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Zones 6-9
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Zones 6-9

Silver King Euonymus

Euonymus japonicus 'Silver King'

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Silver King Euonymus

Euonymus japonicus 'Silver King'

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Botanical Name

Euonymus japonicus 'Silver King'

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Silver King Euonymus is an upright evergreen bush, reaching 6 feet tall and 3 feet across. It sparkles in shade or sun, with a broad silvery-white margin on the glossy green leaves, especially valuable for lightening up shady areas under trees and the dark side of your house. It has a natural dense habit, but it can easily be trimmed if needed. It grows well spread out on a wall or fence, or planted in boxes or pots, or it can be trimmed into a bright, colorful hedge for a boundary or internal garden division. It is ideal for sea-side locations too, in sun or shade.

  • Bright silver-white edges on glossy green leaves
  • dense, upright, bushy form to 6 feet
  • Tolerant of all light conditions
  • Drought and salt resistant
  • Easily trimmed into an attractive hedge

Grow the Silver King Euonymus is full sun, partial shade, or light full shade, such as beneath deciduous trees or on the north side of a building, wall or fence. Once established it is very drought tolerant, and it is extremely salt resistant too, so it grows well in coastal areas or at the beach. It is generally free of pests or diseases, and needs no trimming to stay neat, upright and compact.

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