Georgia Trees For Sale

The Southern Live Oak is an iconic image in The Peach State, better known as Georgia. One of a variety of live oaks, the Southern Live Oak is an evergreen, shedding its leaves only to grow new ones immediately. Shiny pointed leaves help to identify this tree, which is common throughout Georgia, South Carolina, and Florida. The Southern Live Oak varies greatly in height, from a short shrub to trees to towering at 60 feet. The tree also extends outward up to 80 feet, providing shade. The Georgian tree planter is not relegated to the Live Oak, though; there are hundreds of trees to choose from when planting on the right property.

Due to its humid summers, frequent thunderstorms, and severe weather systems, the smart Georgian grower will need to consider the following; average precipitation, soil type, irrigation, climate, growing zones and weather damage.

Best Trees for Georgia

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1. Rainbow Eucalyptus Tree – Ideal for providing stunning beauty and shade.

#2. Autumn Purple Ash – Ideal for providing unique fall colors, shade, climate tolerance.

#3. Red Haven Peach Tree – Ideal for bearing fruit, adding color, and edible profits.

#4. Muskogee Crape – Ideal for mildew resistance, fragrant lavender blooms, and fast-growing height.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in Georgia

As property in Georgia continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in Georgia, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family the privacy for which you’ve been searching.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Italian Cypress and Wichita Blue Junipers will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


Georgia’s proximity to the Gulf of Mexico and location deep within the humid subtropical climate means it is typically hot and humid in the summer and mild in the winter. This is less true in mountainous regions of the north, where higher elevation produces slightly cooler summers and colder winters. Georgia can be quite hot, with the record high standing at 112°F in 1952. It has dropped low in the past, usually due to severe weather, and in 1940 the temperature in Floyd County hit -17°F. This is uncommon, though, and typically even the winter temperatures are above 0°F.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. Georgia’s soil is unique, and even to the untrained eye, exceptionally easy to differentiate from other southern states. Georgia’s soil contains iron oxides, which give the soil its rich red coloring. Typically, the redder the soil is the less humus and organic matter it contains. Like most things, organic matter in soil requires a balance. Regardless of the property’s location in The Peach State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type.

The squeeze test is a tool pedologists (soil scientists) use to determine the type of soil in a given area. Remove the first layer of soil and grab a handful of damp (but not wet) dirt. Then, squeeze the soil in the palm of your hand. When you open your hand, the results will help you to determine your specific type of soil.

1. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. If you poke it, the soil will still hold its squeezed shape. You have CLAY.
2. The squeezed soil holds its squeezed shape. However, when you poke it the squeezed soil collapses. You have LOAM.
3. The soil collapses as soon as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

The Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean are large factors in the amount of precipitation Georgia receives in a given year. Rain and snow totals vary greatly; in quieter years, Georgia will receive a healthy 45 inches, whereas storm-filled years can bring upwards of 75 inches. Particularly bad storms, such as Tropical Storm Alberto, dropped 20 inches of rain in 24-hour periods. In other years, droughts have affected the area leading to dry soil and water access problems. Small amounts of snow do fall frequently in the winter.


Irrigation is a necessity in Georgia, where frequent variances in water quantity require the control a system can bring. Over 1.5 million acres of farmland are irrigated throughout the state, and small homeowners can use similar systems to ensure successful growth of newly planted trees. Trees freshly planted require consistent and controlled access to water, and sprinkler systems, drip systems, and wells offer this to the savvy planter. Explore water access in your area, and install a simple drip or sprinkler system on your own to make sure new trees grow strong.

Growing Zones

Georgia contains five unique growing zones. A growing zone simply refers to the USDA’s determination of areas where certain plants are most likely to thrive, preferring to focus on minimal temperature ranges in which a plant can survive.  In the northernmost regions, bordering Tennessee and North Carolina, planters can expect temperatures to drop to -5°F. In southern regions the maritime effect causes milder weather, with plants only needing to survive temperatures as high as 15°F.

Weather Damage

Georgia reports the most tornadoes annually, though many are small and do not cause much damage. Additionally, Georgia’s location, between the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean, means most tropical storms will hit the region. Hurricanes, traveling over Georgia’s southern neighbor Florida, bring raging winds and rains that cause the extreme yearly variations in weather. The Georgian planter should carefully plant trees to minimize risk if they should fall. Also, remember trees prevent erosion, so they can add property value and security to a home.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local Georgia nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in Georgia we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.


