes Landscape Supply CO31W545 Diehl Road630-416-9999
NapervilleLizzie’s Garden24254 111th Street630-904-1066
NapervilleShemin Nurseries Inc25013 111th Street630-904-8700
NashvilleMeyer’s Greenhouse and Nursery1471 W Saint Louis Street618-327-3712
New BerlinParkside Tree Farm6325 Bunker Hill Road217-787-4998
New LenoxDoede’s Landscape Nursery428 E Lincoln Highway815-485-8251
New LenoxDoede’s Nurseries and Garden Center428 E Lincoln Highway815-485-8251
New LenoxSmith Brothers Garden Center Inc2601 E Lincoln Highway815-485-9420
NewarkKendall Hill Nursery16100 Newark Road815-695-9907
NewarkMajestic Nursery7738 Dobson Lane630-553-9924
NewarkSummersweet Farm16109 State Route 71815-695-9448
NewtonCountry Seed House106 W Washington Street618-783-4006
NewtonPlant Farm204 W End Avenue618-783-2667
North PekinHeights Flowers-Plant Farm310 S Main Street309-382-1562
North PekinOld Heritage Landscaping IncRoute 29309-353-6599
North RiversideFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7401 W 24th Street708-447-6699
NorthbrookCarrot Top Garden Center1430 Paddock Drive847-998-6783
NorthbrookRed’s Garden Center3460 Dundee Road847-272-6059
NorthfieldHibbard Road Gardens Nursery62 Hibbard Road847-446-5525
Oak LawnFasel and Sons Garden Center10841 S Cicero Avenue708-422-5335
Oak ParkUrban Farm Store6040 Roosevelt Road708-383-3848
OdellHermie’s Place109 N Front Street815-998-2235
Old Mill CreekDutch Garden38350 N US Highway 45847-265-6352
Old Mill CreekMill Creek Nursery40960 N Mill Creek Road847-838-0501
OlneyDiel’s Garden Center900 W Lafayette Street618-392-7896
OnargaBork Nurseries1545 N 600 East Road815-268-7910
OnargaBork Nurseries Inc500 N Oak Street815-268-7265
OnargaOnarga Nursery CO608 N Oak Street815-268-7244
Orland ParkCountry Green House11 Ruggles CT708-921-1640
Orland ParkEvery Bloomin’ Thing7648 W 159th Street708-429-1950
Orland ParkFrank’s Nursery and Crafts7520 W 159th Street708-532-5035
Orland ParkKladis Garden Center17400 Wolf Road708-478-5533
Orland ParkPrairie House Garden Center15151 S Harlem Avenue708-687-3131
OswegoFloribunda Gardens2093 Collins Road630-554-4688
OswegoKing Nursery6849 US Highway 34630-554-1171
PalatineKinsch Village Florist301 W Johnson Street847-359-1182
PalatineKnupper Nursery and Landscape1801 N Rand Road847-359-1080
PalatineMia’s Garden896 N Quentin Road847-934-4400
Palos HillsSid’s Greenhouses and Garden Center10926 Southwest Highway708-974-4500
ParisBarkley Farms Nurseries11200 E 1300th Road217-463-7003
Park RidgeMr K Garden and Material Center1440 Higgins Road847-692-2118
PaysonKase Nursery539 Highway 96 S217-656-4270
PeoriaDantone Greenhouses Inc4025 W Richwoods Blvd309-686-0031
PeoriaDutch Gardens Inc808 W Trailcreek Road309-691-8030
PeoriaHeights Flowers2228 W Glen Avenue309-691-7011
PeoriaSchepke’s Tree and Flower Center2422 W Lincoln Avenue309-672-9489
PeoriaSheridan Nursery Inc3823 N Sheridan Road309-682-7384
PeoriaWhite Oak Nursery6145 N Oak Point CT309-693-1354
Peoria HeightsHeights Flowers4440 N Prospect Road309-688-7247
PiasaCottage Garden6967 Route 111618-729-4324
PinckneyvilleFoutch’s Nursery4634 Redbud Lane618-357-5241
PittsfieldEastside Gardens1184 E Washington Street217-285-4784
PlainfieldAnderson Tree Farm502 W State Route 126815-436-2140
PlainfieldBork Nurseries230 N Indian Boundary Road815-577-5410
PlainfieldGarden Visions Nursery26200 W 119th Street630-904-8370
PlanoJamie Bass Farms16063 Miller Road630-552-3900
Pleasant PlainsGarden Path6151 Main Street217-626-2199
