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Zones 4-9

Scarlet Oak Tree

Quercus coccinea

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Scarlet Oak Tree

Quercus coccinea

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Tolerates Acidic Soil

Botanical Name

Quercus coccinea

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun

Scarlet Oak is an attractive American native tree that is naturally adapted to grow in dry, sandy soil conditions, making it the perfect choice for those kinds of gardens. Most large shade trees need richer soil, so the Scarlet Oak fills a special place in drier locations. It has typical glossy oak leaves, but unlike some other oaks it turns a beautiful shade of crimson-red in fall, rivaling the most beautiful of the common fall trees. So if you crave a beautiful fall tree, but have dry sandy soil that is not suitable for many other trees, plant a Scarlet Oak, sit back and enjoy the fireworks.

  • Ideal shade tree for dry, sandy soils
  • Spectacular scarlet fall color
  • Long-lived and trouble-free
  • Drought resistant
  • Hardy anywhere in the country

This large tree makes a lovely shade tree for your lawn, a specimen behind smaller trees and shrubs, or even a tall screen that will be low-maintenance and spectacular every fall. This tree is a rarer type of oak that is not often available, but it is highly sought after by experienced gardeners looking for beauty, drought-resistance and low-maintenance shade trees.

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