Trees For Sale In George | Best Trees For Georgia
AdairsvilleSundown Gardens137 S Franklin Street706-625-1710
AdelParrish NurseryNashville Highway229-549-8572
AdelPaul H Witherspoon Nursery527 Wells Avenue229-896-2822
AileyFour Rivers Nursery1000 GA Highway 29912-538-9995
AlbanyAbc Plant Nursery and Garden2933 Ledo Road #933229-888-3964
AlbanyAnn J Kelley Inc-Garden Shop1440 Gillionville Road229-888-8910
AlbanyBennett’s Garden Center910 N Slappey Boulevard229-436-4881
AlbanyCedars Nursery-Greenhouses114 Thornton Drive229-420-4001
AlbanyMark’s Greenhouses Nursery2803 Wilmar Lane229-436-2611
AlbanyMossy Oak Landscaping and Nursery1700 N Slappey Boulevard229-889-0440
AlmaAlma Berry Farms1386 US Highway 1 S912-632-5708
AlmaAlma Nursery1386 US Highway 1 S912-632-5708
AlmaLewis’s Nursery184 Lois Lane912-632-4069
AlmaSouthern Gardens Nursery Center1720 W 4th Streetreet Ext912-632-8887
AlpharettaBlossom and Bloom Nursery14420 Birmingham Highway770-772-5690
AlpharettaGarden Treasures4710 Highway 9 N678-393-0202
AlpharettaPike Family Nurseries2955 Holcomb Bridge Road770-641-1217
AlpharettaPike Family Nurseries5775 Street Bridge Road770-813-5050
AlpharettaPlant It Green5360 Mcginnis Ferry Road770-752-0206
AlpharettaScottsdale Farms15639 Birmingham Highway770-777-5875
AmericusBloomer’s Greenery106 Thomas Drive229-931-0222
AmericusMarkette Nursery193 US Highway 19 N229-924-7400
AmericusSweet Water Gardens and Gifts422 Southerfield Road229-928-4377
ApplingSanderlin Green Houses2539 Scotts Ferry Road706-541-1865
ArnoldsvilleWoodland Farms Inc782 Wolfskin Road706-742-7538
AshburnC and S Farm and Garden144 Westend Avenue229-567-0597
AshburnTurner County Nursery80 Wardlow Road229-567-3807
AthensClassic City Gardens405 Belmont Road706-353-2449
AthensCofer’s Home and Garden Shwplc1145 Mitchell Bridge Road706-353-1519
AthensPerry’s Gardens4180 Barnett Shoals Road706-208-1080
AtlantaBird Feeder Direct1604 Damon CT770-673-8490
AtlantaBrthelmess USA240 Peachtree Street NW #16A17404-681-3902
AtlantaEarthworks Nursery and Gardening70 Courtland Street NE404-577-9400
AtlantaForrester’s Flowers and Garden3393 Peachtree Road NE404-995-0007
AtlantaFrank Smith Ground Covers Inc8205 Jett Ferry Road770-395-6318
AtlantaGarden Path Inc1198 Howell Mill Road NW404-355-0788
AtlantaHabersham Gardens Nursery2067 Manchester Street NE404-873-2484
AtlantaJanet Nursery3450 Forrest Park Road SE404-363-1572
AtlantaKolo Collection1189 Howell Mill Road NW404-355-1717
AtlantaMorrison Farms Inc3086 Osborne Road NE404-261-3502
AtlantaPike Family Nurseries2101 Lavista Road NE404-634-8604
AtlantaPike Family Nurseries4020 Roswell Road NE404-843-9578
AtlantaPike Family Nurseries Inc7865 Roswell Road770-396-0921
AtlantaPlanters Inc185 Ottley Drive NE404-261-6002
AtlantaPollen22 E Andrews Drive NW404-262-2296
AtlantaSaul Nurseries1115 W Nancy Creek Drive NE404-257-3339
AtlantaUrban Gardener Inc347 Boulevard SE404-529-9980
AtlantaVessels Inc1977 College Avenue NE404-687-9202
AttapulgusJohnson-Higdon Nursery4641 Fowlstown Road229-465-3604
AuburnClark’s Nursery388 Auburn Road770-962-1885
AugustaFreeman’s Greenhouses4012 Belair Road706-863-7563
AugustaGarden Accents Ornamental3670 Peach Orchard Road706-793-2091
AugustaMays Nursery Landscaping2403 Old Barton Chapel Road706-793-3131
AugustaPlantation Greenhouses3830 Peach Orchard Road706-592-4811
AugustaSaxon Nursery3028 Acorn Road706-772-7900
AveraShady Creek Greenhouses10065 Highway 88 W706-547-2680
Avondale EstatesClassic Gardens and Gifts10 N Avondale Road404-294-9389
BainbridgeAmerican Tree Seedling401 Industrial Boulevard229-246-2662
BainbridgeCrum’s Garden Center400 Planter Street229-246-0966
BainbridgeFlint Concrete Items and Nursery1682 Newton Road229-246-6814
BainbridgeGator Plant CO Inc307 N Scott Street229-248-8999
BainbridgeJoann’s Plants and Collectibles819 Spring Creek Road229-246-0640
BainbridgeMurphy’s Home and Garden Shop616 Albany Road229-246-9992
BainbridgePort City Nursery1511 Dothan Road229-246-5201
Ball GroundLawson’s Nursery2730 Yellow Creek Road770-893-2141
Ball GroundWildcat on A Wing10061 Ball Ground Highway770-735-6923
BaxleyGolden Isles Pine Straw2118 Golden Isle W912-367-7926
