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Zones 8-10
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Zones 8-10

Calamondin Orange Tree

x Citrofortunella microcarpa (syn. Citrus mitris)

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Calamondin Orange Tree

x Citrofortunella microcarpa (syn. Citrus mitris)

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Botanical Name

x Citrofortunella microcarpa (syn. Citrus mitris)

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun

A Calamondin Orange Tree is the perfect tree for anyone who wants to enjoy the beauty, sweet floral scent and colorful fruit of a citrus tree but who doesn’t live in a very warm area or have a lot of room. It grows into a small tree and is hardier than most other citrus trees, surviving temperatures as low as 200F. It also makes an great plant for a pot on a balcony or terrace or outside your front door, as well as being ideal for a sunny location right inside your house during the winter. The small orange fruits are used like lemons in drinks or cooking and you will love the unique flavor.

  • One of the easiest citrus to grow outdoors or in a pot
  • Has fragrant flowers and fruit at the same time
  • Hardy outdoors to 20 degrees
  • Easily grown in a pot in colder regions
  • Great fruit for baking, drinks and lemonades

This is a tree that is really easy to grow and because it is small it will not overgrow even a small garden, or become too big to bring indoors for the winter. It is a tough tree too, with few significant pests or diseases and thrives with minimum care. It can be grown in a large pot for years, bringing it indoors for the winter and growing it outdoors during the rest of the year. In a pot this tree will stay around 6 feet tall, but will grow much taller in the garden.

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