California Trees For Sale

It is not surprising that the California state tree is also one of its most famous identifiers. The Golden State, though known for many unique geographical and geological facets, is often noted by its famous Redwood forests. As such, the Sequoia is this great state’s tree. Split into two familial subcategories, both the Redwood and Giant Sequoia reach extraordinary heights of between 279 and 379 feet, boasting the tallest and oldest trees known to man. Although a stunning Sequoia in the backyard would certainly add property value, a Californian homeowner has many trees to choose from when planting throughout California’s diverse elevations and climates.

Due to its 13 unique USDA determined growing zones, extreme elevation variances, and divergent climates, the smart Californian grower will need to consider the following; climate, soil type, average precipitation, irrigation, growing zones and weather damage.

Best Trees for California

Read about the specifics for your state in the following sections. If you’re looking for some quick ideas on what to plant, consider the following trees as expert-tested and The Tree Center approved:

#1 Autumn Purple Ash – Ideal for providing unique fall colors, shade, climate tolerance.

#2 Dwarf Cavendish Banana Tree – Ideal for bearing fruit, providing character, and moving between inside or outside.

#3 Tulip Poplar – Ideal for providing fast-growing shade, year-round beauty, and drought resistance.


Fast Growing Privacy Trees in California

As property in California continues to be developed, land owners are searching for trees that will provide privacy from prying neighborly eyes and loud, unwanted noise. There are many fast growing privacy trees in California, which will quickly grow after initial planting to offer your property and family long sought-after privacy.

The Thuja Green Giant, a staple of privacy trees throughout the United States, is a fast-growing pine that will quickly provide a barrier between you and your neighbors. Growing between 3-5 feet a year, the Thuja Green Giant will offer your yard classic French design with minimal hassle. Alternatively, the Italian Cypress and Juniper ‘Wichita Blue’ will also add color and privacy to your yard’s perimeter.


It is logical that a state as large as California would include 13 distinct growing zones. With both the highest and lowest elevation points in the contiguous United States, California offers its growers an expansive selection of trees for planting. The hottest recorded temperature in the world was recorded in California’s Death Valley at 134°F in July 1913, and the lowest recorded temperature in California stands at -45°F since 1937.

California’s Rocky Mountains offer eastside mountain rain and westside mountain desert. The Mojave Desert, in the state’s southern region, is hot and dry. A soon-to-be tree planter in California will need to consider access to water, high and low summer and winter temperatures in their specific region, and geographical anomalies prior to planting.

Soil Type

Most trees require well-drained soil rich with minerals to grow. California’s Sacramento and San Joaquin Valley is filled with San Joaquin dirt, which is also the state soil. Fine grains, irrigation properties, and depth concerns characterize this unique soil. Regardless of the property’s location in the Golden State, a soon-to-be tree planter can perform a simple test to determine his/her soil type:

The Squeeze test is aptly named because it requires only a small handful of dirt from just beneath the ground’s surface, and your hands. The soil should be moist, but not drenched. The tester simply squeezes the soil and observes one of the three following events.

1. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will maintain its original shape. You have CLAY.

2. The soil will hold its shape. If you touch the soil, it will collapse. You have LOAM.

3. The soil will fall apart as you open your hands. You have SAND.

Once you know what soil type you have, you can find trees best suited to the dirt’s properties. Loam is the best soil to have, as its unique qualities make it ideal for holding and transferring water to trees.

Average Precipitation

Average precipitation is meaningless in such a large state. It is best to determine the approximate yearly rainfall in a specific region before planting. The rainiest parts of the state are on West-facing mountain slopes, where the Coast Redwoods lie. Here, planters can expect over 100 inches of rain a year. The Central Valley is split into two precipitation zones. In the northern parts of the valley, rain travels from the Pacific Northwest. In the south, it is much hotter and dryer, though summer fog is frequent. In the various mountain ranges throughout the state, Californian tree planters can enjoy a Mountain Climate, with snow averaging over 10 feet in one season. In the Mojave Desert, south and west side of the Transverse Mountains and Pennisular Mountains, and other more southern regions of the state, Californian homeowners can expect significantly less rain, with as little as 3 inches falling in a given year.


Whether the Californian grower lives in areas prone to floods or drought, irrigation is the best way to control water access to your plants. Regardless of whether the property has fruit trees, shade trees, or evergreens, proper irrigation in the form of consistent, controlled water access is necessary to successful tree growth. California water may be contaminated with salt or minerals, and these can affect the growth of trees. Be sure to test irrigation systems and water quality prior to planting.

Growing Zones

California is one of the most diverse states in the United States due to its 13 unique growing zones. Plants are frequently exposed to temperatures as low as -25°F in Zone 4b in the highest elevations of the northern mountains. In the central valleys and areas to the south, the temperature may never dip below 40°F. It is important to refer to the USDA’s growing zones when determining which plants will grow most successfully in a given location.

Weather Damage

California is no stranger to natural disasters. Mud slides, flooding, drought, tsunamis, Santa Ana winds, wildfires, volcanoes and earthquakes strike the state frequently. Before planting in California, consider how the new trees and shrubs will respond to these environmental concerns. Tall trees can fall, and small trees can be uprooted easily. Trees are, however, effective at stopping erosion and providing protection. Be sure to take the natural disasters most likely to affect your area into consideration prior to planning your new trees.

If you prefer to purchase your trees or shrubs in person instead of online, we offer this comprehensive guide to purchasing a tree at your local California nursery or garden center. However, since we don’t actually live in California we can’t guarantee this list to be 100% accurate – but we did attempt to be as accurate as we possibly could. We have no affiliation with any of the businesses listed below and make no guarantees as to the businesses’ ability or the quality of trees you will receive. As with any purchase you make, be sure to check out the business with the Better Business Bureau, references, and any other sources you may have.