BethlehemRiverside Azalea Farm8430 Highway 81770-267-7311
BishopJones, Sam1971 Whippoorwill Road706-769-6516
BishopPorterfield Landscape1501 Old Bishop Road706-769-7771
BlackshearSweetwater Branch Nursery7026 Hacklebarney Road912-449-1638
BlairsvilleBasket Barn3645 Basket Barn Lane706-781-6187
BlairsvilleLaurel Springs Nursery3229 Willie Hutson Road706-745-5251
BlairsvilleSouthern Roots Tree Nursery3250 Daisy Log Road706-835-1662
BlakelyEvergreen Nursery Greenhouses10936 Columbia Street229-723-6700
BlakelyGreenhouse Market11585 Columbia Street229-723-5034
BraseltonOutdoor Environments Inc68 Zion Church Road706-658-2783
BrookletThompson’s Garden6215 Highway 67912-839-2164
BrookletThompson’s Garden Retail6175 GA Highway 67912-839-4300
BrooksMillpond Gardens105 Highway 85 Connector770-719-1764
BrunswickPlantscapes Garden Center7440 Blythe Island Highway912-554-0350
BrunswickTown and Country Garden Supply3831 Community Road912-265-2940
Buena VistaK and L Forest Nursery3782 GA Highway 41 S229-649-6572
BufordKilpatrick’s Tree Farm and Nursery4887 Spout Springs Road770-932-5031
BufordPremier Growers3485 S Puckett Road770-932-5234
ByronByron Lakeview Nursery2149 Lakeview Road478-956-2362
ByronCounty Line Wholesale Nursery3204 Burnett Road478-825-1337
ByronJames Nursery2532 Burnett Road478-956-5311
CairoHadley Ferry Nursery Inc754 Lee Road229-872-3343
CairoLeaf and Petal Garden Center721 US Highway 84 E229-377-4410
CairoPlants To Go197 Dinkins Lane229-378-8199
CairoSouthland Nursery and Flowers118 7th Avenue NW229-377-6844
CairoTom Maxwell’s Greenhouse1005 1st Street SW229-377-3603
CairoTri Color Garden1187 W Washington Drive229-377-9145
CairoWhispering Pines Nursery144 Aaron Road229-377-5445
CalhounBelwood Nursery and Greenhouses102 Streetone Loop706-629-9727
CalhounNga Landscape Outlet Inc165 Marine Drive SE706-625-7290
CamillaHagan Nursery and Garden Center615 Old GA Highway 3229-336-9107
CamillaRusty’s Garden Center205 E Broad Street229-336-1664
CanonRay’s Greenhouse2070 Ray Weaver Road706-245-5196
CanonSunny Hill Greenhouses1510 Ridgeway Road706-245-8383
CantonHolly Springs Nursery781 Streetringer Road770-345-6863
CantonRedbud Lane Nursery267 Redbud Lane770-345-5581
CarrolltonBloomers Garden Center1110 N Park Street770-214-8333
CarrolltonChattahoochee River Turf281 Bottoms Road770-854-6531
CarrolltonChattahoochee River Turf2904 S Highway 27770-834-0924
CarrolltonLakeside-the Plant Place845 Bankhead Highway770-834-7088
CartersvilleGreenery Greenhouse Inc80 Willis Road SW770-382-8682
CartersvilleI M Flowers159 N Morningside Drive770-386-7586
CedartownGreenwood Acres123 Santa Claus Road770-748-2382
CentervilleDixieland Farms810 Carl Vinson Pkwy478-328-0916
ChambleeAshe-Simpson Garden Center4961 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard770-458-3224
ChatsworthGarden Goods At Keller Outdoor190 N Park Drive706-695-3562
ChatsworthMiller Group739 Mount Carmel Church Road706-517-9600
ChickamaugaLee Gordon Tree Farm326 Krystal Drive706-375-5611
ClarkesvilleMolly’s Nursery3890 Highway 17706-754-8185
ClaytonMountain City Nursery OutletHighway 441706-746-9956
ClermontPlant City Bonsai5607 Cleveland Highway770-983-3377
ClermontSuburban Lawn and Garden5727 Cleveland Highway770-983-3666
ClermontSun and Shade Landscaping Supply5304 Cleveland Highway770-983-9599
ClevelandEula’s Nursery59 W Underwood Street706-865-6936
ClevelandFeatherwood Gardens455 Cantrell Road706-219-4437
ClevelandGrant’s NurseryCy Grant Road706-754-0228
CochranReed, JerryHawkinsville Highway478-934-1216
ColumbusCargill Nursery-Landscaping1126 Virginia Street706-563-5662
ColumbusNursery of Lee Bayard1369 13th Street706-324-3036
ColumbusSeasonal Concepts Landscaping4167 Milgen Road706-568-0463
ColumbusTo-Mar Garden Center6301 Macon Road706-561-2555
CommerceHome Place GardensRR 1 Box 300706-335-2892
CommerceMc Elroy Farm and Nursery6654 Jefferson Road706-336-8514
ConyersBonsai By the Monastery2625 Highway 212 SW770-918-9661
ConyersPike Family Nurseries2140 Salem Road SE770-929-8212
ConyersWildwood Nursery2265 Old Salem Road SE678-413-9643
CordeleValhalla Nursery187 Cannon Road229-273-3166