PontiacJones Country Gardens22055 N 800 East Road815-358-2585
Prairie ViewCharles J Fiore CO16606 W IL Route 22847-913-1414
Prairie ViewRolling Hills Nursery22149 N Pet Lane847-634-3200
PrincetonHornbaker Gardens22937 1140 North Avenue815-659-3282
PrincetonPlant Station616 N Main Street815-872-2687
QuincyBergman Nurseries Inc3607 N 12th Street217-222-1424
QuincyLeffers Landscape and Nursery4808 N 24th Street217-224-5296
QuincyWagner’s Farm Market3000 State Street217-224-9244
Red BudAnderson’s Produce1275 W Market Street618-282-6676
RichmondCastle Gardens5511 US Highway 12815-678-7200
RiverwoodsBulb Crate2560 Deerfield Road847-317-1414
RochesterTri-County Stump RemovalRR 2 Box 31217-529-9554
RockfordForest Nurseries5347 S Main Street815-968-6666
RockfordFritchen Nursery Greenhouses4472 S Mulford Road815-874-8733
RockfordJ Carlson Growers Inc8938 Newburg Road815-332-5610
RockfordMeridian Nursery CO7219 Cunningham Road815-965-1239
RockfordRaley Nursery58 Spring Creek Road815-885-3811
RockfordTyler’s Nursery6701 N Main Street815-636-9400
RockfordVillage Green Home and Garden2640 N Main Street815-877-7027
RockfordVillage Green Home and Garden4403 Center Ter815-398-2230
RockfordVillage Green Home and Garden6101 E Riverside Blvd815-877-9559
RoscoeAmbrose Greenhouse11501 Love Road815-623-9327
RoselleSilicani Florist and Greenhouses22W386 Irving Park Road630-529-6935
Round LakeCastle Gardens31776 N US Highway 12815-344-9000
Round LakeCastle Gardens31810 N US Highway 12815-344-9000
Round LakeFish Lake Nursery32965 N Fish Lake Road847-546-7171
RushvilleBoehm’s Lawn and Garden Center708 Macomb Road217-322-6644
SalemCrossroad Plants700 S Broadway618-548-6232
SandwichJudy’s Country Greenhouse17565 Wagner Road815-786-2917
SavannaGreat River Garden Center700 Main Street815-273-4800
SchaumburgFrank’s Nursery and Crafts817 W Golf Road847-882-7850
SchaumburgRandom Acres621 E Schaumburg Road847-524-5296
SesserQuillman Nursery511 S Park Street618-625-6559
SheffieldStier Garfield CO410 W Railroad Street815-454-2502
SheridanPulfer’s Nursery Inc2807 N 41st Road815-695-5620
SheridanPulfer’s Nursery Inc2846 N 41st Road815-695-5688
SheridanValkner Nursey3707 E 2653rd Road815-496-9054
ShermanHilltop Gardens Nursery4739 S Williamsville Road217-629-7506
SigelWolke Nurseries496 County Road 275 E217-844-3661
South ElginFlower Wagon989 W Spring Street847-695-9034
South ElginTecza and Son’s Nursery1770 Mcdonald Road847-742-3321
Spring GroveSunset Nursery7715 Beverly Way815-675-1154
SpringfieldCrowder Nursery4151 N 8th Streetreet Road217-544-4952
SpringfieldGarden Iron4172 W Jefferson Street217-787-3492
SpringfieldGreen View Nursery Inc3000 W Jefferson Street217-787-4700
SpringfieldIt’s Almost Eden1425 S Macarthur Blvd217-698-9060
SpringfieldSchlosser’s Country Gardens4133 Old Jacksonville Road217-546-6116
St AnneCounty West Nursery409 E Vanderkarr Road815-937-1334
St CharlesFrank’s Nursery and Crafts1950 Lincoln Highway630-584-7660
St CharlesNatural Garden Inc38W443 IL Route 64630-584-0150
St CharlesPhillips Exteriors116 Cedar Avenue630-584-7741
St CharlesWasco Nursery Inc41W781 IL Route 64630-584-4424
St JosephHidden Acres Nursery2451 County Road 1225 N217-896-2738
SterlingBlue Freedom Farm Market1829 Locust Street815-626-7582
Stillman ValleyStillman Valley Nursery9979 N Kishwaukee Road815-645-8113
StocktonFritz Nursery and Garden Center11385 US Highway 20 E815-947-2294
StreatorDanchris Nursery and Crafts1000 Bernstein Street815-672-8135
