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Zones 9-11

Thornless Key Lime Tree

Citrus aurantifolia

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Thornless Key Lime Tree

Citrus aurantifolia

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Citrus aurantifolia

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Full Sun

Citrus aurantifolia – The Key Lime Tree enables you to have the sweet citrus of the Florida Keys right in your own home.  Everyone has heard of the world-famous Key Lime Pie, but few people know that this unique and special fruit is easy to grow for yourself, so that you can enjoy its special flavor and distinctive tartness, that sets this lime apart from ordinary limes. By growing this tree in a pot you can have your own supply of this extra-special fruit whenever you want to make up a special dessert or cocktail. Grown in a pot it is unlikely to grow beyond six feet tall, yet it will flower and fruit profusely. The flowers are larger than most other citrus, very fragrant and occur during the summer months. Fruit ripens in the spring following flowering and stores well on the tree or in a cool place, so you will have beautiful fresh Key limes for most of the year

  • The best lime tree for growing in pots or outdoors
  • Word-famous fruit with a unique flavor for all recipes
  • Grows easily indoors in winter, and outdoors in summer
  • Tough and hardy bush
  • One of the easiest and best citrus you can grow

Planted in a pot, you can bring your tree indoor to a sunny spot in winter, and keep it outdoors for the rest of the year, since it is hardy to at least 40 degrees. Even young trees bear well and you will have bushels of fruit from a mature tree. You will never have to buy wrinkled old limes from the store again.

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