Templehof Hinoki Cypress – Tree Form

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Templehof'

Templehof Hinoki Cypress – Tree Form

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Templehof'

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About Me


The Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree is a rare dwarf specimen conifer that has been attached to a short trunk to make a special feature plant. It grows slowly, becoming about 3 feet round and 5 feet tall in about 10 years. Older trees can grow to the size of a man. The foliage is very special – we could say unique. It grows in rounded clusters like bowls or shells, giving a very interesting and contemplative look to this plant. This feature becomes more pronounced with age, and don’t clip it as this may destroy that subtle element. The foliage is lime green to yellow in spring, dark green in summer and bronze to reddish-copper in winter. It makes a unique specimen in your beds or in a planter box or tub.

  • Rounded to dome-shaped evergreen specimen on a short trunk
  • Foliage has a unique rounded and cupped formation
  • Lime-green spring foliage
  • Winter brings bronze and copper tones to the leaves
  • A unique variety of beauty and quality

Full sun is best for the Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree, but an hour or two of shade each day is fine too. It grows easily in most garden soils, but avoid planting in wet places and areas that are very dry. Although moderately drought-resistant when mature, some water during dry spells is always appreciated. It is normally free of pests or diseases and since it shouldn’t be trimmed it is basically it is very nearly a zero maintenance plant.

Plant Hardiness Zones 4-8
Mature Width 2-4
Mature Height 4-10
Sun Needs Full Sun, Partial Sun
Zones 4-8

The Templehof Hinoki Cypress is certainly an outstanding evergreen, with unique foliage, that has deep profound beauty that rewards contemplation, rather than flashy Vegas glitz. If you value quality plants then it is ideal for you. From the yellow-flushed foliage in spring through the warm greens of summer and into the bronzy tones of winter, you can watch the seasons roll by as it matures into a wonderful specimen. To highlight its beauty we had our skilled growing take this ball of foliage and attach it to a strong trunk, raising it up for a better view, so you can really get to know it. This also makes it perfect for adding visual height in confined spaces or in planters and tubs. As it matures the ball of green will expand and become more dome-shaped – and increasingly beautiful, with its rounded, shell-like cups of foliage to wonder at. Whatever your garden tastes – and this plant is terrific for Eastern-inspired gardens – this is an easy and reliable plant that fits in anywhere and asks for almost nothing.

Growing the Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree

Size and Appearance

The Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree is a rare cultivated form of a wild tree, and a miniature bush with a rounded form when young, becoming more like a broad dome as it matures, mounted on a strong stem about 18 inches long. It is slow-growing, perhaps adding 6 inches of growth each year, but often less, so it’s a plant to enjoy for many years. Within 10 years it will be a rounded ball 2 to 3 feet across, but in this tree-form, with its trunk, the overall height will be about 5 feet. Older plants will add height but not much width, possibly reaching 10 feet including the trunk, and being 4 feet across. The unique foliage has a layered appearance, especially on older buses, and the fans of foliage that grow have a unique form that makes this plant so special. Instead of being the typical fans of small green leaves they are curled in on themselves, making cupped bowls of green, clustered into overlapping layers, with an exotic and subtle charm. New spring growth is yellowish to lime green, making a bright splash before maturing to a rich, dark green. Winter cold brings out copper and bronze tones, so the spring growth is set against that darker background, giving it even more impact. Older plants may produce clusters of pea-like cones that are first green and then brown.

Using the Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree in Your Garden

This unique tree-from plant makes a striking feature anywhere in your garden. Plant it among low, spreading shrubs and flowers. Use it as an accent at a corner, or in a pair to flank a door or gate. Plant it alongside a path to mark the way. Don’t forget to allow for its future expansion and growth – it might grow slowly but it does grow, so don’t crowd it. It is lovely among rocks and boulders, and for formal touches in your beds. It is also a perfect choice for permanent planting in a tub or box, with lower, trailing plants underneath, or annual flowers. It gives attractive height to a planter on a terrace or patio.


The Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree grows well from zone 4 to zone 8, across a large part of the country. In zone 4, provide some protection for the first couple of winters, and plants in pots need to be in zone 6 or warmer.

Sun Exposure and Soil Conditions

Grow your Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree in full sun for the best results. An hour or two of shade in a day will do no harm, but don’t grow in shady places. Although it enjoys richer, moist soils it is very easy, and grows happily in almost all ordinary garden soils with good drainage. Avoid wet spots, and enrich the soil with some organic material when planting. In hot zones a spring mulch will conserve moisture, as this plant is not highly drought-resistant like many other conifers are.

Maintenance and Pruning

It is best not to trim this plant, as the unique cupped foliage grows best and most clearly on untrimmed plants. Let it mature and develop naturally, in Nature’s own way. It is generally free of pests or diseases and basically maintenance free. New plants should be watered regularly during their first year, and all but the oldest plants will appreciate a deep soaking during hot, dry spells.

History and Origin of the Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree

Native to Japan, the Hinoki cypress, Chamaecyparis obtusa, grows naturally all across those islands, in vast forests. It is used as a lumber tree, for high-quality work, including temples and important buildings. The word ‘Hinoki’ means ‘fire’, because of the red-bronze colors it takes on in winter, as if the mountains were on fire. The Japanese people are keen gardeners, and they collect unusual specimens of their native plants with a discerning eye. One old form, probably found centuries ago, is a dwarf variety with elegant foliage called by us ‘Nana Gracilis’. It first arrived in Europe when plants were sent to England in 1867. Once it was widely grown further mutations were found, and the one we call ‘Templehof’, with its special cupped foliage arrangement, was found at the Templehof Nursery of L. Konijn & Company in Boskoop, The Netherlands, a major area for nurseries and plant growing. It was first listed in 1964. Most likely it was a unique branch found on the normal variety, but we don’t know for sure, and it could have been a seedling.

Buying the Templehof Hinoki Cypress Tree at the Tree Center

This great little plant is a real winner, and perfect as a gift for someone – including yourself. It will become a real friend in your garden, and mature into a very special feature. Don’t hesitate to place your order, because plants like this sell out very quickly.

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Templehof Hinoki Cypress – Tree Form

Chamaecyparis obtusa 'Templehof'