Best Trees For California | How To Select, Grow & Plant Trees In California
ActonModesto Ash Nursery3413 Soledad Canyon Road661-269-1832
AdelantoMontoya’s Wholesale Nursery12051 Victor Street760-245-1335
Agoura HillsColorful Gardens Center28263 Dorothy Drive818-991-4406
Agoura HillsMalibu Coast Nursery2468 Troutdale Drive818-865-8887
AguangaCahuilla Mountain Farm38340 Reed Valley Road909-767-0825
AlamedaEncinal Nursery2057 Encinal Avenue510-522-8616
AlamedaThomsen’s Garden Center1113 Lincoln Avenue510-522-3265
AlbanyFlowerland Nursery1330 Solano Avenue510-526-3550
AlbionDigging Dog Nursery31101 Middle Ridge Road707-937-1130
AlpineMission Hills Nursery2442 Alpine Boulevard619-445-6020
AltadenaAltadena Nursery1968 Lake Avenue626-797-6551
AltadenaNuccio’s Nurseries Inc3555 Chaney Triangle626-794-3383
AltavilleDonlen NurseryPO Box 747209-736-9031
AlturasMaxwell Nursery512 W 4th Street530-233-5766
American CanyonMid City Nursery3635 Broadway Street707-642-4167
American CanyonParadise Nursery100 American Canyon Road707-642-8235
AnaheimAndrew’s Koi Intl1650 S Brookhurst Street714-778-8888
AnaheimArmstrong Garden Center5780 E LA Palma Avenue714-779-2091
AnaheimBotanica & Nursery2928 W Lincoln Avenue714-484-1441
AnaheimExpress James Garden Service1205 E LA Palma Avenue714-292-8488
AnaheimInternational Trees1061 N Kraemer Pl714-632-7235
AnaheimNature’s Creations Nursery2726 W Lincoln Avenue714-952-4379
AnaheimNatures Creations Topiary2726 W Lincoln Avenue714-826-2742
AndersonSherrie’s Water Gardens1539 Mill Street530-365-3067
AnzaHigh Country Nursery38460 Balif Road909-763-9780
AnzaLizzy Anne’s Garden Center58445 Johnston Road909-763-4834
Apple ValleyJackson Tree Farm19979 Benica Road760-961-1280
AptosBamboo Giant Nursery5601 Freedom Boulevard831-687-0100
AptosHidden Gardens Nursery7765 Soquel Drive #A831-688-7011
AptosHour of Sunshine220 Jaunell Avenue831-688-9551
ArcataBamboo & MaplesPO Box 4541707-445-1281
ArcataMad River Gardens3384 Janes Road707-822-7049
ArletaLaurel Canyon Wholesale Nursry9350 Laurel Canyon Boulevard818-768-7804
ArletaMike’s Nursery14040 Van Nuys Boulevard818-899-9300
Arroyo GrandeBenjoy Nursery2166 Lopez Drive805-481-7488
Arroyo GrandeCherry Lane Nursery436 Traffic Way805-489-1809
Arroyo GrandeDaylily West2420 Green Pl805-481-5344
ArtesiaArmstrong Garden Center11540 Artesia Boulevard562-865-2416
ArvinWillits & Newcomb IncPO Box 428661-327-9345
AtascaderoBay Laurel Garden Center2500 El Camino Real805-466-3449
AtascaderoMoore’s Western Nursery8255 Morro Road805-466-2234
AtascaderoScott’s Iris Gardens14605 Chispa Road805-461-3270
AtwaterQueen Anne’s Garden845 Applegate Road209-358-3875
AuberryWelker’s Grove Nursery42170 Cedar Springs Road559-855-3521
AuburnFigs Nursery10324 Combie Road530-268-2000
AuburnHappy Frog Garden Center11793 Atwood Road530-885-0975
AuburnSaul’s Select Nursery368 Kilham Road530-823-7285
AvalonNative Plant Nursery200 Middle Ranch310-510-2904
AvalonWilcox Nursery & GardensPO Box 394310-510-0297
AzusaAzusa Sago Palm Nursery110 N Pasadena Avenue626-334-5647
BakersfieldBolles Nursery1112 Wible Road661-398-8128
BakersfieldCalloway Nursery2828 Calloway Drive661-588-7708
BakersfieldCentennial Garden & Convention1001 Truxtun Avenue661-852-7777
BakersfieldCooper’s Garden Center8400 Streetockdale Highway661-397-6262
BakersfieldCooper’s Nursery Wholesale2654 Nord Avenue661-589-3881
BakersfieldIdeal Nursery & Landscape CO2525 Jewetta Avenue661-587-3729
BakersfieldLamont Wholesale Nursery7575 Weedpatch Highway661-845-4171
BakersfieldLas Palmas Nursery1100 Coffee Road661-588-1790
BakersfieldLas Palmas Wholesale Nursery8301 Kroll Way661-665-0790
BakersfieldMajestic Palms7500 Rosedale Highway661-589-9127
BakersfieldMountain View Nursery8331 Weedpatch Highway661-845-3531
BakersfieldOasis Turf3623 Houghton Road661-831-7445
BakersfieldReimer’s Garden Center4800 Gosford Road661-664-8997
BakersfieldRobby’s Nursery & Landscape13129 Hageman Road661-588-0859
BakersfieldRosedale Nursery Sales2340 Allen Road661-588-0633
BakersfieldSunridge Nurseries441 Vineland Road661-363-8463
BakersfieldWhite Forest Nursery300 Morning Drive661-366-6291
Baldwin ParkIndustrial Growers Inc12850 Bess Avenue626-814-2044
Baldwin ParkJake’s Nursery13527 Los Angeles Street626-338-6871
BallicoHenderson’s Everlasting Flower9736 Ballico Avenue #N209-668-6770
BallicoSierra Cascade Nursery10230 Santa Fe Drive209-394-6047
BanningCho’s Nursery1393 W Ramsey Street909-849-3984
BeaumontBeaumont Garden Center1440 E 6th Street909-845-1013
BeckwourthSierra Valley FarmsPO Box 79530-832-0114
BellflowerArroyo, Julia16615 Lakewood Boulevard562-633-2014
BelmontCarlmont Nursery2029 Ralston Avenue650-591-6845
Belvedere TibrnBayside Garden Center1520 Tiburon Boulevard415-435-0041
Ben LomondPlant Works7945 Highway 9831-336-2212
BeniciaBenicia Garden & Nursery126 E E Street707-747-9094
BerkeleyBrian Fenske Consulting ArbrstPO Box 2559510-527-8733
BerkeleyEast Bay Nursery2332 San Pablo Avenue510-845-6490
BerkeleyGardner1836 4th Street510-548-4545
BerkeleyYabusaki’s Dwight Way Nursery1001 Dwight Way510-845-6261
BieberBig Valley NurseryPO Box 245530-294-5541
Big Bear LakeBear Valley NurseryPO Box 1585909-866-1876
Big Bear LakeHunters NurseryPO Box 6325909-866-2547
Big SurBig Sur Garden COHighway 1831-667-2818
BishopBishop Nursery789 Home Street760-873-7515
BishopSierra Gardens Nursery Plants450 S 3rd Street760-873-3459
BlairsdenAnderson’s Garden CenterPO Box 877530-836-2541
BloomingtonChibuyon Growers18577 Santa Ana Avenue909-421-8709
BloomingtonLcv Growers17906 Santa Ana Avenue909-877-2008
BloomingtonSunshine Gardens11295 Tamarind Avenue909-877-8322
BlytheInland Builders Supply Inc1224 W Hobsonway760-922-0361
BolinasLas Baulines Nursery150 Olema Bolinas Road415-868-0808
BonsallGreenleaf Nursery31699 Via Puerta Del Sol760-758-9911
BoonvilleAnderson Valley NurseryPO Box 504707-895-3853
BoulevardMountain Empire Conifer-Native1496 Vista DE LA Sierra619-733-9843
BrawleyGreen Patch Nursery & Landscpg254 S 8th Street760-344-9975
BrentwoodProtree Microplants830 Sunset Road925-513-8575
BrentwoodValley Oak Nursery Inc7021 Lone Tree Way925-516-7868
Browns ValleyBald Mountain Nursery6195 Bald Mountain Road530-743-4856
BuelltonInsta-Tree240 E Highway 246805-688-3355
BuelltonPerfect Violet Pot100 Industrial Way805-688-3955
BuelltonRolling Hills Garden Center420 E Highway 246805-688-7210
BuelltonSanta Ynez Valley Water Gdns371 Avenue of the Flags805-688-8872
Buena ParkA B Nursery8735 Crescent Avenue714-761-2148
Buena ParkKevin’s Klean Klip7642 10th Street714-523-2379
BurbankLucky Plants546 S San Fernando Boulevard818-567-2474
BurbankSheridan Gardens Nursery Inc817 N Hollywood Way818-841-8845
BurlingameBurlingame Garden Center1427 Chapin Avenue650-344-2539
BursonRising Sun Nursery OutletPO Box 9209-772-3451
ByronDelta Palm14777 Byron Highway925-513-1174
CalexicoMuren’s NurseryPO Box 1382760-357-1695
CamarilloGrowing Grounds Garden CenterPO Box 441805-482-5460
CamarilloMaravilla Gardens8620 Santa Rosa Road805-491-1400
CamarilloSanders Nursery1012 W Ventura Boulevard805-981-4669
CamarilloSanta Rosa Valley Nursery2212 Yucca Drive805-491-2064
CamarilloVictorium Plantscaping CO355 N Lantana Street #750805-384-0182
CambriaExotiscape Nursery7432 Exotic Garden Drive805-924-1340
CaminoCamino Garden Center3400 Carson Road530-647-0910
CampbellAnn Kuta’s Water PlantsPO Box 1446408-241-6084
Canoga ParkGreen Thumb Nursery & Hardware21828 Sherman Way818-340-6400
Canoga ParkNelson’s Greenhouse6701 Variel Avenue818-992-6933
Canyon CountrySunrise Nursery16429 Sierra Highway661-299-9165
Cardiff By SeaSanta Fe Nursery1506 Rubenstein Avenue760-436-3704
CarlsbadArmstrong Garden Center5702 Paseo Del Norte760-804-7330
CarlsbadCalifornia Tropical Fruit Tree2840 State Street760-434-5085
CarlsbadEncinitas Growers Supply5600 Avenida Encinas760-431-0041
CarlsbadPalm Nursery Inc2768 Loker Avenue W #101760-723-2202
CarlsbadPlant Play4915 El Camino Real760-730-0012
CarlsbadPotted Palm2763 State Street760-730-0508
CarmelGriggs Nursery9220 Carmel Valley Road831-626-0680
CarmelValley Hills NurseryPO Box 221563831-624-3482
Carmel ValleyDrought Resistant NurseryPO Box 1471831-375-2120
Carmel ValleyRana Creek Habitat Restoration35351 E Carmel Valley Road831-659-3820
CarmichaelManzanita Nursery & Landscpg4243 Manzanita Avenue916-487-7242
CarmichaelWindmill Nursery5750 Windmill Way916-972-0794
CarpinteriaCarpinteria Landscape Nursery933 Elm Avenue805-566-9344
CarpinteriaF L Norman Nursery5650 Casitas Pass Road805-684-1411
CarpinteriaGarden Gate Nursery855 Linden Avenue805-684-2768
CarpinteriaH & M Roses4610 Foothill Road805-684-4020
CarpinteriaH & M Roses5775 Casitas Pass Road805-684-5716
CarpinteriaJohanne’s International Flower4532 Foothill Road805-684-0510
CarpinteriaSterling NurseryPO Box 1291805-684-7244
CarpinteriaSun Kiss CO709 Oak Avenue805-684-1629
CarsonJavier’s Nursery610 E Carson Plaza Drive310-327-7535
CasselBoster’s Nursery & LandscapingPO Box 49530-335-4499
Cathedral CityE R Nursery34312 Date Palm Drive760-321-4580
ChatsworthMel-O-Dee Garden Center & Landscp21333 Devonshire Street818-998-3232
ChatsworthParadise Nursery10943 DE Soto Avenue818-701-5656
Cherry ValleyCherry Valley Nursery & Lndscp37955 Cherry Valley Boulevard909-845-7045
ChesterGifts From the GardenPO Box 1730530-258-3482
ChicoCovered Bridge Gardens1821 Honey Run Road530-342-6661
ChicoFloral Native Nursery1540 Vilas Road530-892-2511
ChicoFostine’s Landscape NurseryPO Box 6208530-896-0938
ChicoGrowing Grounds Nursery2720 State Highway 32530-893-4769
ChicoMaple Leaf Gardens3634 Bell Road530-345-8508
ChicoPlant Barn & Gifts406 Entler Avenue530-345-3121
ChicoScentimental Custom Seed Pckts1604 Palm Avenue #1530-892-2778
ChicoSierra Gold Nurseries4 Marlin CT530-345-1024
ChicoSnow Nursery1064 Glenwood Avenue530-345-8690
ChicoZamora Nurseries Inc5400 Cana Highway530-345-6629
ChicoZamora Nurseries Inc1367 East Avenue530-893-3090
ChinoCentral Nursery & Gifts11385 Central Avenue909-628-0200
