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Zones 3-8

Pin Oak Tree

Quercus palustris

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Pin Oak Tree

Quercus palustris

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Botanical Name

Quercus palustris

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Pin Oak is a native American tree that grows naturally in the east, in the states below the Great Lakes. It is a fast-growing tree that is a great choice for wetter conditions and clay soils, but it will grow well in regular soil too. It will resist the poor air of urban conditions and do well on compacted soil as well. Pin Oak makes a broad shade-tree that has a rounded crown and turns attractive shades of reddish-bronze in fall, a lovely contrast to the colors of other trees at that season. It will grow up to 3 feet a year and should be at least 15 feet tall in just 5 years, making it the fastest-growing oak available. It will grow from zone 4 to zone 8 so it can be grown almost anywhere.

  • Great shade-tree for wet and heavy soils
  • Unusual bronzy fall coloring
  • Very fast growing
  • Resistant to urban conditions
  • Easy to grow and trouble-free

If you want a long-lived but fast growing shade tree for a large yard, the Pin Oak is a terrific choice, especially if your soil is often wet. It is lovely along a stream or as barrier tree to block an ugly view, helped by having leaves that stay on the tree through most of the winter.

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