CorneliaGoss, JoeClarkesville Street706-778-6382
CovingtonA and B Trees2503 Highway 81 S678-342-2363
CovingtonGardening 12310115 Highway 142 N770-787-2929
CummingB L Mullunax Landscaping1886 Peachtree Pkwy770-781-9823
CummingCharles Wolfe and Associates2660 Friendship School Road770-889-9299
CummingFrogtown Hardscapes Inc1490 Dahlonega Highway770-889-2009
CummingJohn Deere Landscapes5765 Hubbard Town Road770-888-6290
CummingMountain Valley Farms6976 Frix Road770-886-9334
CummingPike Family Nurseries6050 Bethelview Road770-205-1737
CummingStone World Garden Decor1699 Peachtree Pkwy770-205-7373
DaculaCamp and CO Farms Wholesale2788 Indian Shoals Road770-963-0701
DaculaQuail Hollow Nurseries3410 Bailey Road770-339-0854
DahlonegaHeartsease Nursery593 Willow Pond Road706-864-2832
DahlonegaSaul Nurseries-Wholesale Only512 Muscadine Road706-865-6161
DallasElrod Garden Center3080 Atlanta Highway770-445-8577
DallasGreanleaf Nursery7033 Villa Rica Highway770-443-2636
DallasLost Mountain Nursery824 Poplar Springs Road770-427-5583
Dalton41 Feed and Garden Center1714 S Dixie Road706-226-1305
DaltonBarn Nursery1229 W Walnut Avenue706-278-2276
DaltonBishop Gardens501 S Thornton Avenue706-226-7682
DaltonDeep Springs Nurseries1786 Beaverdale Road NE706-259-8111
DawsonvilleBloomers1591 Nix Bridge Road706-216-2917
DawsonvilleLeilani’s Gardens300 Gober Road706-265-3510
DearingMc Corkle Nurseries Inc4904 Luckys Bridge Road706-595-9702
DecaturGarden Topia418 Church Street404-378-2929
DecaturGlass and Brass Garden and Gifts250 E Ponce DE Leon Avenue404-373-2000
DentonSimmons Tree Farm545 Snipesville Road912-375-7520
DexterBrown’s Nursery397 GA Highway 126478-358-4595
DouglasCarroll’s Nursery2308 Mckinnon Road912-384-5553
DouglasDeep South Growers502 Fox Hills Road912-384-6252
DouglasEvan’s Lawn and Garden1006 Railroad Street E912-389-1328
DouglasGarden Depot1115 Bowens Mill Road SW912-383-7698
DouglasGriffin Garden Center513 Gaskin Avenue S912-384-9648
DouglasHarper’s Nursery6811 GA Highway 32 W #24912-384-1080
DouglasNorth Gate Nursery166 Blackjack Oak Street912-383-7322
DouglasSunbelt Greenhouses200 Thompson Drive912-384-3806
DouglasvilleA and W Nursery Inc8570 Hospital Drive770-942-5498
DouglasvilleShady Green Nursery’s5731 S River Road770-942-7731
DouglasvilleWilks Nursery and Garden Center9181 Rose Avenue770-920-9429
DublinDay Spring Nursery and Landscaping411 Witherington Cir478-274-0043
DublinMoore Station Nursery340 Valambrosia Road478-272-8458
DuluthBannister Creek Nursery3769 Rogers Bridge Road770-497-9905
DuluthWoody’s Nursery2886 Buford Highway770-476-1705
EastmanChas Mar Home and Garden307 King Street478-374-3391
EastmanCross Creek NurseriesRR 1 Box 227478-892-8645
EllenwoodEllenwood Lawn and Garden2837 E Atlanta Road770-389-4734
EllijayCircle H the Garden Center746 River Street706-698-4769
EllijayD L Hosta Nursery3827 Zion Hill Road706-635-4891
EllijayJohnson Nursery1352 Big Creek Road706-276-3187
EllijayWhitepath Water Gardens14694 Highway 515 N706-635-8700
EnigmaBackyard Garden297 Brookfield Turner Church R229-382-2151
EvansCourtyard Collections Wrhse4098 Business Park CT706-854-9133
EvansGreenbrier Nursery and Gifts4749 Washington Road706-651-0838
EvansSpringwood Nursery4545 Cox Road706-863-2055
FairburnCasa Montano81 Dodd Street #A770-969-6466
FayettevilleAndy’s Discount Nursery1120 Highway 85 N770-461-4860
FayettevilleCovered N Bloom335 Malone Road770-719-8209
FayettevilleNature’s Nursery and Landscape120 Kathi Avenue770-461-4156
FayettevilleTurnipseed Nursery Farms685 Glynn Street S770-460-8534
FitzgeraldDixieland Farms Nursery501 Broxton Highway229-423-7508
FitzgeraldMc Donalds Nursery513 E Central Avenue229-423-8107
FitzgeraldNew Creation Flowers and Gifts119 Villa CT229-423-2487
FolkstonSpanish Creek NurseryRR 2912-496-4979
Forest ParkCook’s Pine Straw16 Forest Pkwy404-363-6351
Forest ParkFaye’s Nurseries16 Forest Pkwy404-361-4222
Forest ParkPatio and Garden Center Inc16 Forest Pkwy404-366-1727
Forest ParkRivers Plants and Shrubs16 Forest Pkwy404-361-6952
Forest ParkStrickland Plants Inc16 Forest Pkwy #32404-366-9296
Fort OglethorpeHolcomb Garden Center2705 Battlefield Pkwy706-861-4769
