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Zones 5-9

Nuttall Oak Tree

Quercus texana (= Q. nuttallii)

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Nuttall Oak Tree

Quercus texana (= Q. nuttallii)

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Botanical Name

Quercus texana (= Q. nuttallii)

Outdoor Growing zone


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Full Sun



Nuttall’s Oak is a superb large native oak tree, growing rapidly to 30 feet tall, and ultimately reaching 75 feet tall and 50 feet wide. It has a rugged, ridged trunk with a pyramidal crown, becoming broad and round with age. The glossy, dark-green leaves have up to 9 deep lobes, with the classic ‘oak leaf’ shape. They turn glowing shades of yellow-orange and red in fall – one of the best oaks for fall color. This is an excellent shade-tree choice for all warm and hot zones, especially in the South and Texas, but reliable almost everywhere. Grow it on a lawn, as a boundary marker, at the edge of woodland or to enrich existing natural woods. A good choice to edge a river or lake, taking occasional flooding well.

  • Fast-growing native oak – adds 3 feet a year
  • Large leaves with classic oak form, of glossy dark green
  • Excellent fall colors of yellow-orange and red
  • One of the few oaks suitable for wet ground
  • Thrives in most soil, and drought resistant

Nuttall’s Oak should be planted in full sun, in just about any soil. It thrives in moist, well-drained soils, but grows well in both acidic and alkaline soils, and in heavy clays. It will grow well in wetter ground, but established trees also have excellent drought tolerance and thrive in hot, dry areas. It has no serious pests or diseases and once established is self-maintaining. Some early pruning to maintain a single leading trunk is valuable for the long-term health and appearance of the tree.

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