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Zones 3-8

Purple Leaf Sandcherry

Prunus x cistena

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Purple Leaf Sandcherry

Prunus x cistena

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Botanical Name

Prunus x cistena

Outdoor Growing zone


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Purple-leaf Sand Cherry is a classic medium-sized deciduous shrub with striking reddish-purple leaves. These hold their color all through summer, making a colorful display in any garden. In spring white flowers with a pink blush signal the beginning of the new garden year. This plant grows easily in all kinds of conditions, and it is an ideal choice for low-maintenance urban gardens, as well as a colorful choice for planting anywhere. It is very winter hardy and can be grown across all the country, including the coldest states.

  • Striking red-purple leaves
  • Moderate size that fits any garden
  • Attractive display of pale pink flowers in spring
  • Tolerates urban conditions and poor soils
  • Hardy to minus 50 – grows everywhere

Plant the Purple-leaf Sand Cherry in full sun or partial shade, and it will thrive in any kind of soil that is not constantly wet. It is hardy to minus 50, so it grows well in areas where many other plants fail. It can be pruned in early spring, and also trimmed in summer, to maintain a neat form, or it can be allowed to grow naturally to its full size. Planted singly, or in groups, this shrub is guaranteed to bring vibrant color to any garden throughout the growing season.

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