ChinoGeneral Growers16305 Euclid Avenue909-597-5331
ChinoRodriguez Nursery4034 Philadelphia Street909-591-8476
Chula VistaNurseryland Garden Center538 Broadway619-427-5343
Chula VistaPacific Tree Farms4301 Lynwood Drive619-422-2400
Chula VistaParkview Orchids1341 Park Drive619-426-6831
Citrus HeightsCapital Nursery CO5410 Sunrise Boulevard916-961-9100
ClaremontArmstrong Garden Center735 E Foothill Boulevard909-445-0744
ClaytonSweet’s Specialty PlantsPO Box 160925-672-8041
ClearlakeHighlands Nursery & Pool SupplyPO Box 5318707-994-2356
ClementsKing’s MumsPO Box 368209-759-3571
CloverdaleSanz Shop & Nursery64 Brookside Drive707-894-7711
ClovisAsplue Tree Express777 Minnewawa Avenue559-322-7126
ClovisEvergreen Garden Center210 W Alluvial Avenue559-299-3107
ClovisH & E Nursery7749 E Shaw Avenue559-298-3044
ClovisMiller Clark Nursery315 Woodworth Avenue559-299-6640
ClovisSierra View Nursery6222 N Academy Avenue559-325-2929
ClovisSpino’s Bulk825 San Jose Avenue559-323-4234
CoachellaMendoza Palm Tree Nursery86105 Vista Del Sur760-398-5767
ColtonSerrano Nursery11717 Reche Canyon Road909-370-1601
ComptonFarmers Nursery15600 S Atlantic Avenue310-635-1590
ConcordConcord Indoor Garden Center2355 Concord Boulevard925-671-2520
CorningGoniea’s Greenery3415 State Highway 99W S530-824-3626
CorningMartins’ Gardens530 Solano Street530-824-2131
CoronaPalm Garden Center7270 Hamner Avenue909-737-9545
CoronaParadise Garden Center1508 Taber Street909-736-4060
CoronaSeven Oaks Nursery21501 Temescal Canyon Road909-277-2927
CoronaTown & Country NurseryPO Box 972909-273-9825
CoronaTown & Country Nursery2550 S Main Street909-273-9449
CoronaTropical Design Nursurey200 River Road909-520-0901
Corona Del MarRoger’s Gardens2301 San Joaquin Hills Road949-640-5800
Costa MesaAki Nursery2624 Newport Boulevard949-645-5782
Costa MesaArmstrong Garden Center2123 Newport Boulevard949-646-3925
Costa MesaB C Turf270 Bristol Street #101-224949-645-5020
Costa MesaFlowerdale Nurseries Inc2700 Bristol Street714-754-6661
Costa MesaPlant Stand2972 Century Pl #A714-966-0797
CotatiPond & Garden Nursery6225 Streetony Point Road707-792-9141
CotatiSumigawa Nursery8049 Gravenstein Highway707-795-5467
CotatiWindmill Nursery8567 Gravenstein Highway707-795-7825
CottonwoodCountry Garden ShoppePO Box 1220530-347-3176
CovinaCovina Garden Center509 S 2nd Avenue626-966-9666
Crescent CityApple Tree Nursery6660 S Bank Road707-458-3258
Crescent CityRosie’s Backyard2370 Parkway Drive707-464-3873
Crescent CitySandy’s Hidden Garden Nursery901 Elk Creek Road707-464-6673
CrestlineLake Drive Hdwr & Radio ShackPO Box 3305909-338-1617
Crowley LakeSage Hill Nursery458 S Landing Road760-935-9110
Culver CityEzequiel Nursery6166 Washington Boulevard310-815-9705
Culver CityV & N Nursery3838 Sepulveda Boulevard310-559-6085
CupertinoSummerwinds Nursery1491 S DE Anza Boulevard408-996-8355
CypressLakewood Nursery4114 Lincoln Avenue714-828-9464
Daly CityGraciano’s Nursery277 Castle Street650-992-6911
Dana PointDana Point NurseryPO Box 845949-496-5137
DanvilleNavlet’s Nursery & Garden Center800 Camino Ramon925-837-9144
DanvilleSloat Garden Center828 Diablo Road925-743-0288
DanvilleSunset ColorPO Box 948925-831-3574
DanvilleTassajara Nursery2550 Camino Tassajara925-736-7600
DavisRedwood Barn Nursery Inc1607 5th Street530-758-2276
DavisThree Palms Nursery26990 County Road 95A530-756-8355
Del MarArmstrong Garden Center2840 Via DE LA Valle858-755-1574
Del MarFeather Acres Farm & Nursery980 Avocado Pl858-755-3093
DelanoPioneer Nursery Inc2325 Garces Highway661-725-2666
DelanoSterling Insectary927 Main Street661-725-1832
DescansoGrandpas Moutain Nursery9163 Riverside Drive619-445-0869
Desert Hot SpgsGarden Center Nursery & Flrst12695 Palm Drive760-329-5111
DinubaAlta Nursery & Lawn Mntnc1875 N Alta Avenue559-591-5121
DinubaBright’s Nursery Inc Reedley10694 S Alta Avenue559-638-1107
Dos PalosEvergreen Nursery & Nature Center1636 Center Avenue209-392-6640
DoyleJ & N NurseryCounty Road A-26530-827-3270
DublinArmstrong Gardens7360 San Ramon Road925-551-0231
DublinRoper Tree Farm7212 San Ramon Road925-829-3664
DunsmuirWindow Box Nurseries5817 Sacramento Avenue530-235-0963
DurhamHodge’s Nursery & Tree Farm9681 Midway530-894-6598
El CajonArmstrong Garden Center1755 E Main Street619-442-9281
El CajonChino Bonsai NurseryParkway Plz619-447-5766
El CajonKniffing’s Nurseries14940 Oak Creek Road619-561-0611
El CajonPlant House Nursery1163 N 2nd Street619-442-2549
El DoradoMaple Leaf Nursery4236 Greenstone Road530-626-8371
El Dorado HillsBeautiful View Iris Garden2048 Hickok Road916-933-2218
El MonteEl Monte Nursery Inc4628 Santa Anita Avenue626-579-1668
El MonteHighlight Nursery4254 Tyler Avenue626-448-5259
El MonteTemple Garden Center Inc11314 Lower Azusa Road626-452-0133
El SegundoInternational Garden & Floral155 N Sepulveda Boulevard310-615-0353
El SobranteMello’s Mobile Nursery4551 Elmwood Road510-223-1093
Elk GroveAzalea Bench8484 Elk Grove Florin Road916-689-9077
Elk GroveBig Oak Nursery10071 Grant Line Road916-686-1180
Elk GroveBranches Nursery10075 Grant Line Road916-714-3333
Elk GroveCapital Nursery8423 Elk Grove Boulevard916-684-2100
Elk GroveCornflower Farms IncPO Box 896916-689-1015
EncinitasArmstrong Garden Center701 N El Camino Real760-634-2975
EncinitasBegonia Gardens695 Normandy Road760-436-2194
EncinitasCactus King & Succulents1534 Crest Drive760-753-6939
EncinitasCalifornia Ivy1461 Lake Drive760-942-1544
EncinitasCordova Gardens902 Encinitas Boulevard760-944-6984
EncinitasCordova Greenhouses720 Balour Drive760-436-7393
EncinitasMadd Potter310 N Coast Highway 101760-635-1641
EncinitasSamia Rose Toplary1236 Urania Avenue760-436-0460
EncinitasSeaside Palms806 Hygeia Avenue760-632-1000
EncinitasSunshine Gardens662 Encinitas Boulevard760-436-3244
EncinitasWeidners’ Gardens695 Normandy Road760-436-2194
EncinitasWest Coast Nurseries236 Andrew Avenue760-436-1252
Escondidoam Sod Inc15507 Old Milky Way760-738-9112
EscondidoEl Plantio Nursery1322 San Pasqual Valley Road760-745-8736
EscondidoEvergreen Nursery27200 N Broadway760-751-5010
EscondidoLas Pilitas Nursery8331 Nelson Way760-749-5930
EscondidoMacadamia Land2562 Mountain View Drive760-745-3417
EscondidoPlant World Nursery Inc26334 Mesa Rock Road760-741-2144
EscondidoTwin Oaks Nursery26437 N Centre City Pkwy760-746-6108
EscondidoValley Produce & Nursery3485 E Valley Pkwy760-233-0000
EtiwandaDean’s Greens12696 Baseline Road909-899-1820
EtnaCottage Gardens520 Collier Way530-467-3235
EurekaFreshwater Farms5851 Myrtle Avenue707-444-8261
EurekaGreenlot Nursery6210 Avalon Drive707-443-9484
EurekaHeather Glenmar Nursery Inc7430 Myrtle Avenue707-268-5560
EurekaPierson’s Garden Shop & Nursery4100 Broadway Street707-441-2713
EurekaSherwood Forest Nursery2623 Harris Street707-442-5927
EurekaWestgate Garden Nursery751 Westgate Drive707-442-1239
ExeterBerghuis Farm & Nursery30984 Sierra Drive559-592-4664
ExeterBrambles & Berries Garden260 W Pine Street559-594-4462
ExeterTurner Nursery438 E Maple Street559-592-4690
FairfaxNursery At Fairfax LumberPO Box 249415-453-4410
FairfaxO’Donnell’s Fairfax Nursery1700 Sir Francis Driveake Boulevard415-453-0372
FairfaxPotting Shed55 Bolinas Road #A415-482-1655
FallbrookArmstrong Garden Center1492 Wilshire Road760-414-1490
FallbrookCoopers Nut House1378 Willow Glen Road760-728-6407
FallbrookGood Earth Nursery3570 E Mission Road760-731-7424
FallbrookHerban Garden136 Ranger Road760-723-2967
FallbrookHong’s Flower Nursery1966 Rice Canyon Road760-728-2399
FallbrookK D Nursery38727 DE Luz Road760-723-8327
FallbrookMyrtle Creek Nursery2940 Reche Road760-728-5340
FallbrookPalm Man1008 Rainbow Crest Road760-723-5234
FallbrookRusty Acres Herb Farm4233 Rosa Rancho Lane760-731-7349
FallbrookSanta Margarita GrowersPO Box 519760-723-7988
FallbrookFallbrook Garden CenterGolden Road951-233-9833
FallbrookTms Is 4U Enterprises3221 Sumac Road760-451-1802
FarmingtonValley Crest Tree COPO Box 289209-886-5511
FillmoreCactus-Mart914 4th Street805-368-5433
FillmoreMejias Nursery Inc2680 W Telegraph Road805-524-5375
FillmoreToro Nursery Inc2281 Bardsdale Avenue805-524-1958
FirebaughWestside Greenhouses7839 N Brannon Road209-364-1993
FirebaughWestside Transplant45019 W Nees Avenue209-364-1993
FontanaMercado’s Nursery16515 Slover Avenue909-823-3774
FontanaPalms Unlimited18220 Randall Avenue909-355-9641
FontanaPerez Growers9837 Hemlock Avenue909-429-0102
FontanaSunset Garden of America7744 Citrus Avenue909-356-1634
Fort BraggBanana Wind32700 Odom Lane707-964-7441
Fort BraggFuchsiarama23201 N Highway 1707-964-0429
Fort BraggHare Creek Nursery32461 Highway 20707-964-4648
Fort BraggHeartwood Nursery525 S Franklin Street707-964-3555
Fort BraggHortus Botanicus20103 Hanson Road707-964-4786
Fort BraggIris Gallery33450 Little Valley Road707-964-7971
Fort BraggLove EricaceaePO Box 2775707-964-4829
Fort BraggMendocino Coast Botanical Gdns18220 N Highway 1707-964-4352
Fort BraggNorth Star Nursery18300 Old Coast Highway707-961-1074
Fort BraggSimply Succulent32850 Mill Creek Drive #45707-964-0536
Fort DickLazy Diamond NurseryPO Box 242707-487-6405
FortunaFortuna Nursery & Landscaping650 S Fortuna Boulevard707-725-2131
Fountain ValleyFreds Nursery17902 Bushard Street714-962-5611
Frazier ParkBig Sky Nursery317 Lakewood Drive661-245-1147
FreedomMaryott’s Iris GardenPO Box 1177831-722-1810
FreestoneFarwell & Sons Rhododendron12983 Bodega Highway707-823-8415
FreestoneWishing Well Nursery306 Bohemian Highway707-874-0312
FremontA To Z Tree Nursery Inc3850 Auto Mall Pkwy510-651-9021
FremontCalifornia Nursery COPO Box 2278510-797-3311
FremontNavlet’s Garden Center46100 Warm Springs Boulevard510-657-7511
FremontRegan’s Nursery4268 Decoto Road510-797-3222
FremontSugar & Spice Garden & Gifts2655 Barrington Ter510-522-2449
FresnoGazebo Gardens & Gift Shop3204 N Van Ness Boulevard559-222-7673
FresnoH & E Nursery160 W Nees Avenue559-435-6373
FresnoJohnny’s Garden Nursery6931 E Belmont Avenue559-251-5383
FresnoMountain View Nursery2408 N Armstrong Avenue559-291-8733
