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Zones 3-7
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Zones 3-7

Broadmoor Juniper

Juniperus sabina 'Broadmoor'

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Broadmoor Juniper

Juniperus sabina 'Broadmoor'

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Botanical Name

Juniperus sabina 'Broadmoor'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun



The Broadmoor Juniper is a perfect mid-sized ground cover plant, rising up 2 feet above the ground, and spreading outwards 6 to 8 feet across. The long horizontal stems are densely covered in short vertical branches, with fine, bushy foliage. The leaves are a handsome gray-green color all year round. This plant is especially hardy, and it grows well even in zone 3, where other evergreens fail. Use it in the front of large beds or cascading down slopes or over walls. It retains the soil, preventing erosion. In the foundation planting around your home, especially below windows close to the ground, it looks superb. Use it on the banks beside a set of stairs for a graceful entrance.

  • Ideal, slightly taller, spreading ground cover
  • Rich gray-green foliage is always beautiful
  • Unique short vertical shoots along horizontal branches
  • Reliable and very cold-resistant
  • Grows well in poor and rocky ground

Grow the Broadmoor Juniper in full sun, or with just a couple of hours of shade each day. Plant it in any soil that is not wet, including shallow, rocky soils, sands and gravels. It is drought resistant once established, and it is resistant to juniper blight, while other pests and diseases rarely bother it. Deer and rabbits leave this plant alone, and it tolerated air pollution and urban conditions too. For easy growth and almost zero maintenance, it can’t be beaten. Allow enough room for your plants to spread, so you don’t have to trim them back.

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