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Zones 5-8

Gala Apple Tree

Malus 'Gala'

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Gala Apple Tree

Malus 'Gala'

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Botanical Name

Malus 'Gala'

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Gala apple is a great all-round eating apple with a flavor that everyone will enjoy. Everyone has probably eaten a Gala apple, since it is a very popular variety in the grocery store. However if you eat one straight from the tree you will be amazed to discover that this is an apple that is really best tree-ripened and no store apples are allowed to do that. The Gala apple tree does not need a second variety to bear fruit so it is an excellent choice for a smaller garden where you only have room for one tree. It grows well right across America so where ever you live you can have fresh, juicy Gala apples straight from the tree.

  • Top-quality eating apple enjoyed by everyone
  • Great crop for early fall – the apple season
  • Ideal for a small garden – needs no pollinator
  • Fruits well in drier regions
  • Stores for up to 3 months

Grow your Gala Apple in a sunny part in your garden. This is a tree that does well in areas with lower rainfall and warm climates, as long as there are also some cold nights in winter. Begin training and pruning early, to develop a good structure able to carry the heavy crops you will have, and to encourage early fruiting. Thin the apples to 6 inches apart when they are the size of a quarter. This valuable apple will bear well on its own, but for a maximum crop grow with another variety such as the Fuji Apple, or with crab apples trees in your garden.