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Zones 5-9

Orient Pear Tree

Pyrus communis x pyrifolia ‘Orient’

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Orient Pear Tree

Pyrus communis x pyrifolia ‘Orient’

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Botanical Name

Pyrus communis x pyrifolia ‘Orient’

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun

The Orient Pear Tree is a large, round pear with the flesh and flavor of a European pear combined with the disease resistance of the Chinese sand pear. This heirloom variety has fruits that ripen over several weeks beginning in the middle of August, so none of the harvest will be wasted. The fruit has smooth flesh with a mild, sweet flavor and abundant juice. It is perfect for eating fresh, slicing in salads, or canning.

  • Excellent variety for warm and hot parts of the country
  • Strong resistance to fire blight disease
  • Pick over several weeks from mid-August
  • Very juicy pears with a mild, sweet flavor
  • grow with the Moonglow Pear Tree for perfect cross-pollination

The Orient Pear Tree should be planted in full sun, in rich, well-drained soil. It has excellent resistance to the fatal disease fire blight, and needs less than 400 chilling hours, so it’s a great choice for hotter zones. Prune in summer, shortening back longer side shoots. Thin out extra fruit if there are many, leaving just one or two in each cluster.

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