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Zones 4-9
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Zones 4-9

Brilliant Red Chokeberry

Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima’

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Brilliant Red Chokeberry

Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima’

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Botanical Name

Aronia arbutifolia 'Brilliantissima’

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Brilliant Red Chokeberry is an attractive deciduous shrub, forming a dense bush 6 or 8 feet tall and about 4 feet wide. It has remarkable fall colors of brilliant red, and a heavy and attractive crop of glossy red berries. This native American plant is ideal for any low-maintenance garden, wild-flower garden or natural planting, and it fits well into a more formal garden too. The flowers feed butterflies, and the berries feed mockingbirds and other wild birds, if you don’t get there first to make healthy juice and delicious jellies.

  • Attractive upright deciduous shrub
  • Abundant crop of bright red berries
  • Native plant for natural gardens
  • Grows well in wet ground
  • Berries make healthy juice and jellies

Grow the Brilliant Red Chokeberry in full sun for the best fall color, but it grows well in partial shade too. It is adaptable to most soils, including wet ones, and established plants are tolerant of ordinary periods of drought. It is normally untouched by pests or diseases, and deer usually leave it alone. No special care is needed, but some spring pruning of older plants will keep it vigorous and encourage lots of berries.

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