Fort ValleyClark’s Garden Center1 Vinson CT478-836-9748
Fort ValleyHart’s on Camellia301 S Camellia Boulevard478-825-8807
Fort ValleyHart’s on Camellia Lowery1416 Irby Road478-825-1860
Fort ValleyJ and J NurseryTaylors Mill Road478-825-1186
FortsonBest Nursery9616 Fortson Road706-327-1515
FranklinHall’s Turf and Cattle6990 Five Notch Road770-854-6400
GainesvilleCarter’s3526 Thompson Bridge Road770-536-3626
GainesvilleCountry Garden and Gift Center4306 Cleveland Highway770-983-1822
GainesvilleSyfan Landscape Center1169 Thompson Bridge Road770-532-8262
GayAll Plants Nursery22505 Highway 85706-538-1000
GlenwoodButler, Thomas DaneRR 2 Box 87912-523-5132
GlenwoodHoney Hole Nurseries3211 Piney Woods Lake Road478-463-3364
GlenwoodHorne Straw CORR 2 Box 87912-523-2322
GlenwoodPlants UnlimitedHighway 19 & 46912-523-2280
GraysonArthur A Jones and Assoc689 Grayson New Hope Road770-963-8227
GraysonOutdoor Environments Inc2265 Highway 20770-962-0606
GreenvilleGta Nurseries1249 Forest Road706-672-0600
GreenvilleHamner Tree Farmers9271 Luthersville Road706-538-1222
GriffinPlant Emporium232 W Taylor Street770-228-7033
GrovetownDouble B Plant Farm Inc600 Shoffitt Road706-863-2705
HamiltonRocky Branch Nursery1929 GA Highway 116 W706-628-7605
HamptonCarol’s Country Greenhouse12871 Panhandle Road770-946-5027
HazlehurstCallahan Nursery88 Wilson Street912-375-4238
HazlehurstYard-Pro Nursery and Landscaping115 Lonnie Johnson Road912-375-2915
HephzibahCountryside Greenhouse1641 Hephzibah Keysville Road706-592-6945
HephzibahLittle Country Garden Center4407 Peach Orchard Road706-592-2566
HiawasseeDown To Earth Garden Center10 Boyd Hunter Road706-896-9687
HomervilleHughes Tree Planting Inc315 Berry Patch Road912-487-3138
HomervilleSmith’s NurseryRR 2912-487-2309
HoschtonBaker Nurseries949 Marshall Clark Road706-654-9072
HullPiedmont Azalea Nursery1005 Piedmont Road706-543-0095
Iron CityThree-Oaks Nursery and Florist5450 Ash Road229-774-2805
JacksonInvester Farms Inc1575 Jackson Lake Road770-914-1309
JacksonNew Leaf Farms Inc2640 High Falls Road770-775-4736
JasperKinzer Nurseries219 Wren Road706-253-3676
JasperWhispering Springs Nursery25 Whispering CT770-893-1254
JeffersonGardensmith231 Hogans Mill Road706-367-9047
JesupAnderson Feed and Seed5826 Oglethorpe Road912-368-7332
JesupMoody’s Nursery3170 S US Highway 301912-427-4183
JesupO’Quinn Tree Farm Inc498 Harper Street912-427-0022
JesupPlum Creek1689 Nursery Road912-427-4871
JonesboroWalker Nursery Farms Inc2024 Walt Streetephens Road770-471-6011
KathleenAccent Garden Designs220 Blue Meadow Cir478-987-8197
KathleenGeorgia Trees and Crape Myrtles1859 GA Highway 247 S478-988-8406
KennesawAntique Garden and Gifts2803 S Main Street NW678-797-0740
KennesawCountry Gardens3594 Cherokee Street NW770-419-0803
KennesawJavo USA Inc1900 Cobb Intl Boulevard #G770-428-4491
KennesawMarietta Nursery CO1350 Wooten Lake Road NW770-419-9800
KingslandLynch’s Nursery126 Vacuna Road912-729-1858
KingstonCountry Gardens1415 Euharlee Road770-386-6556
LA GrangeAngie’s Greenhouse and Nursery2084 Bartley Road706-884-2865
LA GrangeArbor Gardens2002 Roanoke Road706-884-2282
LA GrangeLiberty Hill Christmas Tree235 Liberty Hill Road706-883-7727
Lake ParkPlum Tree Herb Farm4175 Old Naylor Road229-242-2057
LakelandJ and V Garden Center117 E Franklin Avenue229-482-3619
LavoniaFlower Depot13232 Augusta Road706-356-0278
LavoniaGreenery1355 Gumlog Road706-356-8663
LavoniaTransplant Nursery Inc1586 Parkertown Road706-356-8947
LawrencevilleCreative Enterprises Inc701 hi Hope Lane770-962-3908
LawrencevilleCreekside Garden Center2289 Lawrenceville Highway770-339-9593
LawrencevilleJohn Deere Landscapes2714 Five Forks Trickum Road770-972-5075
LawrencevilleNursery 29 Wholesale3464 Lawrenceville Highway770-279-2421
LawrencevillePike Family Nurseries2095 Riverside Pkwy770-339-1920
LawrencevilleRandy’s Perennials and Water Grd523 W Crogan Street770-822-0676
LearyGrace Tree Farm4194 S Depot Street229-792-6000
LeesburgLawn Barber Nursery244 US Highway 82 W229-436-8053
LeesburgPatch Nursery1137 US Highway 19 S229-436-2122
LenoxWorld Paulownia111 N Lindsey Street229-546-4563
