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Zones 4-9
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Zones 4-9

Ein Shemer Apple Tree

Malus domestica ‘Ein Shemer’

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Ein Shemer Apple Tree

Malus domestica ‘Ein Shemer’

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Botanical Name

Malus domestica ‘Ein Shemer’

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Ein Shemer Apple Tree is the top pick for zones 8 and 9, because it is one of just a very few apple varieties that will bear crops in warm areas. It needs a very few hours of cool winter weather, while most other varieties need hundreds and hundreds of hours of cold. As well, it carries a good crop even when grown alone, so if you have a small garden anywhere, this apple, with its pale green skin and sweet flesh, is your top choice. For eating fresh, baking, or turning into apple sauce, you will love this top-quality apple, that as well begins to carry fruit even when very young.

  • Superb all-purpose light green apple
  • Flowers and fruits even in zones 8 and 9
  • Will produce a crop even when grown alone
  • Very young trees are already carrying fruit
  • Easily grown in most gardens

Choose a sunny spot, or one with afternoon shade in hot areas, for your Ein Shemer Apple Tree. It will grow well in any garden soil that is well-drained, and it needs very little care to grow and deliver bushels of apples to your kitchen. Fresh or baked, this apple is the one you should grow if you live in the South, or in southern California, or anywhere when you only have room for a single tree. All apple trees can suffer from pests and diseases, but this one is tougher than most, so it will thrive with minimal attention.