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Zones 5-8
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Zones 5-8

Tri-Splendor Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa var. chinensis ‘Tri-Splendor’ (PP# 20,008)

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Tri-Splendor Kousa Dogwood

Cornus kousa var. chinensis ‘Tri-Splendor’ (PP# 20,008)

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Botanical Name

Cornus kousa var. chinensis ‘Tri-Splendor’ (PP# 20,008)

Outdoor Growing zone


Mature Height


Mature Width


Sun needs

Full Sun

The Tri-Splendor Kousa Dogwood is a unique smaller tree, growing no more than 15 feet tall and 10 feet wide, with a vigorous habit. The leaves have a broad margin that is pure white, turning to pale yellow on maturity. The green center has two-tone light and dark green patterning. Fall leaves are flushed bright pink and red. The unique flowers are white when they open, and towards their end they become variegated pale yellow and yellow-green. Flowering in May or June, blooms remain attractive for a whole month, at a time when most other trees have finished blooming. The flowers are followed by red, strawberry-like edible fruits.

  • Leaves are boldly variegated white in spring, more yellow in summer
  • Glowing shades of pink and bright red in fall
  • Unique variegated flowers mature to almost pure-white
  • Winter bark is mottled soft oranges, tans and grays
  • Smaller than most others, ideal for small gardens

Grow the Tri-Splendor Kousa Dogwood in full sun, partial shade, or the dappled shade beneath trees. It grows best in rich, moist, well-drained soils that are acidic or neutral – avoid very alkaline soils. This tree rarely suffers from the deadly anthracnose disease that has killed so many of our native flowering dogwoods, and it is generally free of pests or diseases and left alone by deer. No pruning is required, but a deep soak during dry summer weather will be appreciated. Mulch annually with rich organic materials.

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