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Zones 6-9
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Zones 6-9

Japanese Black Pine

Pinus thunbergii

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Japanese Black Pine

Pinus thunbergii

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Special Features
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Dwarf Variety
Tolerates Acidic Soil
Tolerates Alkaline Soil

Botanical Name

Pinus thunbergii

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun



Japanese Black Pine is a wonderful rugged pine, with an irregular form, and wide, almost horizontal branches. It grows between 20 and 60 feet tall, depending on conditions, and it is an essential feature of Japanese gardens. It is also popular for bonsai, but this is such a beautiful tree that it looks great in any garden. If you admire irregular forms in trees, you will love this beauty. The bark is dark-gray, and deeply furrowed and grooved, adding to the overall gnarled and rugged look of the tree. It is highly tolerant of salt, so it is ideal to plant at the beach or in sandy areas. Once established it will tolerate drought, and also grow well in hot, windy places. It is hardy to zone 6, and it grows well in all the hotter zones.

  • Beautiful rugged and irregular form
  • Authentic tree for Japanese gardens and bonsai
  • Very resistant to salt – ideal for the beach
  • Tolerates drought, heat and wind
  • Hardy to zone 6

Plant your Japanese Black Pine in a sunny spot – it is not shade tolerant at all. It grows best in acidic, well-drained soils that retain some moisture, but established trees are very drought tolerant. Do not plant this tree in wet soils. Take care when planting not to plant deeply, and never cover the base of the tree with mulch. This will protect it from diseases and pests, by keeping it vigorous and healthy. As well as being an essential tree for Asian-themed gardens, this is also a handsome specimen for a lawn, and it fits well into all kinds of garden styles, especially more informal ones.