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Zones 4-8

Ruby Prince Peach Tree

Prunus persica ‘ Rubyprince'

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Ruby Prince Peach Tree

Prunus persica ‘ Rubyprince'

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Botanical Name

Prunus persica ‘ Rubyprince'

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Full Sun

The Rubyprince Peach Tree is a fantastic early-ripening variety of clingstone peach, with beautiful yellow flesh and skin that is almost completely scarlet red. It is self-fertile, carrying a full crop when grown alone, and the attractive pink blooms, carried on the bare stems in March, make it beautiful enough to grow right in your flower garden. Grow it as an espalier in colder zones to harvest a big crop of ripe fruit.

  • Very early variety, ripening in early June
  • Large area of dark-red across the skin
  • Sweet and delicious yellow flesh
  • Beautiful pink blossoms on bare stems in spring
  • Fruit holds well on the tree once it is ripe

Planting in full sun will give you the best results with the Rubyprince Peach Tree. Grow it in well-drained soil, and lighter sandy soils are most suitable. Plant on high ground in heavier soils. Generally resistant to diseases, this variety is relatively easy to grow well. Prune in late winter or after harvest to maintain an open, vase-shaped tree for the best quality and ripening of the fruit.

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