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The Gem State, known throughout much of the country for its agricultural strength, lays claim to the towering Western White Pine. Reaching up well over 150 feet in height, the Western White Pine is native to the Sierra Nevada, Cascade, Coast, and Rocky Mountain Ranges and is even commonly called the Idaho Pine, the state which it represents. As is the case with all white pines, the Western White Pine bundles its needles into groups of five and displays narrow cones measuring between 5 to 12 inches in length. Logging and the recent white pine blister rust fungus have endangered the tree, which is often planted as an ornamental in yards. Idaho planters are not relegated to the white pines, though; several varieties of deciduous and coniferous trees are available for planting on Idaho property.

Due to its varied elevations, large area, and proximity to multiple geographical landforms, the smart Idaho grower will need to consider the following; soil type, climate, average precipitation, growing zones, irrigation and weather damage.

Best Trees for Idaho

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Muskogee Crape Myrtle – Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.

#2. October Glory Maple – Ideal for continuous color, adaptable growing conditions, and landscaping designs.

#3. Cold Hardy Avocado – Ideal for bearing fruit for delicious, edible profits, color, and adaptable qualities.

#4. Willow Hybrid – Ideal for providing privacy, fast-growing properties, and easy care


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Idaho

As property in Idaho continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Idaho, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Italian Cypress and American Holly will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


For a state as far north and with such extreme elevation changes as Idaho, it is surprising it does not receive more extreme weather. In the west this is in part due to the Pacific Ocean, which while over 350 miles away, is still noted for causing milder summer and winter temperatures. In the east, residents should expect more precipitation in summer and less in winter, where the maritime effect is less prominent. For a northern state, Idaho can get quite hot, with the record temperature standing at 118°F. However, typically even hot days do not inch over 98°F. Winters can also get quite cold, with the record being set at -60°F in 1943. Usually, temperatures only drop below freezing for short spans of time.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Idaho has Threebear soil, a well-draining soil rich with volcanic ash. Western White Pines and Douglas Firs love the soil, as do wildlife. Regardless of the property’s location in The Gem State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The test requires a handful of fresh soil from the layer just below the top. It should be damp but not wet. The tester should hold the soil in the palm of his/her hand and, not surprisingly, squeeze. The squeeze will produce one of three events.

1. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.

2. The soil will hold its shape, likely forming a snake. If you touch the snake, the soil will collapse. You have LOAM.

3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Idaho receives, on average, 36 inches of precipitation annually. Moisture arrives from different areas, with the western portion of the state receiving thunderstorms from the Pacific Ocean and the eastern regions receiving moisture traveling up from the Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean. Precipitation is varied across the state because of this. Regions of north and west report more precipitation in the winter and less in the summer, while southern and eastern regions report the opposite, with greater precipitation falling in the summer and less in the winter.


It is no secret that Idaho is an agricultural state, with its potatoes, barley, beef, beets, sheep, and apples shipped around the country. The availability of irrigation and regulation of water access plays a large part in this. Without water, young trees recently planted will undergo stress, often leading to minimal growth or dying roots. Use sprinklers, furrows, micro-emitters, or drip systems to effectively and efficiently provide water access to newly planted trees to ensure successful growth.

Growing Zones

In a state as large as Idaho, with such diverse elevations and weather systems, only ten unique growing zones may seem minimal. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive.  In small regions of the east, bordering Wyoming, plants must endure temperatures as low as -45°F, whereas the western border rarely sees temperatures below -15°F.

Weather Damage

In recent years, Idaho has seen wildfires, floods, and other severe weather storms affecting the region. Though usually smaller than similar storms in other areas of the country, Idaho suffers from rising temperatures and more frequent heat waves. When planting new trees, the Idaho grower should carefully consider access to water. Irrigation is a great tool to use. Although floods are infrequent, consider trees as a great defense, as deep-rooted trees, like the October Glory Maple, will prevent erosion.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Idaho nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Idaho we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


