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Silver Maple Tree

Acer saccharinum

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Silver Maple Tree

Acer saccharinum

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Botanical Name

Acer saccharinum

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun, Partial Sun



The Silver Maple is a tough but attractive tree that is a great choice for wet and poorly-drained locations, as well as for dry, urban areas. This is a maple that is very resistant to harsh urban conditions, and it will bring attractive greening to the most difficult locations. It makes a great shade or privacy tree, and it is fast-growing too, adding 3 feet a year to its height and soon filling in to make a substantial specimen or screen. It is a native tree, so it is ideal for re-planting in natural areas, and it will thrive in all the climatic zones of the continental USA.

The Silver Maple is a large tree that will soon be over 50 feet tall, providing shade and privacy for your garden. It has leaves that are similar to some other maples, with five lobes, but the underside is silvery, so it is easily recognized. The leaves turn yellow, orange and red in fall, making an attractive picture and the tree is a refuge for all kinds of wildlife. It needs no special care; it is free of major pests and diseases and this is one of the top low-maintenance trees for difficult locations.

  • Attractive silvery leaves flutter in the breeze
  • Rapid growing shade or privacy tree
  • Grows well in both wet and dry soils
  • Can be grown anywhere, from Minnesota to Florida and California
  • The ideal choice for tough urban conditions

You can plant the Silver Maple in sun or partial shade, in any kind of soil, from clay to sand and from wet to dry. Because it grows will in damp, seasonally flooded areas too, as well as along streams and rivers, it is ideal for those often difficult locations. Amazingly, this is such a tough tree it will also grow in hot, dry areas and it very drought-resistant once established. When you need a no-nonsense, low-maintenance tree for a difficult spot, you should not go past the Silver Maple – the ideal tree you have been looking for.

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