FresnoNee-Hai Bonsai3236 W Ashlan Avenue559-221-0281
FresnoPlanet Earth NurseryPO Box 4159559-251-5344
FresnoRiverside Landscape5215 N Golden State Boulevard559-275-1891
FresnoSago Rey Sago Palms3535 S Temperance Avenue559-268-6650
FresnoSpino’s Nursery & Landscaping2271 N Grantland Avenue559-275-3373
FresnoSpino’s Nursery & Landscaping433 N Clovis Avenue559-255-3311
FresnoTower Indoor Garden3 E Olive Avenue559-495-1140
FresnoValley Son2037 W Bullard Avenue #382559-439-4220
FriantCliff Finch’s Topiary ZooPO Box 54559-822-2315
FullertonLas Palmas Tropicals Nursery3421 N Harbor Boulevard714-871-7131
FullertonPalms 4 Less2501 E Chapman Avenue #180714-773-5135
FullertonSimplot Partners2300 E Walnut Avenue714-525-6096
FultonUrban Tree Farm3010 Fulton Road707-544-4446
GaltColor the Wind866 Mctucker Drive209-745-7928
GaltDiscount Statuary12878 Streetockton Boulevard209-745-4746
GaltLawns R-US147 Wildflower Drive209-745-3878
GarbervilleHand To Land Feed Seed & Nursery906 Redwood Drive707-923-3816
Garden GroveEl Patio Nursery CO8761 Chapman Avenue714-638-0410
Garden GroveEuclid Nursery13352 Euclid Street #A714-638-5115
Garden GroveEvergreen Nursery8592 Garden Grove Boulevard714-537-8877
Garden ValleyGolden Gecko Garden Center4665 Marshall Road530-333-2394
GardenaCentrose Nursery525 E Rosecrans Avenue310-324-2004
GardenaGardena Nursery551 W 168th Street310-538-9320
GardenaLim’s Bonsai14507 S Western Avenue310-515-7777
GardenaMoneta Nursery13633 S Vermont Avenue310-324-4077
GardenaRamirez Nursery570 W 135th Street310-851-9466
GardenaSoto’s Nursery600 W Alondra Boulevard310-515-4868
GardenaSun Flower Farms17609 S Western Avenue310-527-8371
GardenaSunflower Farms17609 S Western Avenue310-324-6972
GardenaTwo Trees Food Service19204 S Figueroa Street310-329-4061
GardenaWayside Nursery14406 S Western Avenue310-324-4063
GilroyBonfante Nursery3000 Hecker Pass Road408-847-2047
GilroyGilroy Ground Cover4230 Hecker Pass Road408-848-3722
GilroyMibau Wong Nursery2825 Leavesley Road408-848-1689
GilroyWest Side Nursery3875 Hecker Pass Road408-842-8895
GlendaleArmstrong Garden Center5816 San Fernando Road818-243-4227
GlendaleLA Crescenta Nursery3654 LA Crescenta Avenue818-249-2448
GlendaleLuigi’s Pottery & Gardenware5630 San Fernando Road818-246-7579
GlendoraArmstrong Garden Center2200 E Route 66 #200626-914-1091
GlendoraArmstrong Garden Center1350 E Route 66626-963-0328
GlendoraNisei Garden630 S Grand Avenue626-335-4710
GlendoraRainbow Garden Nursery1132 S Grand Avenue626-914-6718
GoletaDoug Knapp’s Nursery909 Carlo Drive805-681-1151
Goodyears BarFeathers Flowers & NurseryPO Box 13530-289-3386
Granada HillsPapaya Tree Nursery12422 El Oro Way818-363-3680
Granite BayBushnell Gardens5255 Douglas Boulevard916-791-4199
Granite BayGranite Bay Garden Club5255 Douglas Boulevard916-797-0606
Grass ValleyFoothill Cottage Gardens13925 Sontag Road530-272-4362
Grass ValleyGage CO19415 Oak Country Drive530-346-2720
Grass ValleyHappy Frog Garden & Aquatic15386 Little Valley Road530-273-3764
Grass ValleyPeaceful Valley Farm SupplyPO Box 2209530-272-4769
Grass ValleyWeiss Brothers Nursery11615 Maltman Drive530-273-5814
Grass ValleyWolf Mountain Wild Woman Nursery15653 Wolf Mountain Road530-477-8521
GrovelandGreenleaf IndustriesPO Box 352209-962-4767
GrovelandMountain Sage18653 Main209-962-4686
Grover BeachRon’s Nursery1207 S 13th Street805-489-4747
GuadalupeSanta Fe NurseryPO Box 820805-929-3260
GualalaGreen World Nursery & Landscpg39151 S Highway 1707-884-9400
GualalaGrowing Concern NurseryPO Box 473707-884-3982
GualalaGualala Nursery & Trading CO38870 S Highway 1707-884-9633
GuernevilleFarmacy Garden Center17071 Highway 116707-869-3415
GuernevilleStumptown NurseryPO Box 1402707-869-3082
Hacienda HeightsAyon Nursery16449 Halliburton Road626-330-2070
Half Moon BayBongard’s Treescape Nursery12460 San Mateo Road650-726-4568
Half Moon BayHalf Moon Bay Nursery11691 San Mateo Road650-726-5392
Half Moon BayT & E Pastorino Nursery12511 San Mateo Road650-726-2445
HanfordFonseca’s NurseryPO Box 1722559-585-1160
HanfordHofmans’ Nursery12491 Lacey Boulevard559-582-1805
Harbor CityFlowers By Freda900 Lomita Boulevard310-326-1898
HawthorneHawthorne Nursery4519 W El Segundo Boulevard310-676-8242
HayforkMeadowlark GardensPO Box 1478530-628-5695
HayforkSalt Creek GrowersPO Box 67530-628-5528
HaywardGrove Way Bonsai Nursery1239 Grove Way510-537-1157
HaywardMT Eden Floral CO2365 Industrial Pkwy W510-785-9500
HealdsburgBorri Nurseries Inc1150 Felta Road707-433-6045
HealdsburgHealdsburg Nursery12950 Old Redwood Highway707-433-8904
HealdsburgHoskins Ranch15101 Kinley Drive707-433-1162
HealdsburgRussian River Rose CO1685 Magnolia Drive707-433-7455
HemetCagliero Ranch Nursery2700 W Devonshire Avenue909-766-7755
HemetFlorida Nursery42021 State Highway 74909-925-2175
HesperiaCal Herbold’s Nursery9403 E Avenue760-244-6125
HesperiaM & N NurseryPO Box 403114760-949-3771
HesperiaOak Hills Nursery13874 Ranchero Road760-947-6261
HilmarMid Valley Landscape Nursery19770 Bloss Avenue #W209-664-1625
HollisterBarones Christmas Trees1271 Hillcrest Road831-636-0913
HoopaJury’s Nursery & GiftsPO Box 39530-625-4857
Huntington BeachArmstrong Garden Center15851 Gothard Street714-898-4455
Huntington BeachArmstrong Garden Center17552 Goldenwest Street714-843-6347
Huntington BeachHuntington Garden Center19121 Brookhurst Street714-963-6522
Huntington BeachPlumeria Kingdom & Garden8252 Forelle Drive714-842-2952
Huntington BeachRmc CO15132 Bolsa Chica Street714-897-5624
IndioCameron Nursery-Turf Products78220 Darby Road760-772-6630
IndioLA Hacienda Nursery80900 Miles Avenue760-342-3427
IndioSpurgeon, David78404 Avenue 42 #A760-345-3694
IndioVintage Wholesale Nurseries78755 Darby Road760-345-8581
IrvineArmstrong Garden Center15285 Culver Drive949-857-9278
IrvineCalifornia Greenhouses3350 1/2 Warner Avenue949-552-9722
IrvineHines Wholesales Nurseries Inc12621 Jeffrey Road949-559-4444
IrvineSilver Creek Nurseries15600 1/2 Sand Canyon Avenue949-753-0663
IrwindaleGarden View Wholesale Nursery12901 Lower Azusa Road626-337-4818
JamulFoxtail Farms Inc3271 Diamond Gem Lane619-669-5316
JamulJamul Country Gardens13034 Campo Road619-669-7640
JamulKennerson Jamul Nursery14914 Lyons Valley Road619-669-0079
JamulSimpson’s Gardentown Nursery13925 Highway 94619-669-1977
JanesvilleNor Cal Nursery465-050 County Road A-3530-253-3447
KentfieldSloat Garden Center700 Sir Francis Driveake Boulevard415-454-0262
KenwoodWildwood Farm Nursery10300 Sonoma Highway707-833-1161
KermanMendrin’s Nursery5462 N Modoc Avenue559-846-7052
KingsburgDne NurseryPO Box 687559-897-1977
KingsburgIsland Farms Inc522 6th Avenue559-897-5892
LA Canada FltrdgArmstrong Garden Center1515 Foothill Boulevard818-790-2555
LA GrangeGreen Tree Nursery23979 Lake Road209-874-9100
LA GrangeRose RanchPO Box 326209-852-9220
LA HabraArmstrong Garden Center1340 S Harbor Boulevard714-626-0129
LA JollaLA Jolla GardensPO Box 8434858-454-4241
LA JollaVillage GreeneryPO Box 2103858-456-6642
LA MesaPerennial Adventure10548 Anaheim Drive619-660-9631
LA MesaYeh Farm & Orchids5500 Grossmont Center Drive #K-1619-460-8988
LA PuenteEstrada’s Palms Cycads264 Basetdale Avenue626-336-0990
LA PuenteJim Coiner Nursery285 San Fidel Avenue626-961-1552
LA QuintaAAA Season’sPO Box 165760-771-9433
LA VerneCoiner Nursery3000 B Street909-593-1373
LafayetteHarry’s Nursery3295 MT Diablo Boulevard925-283-3830
LafayetteOrchard Nursery & Florist4010 MT Diablo Boulevard925-284-4474
Laguna BeachHaster Grove1370 S Coast Highway949-376-4769
Laguna BeachLaguna Gardens Nursery21065 Raquel Road949-497-4950
Laguna BeachLandscapes By Laguna Nursery1540 S Coast Highway #206949-497-2438
Laguna BeachMilo’s Nursery20412 Laguna Canyon Road949-376-4920
Laguna HillsLeisure World Garden CenterPO Box 2220949-597-4200
Laguna NiguelArmstrong Garden Center28992 Golden Lantern949-495-7205
Lake AlmanorMilwood Lakeside Nursery309 Peninsula Drive530-596-4424
Lake ArrowheadArrowhead GardensPO Box 1507909-337-6241
Lake ArrowheadVillage Nursery LandscapingPO Box 307909-337-1688
Lake ElsinoreEl Cariso Gardens32690 Ortega Highway909-678-4555
Lake ElsinoreElias Tree Farm & Nursery28391 Red Gum Road909-674-2883
Lake ElsinoreWes-Cal Environmental Dev Inc32675 Mission Triangle909-674-2171
Lake ForestArmstrong Garden Center29000 Portola Pkwy949-461-0120
Lake ForestLaguna Hills Nursery25290 Jeronimo Road949-830-5653
Lake View TerSunnyslope Mum Gardens11819 Kagel Canyon Street818-899-1020
LakeportApplerain Nursery & Florist1300 S Main Street707-263-6331
LakesideDaylily Magic8755 Winter Gardens Boulevard619-561-1464
LakewoodCare Plant Grower5777 South Street562-920-7624
LakewoodGreenwest Nursery Inc5777 South Street562-920-7623
LakewoodH & H Nursery6220 Lakewood Boulevard562-804-2513
LancasterAntelope Valley Resource10148 W Avenue I661-942-7306
LancasterMitchell’s Nursery1047 Valiant Street661-945-1933
LancasterSahara Nursery14848 E Avenue J661-946-1967
LancasterSuperior Nursery42607 Sierra Highway661-723-0180
LarkspurSloat Garden Center279 Doherty Drive415-924-7390
LaytonvilleMountain MaplesPO Box 1329707-984-6522
LaytonvilleWeathertop NurseryPO Box 1376707-984-6385
Lemon GroveHunter’s Nursery Inc3110 Sweetwater Road619-463-9341
LivermoreAlden Lane Nursery981 Alden Lane925-447-0280
LivermoreOur Garden Nursery8510 Tesla Road925-294-9899
LivermoreRoper Tree Farm527 N Livermore Avenue925-455-1840
LivingstonCalifornia Grapevine Nursery13840 State Highway 140209-394-3996
LockefordKellogg Garden Products12686 Locke Road209-727-3130
LodiHarvey Investments Ltd8400 E Handel Road209-367-0882
LodiHollandutch Nursery11677 N Davis Road209-465-4542
LodiOlguin Grape Nursery Llc11772 E Harney Lane209-339-2324
LodiPlants & Produce15777 E Harney Lane209-727-0323
LodiWeigum’s Lodi Nursery401 N Ham Lane209-369-6288
Long BeachArmstrong Garden Center3842 E 10th Street562-433-7413
Long BeachBonita Nursery & Florists3510 Santa Fe Avenue562-426-6777
Long BeachGarden of Eva6850 Atlantic Avenue562-428-7252
