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Zones 2-8
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Zones 2-8

Colorado Green Spruce

Picea pungens

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Colorado Green Spruce

Picea pungens

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Special Features
Zone Map
Deer Resistant
Easy Care
Tolerates Acidic Soil

Botanical Name

Picea pungens

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

Colorado Spruce is an American native tree that thrives in the coldest areas, but also grows in warm zones too. This tough and reliable tree can be guaranteed to grow in difficult spots, with poor soil and exposure to wind, snow, ice and salt. Use it for screening and planting in natural areas, where its beautiful pyramidal form and turquoise-green coloring can be appreciated. It is ideal for making a screen against cold winds and snow, for a property boundary, or wherever you want a more natural form for native planting. Growing 20 or 30 feet within a decade, it will soon be doing its job, and looking great too.

  • Tall, pyramid of radiating branches
  • The perfect evergreen for colder areas
  • Thrives even in zone 2
  • Grows well in tough locations and poor soil
  • The right choice for screening and natural plantings

Plant the Colorado Spruce in full sun or partial shade, in almost any well-drained soil. Rocky, sandy, or clay, it is all the same to this tough tree that takes harsh urban conditions and salt spray too. Rock-solid hardy all the way into zone 2, it can’t be beaten for northern gardens. It rarely suffers from significant pests or diseases, as long as it is not in flooded ground, and deer leave it alone. With deep roots it is very drought resistant once it has become established.