LilburnGarden of Dream1242 Dickens Road NW770-638-0952
LithoniaGeorgia Service Tree Removal1814 Streetone Mtn Lithonia Road770-593-3405
LoganvilleBrushy Forks Nursery1080 Old Loganville Road770-985-4602
LoganvilleMoon’s Tree Farm6327 Highway 20770-554-6849
LouisvilleCountryside Flowers2850 GA Highway 171 N478-625-9006
LyonsC and M Greenhouses153 H Powell Road912-565-8860
LyonsGeorgia Pine Straw Inc148 Williams Avenue912-526-4459
LyonsLaranda Farms110 Five Point Road912-526-6524
LyonsWeyerhaeuser Seed Orchard825 Weyerhaeuser Road912-526-8612
MaconClay Slaughter and Sons2055 Eisenhower Pkwy478-741-0018
MaconGreen Leaf Garden Center4034 Hartley Bridge Road478-784-0138
MaconIvey’s Country Gardens5483 Columbus Road478-474-1717
MaconJohn Deere Landscapes6478 Thomaston Road478-471-1990
MaconWheeler’s Nursery2911 Gray Highway478-745-3131
MadisonDean’s Lawn and Garden Shop4420 Buckhead Road706-342-1288
MadisonGralan Farms3600 Dixie Highway706-557-8733
MadisonPritchard’s Farm and Nursery1081 Oil Mill Road706-342-4255
ManchesterBroad Street Blossoms15 E Main Street706-846-9273
MariettaBeautiful Nursery2317 Sewell Mill Road770-579-5166
MariettaBeaver Creek Farms4523 Hunting Hound Lane770-993-2100
MariettaChattahoochee Home and Garden4773 Lower Roswell Road770-977-0981
MariettaFlorida Connection2226 Roswell Road770-578-8205
MariettaFull Moon Bonsai4583 Savage Drive.770-426-9991
MariettaPike Family Nurseries1875 Roswell Road770-977-3040
MariettaPike Family Nurseries2900 Johnson Ferry Road770-640-6468
MariettaPike Family Nurseries3431 Barrett Pkwy NW770-423-1650
MariettaSource251 Indian Hills CT770-971-7229
MariettaStraw Depot2551 Austell Road SW770-438-8882
MartinezCaldwell’s Nursery4214 Columbia Road706-863-0310
MartinezGreen Thumb West110 Davis Road706-863-0212
Mc DonoughBill’s Greenhouses456 Kibbee Road678-432-6112
Mc DonoughCorbin’s Baled Pine Straw Inc122 Mill Road770-957-5999
Mc DonoughGrowing Things Nursery2216 Highway 81 E678-432-3850
Mc DonoughHoly Spirit Nursery1725 River Road770-957-1728
Mc DonoughJabber Wocky Grower’s Inc158 Honey Creek Road770-957-5101
Mc DonoughLilium Garden Nursery735 Industrial Boulevard770-898-6263
Mc DonoughWilson Brothers Nursery1759 Mcgarity Road770-954-9862
MetterCountry Garden715 S Lewis Street912-685-3979
MetterPine Hollow Nursery and LandscapRR 3912-685-3233
MetterSouthland NurseryRR 5 Box 1111912-685-9348
MidwayCoastal Georgia Garden Center12090 E Oglethorpe Highway912-884-6995
MilledgevilleFlower Power Nursery427 Browns Crossing Road NW478-452-6055
MilledgevillePittman Garden Center350 Sparta Highway NE478-453-7050
MillenBirdsville Landscape Nursery789 N Jones Plantation Road478-982-1754
MillenEdenfield’s Feed and Seed CO105 S Gray Street478-982-4591
MonroeEverett’s Nursery and Flower1035 W Spring Street770-267-6406
MonroeKlassy Koi Ponds and Plants2100 Pleasant Valley Road NE770-267-3480
MonroeLand Arts Inc809 N Broad Street770-267-4500
MontezumaPlant Barn230 Dixon Road478-472-0060
MontezumaSpring Creek Nursery901 Driveayton Road478-472-8681
MoultrieLeaf Makers720 1st Avenue SE229-985-8121
MoultrieNature Shoppe1811 West Boulevard229-985-3557
MurrayvilleCopeland Field of Dreams22 Streetephens Cir706-864-2481
MusellaArrowhead Nursery and Landscaping2526 Old 341478-836-2254
MusellaMusella Plants Nursery2997 Hopewell Road W478-836-3371
NashvilleCottage Nursery and Gift Shop920 N Davis Street229-686-9627
NashvilleFamily Plant NurseryGarner Road229-686-9048
NewbornRocky Creek Nursery1833 Pennington Road706-468-9700
NewnanA and W Nursery and Garden Center726 Highway 29 N770-251-0317
NewnanAndy’s Discount Nursery915 Highway 16 E770-252-3030
NewnanCountry Gardens Farm and Nursery3728 Lower Fayetteville Road770-251-2673
NewnanFern Cove Daylily Farm400 Jim Starr Road770-502-9320
NorcrossBentley Louis3319 Medlock Bridge Road770-448-2302
NorcrossPike Family Nurseries4020 Streeteve Reynolds Boulevard404-255-7526
NorcrossSoutheastern Wholesale Nursery5330 Old Norcross Road770-448-9517
Norman ParkA-1 Sod Farms1148 Highway 256229-769-3895
OakwoodConrad’s Garden Center4228 Mcever Road770-534-5901
OdumSpotted Dog Farms14141 N US Highway 341912-586-2880
