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Zones 3-9
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Zones 3-9

Low Scape® Mound Black Chokeberry

Aronia melanocarpa 'UCONNAM165' (PP# 28,789)

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Low Scape® Mound Black Chokeberry

Aronia melanocarpa 'UCONNAM165' (PP# 28,789)

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Botanical Name

Aronia melanocarpa 'UCONNAM165' (PP# 28,789)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height

Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Low Scape Mound® Aronia is one of the best groundcover shrubs available. It grows vigorously into a low mound, 2 feet tall and 3 or 4 feet wide, with attractive glossy foliage. In spring it is covered in clouds of white blossoms, which become black berries by fall. The leaves turn brilliant oranges and red in fall, making a powerful display. Grow it in the foreground of your beds, in any type of garden, and this native plant is ideal for both natural gardening and woodlands, as well as in more formal beds around your home.

  • Tough low-growing shrub for groundcover
  • Glossy green leaves turn orange and red in fall
  • Clouds of white blossoms in spring
  • Clusters of black berries in fall
  • Adaptable to cold or heat, and damp or dry soils

Full sun and dry, or partial shade and wet, the Low Scape Mound® Aronia is happy in a wide range of conditions. It takes the winters in zone 3 and the summers in zone 9 just as well, and it needs nothing much from you to thrive and quickly fill your beds. Pests or diseases are normally not a problem, and it needs no trimming or attention to stay low, dense and neat.