StreatorRick’s Garden Center1001 E Main Street815-672-3110
Sugar GroveMajer’s Nursery and Landscaping9S846 State Route 47630-466-4664
Sugar GroveSpring Bluff Nursery41W130 Norris Road630-466-4278
SycamoreGarden Market558 Dekalb Avenue815-895-5610
TampicoGenesis Nursery23200 Hurd Road815-438-7500
Taylor RidgeMeyer’s Tree Farm Ltd9700 98th Street W309-798-2127
Tinley ParkGolden Gate Nursery Inc7600 187th Street708-429-1434
TolonoKleiss Nursery349 County Road 1500 E217-867-2364
TroyFetter’s Landscaping and Garden801 Sherbourne Avenue618-667-3036
UnionD Hill Nursery CORR 176815-923-2141
UnionGro Horticultural Enterprises14440 Marengo Road847-669-8658
University ParkSunnycrest Greenhouses II23500 Governors Highway708-534-9200
UrbanaCountry Arbors Nursery Inc1742 County Road 1400 N217-367-1077
UrbanaFarmtown Store1509 E University Avenue217-384-8308
UrbanaWandell’s Nursery Wholesale1898 County Road 1700 N217-469-2170
UticaBennett Garden Center823 E US Highway 6815-667-7003
VoloPerricone Garden Center and Nursery31600 Fisher Road815-344-8678
WadsworthRoses and Roses and Roses14985 W Wadsworth Road847-336-1086
WalnutGenesis Nursery Inc1250 E Street815-379-9060
WapellaRed Geranium305 S Walnut Route 51217-935-9848
WashingtonWashington Greenhouse2679 Centennial Drive309-745-8238
WaterlooSchaefer Farms Nursery4611 Kaskaskia Road618-458-6923
WaucondaBarnyard Garden Center1255 E Liberty Street847-526-9689
WaucondaMontale Nursery and Gardens25865 W Ivanhoe Road847-487-8355
WaucondaPlant ‘N’ Go740 W Liberty Street847-526-9260
WaucondaShamrock Garden Center27174 W IL Route 176847-526-0040
WaucondaWilliamson Nursery635 W Liberty Street847-526-5800
Wayne CityA Touch of Mist1207 W Robinson Avenue618-895-1582
West ChicagoPrestige Nursery Garden Center28W761 Army Trail Road630-289-4868
West ChicagoTwin Oaks Garden Center2N301 County Farm Road630-293-1980
West FrankfortOrr’s Nursery7499 Apple Street618-937-4330
West FrankfortRiddle Nursery609 W 7th Street618-937-4973
West FrankfortSeverin Garden Center Landscaping721 N Gardner Street618-932-3017
Western SpringsVaughans Garden Center4700 Commonwealth Avenue708-246-3540
WheelingA P and Sons79 E Palatine Road847-541-4100
WilmetteChalet Nursery and Garden Shops3132 Lake Avenue847-920-2800
WinfieldPlanter’s Palette28W571 Roosevelt Road630-293-1140
WinnebagoBomgarden’s Flower Farm8686 Auburn Street815-335-7000
WinnetkaTrellis and Trugs1009 Green Bay Road847-784-6910
Wood DaleDown To Earth Inc233 Dalewood Avenue630-350-8844
WoodridgeFrank’s Nursery and Crafts2501 75th Street630-985-1505
WoodstockAll Season Farm Nursery14510 IL Route 176815-338-5637
WoodstockBerthold Nursery4510 Dean Street815-338-4914
WoodstockCountry Corners Nursery and Farm12219 Thayer Road815-648-4130
WoodstockDeepcut Perennial Nursery3420 Deep Cut Road815-337-7154
WoodstockGarden Valley Greenhouse16113 Garden Valley Road815-923-4644
WoodstockKolzes Corner Gardens12717 IL Route 176815-338-1475
WoodstockOney’s Christmas Tree Farm16608 US Highway 14815-338-4108
WoodstockPine View Nursery14206 Sunset Ridge Road815-337-7511
WoodstockRich’s Foxwillow Pines11618 Mcconnell Road815-338-7442
WoodstockSt Aubin Nurseries11100 IL Route 176815-334-9100
YorkvilleHinsdale Nurseries Inc8111 State Route 34630-553-6411
YorkvilleMidwest Nursery and Garden Center9000 State Route 34630-553-5932
ZionArthur Weiler Inc12247 W Russell Road847-746-2393
ZionCraig Bergmann’s Country Garden 847-746-0311