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Zones 4-9
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Zones 4-9

Burgundy Belle Red Maple

Acer rubrum 'Magnificent Magenta'

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Burgundy Belle Red Maple

Acer rubrum 'Magnificent Magenta'

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Botanical Name

Acer rubrum 'Magnificent Magenta'

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The Burgundy Belle® Red Maple has the richest and deepest red fall foliage of almost any maple tree. Darkening to unique magenta-burgundy and purple-red, its vibrant colors really stand out, and this tree blazes in the fall sunshine. It has a dense, rounded crown, with smaller leaves, making a neater profile than other red maples, and it is perfect for a lawn specimen, for the corners of your lot, or for a row along your property line. It reaches 20 feet in 10 years, and ultimately grows to 40 feet tall and 35 feet across, so give it plenty of room when planting.

  • Unique magenta-red dark fall foliage color
  • Dense, rounded crown is always neat
  • Grows well in more alkaline soils
  • Top choice for wet and flooded soils
  • Tolerates both heat and cold

Grow the Burgundy Belle® Red Maple in full sun for the best color, which develops well even in the warm falls of the South. This particular variety has a high tolerance of more alkaline soils, so choose it if your soil is not the acid or neutral type that red maples usually need. It thrives in wet or periodically flooded ones, such as along rivers and bodies of water. It also grows well in ordinary garden soils, including urban soils, and established trees tolerate normal summer droughts. It has no serious pests or diseases. Trim only in summer or early fall, not in spring.

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