Long BeachLas Marias2221 Palo Verde Avenue562-598-7633
Long BeachLong Beach Organic Inc1336 Gladys Avenue562-438-9000
Long BeachParamount Nursery6851 Downey Avenue562-760-8878
Long BeachTemperate Zone6850 Atlantic Avenue562-423-7712
LoomisFlower Mill9280 Horseshoe Bar Road916-652-8593
LoomisFreeman’s3180 Taylor Road916-652-6544
LoomisGolden Pond Water Plants3275 Sierra College Boulevard916-652-5459
LoomisHershamn Tree Farms3634 Taylor Road916-652-1170
Los AltosLos Altos Nursery245 Hawthorne Avenue650-948-1421
Los AngelesAlaynas Garden6720 Andover Lane310-216-1667
Los AngelesAmigos Nursery1420 E 92nd Street323-249-0410
Los AngelesAnnandale NurseryPO Box 41110323-258-2098
Los AngelesArmstrong Garden Center7540 S Sepulveda Boulevard310-670-1277
Los AngelesAvalon Nursery & Ceramics5334 Avalon Boulevard323-234-6762
Los AngelesAvantgardens840 N LA Cienega Boulevard310-659-6636
Los AngelesCamellia Nursery Pet & Garden3822 E 1st Street323-268-5704
Los AngelesChuy’s Nursery & Supplies8811 Compton Avenue323-582-3341
Los AngelesDamas Nursery6265 Hereford Drive323-724-6790
Los AngelesGeorge’s Hardware & Garden2060 Sawtelle Boulevard310-479-1280
Los AngelesGreg’s Las Amigas Nursery5420 Pomona Boulevard323-721-5555
Los AngelesHashimoto Nursery1935 Sawtelle Boulevard310-473-6232
Los AngelesHouse & Garden Nursery6136 W Pico Boulevard323-653-8225
Los AngelesJ C Nursery5340 W Washington Boulevard323-938-8150
Los AngelesLA Cienega Nursery8511 Sherwood Drive310-659-5468
Los AngelesLawn Mowers Service Center5663 York Boulevard323-255-5441
Los AngelesLft Garden Design4430 Cromwell Avenue323-662-1592
Los AngelesM B Nursery650 E El Segundo Boulevard310-327-5883
Los AngelesMargie Robles Nursery11706 Exposition Boulevard310-479-7505
Los AngelesMimosa Nursery6270 Allston Street323-722-4543
Los AngelesMini Firestone Nursery1922 Firestone Boulevard323-587-3990
Los AngelesMordigan Nurseries7933 W 3rd Street323-655-6027
Los AngelesOlympic Town Nursery2800 N Olympic Boulevard213-386-6364
Los AngelesPanpac International Inc5298 Valley Boulevard #2626-308-9366
Los AngelesPatch of Green1900 Sawtelle Boulevard310-235-2875
Los AngelesPlantel Nurseries IncPO Box 661069310-391-8225
Los AngelesPlantphax & PlantasiesPO Box 642563310-477-3107
Los AngelesRainbow Nursery1617 W Florence Avenue323-753-6121
Los AngelesSolarium More Than A Florist2922 N Beverly Glen Cir310-475-0401
Los AngelesSunset Blvd Nursery Inc4368 W Sunset Boulevard323-661-1642
Los AngelesTabuchi Nursery2001 Sawtelle Boulevard310-478-8338
Los AngelesVelazquez, Luis Miguel2538 W Pico Boulevard213-365-9270
Los AngelesYamaguchi Bonsai Nursery1905 Sawtelle Boulevard310-473-5444
Los AngelesYork Blvd Nursery6015 1/2 York Boulevard323-257-7400
Los AngelesYoung Tree Service432 S Grand Avenue213-382-1004
Los BanosForrest Nursery1218 D Street209-829-0700
Los BanosLos Banos Garden Center1201 F Street209-826-0440
Los GatosA To Z Tree NurseryPO Box 320940408-354-4664
Los GatosGreen Thumb Nursery15796 Winchester Boulevard408-395-6050
Los GatosSakamoto Plants15567 Camino Del Cerro408-356-3864
Los OsosLos Osos Valley Nursery301 Los Osos Valley Road805-528-5300
Los OsosSheltered Acre Nursery1188 Los Osos Valley Road #D805-528-1800
LotusLotus Valley Nursery & GardensPO Box 859530-622-2321
Lucerne ValleyLucerne Valley Herb Farm34430 Rabbit Springs Road817-879-1052
MaderaFernwood Nursery Outlet37476 Avenue 12559-645-7606
MaderaPeters Brothers Nursery1135 S Granada Drive559-673-7117
MalibuCalvin Nursery25001 Pacific Coast Highway310-456-2284
MalibuCosentino’s25019 Pacific Coast Highway310-456-6026
MalibuMalibu Garden Center6444 Trancas Canyon Road310-457-3981
Mammoth LakesMammoth Lakes NurseryPO Box 1084760-934-6012
Mammoth LakesPleasant Gardens Nursery181 Sierra Manor Road760-924-8981
Manhattan BeachSoil Home & Garden912 Manhattan Avenue310-372-1001
MantecaStan & Bev’s Country Nursery16433 Prescott Road209-823-1452
MarinaEvergreen Nursery2700 Imjin Road831-883-9280
MarinaMarina Nursery264 Carmel Avenue831-384-7200
Marina Del ReyMarina Del Rey Garden Center13198 Mindanao Way310-823-5956
MariposaBloomers Nursery & FloristPO Box 2242209-742-5666
MartinezNavlet’s Nursery & Garden Center6740 Alhambra Avenue925-935-9125
MarysvilleBonsai Connection5528 Arboga Road530-742-5513
MarysvilleNew Horizon Growers Nursery7593 State Highway 70530-749-2384
Mc KinleyvilleIfa Nurseries4886 Cottage Grove Road707-839-3256
Mc KinleyvilleMiller Farms NurseryPO Box 2145707-839-1571
Mc KinleyvilleSinging Tree GardensPO Box 2684707-839-8777
MenifeeLouie’s Nursery Inc32503 US Highway909-679-7090
MenifeeLouie’s Nursery Inc27985 Wickerd Road909-679-7090
MenifeeThomas’ Nursery33630 Zeiders Road909-679-9097
Menlo ParkRoger Reynolds Nursery133 Encinal Avenue650-323-5612
MercedPaisley Gardens1007 Tahoe Street209-384-0513
MiddletownGolden Oak NurseryPO Box 783707-987-2909
Midway CitySakioka Wholesale Nursery Inc8292 Worthy Drive714-898-0345
Mill ValleyGreen Jeans Garden Supply690 Redwood Highway415-389-8333
Mill ValleyInterior Plantscape CO375 Shoreline Highway415-383-2805
Mill ValleySloat Garden Center657 E Blithedale Avenue415-388-0102
Mill ValleySloat Garden Center401 Miller Avenue415-388-0365
MillvilleCircle C Nursery25279 Highway 44530-547-5929
ModestoCover Nurseries5506 American Avenue209-545-0946
ModestoGrowers Choice1100 Carver Road209-548-9160
ModestoHischier Nursery1520 Streetandiford Avenue #A209-523-6096
ModestoMclean’s Garden6248 Carver Road209-545-1314
ModestoScenic Nursery1313 Scenic Drive209-523-7978
ModestoWesturf Nursery1612 Claus Road209-576-1111
ModestoWoodland Iris GardensPO Box 578668209-578-4184
MojaveMojave Cactus Gardens530 Janice Street760-373-8431
MonroviaArmstrong Garden Center635 W Huntington Drive626-358-4516
MontaraMontara NurseryPO Box 370616650-728-5045
MontclairChino Bonsai Nursery Inc5060 E Montclair Plaza Lane909-445-1423
MontclairHolt Garden Center4480 Holt Boulevard909-625-1120
MontecitoToro Canyon Nursery574 Toro Canyon Road805-969-4873
MontereyCypress Garden Nursery Inc590 Perry Lane831-373-1625
MoorparkElegant Gardens2046 Tierra Rejada Road805-553-0565
MoragaMoraga Garden Center1400 Moraga Road925-376-1810
Moreno ValleySteve’s Valley Nursery23125 Sunnymead Boulevard909-242-8080
Morgan HillCentral Coast Nursery520 Tennant Avenue408-782-2187
Morgan HillCoyote Garden Center245 Kalana Avenue408-463-0439
Morgan HillKajiko Nursery15725 Hill Road408-779-9506
Morro BayBaron’s Orchids465 Harbor Street805-772-1320
Morro BayTropicana Nursery861 Quintana Road805-772-9425
Mountain RanchCentral Garden Center4997 Streetage Coach Hill Road209-754-0471
Mountain ViewRug Doctor1040 Grant Road650-968-9401
Mountain ViewSummerwinds Nursery805 Yuba Drive650-967-3154
MT AukumFeathered Friends Flower Farm8040 Mount Aukum Road530-620-7400
MT ShastaNative Grounds Nursery1172 S Mount Shasta Boulevard #A530-926-0555
MT ShastaSpring Hill Nursery & Landscpg1234 Nixon Road530-926-2565
MurphysMurphy’s Nursery433 E Highway 4209-728-3220
MurrietaMurrieta Garden Center41541 Ivy Street909-677-3322
MurrietaSouthwest Wholesale Nursery36705 Briggs Road909-926-1827
NapaMc Allister Water Gardens7420 Saint Helena Highway707-944-0921
NapaNapa County Iris Gardens9087 Streeteele Canyon Road707-255-7880
NapaNapa Valley Growers1057 Freeway Drive707-224-2000
NapaRussell Levy Bonsai3348 Atlas Peak Road707-226-3963
NapaVan Winden Pueblo Garden Center1805 Pueblo Avenue707-255-8400
NeedlesNeedles Four Seasons Nursery1150 W Broadway Street760-326-2551
Nevada CityProspector’s Nursery Llc10003 Granholm Lane530-470-0973
Nevada CitySweetland Farm & NurseryPO Box 1888530-292-9033
Newbury ParkNordic Landscape Supply1312 Newbury Road805-499-2613
NewcastleLake’s Nursery8435 Crater Hill Road530-885-1027
NewcastleMatsuda Landscape & Nursery4880 Virginiatown Road916-645-1820
NewhallArmstrong Garden Center25950 the Old Road661-259-7005
NewhallGreen Thumb Intl23734 San Fernando Road661-259-1071
NewhallSunset Landscaping Inc23236 Lyons Avenue #209661-259-9067
Newport BeachArmstrong Garden Center1500 E Coast Highway949-644-9510
Newport BeachStreamgardens20222 Orchid Street949-757-0298
NipomoC & M Nursery195 N Thompson Avenue #1805-929-1941
NipomoLong Pine Gardens652 N Thompson Avenue805-931-0345
NipomoMuranaka Bonsai Nursery419 Pajaro Lane805-929-4818
NipomoNipomo Old Town Nursery323 W Tefft Street805-929-1084
NorcoEl Camino Nursery4780 California Avenue909-735-1938
North HollywoodGreen Spot Nursery12340 Streetagg Street818-764-1965
North HollywoodLos Pinos Nursery7860 Whitsett Avenue818-982-5497
North HollywoodMel-O-Dee Nursery Inc7934 Lankershim Boulevard818-765-5825
North HollywoodParamount Nursery5800 Cahuenga Boulevard818-890-5233
North HollywoodRoscoe Nursery Wholesale12741 Cantara Street818-768-0471
North HollywoodSaticoy Nursery12205 Saticoy Street818-759-5356
North HollywoodSego Nursery Inc12126 Burbank Boulevard818-763-5711
North HollywoodSteven Nurseries & Hardware12000 Riverside Drive818-763-6296
NorthridgeCycadia17337 Chase Street818-987-1888
NorthridgeExotic Garden Nursery18936 Roscoe Boulevard818-998-3342
NorthridgeKimura Bonsai & Landscape17230 Roscoe Boulevard818-343-4090
NorthridgeNorthridge Garden Nursery9821 White Oak Avenue818-349-9798
NorthridgeSig’s Pottery & Nursery17825 Devonshire Street818-368-5171
NorthridgeStart International Inc9301 Tampa Avenue818-718-7085
NovatoArmstrong Garden Center1430 S Novato Boulevard415-878-0493
NovatoCalifornia Bay Nurseries Inc399 Entrada Drive415-883-6383
NovatoSloat Garden Center2000 Novato Boulevard415-897-2169
NovatoSmith & Hawken-Hq500 Hangar Avenue #4415-506-3700
OakdaleBurchell Nursery Growing12000 State Highway 120209-845-8733
OakdaleGarden of Avalon20 Reed Road209-847-2636
OakdaleKnudsen Nursery Inc12378 Lambuth Road209-847-2141
OakdaleShamrock Nursery148 N Sierra Avenue209-847-6635
OakhurstWestern Sierra Nursery49266 Golden Oak Drive559-683-8476
OaklandAce Garden Center4001 Grand Avenue510-652-9143
OaklandBotanical & Tree Specialist301 Perkins Street #113510-465-0648