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BlackfootRiverside Greenhouse715 W Judicial Street208-684-4172
BoiseBarber Hills Nursery3400 Barber Drive208-338-1030
BoiseCloverdale Nursery2528 N Cloverdale Road208-375-5262
BoiseCoral Gardens4040 S Mitchell Street208-362-2824
BoiseD G Nursery and Turf4195 N Eagle Road208-938-3535
BoiseEdwards’ Greenhouses4106 Sand Creek Street208-342-7548
BoiseFoxy Meadows Nursery6976 S Five Mile Road208-362-3794
BoiseGarden Center West Inc11500 W Fairview Avenue208-376-3322
BoiseHillside Nursery and Landscaping2350 W Hill Road208-343-2545
BoiseSummer Winds Garden Center Inc815 Park Boulevard #100208-345-2559
BoiseSunset Landscape and Nursery2520 Sunset Avenue208-343-7999
BoiseZamzows6313 W Fairview Avenue208-375-4231
Bonners FerryPanhandle Nursery IncHC 85 Box 131A208-267-2842
BurleyBig Valley Landscaping and Nursery2125 E 16th Street #3208-677-2242
BurleyEvergreen Nursery and Landscape1287 W Main Street208-678-4104
BurleySunrise Nursery and Landscape120 E Highway 81208-678-0405
CaldwellCanyon Lake Gardens15641 Karcher Road208-454-3817
CaldwellKings’ Nursery Inc9562 Highway 20/26208-455-9344
CaldwellSandhollow Nursery14000 Oasis Road208-453-5176
CaldwellSandhollow Nursery14421 Oasis Road208-459-7389
CascadeMountain Magic Nursery and More406 S Main Street208-382-6636
ChallisLone Tree NurseryUS 93 South208-879-2741
Dalton GardensFerndale Nursery6680 N Government Way #4208-772-4594
DriggsM D Nursery243 S Highway 33208-354-8816
EagleConifer Corner Tree Farm10805 Chaparral Road208-286-7404
Garden ValleyWard’s Green House1760 Banks Lowman Road208-462-3486
Garden ValleyWarm Springs Greenhouse126 Warm Springs Road208-462-3225
GrangevilleRickman’s Rockery208 NE 7th Street208-983-0522
Hayden LakeJudy’s Greenhouse37 W Wyoming Avenue208-772-2560
Horseshoe BendHorseshoe Nursery448 Highway 55208-793-4121
Idaho FallsEagle Rock Nursery1850 Rollandet Street208-529-3305
Idaho FallsEgan’s Greenhouse3760 E Ririe Hwy208-524-7485
Idaho FallsRiverside Landscape and Garden1546 N 25th E208-529-0488
Idaho FallsSunnyside Gardens2366 E Sunnyside Road208-522-4660
Idaho FallsTown and Country Gardens Inc5800 S Yellowstone Hwy208-522-5247
KimberlyWindsor Greenhouses and Nursery3796 N 3386 E208-734-2481
KingstonBumblebee Nursery4583 Old River Road #B208-682-4418
LewistonAmerican Bonsai6319 Cougar Ridge Drive208-743-2132
LewistonMartin’s Neighborhood Nursery3810 1/2 14th Street208-746-8883
Malad CityCreative Earth Herb and Perrenial344 N 400 W208-766-9233
Mc CallBuffalo Berry Farm51 E Lake Fork Road208-634-3062
MeridianC R Care For Trees Meridian4495 S Meridian Road208-336-8733
MeridianGood Scents Herbs1308 N Meridian Road208-887-1784
MeridianPetal Pusher545 E Chinden Boulevard208-895-8557
MeridianSignaturepointe Home and Garden875 E Chinden Boulevard208-898-9555
MoscowHofstrand Haven1152 Showalter Road208-882-7364
Nampa2nd Street Nursery2315 2nd Street S208-465-6120
NampaAldrich Farms and Nursery10563 Ustick Road208-465-5210
NampaClayton Tree Farm6622 Joplin Road208-286-7801
NampaEnchanted Garden Shoppe7041 Birch Lane208-466-4552
NampaFour Seasons Nurseries16056 Midland Boulevard208-466-0580
NampaGarden in Motion353 Elijah Drive208-466-5284
NampaGreenhurst Nursery3209 S Happy Valley Road208-466-5783
NampaHoffman’s Greenhouse and Nursery3332 Caldwell Boulevard208-466-1977
OrofinoGreen Things Nursery13910 Highway 12208-476-3022
OrofinoReggear Tree Farms1520 Loseth Road208-476-7739
PaulVicki’s Country Gardens185 S 600 W208-438-5663
PocatelloGipsy Gardens902 S Grant Avenue208-233-6136
PocatelloTown and Country Gardens1300 E Oak Street208-232-7985
Post FallsNorthland Nursery8093 W Prairie Avenue208-773-3247
Post FallsPlant Mill306 N Spokane Street #B208-773-7130
PotlatchFiddler’s Ridge Garden1001 Fiddlers Ridge Loop208-875-1003
PrestonMagic Touch Aquatic Nursery885 W 400 S208-852-9351
PrincetonHash Tree CO1199 Bear Creek Road208-875-1000
RathdrumWestwood Gardens14151 W Pond View Road208-687-5952
RexburgMountain Meadows Nursery230 N Highway 33208-356-9503
RexburgWilliams Forest Nursery420 W Poleline Road208-356-6590
RigbyGarden Gate Nursery442 N Street Street208-745-0004
SalmonBlooms Backyard1115 Bean Lane208-756-6045
SalmonS D Green Thumb Nursery5 Beach Road208-756-2268
SandpointAll Seasons Garden and Floral31831 Highway 200208-265-2944
SandpointArcadia Greenhouses143 Arcadia Lane208-263-8922
SandpointCrowell’s Land of Christmas532 Upland Drive208-263-4318
SandpointNorth Star Farm9579 Colburn Culver Road208-263-7108
Spirit LakeSpirit Lake Nursery and GardenHighway 41208-623-6406
Twin FallsKimberly Nurseries2862 Addison Avenue E208-733-2717
WeiserLog Cabin Nursery1016 Haas Road208-549-2407
WendellSimerly’s170 WAvenue C208-536-6555