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Zones 3-9
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Zones 3-9

Tricolor Sedum

Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'

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Tricolor Sedum

Sedum spurium 'Tricolor'

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The Tricolor Sedum is an attractive trailing evergreen groundcover, that thrives in hot, dry places. Plant it where you have limited soil, among rocks and stones, or in any well-drained soil. It will grow happily in the driest spots, where almost all other plants will fail. Leave yourself free to concentrate on the main parts of your garden and bring those dry spots to life with this lovely plant. As well as its beautiful foliage colors, in summer this plant is smothered in bright-pink flowers – a truly lovely sight on a bank or sprawling between rocks. It is hardy in zone 3, yet it will thrive in zone 9, so wherever you live you can enjoy the easy gardening this plant brings you.

  • Colorful evergreen foliage in green, white and pink
  • Bold summer flowers in rich pink
  • Low, trailing habit for dense ground cover
  • Thrives in the hottest and driest parts of your garden
  • Trouble-free, not eaten by deer or rabbits, and cold-hardy too

Plant the Tricolor Sedum in any sunny place. It will also tolerate some light shade. It grows easily in any well-drained spot, but avoid planting it in wet areas. Even if there is very little soil at all, this plant will flourish, because it is naturally adapted to dry, rocky places. It has no pests or diseases, and it is not eaten by deer or rabbits. For all those difficult, dry places, this is the perfect plant. You don’t have to look at bare, dry earth anymore – cover it with the Tricolor Sedum instead.

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