OaklandBroadway Terrace Nursery4340 Clarewood Drive510-658-3729
OaklandDry Garden6556 Shattuck Avenue510-547-3564
OaklandGomes Nursery9875 Macarthur Boulevard510-632-7142
OaklandMum Sika Inc2311 73rd Avenue510-568-1025
OccidentalMedicinal Plant FarmPO Box 570707-874-9478
OccidentalWestern Hills Rare PlantsPO Box 543707-874-3731
OceansideArmstrong Garden Center4131 Oceanside Boulevard760-643-2356
OceansideCallahan’s Palms603 San Luis Rey Drive760-967-5909
OceansideTwin Oaks Nursery1935 S Pacific Street760-966-1935
OceansideWind in the Trees Press2226 Fire Mountain Drive760-439-3922
OjaiDesert Images11140 N Ventura Avenue805-649-4479
OjaiMatilija Gardens245 Baldwin Road805-646-0714
OjaiOjai Valley Nursery11522 N Ventura Avenue805-646-4177
OjaiViking Farms1314 E Ojai Avenue805-646-1608
Ontario3 D Nursery904 S Oaks Avenue909-931-3634
OntarioA Plus Evergreen923 N Placer Avenue909-391-5179
OntarioAlvarez Gardening746 E Elma Street909-983-2813
OntarioGuerrero Rose Farm Nursery2110 S Euclid Avenue909-988-0015
OntarioIron Garden2830 E Old Brookside Road909-974-0416
OntarioManalisco Nurseries7659 E Riverside Drive909-673-9737
OntarioMercado’s Nursery3650 S Walker Avenue909-923-0810
OntarioMontoya’s Wholesale Nursery5505 Jurupa Street909-390-0430
OntarioO B M’s Nursery1414 W Holt Boulevard909-984-6833
OntarioStaffel’s Nursery529 W Philadelphia Street909-986-0013
OntarioV & B Growers Inc3045 S Archibald Avenue #238909-923-6021
OrangeAnaheim Wholesale Nursery1550 N Glassell Street714-282-8501
OrangeBatavia Garden1700 N Batavia Street714-637-2360
OrangeBlue Ribbon Nursery & Lndscp1425 N Santiago Boulevard714-633-3666
OrangeCambridge Pines & Nursery1550 N Cambridge Street714-637-7507
OrangeEnchanted Trees1820 W Willow Avenue714-990-9627
OrangeFeatherhill Nursery2932 E Streetone Pine Road714-998-3150
OrangeGreen Mart400 W Lincoln Avenue714-637-2060
OrangeOrganic Art Plants & Design269 N Glassell Street714-289-0222
OrangeSantiago Greenhouses19102 E Bond Avenue714-997-2581
OrangeSunny Slope Trees3180 N Glassell Street714-532-1440
OrangeTustin Meadows Nursery815 S Esplanade Street714-771-5529
OrangeUpland Nursery1518 N Tustin Street714-538-4500
OrangeVillage Nurseries1582 N Tustin Street714-998-8751
OrcuttVeggie Flora Nursery1790 Highway 1805-938-5195
OrcuttWhispering Tree Nursery110 Norris Street805-937-3808
OrindaMc Donnell Nursery196 Moraga Way925-254-3713
OrlandJasper’s Nursery7120 State Highway 32530-865-4067
OrovilleCanyon Creek Nursery3527 Drivey Creek Road530-533-2166
OrovilleMeadow Creek Nursery29 Ridgeview Lane530-589-5999
OrovilleWild Rose Gardens906 Black Bart Road530-589-1053
OxnardBamboo Lady1931 Patterson Road805-984-7618
OxnardBedding Plants Plus4350 Santa Clara Avenue805-485-2429
OxnardGlasshouse Nursery3815 Doris Avenue #A805-985-4424
Pacific GroveGriggs Nursery1021 David Avenue831-373-4495
Pacific GroveKinoshita Bonsai Shop610 Laurel Avenue831-646-1067
Pacific PlsdsOutdoor Room17311 W Sunset Boulevard310-454-5509
Pacific PlsdsYamato Nursery Inc15236 LA Cruz Drive310-454-1224
Palm DesertMoller’s Garden Center72235 Painters Path760-346-0545
Palm SpringsPalapas Nursery & Art Gardens3255 E Palm Canyon Drive760-416-1818
PalmdaleGaspars’ Nursery & Hardware17424 E Avenue O661-264-2038
PalmdaleGreenbee Landscape2505 E Avenue Q661-274-2331
Palo AltoB P Florist & Nursery3876 El Camino Real650-424-0780
Palo AltoKen’s Bonsai Gardens471 Page Mill Road650-325-4840
Palo AltoNature’s Alley2675 Middlefield Road650-326-3632
Palo AltoSummerwinds Nursery725 San Antonio Road650-493-5136
Palo CedroPalo Cedro Nursery22044 Palo Way530-547-5783
ParadiseCedar Mountain Nursery508 Iris Lane530-872-8639
ParadiseMendon’s Nursery5424 Foster Road530-877-7341
PasadenaArmstrong Garden Center352 E Glenarm Street626-799-7139
PasadenaBellefontaine Nursery838 S Fair Oaks Avenue626-796-0747
PasadenaBurkard Nurseries Inc690 N Orange Grove Boulevard626-796-4355
PasadenaCalifornia Cactus Center216 S Rosemead Boulevard626-795-2788
PasadenaCarrillo’s Garden & Landscpg1027 N Altadena Drive626-797-8111
PasadenaGarden Centers Armstrong352 E Glenarm Street626-799-5237
PasadenaKettle’s Nurseries1944 Lincoln Avenue626-798-6787
PasadenaLincoln Avenue Nursery804 Lincoln Avenue626-792-2138
PasadenaPresent Perfect140 S Kinneloa Avenue626-449-6211
Paso RoblesArena Rose CO Garden Center525 Pine Street805-238-3742
Paso RoblesHometown Nursery-Paso Robles1803 Spring Street805-238-1976
Paso RoblesScott’s Nursery Plus1030 Nacimiento Lake Drive805-238-3457
Paso RoblesTree Man2650 Ramada Drive805-227-6225
Paso RoblesVintage Nurseries3200 Geneseo Road805-237-8914
PattersonPotting Shed16800 S Del Puerto Avenue209-892-6693
Pauma ValleyBrothers Nursery18220 Highway 76760-742-2314
Pauma ValleyBrothers Nursery32948 Rincon Ranch Road760-742-1447
PearblossomBobbie’s General Store & NurseryPO Box 335661-944-9156
Penn ValleyOaktree Nursery Inc17115 Penn Valley Drive530-432-3600
PenngrovePeter’s Nursery10330 Old Redwood Highway707-795-5959
PerrisA Pacific Palms27440 Sunset Avenue909-928-8467
PerrisEl Modeno Gardens15775 Lake Mathews Drive909-943-4095
PerrisJulian’s Gardens4765 N Perris Boulevard909-657-1675
PescaderoDurigano’s Nursery10680 Cabrillo Highway650-879-9993
PescaderoWestland Nursery IncPO Box 429650-879-0148
PetalumaCottage Gardens of Petaluma3995 Emerald Drive707-778-8025
PetalumaGarden Valley Ranch Rose Nursery498 Pepper Road707-795-0919
PetalumaGreat Petaluma Desert5010 Bodega Avenue707-778-8278
PetalumaGreen Thumb Nursery301 Wilson Street707-762-8187
PetalumaRose CO581 Gossage Avenue707-769-8862
PetalumaRose Garden Nursery2040 Petaluma Boulevard N707-763-4173
PhelanFuji Nursery3828 Phelan Road760-868-5232
PhelanVictor Valley Growers9889 Goss Road760-947-7073
PhillipsvilleSylvandale GardensPO Box 186707-923-3606
Pine GroveRidge Road Garden Center18815 Ridge Road209-296-7210
PinedaleKings River TurfPO Box 3768559-439-2337
PioneerLanier, John24620 Mesa Drive209-295-7762
Pismo BeachPismo Beach Nursery930 Price Street805-773-5323
Pismo BeachPismo Garden Art911 Price Street805-773-9283
PittsburgHighland Garden Center & Rock1625 Buchanan Road925-432-2282
PlacentiaMikado Gardens2020 Gillilan Street714-528-3870
PlacervilleCarter’s Garden & Pet Supply7510 Green Valley Road530-626-3237
PlacervilleFront Yard Nursery Inc5801 Mother Lode Drive530-626-3494
PlacervilleGold Hill Nursery6000 Gold Hill Road530-622-2190
PlacervilleLotus Bonsai Nursery & Gardens1435 Lower Lake Drive530-622-9681
PlacervilleSleepy Hollow Nursery171 Middletown Road530-642-2020
PleasantonHelping Hands Landscape Design1228 Quarry Lane #E925-846-2933
PleasantonWestern Garden Nursery2756 Vineyard Avenue925-462-1760
PlymouthAmador Flower Farm22001 Shenandoah School Road209-245-6660
PomonaGarden845 N Garey Avenue909-620-0199
PortervilleClifton’s Nursery1254 W Olive Avenue559-784-3800
PortervilleSutton’s Iris Gardens16592 Road 208559-784-5107
PortolaVillage Green180 N Gulling Street530-832-4622
Portola ValleyAl’s Nursery Inc900 Portola Road650-851-0206
PowayPoway Nursery12237 Oak Knoll Road858-748-2254
PowayWalter Andersen’s Nursery12755 Danielson CT858-513-4900
PratherIntermountain Nursery30443 Auberry Road559-855-3113
ProbertaGoodin’s Rock Garden3rd Avenue & 99 W530-527-2411
RamonaL & J Growing Grounds3306 Carnation Avenue760-788-5485
RamonaRtc Nursery2330 Main Street #D760-789-5960
Rancho CordovaFlora Tropicana AquaticsPO Box 2827916-369-0644
Rancho Santa FeCarlin NurseryPO Box 1470858-756-4461
Red BluffDriscoll Strawberry Assoc Inc22000 Bend Ferry Road530-527-6621
Red BluffShadow Valley Aquatic Nursery75 Kimick Way530-527-8949
ReddingBracken Garden Center3510 Eureka Way530-241-4653
ReddingCreekside Gardens1960 Twin View Boulevard530-229-0765
ReddingDee’s Gardens20694 Highway 299 E.530 604 4440
ReddingWyntour Garden8026 Airport Road530-365-2256
RedlandsDangermond’s Nursery1301 W Redlands Boulevard909-792-3885
Redondo BeachHome To Garden1815 Hawthorne Boulevard310-370-6669
Redondo BeachSouth Bay Gardens2501 Manhattan Beach Boulevard310-536-9116
RedwayRedway Feed Garden & Pet SupplyPO Box 264707-923-2765
Redwood CityM & M Nursery332 Woodside Road650-366-4429
Redwood CityRedwood City Nursery2760 El Camino Real650-368-0357
ReedleyButtonwillow NurseryPO Box 592559-638-5774
ReedleyDave Wilson Nursery21200 E Dinuba Avenue559-638-6675
RichmondMagic Gardens Nursery2121 San Joaquin Street510-528-5587
RichmondTop Hat Orchids Inc99 S 47th Street510-215-9260
RimforestAffordable Tree ServicePO Box 545909-337-0635
Rio VistaWindswept Nursery1015 Airport Road707-374-2327
RiverbankMorris Nursery1837 Patterson Road209-527-5553
RiversideA & M Nursery10333 Arlington Avenue909-689-9763
RiversideCal West Tropical Supplies11614 Streeterling Avenue909-351-1880
RiversideLas Flores Nursery9801 Dufferin Avenue909-785-1757
RiversideLouie’s Nursery16310 Porter Avenue909-780-7841
RiversideMexican Hat Cactus Nursery11152 Palm Terrace Lane909-687-9055
RiversideNursery Center9641 Granite Hill Driveive951-907-0389
RiversidePalm City Nursery7072 Mission Boulevard909-681-3911
RiversideParkview Nursery3841 Jackson Street909-351-6900
RiversideParkview Nursery Canyon Crest4377 Chicago Avenue909-784-6777
RiversideToma Landscaping Inc5900 Robinson Avenue909-689-6745
RocklinMy Garden Path4865 Pacific Street916-630-1436
RosevilleGreen Acres Nursery & Supply901 Galleria Boulevard916-782-2273
RosevilleSierra Nursery & Rock Inc3985 Douglas Boulevard916-791-1154
S San FranciscoGrand Products Inc452 Littlefield Avenue650-588-0168
SacramentoCapital Nursery CO4700 Freeport Boulevard916-455-2601
SacramentoConnor Arborist Service3517 Marconi Avenue916-484-1070
SacramentoFair Oak Boulevard Nursrey4681 Fair Oaks Boulevard916-483-1830
SacramentoIris Roris Gardens8195 Bradshaw Road916-689-7460
SacramentoMatsuda’s Nursery Retail8501 Jackson Road916-381-1625
SacramentoSantos Garden & Lawn Service7494 Carella Drive916-395-2486
SacramentoSunshine Alley4736 J Street916-736-1966
SacramentoVillage Nursery6901 Bradshaw Road916-366-1287
