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Zones 5-8
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Zones 5-8

Virginia Pine

Pinus virginiana

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Virginia Pine

Pinus virginiana

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Botanical Name

Pinus virginiana

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Virginia Pine tree is a great choice for tough locations, and it is very resistant to drought and poor, sandy soil. It develops into a small, open tree with a broad rounded crown, which reveals the rugged bark and trunk in a most attractive fashion. This native tree is ideal for natural gardening and developing more remote, low-maintenance parts of your property. It also makes an interesting tree grown with other evergreens of different sizes and forms, or as a background tree in any garden. Because it has a wide crown, it can be used to make an open screen with a smaller number of trees than normal. If you have a Japanese-style garden, it is ideal for bonsai or training into windswept forms, since it has short needles that naturally create the appropriate ‘dwarfed’ look.

  • Handsome broad crown and spreading branches
  • Grows well in dry, sandy soils
  • Attractive short, twisted needles and round cones
  • Top choice for difficult locations
  • Perfect subject for bonsai

Choose a sunny location for the Virginia Pine tree. It will grow well in all kinds of well-drained soils, and it is especially useful on dry, sandy areas. Water it regularly for the first year and then it will need no further care to thrive and grow into a tree with a lot of character and rugged charm. It has no significant pests or diseases and grows well with no attention at all. For low-maintenance gardening on dry, difficult sites, this is definitely a top choice tree.