OmegaPioneer Plant Nursery5117 Ellenton Omega Road229-528-4836
OmegaWarrior Creek Tree Farm352 Crosland Lenox Road229-528-4583
OxfordOak Hill Nursery4944 Lower Jersey Road SE770-784-7900
PalmettoWilkerson Mill Gardens9595 Wilkerson Mill Road770-463-9717
PelhamPelham Garden Center186 Mclaughlin Street SW229-294-8535
PembrokeLandmarks Wholesale Nursery1361 Highway 204912-858-3294
PembrokeWise Landscaping and Nursery852 Hood Loop912-823-3983
Pine MountainAzalea Patch Nursery459 Shake Rag Road706-812-8279
PoolerCountry Homes Nursery224 Dublin Road912-964-7717
PoolerGreat Southern Nurseries Inc5210 Old Louisville Road912-964-8166
PoolerHunter’s Nursery5230 Old Louisville Road912-964-2548
PoolerPotting Shed1365 US Highway 80 E912-965-0021
Port WentworthBonsai Beginnings/Green World1100 Meinhard Road912-965-1030
Rabun GapBetty’s Creek Tree Farm271 Big Creek Road706-746-7280
RaylePost Oak Farms5924 Lexington Road706-274-3458
RexRex Nursery6285 Highway 42770-961-6790
RexStep By Step Nursery5834 Mistyview Drive770-507-2327
Richmond HillRichmond Hill Nursery1702 US Highway 17 #B912-756-7290
Richmond HillTim and Dave’s Nursery173 Mulberry Commercial Park912-756-7258
RinconEffingham Nursery300 Long Bridge Drive912-754-4211
RinggoldWindwood Garden Center5342 Battlefield Pkwy706-937-3062
Rising FawnGlass Farm Nursery8241 Highway 11706-657-3472
Rock SpringBeaver Creek Nursery813 County Line Road706-764-1165
Rock SpringBurkhart Farms and Nursery15590 Alabama Highway706-965-6677
Rock SpringWayne Snow Nursery71 Snow Drive706-375-2172
Rocky FordHowell’s Nursery5096 Scarboro Highway912-863-7698
RomePlant Life Nursery and Landscape4763 Alabama Highway SW706-234-3443
RomeThree Rivers Nursery1905 Calhoun Road NE706-295-5055
RomeWalker’s Garden Center2520 Shorter Avenue NW706-232-6831
RossvilleMc Farland Gap Nursery Produce2025 Mcfarland Avenue706-858-8121
RoswellBonsai Trees Intl CO352 S Atlanta Street770-993-1144
RoswellPike Family Nurseries11385 Alpharetta Highway770-664-6637
RoswellPike Family Nurseries615 W Crossville Road770-645-6457
RoswellPocket Gardens5925 Plantation Drive770-594-8868
RoswellShepherds Garden and Design700 Holcomb Bridge Road770-587-6777
RydalTimbercrest Farm43 Streetephens Way NE770-382-6048
SandersvilleFlower Garden1146 S Harris Street478-552-5027
SavannahFour Seasons Landscape Center15015 Abercorn Street912-925-8258
SavannahGene’s Nursery8706 Whitfield Avenue912-355-7361
SavannahHester and Zipperer Lawn Garden1722 E President Street912-238-4400
SavannahJohn Hall Nursery and Florist1402 Wheaton Street912-234-1272
SavannahMarador Nursery515 Whitfield Avenue #A912-354-7354
SavannahMiles Nursery and Landscape CO9647 Whitfield Avenue912-354-8833
SavannahSavannah’s Secret Gardens Inc5657 Ogeechee Road912-341-8002
SavannahWalsh Mountain Iron Works59 Walton Street912-239-9818
SharpsburgRare Plants Nursery and Design180 Fisher Road770-251-7908
SmithvilleFowler’s Nursery2294 US Highway 19 S229-846-6699
SnellvilleMason’s Garden and Gift Center4108 Anderson-Livsey Lane770-979-7227
SnellvillePike Family Nurseries3541 Streetone Mountain Highway770-985-3040
SnellvillePike Nurseries Inc1983 Main Street E770-972-0400
SnellvilleRodriguez Pinestraw3925 Annistown Road770-736-5227
SparksGriffin Greenhouses2049 Springhill Road229-549-6200
St MarysPoint Peter Tree FarmNew Point Peter Road912-882-5905
St Simons IslandAce Garden Center2807 Demere Road912-634-0523
St Simons IslandIsland Pond and Landscape Center147 Gary L Moore CT912-634-9162
St Simons IslandIsland Pottery and Plants3007 Frederica Road912-638-3314
St Simons IslandPlanters Exchange3309 Frederica Road912-638-9888
StatesboroAmerican Gardens Nursery503 Amanda CT912-764-6104
StatesboroCurlin Gardens457 S College Street912-764-5831
StatesboroFuture Trees Inc15281 GA Highway 67912-681-6502
StatesboroGarden Works805 S Main Street912-871-7667
StatesboroJ D Rountree Nursery723 S Main Street912-681-1110
StatesboroLee’s Nursery4041 Five Chop Road912-587-2703
StatesboroMarshall’s Farm23511 Northside Drive E912-764-9922
StockbridgePike Family Nurseries599 Highway 138 W770-506-9641
Stone MountainGreg’s Nursery and Garden Center1132 Rockbridge Road770-925-9651
