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Carsten's Wintergold Mugo Pine - Tree Form

Pinus mugo 'Carstens'

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Carsten's Wintergold Mugo Pine - Tree Form

Pinus mugo 'Carstens'

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Botanical Name

Pinus mugo 'Carstens'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

Carstens’ Golden Mugo Pine Tree is a special form of a rare dwarf evergreen that becomes rich golden-yellow in winter, while having deep green needles all spring and summer. This beautiful tree develops into a broad mound of dense branches that in 10 years will be 2 feet wide, and 1 foot thick, mounted on a sturdy trunk about 18 inches tall. The superb golden foliage brightens up the winter days, and the trunk keeps it clear of snow and mud-splash. It is a perfect way to add some height in small beds, or to create a charming visual accent in your garden. Lovely in a planter or pot too, this great little plant is very easy to grow.

  • Attractive mounding crown on a short trunk
  • Needles turn golden yellow in the winter months
  • Excellent specimen for a smaller space
  • Great way to brighten dark winter days
  • Very cold-resistant to minus 50

Carstens’ Golden Mugo Pine Tree will grow best, with the strongest winter colors, when grown in full sun. Any well-drained soil, including among rocks, is ideal for this tree, which does not like damp or wet soil. Once established it tolerates normal drought well, and it needs no trimming to become dense and bushy. Little or no work is needed to enjoy this great plant. Pests and diseases are normally not problems, and this rarely-available plant is a great addition to your garden.