SacramentoYgll Gardening5922 55th Street916-452-1253
SalidaDriver Nursery IncPO Box 188209-523-2811
SalinasBokay Nursery30 Hitchcock Road831-455-1868
SalinasEvergreen Nursery7500 Langley Canyon Road831-883-9280
SalinasGraeber Gardens115 Monterey Salinas Highway831-455-1876
San BernardinoE Street Garden Center3293 N E Street909-882-3890
San BernardinoFlowerland Nursery1365 E Highland Avenue909-886-7002
San BernardinoLeland Nursery & Patio Supply1004 S Waterman Avenue909-889-7333
San ClementeS C Dream Gardens212 1/2 Avenida Del Mar949-361-5777
San DiegoArmstrong Garden Center1350 W Morena Boulevard619-276-9970
San DiegoCity Farmers Nursery4832 Home Avenue619-284-6358
San DiegoExotic GardensPO Box 3876619-497-0860
San DiegoGathering324 Horton Plz619-239-7680
San DiegoGreen Gardens Nursery4910 Cass Street858-483-7846
San DiegoJungle Java5047 Newport Avenue619-224-0249
San DiegoPacific Beach Gardens Inc910 Turquoise Street858-488-0614
San DiegoRaintrees Nursery2802 Hollister Street619-428-8705
San DiegoRancho Del Sol Nurseries6678 Black Mountain Road858-755-3159
San DiegoSpecifically Palms389 Hollister Street619-575-0249
San DiegoVillage Nurseries4343 Carmel Valley Road858-481-1140
San DiegoWalter Andersen’s Nursery3642 Enterprise Street619-224-8271
San DiegoWest’s Lawn & Garden Service1552 Arklow Pl619-423-3013
San FranciscoBy the Vine3140 Clay Street #3415-298-4384
San FranciscoFloorcraft Garden Center550 Bayshore Boulevard415-824-1900
San FranciscoGarden Hound1921 Clement Street415-387-5608
San FranciscoHortica566 Castro Street415-863-4697
San FranciscoOku Nursery644 Brannan Street415-495-6631
San FranciscoPalm Broker1074 Guerrero Street415-626-7256
San FranciscoPotrero Gardens1201 17th Street415-861-8220
San FranciscoSloat Garden Center2700 Sloat Boulevard415-566-4415
San FranciscoSloat Garden Center327 3rd Avenue415-752-1614
San FranciscoTaraval Street Nursery2205 Taraval Street415-681-1701
San GabrielFour Seasons Orchid CO823 S San Gabriel Boulevard626-285-2966
San GabrielIndoor Nursery1131 E Valley Boulevard626-280-1138
San GabrielLas Tunas Nursery1155 E Las Tunas Drive626-286-0119
San GabrielNorman’s Nursery8665 Duarte Road626-285-9795
San GabrielRosemead Gardens Inc600 S San Gabriel Boulevard626-285-6767
San GabrielSan Gabriel Nursery & Florist632 S San Gabriel Boulevard626-286-0787
San GabrielSunny Slope Chrysanthemum Gdn8638 Huntington Drive626-287-4071
San JacintoMartinez Roses1321 S Kirby Street909-654-9898
San JacintoPark Hill Nursery2037 S Hewitt Street909-658-0552
San JoseAlmaden Valley Nursery15800 Almaden Expy408-997-1234
San JoseCactus Flat Nursery1895 Crinan Drive408-287-2220
San JoseGod’s Little Acre Nursery19810 Almaden Road408-927-8868
San JoseManthey’s Nursery327 San Jose Avenue408-293-6269
San JosePayless Nursery2927 S King Road408-274-7815
San JoseSeven Trees Vlg Homeownr Assoc3555 Gum Tree Drive408-225-0395
San JoseSummerwinds Nursery4606 Almaden Expy408-266-4440
San Juan CpstrnoArmstrong Garden Center32382 Del Obispo Street #E949-661-6666
San Juan CpstrnoColor Spot NurseryPO Box 668949-728-0507
San Juan CpstrnoInstant Jungle Intl31602 Avenida Los Cerritos949-489-1636
San Juan CpstrnoMirimar Wholesale NurseryPO Box 1212949-728-1428
San Juan CpstrnoMystic Gardens of Sjc27401 Ortega Highway949-488-0074
San Juan CpstrnoPlant Depot33413 San Juan Creek Road949-240-2107
San LeandroAlameda County Home Composting777 Davis Street #100510-444-7645
San LeandroEvergreen Nursery & Garden350 San Leandro Boulevard510-632-1522
San LorenzoKawahara Nursery16550 Ashland Avenue510-481-0201
San Luis ReyFarm Fresh FlowersPO Box 100760-433-2129
San MarcosBuena Creek Gardens418 Buena Creek Road760-744-2810
San MarcosCordon Bleu Farms418 Buena Creek Road760-744-8367
San MarcosGreen Thumb Nursery1019 W San Marcos Boulevard760-744-3822
San MarcosKona Gardens NurseryPO Box 848760-744-1679
San MarcosStar Pine Nursery1690 Via Cancion760-471-1201
San MarcosTwin Oaks Nursery2443 Tamara Lane760-744-6208
San MarinoMission Nursery2510 Mission Street626-799-1689
San MartinAki Nursery14955 Columbet Avenue408-779-6681
San MartinMT Green Nursery12690 Harding Avenue408-683-4356
San MartinNursery Outlet13635 Sycamore Avenue408-683-0580
San MateoCentral Garden Center408 9th Avenue650-340-8850
San MateoGolden Nursery1122 2nd Avenue650-348-5525
San MateoSan Mateo Garden Center605 Parkside Way650-574-1506
San MateoSan Mateo Nursery530 S Norfolk Street650-558-0938
San PabloKen’s Nursery2364 Road 20510-234-7541
San RafaelGardens of the Gods212 Mission Avenue415-460-5018
San RafaelSloat Garden Center1580 Lincoln Avenue415-453-3977
San RafaelUnited Markets515 3rd Street415-454-8912
San RafaelWest End Nursery1938 5th Avenue415-454-4175
SangerSwift Ranch Nursery1215 N Mccall Avenue559-251-8393
Santa AnaA To Z Floral & Plantery1759 E Borchard Avenue714-542-1111
Santa AnaArmstrong Garden Center1829 N Tustin Avenue714-542-4145
Santa AnaLas Palmas Nursery2033 S Main Street714-545-9173
Santa AnaMoises H Torres Gardening1301 W Park Lane714-541-6534
Santa AnaScala Nursery3439 W Macarthur Boulevard714-557-3404
Santa AnaSun-Land Nurseries Inc5326 Hazard Avenue714-531-4448
Santa BarbaraCold Spring Aloes801 Cold Springs Road805-565-9829
Santa BarbaraLA Sumida Nursery418 N Milpas Street805-963-3545
Santa BarbaraLA Sumida Nursery3880 State Street805-687-7575
Santa BarbaraLA Sumida Nursery165 S Patterson Avenue805-964-9944
Santa BarbaraSeven Day Nursery3301 State Street805-687-8036
Santa BarbaraTerra Sol Garden Center5320 Overpass Road805-964-7811
Santa BarbaraTurk Hessellund Nursery1255 Coast Village Road805-969-5871
Santa ClaraEl Real Nursery Inc2611 El Camino Real408-243-4910
Santa ClaritaAgua Dulce Nursery33355 Agua Dulce Canyon Road661-268-0676
Santa CruzAntonelli Brothers Begonia2545 Capitola Road831-475-5222
Santa CruzBlue Bamboo2115 Ocean Streetreet Ext831-429-8672
Santa CruzFar West Nursery2669 Mattison Lane831-476-8866
Santa CruzGarden CO2218 Mission Street831-429-8424
Santa CruzJames’ Mountain Nursery Christmas700 Pine Flat Road831-426-2829
Santa CruzRedwood Nursery2752 El Rancho Drive831-438-2844
Santa CruzSanta Cruz Hydroponics2381 Mission Street831-466-9000
Santa Fe SpringsEzell Nursery Supply Inc15620 Shoemaker Avenue562-802-1379
Santa MargaritaEducated GardenerPO Box 564805-438-4250
Santa MariaBest Garden5006 Telephone Road805-937-5803
Santa MonicaAmerican Botanical CO1805 Stewart Street310-828-4570
Santa MonicaArmstrong Garden Center3226 Wilshire Boulevard310-829-6766
Santa MonicaLucky Plant3113 Lincoln Boulevard310-399-1145
Santa MonicaMerrihew’s Sunset Gardens1526 Ocean Park Boulevard310-452-1051
Santa PaulaSanta Paula Farm & Gardens18492 E Telegraph Road805-525-8160
Santa RosaEmerisa Gardens555 Irwin Lane707-525-9600
Santa RosaJonathan’s Palette4740 Hall Road707-579-0633
Santa RosaKing’s Nursery1212 13th Street707-542-4782
Santa RosaMauna Kai Bonsai-Spas Factory2783 Guerneville Road707-542-0200
Santa RosaMomiji Nursery2765 Streetony Point Road707-528-2917
Santa RosaMy Wild Iris Rows4919 Rincon Avenue707-537-7346
Santa RosaNko Orchid Nursery3511 Guerneville Road707-527-6644
Santa RosaPaterson Nurseries2780 Yulupa Avenue707-542-4781
Santa RosaPrickett’s Nursery5173 Sonoma Highway707-539-3030
Santa RosaSun’s Tree Farm4067 Snyder Lane707-588-1950
Santa RosaUrban Garden544 College Avenue707-543-7037
SaugusGreen Landscape Nursery26191 Bouquet Canyon Road661-255-8838
SausalitoSloat Garden Center420 Coloma Street415-332-0657
Scotts ValleyScarborough Gardens33 El Pueblo Road831-438-4106
Seal BeachBrita’s Old Town Gardens225 Main Street #A562-430-5019
SebastopolBassignani Nursery1841 Gravenstein Highway S707-823-3984
SebastopolCalifornia Carnivores2833 Old Gravenstein Highway707-824-0433
SebastopolLone Pine Gardens6450 Lone Pine Road707-823-5024
SebastopolO’Brien Iris Garden3223 Canfield Road707-824-9223
SebastopolPic-A-Lily Gardens2401 Schaeffer Road707-823-4350
SebastopolPotting Shed2227 Gravenstein Highway S707-829-8857
SebastopolRich Yards5207 Turner Road707-829-5515
SebastopolSexton Gardens1250 Sexton Road707-824-8331
SebastopolVintage Gardens2833 Old Gravenstein Highway707-829-2035
SebastopolWayward Gardens1296 Tilton Road707-829-8225
SebastopolWhat’s Growing4355 Blank Road707-795-8851
ShafterMarchiando Nursery3643 Laval Road661-858-2710
ShafterNickel Palm Nursery29343 Merced Avenue661-746-9999
Shell BeachShell Beach Nursery1999 Shell Beach Road805-773-6186
Sherman OaksArmstrong Garden Center12920 Magnolia Boulevard818-761-1522
Shingle SpringsEl Dorado Nursery & Garden Inc3931 Durock Road #C530-676-6555
ShingletownRed Rock Nursery7619 Camino Vis530-474-4848
SilveradoNorman’s Nursery Inc19812 El Toro Road949-858-0588
Simi ValleyEnchanted Way Nursery2655 1st Street805-527-5251
Solana BeachCedros Gardens330 S Cedros Avenue858-792-8640
Solana BeachSolana Succulents355 N Highway 101858-259-4568
SolvangWestern Nursery950 Alamo Pintado Road805-688-6130
SomersetBuddy AcresPO Box 886530-622-1650
SomisBerylwood Tree Farm1048 E LA Loma Avenue805-485-7601
SomisColorful Gardens3861 Somis Road805-386-4226
SomisDobson Nursery Ranch7650 Bradley Road805-386-4154
SomisGomez Nursery5595 Los Angeles Avenue805-386-8202
SomisHagle Tree Farm3442 Somis Road805-386-0254
SomisHartley’s Sun & Shade Nursery4465 Balcom Canyon Road805-532-1997
SomisPlant WarehousePO Box 399805-386-4571
SonomaCornerstone Gardens23570 Arnold Drive707-933-3010
SonomaSonoma Mission Gardens851 Craig Avenue707-938-5775
SonomaWedekind’s Garden Center21095 Broadway707-938-2727
SonoraColumbia Nursery & Florist22004 Parrotts Ferry Road209-532-6871
SoquelAptos Gardens5870 Soquel Drive831-462-3859
SoquelGlenn Walters Nursery Inc2425 Porter Street #15831-464-7152
SoquelPergola2590 S Main Street831-464-2590
South GateGws Nursery & Supply Inc10120 Miller Way562-806-6366
South Lake TahoeNel’s Garden Center1050 Fremont Avenue530-541-2552
South Lake TahoeSouth Lake Tahoe Nursery1038 Winnemucca Avenue530-542-1021
South Lake TahoeZehren’s Landscape NurseryPO Box 5251530-544-2622
