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Zones 4-10
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Zones 4-10

Hollywood Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa' / 'Kaizuka'

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Hollywood Juniper

Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa' / 'Kaizuka'

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Botanical Name

Juniperus chinensis 'Torulosa' / 'Kaizuka'

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Full Sun



The Hollywood Juniper is a very special evergreen tree or large shrub, with every plant having a unique appearance. It is an extremely hardy, drought-resistant plant suitable for hot and dry locations but also growing well in normal conditions and in very cold areas too. It forms an upright, open shrub up to 15 feet tall, with twisted and irregular branches giving it a wind-swept look. It makes a wonderful specimen plant and always catches attention with its dramatic and powerful appearance. It has dense, blue-green foliage studded with attractive violet-blue berries for most of the year. This is the perfect plant for an Asian-themed garden, yet it also looks great in an ordinary garden too, adding a unique and special look. It can also be grown in a large planter, as something very different on your terrace. This outstanding plant matures into a tree that seems to have been trained by a master of giant bonsai, yet in reality it requires no special training at all.

  • Unique, exotic ‘Zen’ juniper
  • Hardy across all of the USA
  • Naturally twisted form makes for a dramatic plant
  • Unique blue-green foliage like coral
  • Tough and reliable specimen for any garden

The Hollywood Juniper will grow in any kind of soil except ones that are often wet. Once established it will thrive in hot, dry, sunny locations, yet it is hardy in the coldest areas – yes, don’t believe the myth that it is only hardy to zone 6. Despite its appearance it requires no special training or pruning to develop its fascinating form. It has no pests, it is resistant to deer and it is a very low-maintenance plant for difficult locations, with heat, sun and drought.

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