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Zones 7-9
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Zones 7-9

Yin Viburnum

V. davidii x V. propinquum ‘NVCX2’ (PP# 33,479

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Yin Viburnum

V. davidii x V. propinquum ‘NVCX2’ (PP# 33,479

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Botanical Name

V. davidii x V. propinquum ‘NVCX2’ (PP# 33,479

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


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Sun needs

Full Sun, Partial Sun

The Yin Viburnum is a remarkable hybrid evergreen shrub, very similar in appearance to the David viburnum, but much easier to grow in areas with hot summers. It has the same long, leathery leaves with 3 pronounced vein grooves, and the same rich dark-green coloring all year round. In spring clusters of white flowers open, and if you grow the similar YANG Viburnum nearby, both will have many bunches of amazing turquoise blue berries in late summer and fall. This wonderful evergreen is perfect for your beds, beneath trees, in woodland gardens, and in planters.

  • Striking and valuable evergreen rounded shrub
  • Dark green long leaves with prominent vein markings
  • Abundant white flowers in spring
  • Late summer and fall bring amazing turquoise-blue berries
  • Similar to, but easier than, the David viburnum

Plant the Yin Viburnum in at least partial sunshine, or it won’t bloom and berry much. It will however grow in lower light levels. It is vigorous and easy to grow in any well-drained soil, doing best in moist, rich soils that are slightly acidic. It doesn’t have serious pest or disease issues, if watered regularly, and it takes little or no pruning to keep it compact and tidy. Don’t trim with shears, or over-prune, or it won’t flower.

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