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Zones 9-10
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Zones 9-10

Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

Ficus lyrata

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Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush

Ficus lyrata

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Botanical Name

Ficus lyrata

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush is a compact, bushy plant with several upright stems, covered with bold, very large leaves. Between 12 and 18 inches long, the leaves are broader and rounded towards their ends, just like a fiddle or violin. The multiple stems create a broad, dense plant, with the leaves spaced out along the stems. In time the plant will become 6 feet tall, or more, and several feet wide. This is the perfect choice for a large, bold houseplant for filling corners of rooms, in window bays, or in atriums, sun-rooms, great-rooms and other larger, taller spaces.

  • Big leaves on many stems makes a dense bush
  • Ideal plant for large spaces in your home
  • Place in bright light, and water only moderately
  • Easy-care plant for a busy home
  • Great choice for a balcony or garden in summer

The best location for your Fiddle Leaf Fig Bush is in bright light, but not in direct afternoon sun. An east-facing window is ideal, and this is not a plant for dark corners. Allow the soil to become dry between each watering, at least for the top few inches, and in cooler, darker spots, and in winter, right to the bottom of the pot. Water thoroughly when you do water, and feed regularly from spring to early fall. Pests and diseases are rare, and this plant is easy to grow in good light conditions.

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