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Zones 4-8
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Zones 4-8

Black Tower Elderberry

Sambucus nigra 'EIFFEL 1' (PP#23,633)

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Black Tower Elderberry

Sambucus nigra 'EIFFEL 1' (PP#23,633)

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Botanical Name

Sambucus nigra 'EIFFEL 1' (PP#23,633)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Black Tower Elderberry is a beautiful new shrub that grows rapidly into a narrow vertical accent of rich red-black foliage. It soon reaches 6 to 8 feet in height, but it stays only 3 or perhaps 4 feet wide. This makes it an ideal way to develop a strong vertical form in a narrow space – something always difficult to do in a garden. The foliage is only the beginning, as big heads of pink flowers grow in early summer, and these are followed by attractive clusters of shiny black berries by fall. You can even turn those berries into baked goods, jams and wine. A real multi-purpose shrub for even the smallest garden, and one that grows rapidly.

  • Stunning vertical column of burgundy-black foliage
  • Perfect accent for smaller gardens
  • Heads of pink flowers in early summer
  • Attractive black berries in early fall
  • Easily grown in any garden

Plant your Black Tower Elderberry in any garden soil that is not too dry. It thrives in rich, moist soil, but it will grow almost anywhere. It grows well from zone 4 to zone 8, and rarely has any pest or disease problems. An annual trim in late winter or early spring is all that is needed to keep those big, colorful leaves coming, and to keep this shrub neat and upright. Anywhere you need bright color, but where you have only a little room – that is the place for this reliable and vigorous shrub. In just a few years it will be full-sized.

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