South PasadenaSan Marino Nursery2143 Huntington Drive626-799-9123
Squaw ValleyMountain Valley Growers Inc38325 Pepperweed Road559-338-2775
St HelenaCentral Valley Builders Supply1100 Vintage Avenue707-963-3622
St HelenaNapa Valley Ornamental Nursery453 Fulton Lane707-287-2028
St HelenaWhiting Nursery900 Crane Avenue707-963-5358
St HelenaWildflower Seed COPO Box 406707-963-3359
StantonHouse of Cactus10580 Beach Boulevard714-828-4298
StantonR V Nursery10701 Dale Avenue714-252-9116
StantonWhat Matters Most Inc7165 Katella Avenue714-995-4868
StocktonAlpine Nursery & Tank House215 E Alpine Avenue209-466-3161
StocktonPort Stockton NurseryPO Box 5186209-462-0853
StocktonQuail Lakes Nursery-Hillside3404 Shadowbrook Drive209-477-4737
StocktonSpecimen Tree Nursery7811 Kelley Drive209-473-4237
StocktonStebbins of Stockton1311 S Center Street209-942-2207
Sun CityGarlic A Peel Garden Appeal27601 Sun City Boulevard #125909-679-2442
Sun ValleyAlvarez Gardens10644 Tuxford Street818-767-8063
Sun ValleyEl Dorado Nursery9421 El Dorado Avenue818-767-0626
Sun ValleyGlenoaks Nursery9605 Glenoaks Boulevard #A818-768-4826
Sun ValleyGoto Nursery9336 Telfair Avenue818-767-2337
Sun ValleyNick’s Nursery11800 Roscoe Boulevard818-504-1970
Sun ValleySalazar Nursery9090 Laurel Canyon Boulevard818-767-8037
Sun ValleySheridan Gardens Nursery Inc8612 Glenoaks Boulevard818-767-8890
SunlandMarisol’s Nursery & Pottery8316 Foothill Boulevard818-352-7570
SunnyvaleChristine’s Enchanted Gardens1094 Clematis Drive408-247-2141
SunnyvaleSummerwinds Nursery861 E El Camino Real408-245-4532
SunnyvaleSunnyvale Nursery1485 Sunnyvale Saratoga Road408-245-1689
SusanvilleEvery Bloomin Thing705-670 US Highway 395 E530-251-2330
Sutter CreekAmador Nursery & Pool SupplyPO Box 902209-223-2113
SylmarParamount Nursery11944 Terra Bella Street818-890-5233
SylmarUltra Greens IncPO Box 922259818-837-8553
SylmarValley Crest Tree CO12087 Lopez Canyon Road #40818-899-1100
Tahoe CityTahoe Tree COPO Box 5325530-583-3911
Tahoe CityWatermelon PatchPO Box 1164530-583-2611
TarzanaLimberlost Nursery5204 Avenida Hacienda818-342-3268
TarzanaTarzana Nursery5830 Tampa Avenue818-345-7341
TarzanaVentura Nurseries18826 Ventura Boulevard818-708-8170
TarzanaWest Valley Nursery19035 Ventura Boulevard818-342-2623
TaylorsvilleGood Earth Nursery2270 Arlington Road530-284-6810
TehachapiBrite Valley Nursery22374 Banducci Road661-822-0261
TehachapiBroad Acres Farm18401 Pellisier Road661-822-1324
TehachapiLilac Emporium19921 Sasia Road #C661-823-7954
TehachapiMountain Gardens Nursery & Pet503 S Curry Street661-822-4960
TehachapiMourning Cloak Ranch & Btncl22101 Old Town Road661-822-1661
TehachapiOld Town Nursery20681 Highway 202661-822-6767
TehachapiRobb-Armstrong Turf IncPO Box 39661-822-4563
TemeculaArmstrong Garden Center27401 Ynez Road909-308-9100
TemeculaGlenoaks Nursery & Tree Farm36275 Glen Oaks Road909-699-1310
TemeculaPainted Garden41946 5th Street909-676-6494
TemeculaT R Nursery36298 Glen Oaks Road909-694-9426
TemeculaWild Rose Farms33583 Vino Way909-694-5309
TempletonFinley Family Farm50 Vaquero Drive805-434-1542
ThermalCocopah Nursuries57023 US Highway 111760-399-5187
ThermalHacienda DE Trampas Inc82501 65th Avenue760-397-0493
ThermalHeadstart Nursery57150 Jackson Street760-399-1253
ThermalLA Chuparosa Nursery84155 Airport Boulevard #14760-399-8313
Thousand OaksArmstrong Garden Center147 W Thousand Oaks Boulevard805-497-9223
Thousand OaksCountry Collections the Garden1016 Calle Jazmin818-991-0562
Three RiversG & L Enterprises42703 N Fork Drive559-561-6624
Three RiversRiver Envy Iris Farm43429 Sierra Drive559-561-3630
Three RiversSierra Garden Center40838 Sierra Drive559-561-3623
TomalesMostly Natives NurseryPO Box 258707-878-2009
TopangaFernwood Plants1311 Fernwood Pacific Drive310-455-1176
TorranceArmstrong Garden Center25225 Crenshaw Boulevard310-326-1892
TorranceB D White Topsoil COPO Box 1339310-838-8111
TorranceRain Forest Flora Inc19121 Hawthorne Boulevard310-370-8044
TorranceRolling Hills Nursery Inc25633 Crenshaw Boulevard310-325-8200
TorranceShoji Michiyo18809 Roselle Avenue310-371-7890
TorranceSouth Bay Garden Center23116 Normandie Avenue310-784-1777
TracyM & M Builders SupplyPO Box 1107209-833-1093
TruckeeVillager Nursery Inc10678 Donner Pass Road530-587-0771
TulareDeer Creek Nursery26200 N Mooney Boulevard559-686-6950
TulareGarden Nursery25798 N Mooney Boulevard559-686-7890
TuolumneCountry Garden Store19190 Cherokee Road209-928-5543
TuolumneGeorge Zappettini CO17844 Yosemite Road209-928-3468
TuolumneTuolumne me-Wuk Native Plant19600 MI Wuk Street209-928-3793
TurlockGreenery Nursery742 E Olive Avenue209-632-4214
TurlockSierra Cascade Nursery501 S Tegner Road209-394-6047
Twentynine PalmsMorning’s Nursery73474 Homestead Drive760-367-1646
Twentynine PalmsRamey Nursery & Landscape Center72491 Indian Triangle760-362-4298
Twin PeaksWalsh Family Alpine SeedPO Box 806909-336-6469
UkiahOak Valley Nursery1575 S State Street707-462-1200
Union CityHiramine Nursery32727 Alvarado Niles Road510-471-0272
UplandGarden Ponds2460 N Euclid Avenue909-982-2325
UplandGarrison Foothill Nursery679 E 16th Street909-949-9878
UplandHighland Garden Center1885 N Campus Avenue909-985-8212
UplandVan Ness Water Gardens2460 N Euclid Avenue909-982-2425
VacavilleEl Rancho Discount Nursery5098 Ellsworth Road707-447-3388
VacavilleMorningsun Herb Farm6137 Pleasants Valley Road707-451-9406
VacavilleSierra Pacific Nursery5764 Weber Road707-448-4800
Valley CenterLilac Valley Orchards31533 Laurel Ridge Drive760-749-2086
Valley CenterRancho DE Las Palmas30656 Diaz Road760-751-1333
Valley CenterValley Center Nursery28904 Valley Center Road760-749-0577
Valley SpringsRising Sun Nursery8085 Josephine Lane209-786-2907
Van NuysGreen Arrow Nurseries14537 Sherman Way818-782-8110
VenturaAustralian Native Plants9040 N Ventura Avenue805-649-3362
VenturaGreen Thumb Intl1899 S Victoria Avenue805-642-8517
VenturaRincon Gardens3945 Pacific Coast Highway805-658-1518
VenturaRincon Gardens Fax3945 Pacific Coast Highway805-653-0233
VictorvilleMark & Nellies Nursery12875 Bear Valley Road760-956-3900
VinaKinney’s Nursery & Top SoilPO Box 133530-839-2606
VisaliaD & V Nursery34295 Road 152559-798-0762
VisaliaJoe Carmona’s Sequoia Gardens2020 S Shirk Road559-651-3020
VisaliaLeo’s Nursery31804 Road 124559-741-0178
VisaliaRamirez Nursery12607 Avenue 328559-627-8545
VisaliaTree Flower Nursery8606 Avenue 280559-300-3821
VistaAcal Palms2169 Hawley Drive760-945-9990
VistaArellano Nursery2015 Foothill Drive760-758-0839
VistaBuena Creek Nursery1280 Sunset Drive760-941-9842
VistaButterlfly Nurseries Inc2727 E Vista Way760-732-0767
VistaClausen Nursery3132 Blackwell Drive760-724-3143
VistaGanter Nursery2915 E Vista Way760-758-8375
VistaGrigsby Cactus Gardens2354 Bella Vista Drive760-727-1323
VistaHernandez, Jorge1431 Hedionda Avenue760-726-3846
VistaKartuz Greenhouses1408 Sunset Drive760-941-3613
VistaLiving Cycads2124 Camino Cantera760-945-0594
VistaNurserymen Exchange1330 Distribution Way #C760-597-4838
VistaRainbow Gardens Cactus Nursery1444 E Taylor Street760-758-4290
VistaRancho Garcia Nursery1409 Arcadia Avenue760-806-5361
VistaSri Siam Tropical916 Osborne Street760-758-2494
VistaVista Bonsai & Gift Shop135 Hillside Ter760-945-8216
WalnutArmstrong Garden Center21144 Golden Springs Drive909-598-4575
WalnutFujiyama Nursery20813 Valley Boulevard909-595-4421
WalnutOriental Nursery1035 Banning Way909-595-0712
Walnut CreekMerlot Nursery701 N Gate Road925-943-1958
Walnut GroveHartland Nursery13737 Grand Island Road916-775-4021
WascoC P Meilland Inc620 E Street661-758-7800
WascoCoiner NurseryPO Box 59661-758-6545
WascoJackson & Perkins OperationsPO Box 280661-758-5186
WascoMc Caffery Roses550 Highway 46661-758-8595
WascoWeeks Wholesale Rose Grower29520 Mccombs Road661-758-2572
WascoWeeks Wholesale Rose GrowerPO Box 791661-758-5821
WaterfordMc Gregor’s Speciality Nursery1163 Tim Bell Road209-874-5432
WatsonvilleA & L Heavenly Gardens155 W Beach Street #E831-724-4653
WatsonvilleAlladin Nursery & Florist2907 Freedom Boulevard831-724-7517
WatsonvilleH & O Nursery30 Paulsen Road831-722-8110
WatsonvilleNative Oak Nursery45 Webb Road831-728-8662
WatsonvilleRiver Nursery & Pet Supply1482 Freedom Boulevard831-722-0127
WatsonvilleRoses of Yesterday & Today803 Browns Valley Road831-728-1901
WatsonvilleSierra Azul Nursery2660 E Lake Avenue831-763-0939
WatsonvilleSkills Center Ag Site93 Rountree Lane831-728-0321
WatsonvilleTyk Nursery Inc849 Casserly Road831-724-8745
West CovinaNatures Touch Garden Center Inc1426 S Azusa Avenue626-918-1188
Westlake VillageMeadow Gardens31143 Via Colinas818-879-9555
WestminsterCottage Nursery Garden14391 Edwards Street714-890-5511
WhitethornTierra Madre Nursery545 Shelter Cove Road707-986-7215
WhittierBlue Hills Nursery & Gift Shop16440 Whittier Boulevard562-947-2013
WillitsSanhedrin Nursery1094 Locust Street707-459-9009
WiltonMerola Nursery13015 Momtoma Lane916-687-6948
WiltonPow Nursery12724 Quince Lane916-687-7176
WintersMartinez Orchards Inc4570 Putah Creek Road530-795-0859
Woodland HillsBoething Treeland Farms Inc23475 Long Valley Road818-883-1222
WoodsideFarwell’s Rhododendron Nursery13040 Skyline Boulevard650-851-8812
WoodsideYerba Buena Nursery17287 Skyline Boulevard #101650-851-1668
WrightwoodFamily Tree Nursery Tree FarmPO Box 660760-249-3492
WrightwoodMountain Home Gardens1789 Outer Highway 2760-249-6517
Yorba LindaPixie Treasures Miniature4121 Prospect Avenue714-993-6780
Yorba LindaTanaka Nursery Inc18542 Yorba Linda Boulevard714-777-3842
YountvilleMalmaison WestPO Box 3127707-226-2540
YrekaTerry’s Nursery1224 State Highway 263530-842-3677
Yuba CityArbor & Trowel Landscape421 Center Street530-674-5530
Yuba CityOrchid Obsession1477 Oswald Road530-673-6763
Yuba CitySperbeck’s Landscape Center1316 Woodward Street530-673-8338
Yuba CitySperbeck’s Nursery1316 Woodward Street530-673-8312
YucaipaNewell Nurseries34017 Yucaipa Boulevard909-797-9210
YucaipaParkvale Growers13151 California Street909-797-9151