Sugar HillNorthside Garden Center950 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard770-932-1244
SuwaneePike Family Nurseries1105 Peachtree Industrial Boulevard770-271-5433
SwainsboroPritchard’s Nursery661 Friendly Way478-237-8083
SwainsboroYard Master Lawn and Garden641 E Main Street478-237-5444
SycamoreBell’s Daylily Garden455 Bell Road229-567-2633
SylvaniaK’s Garden Center1009 S Main Street912-564-7053
SylvesterE and K Lawn and Garden Center404 W Franklin Street229-776-7773
ThomastonFlint River Nursery400 Jackson Avenue706-648-6533
ThomastonLittle Garden Center and Greenhouse609 Short E Street706-647-7858
ThomastonPlc Nursery and Landscaping518 N Center Street706-647-6664
ThomasvilleNE Smith Nursery Inc1341 Dillon Road229-226-7420
ThomasvilleOak Grove Garden Center1101 Smith Avenue229-226-3812
ThomsonMc Corkle Nurseries Inc1608 Moose Club Road706-595-3594
ThomsonMuscadine Vine303 Black Street706-597-0067
TiftonBob’s Flowers518 Central Avenue S229-386-1449
TiftonCoburn Nursery976 US Highway 319 N229-386-8975
TiftonDavis Nursery121 Fulwood Boulevard229-382-1582
ToccoaDonna’s Budding Babies100 Grafton Road706-886-7539
ToccoaFricks Home and Garden409 E Currahee Street706-886-8994
TrentonMassey’s Garden Center15252 Highway 11706-657-5251
TrionRed Barn Nursery7753 S Highway 27706-638-3671
TuckerPike Family Nurseries3336 Lawrenceville Highway770-270-5408
TuckerPike Family Nurseries6100 Lawrenceville Highway770-921-8880
Ty TyAaron’s Bulb CO4723 US Highway 82 W229-556-9888
UnadillaBryant Farm and Greenhouses4021 Highway 230478-627-9588
ValdostaAzalea Gardens1019 W Gordon Street229-244-0760
ValdostaDasher’s Nursery2327 S Patterson Street229-242-7607
ValdostaExotic Gardens Inc2316 Old Clyattville Road229-293-9593
ValdostaKirkland’s Nursery3106 Lakeland Highway229-242-6688
ValdostaMc Donald Nurseries and Landscaping4301 Bemiss Road229-242-1826
ValdostaSeasons3137 N Oak Streetreet Ext229-245-8054
ValdostaSouth Georgia Nursery4609 Bemiss Road229-245-8066
ValdostaSouthern Gardens4609 Bemiss Road229-242-0540
ValdostaWalker’s Garden Center2613 Bemiss Road229-242-0756
VidaliaIdie’s Home and Garden6095 Highway 297912-578-3555
VidaliaPeterson’s Nursery738 Petross Road912-583-2537
Villa RicaJohn Deere Landscapes108 Three West Pkwy770-456-8716
WadleyBoggy Gut Creek Christmas Tree Frm2098 GA Highway 78478-252-8800
WaleskaCallahan’s Nursery and Gifts4866 Reinhardt College Pkwy770-479-7753
WashingtonB and D Tree Farm Inc1350 Tignall Road706-678-2100
WashingtonCreel’s Lawn and Garden729 E Robert Toombs Avenue706-678-4142
WashingtonCrittenden Farms169 Swann Road706-274-3550
WashingtonOtter Creek Gardens1025 Tignall Road706-678-2848
WashingtonPetal Pushers14 W Robert Toombs Avenue706-678-4400
WatkinsvilleWilkes Trees and Nursery2280 Greensboro Highway706-769-1888
Waverly HallGranny’s Old Bloomers9470 GA Highway 85706-582-2444
Waverly HallGranny’s Old Bloomers9470 GA Highway 85706-655-2666
WaycrossA and B Plants3552 Albany Avenue912-283-7900
WaycrossDixie Gardens Inc1805 Hampton Avenue912-283-7462
WaynesboroTelfair Gardens5920 Highway 23706-437-9724
West PointBill Fears Nursery296 Davidson Road706-645-1400
WhiteSharp Top Trees80 Aubrey Road NE770-387-1945
WillacoocheeDeep Roots NurseryHighway 135912-534-5001
WinderArbor Ventures Inc622 Loganville Highway770-867-5855
WinstonTriple Creek Farm8625 Banks Mill Road770-489-8022
WintervilleEastside Ornamentals120 Walter Sams Road706-543-5500
WintervilleThyme After Thyme550 Athens Road706-742-7149
WoodstockArthur A Jones and Assoc Inc7470 Hickory Flat Highway770-345-5506
WoodstockAutumn Hill Nursery Inc4256 Earney Road770-442-3901
WoodstockDellas Garden and Things832 Summerchase Triangle770-516-9173
WoodstockFlutterby CO9327 Hickory Flat Highway770-667-8865
WoodstockIndigo Growers10138 Main Street770-924-4494
WoodstockLady Slipper Rare Plant Nursery7418 Hickory Flat Highway770-345-2998
WoodstockPike Family Nurseries2475 Towne Lake Pkwy770-926-3252
WoodstockTwin Branch Nursery and Landscp1169 W Wylie Bridge Road770-926-8566
YatesvilleTwelve Oaks Nursery59 Johnson Street706-472-3481
Young HarrisValley Nursery7728 U S Highway 76706-379-2157